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Writing Conversations for eLearning

Experiencing eLearning

In the previous post, How to Start Creating Conversation-Driven eLearning , I described how I use conversations between two characters to deliver eLearning content. In this post, I’ll explain how to write and structure the conversation. My next post will discuss options for multimedia with conversation-driven elearning. Learner Challenge. This character is facing a moment of need.

Why We Love Social Learning (And You Should, Too!)


We love social learning – it’s as simple as that. Do you? If not, you may benefit from discovering more about the nature and function of the incredible thing called social learning. Once you grasp the breadth of advantages specific to social learning, you’ll sing its praises as loudly as we do. Why We Love Social Learning (And You Should, Too!). The learner is an information constructor. socially)?

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How to Build a Great Relationship with Your Subject Matter Experts

Rapid eLearning

This is part two of the series on working with subject matter experts when building e-learning courses. In the previous post, we looked at how to set expectations and some simple project management tips. also shared a link to the free e-book, Essential Guide to Working with Subject Matter Experts. always take a short term and long term view. And the subject matter expert plays a critical role.

[Study] The Anatomy of a Training Course

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Game Development: A Designer Perspective


As a second semester, part-time student enrolled in the Master of Science in Instructional Technology program at Bloomsburg University, I recently completed a course named “Gamification”, taught by Dr. Karl Kapp. Structured in a weekly online environment, our class was granted access to use the highly engaging cloud-based eLearning platform mLevel to enhance our course learning. Explore Activities.

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10 Ways to make Learners Fall in Love with your Training

Growth Engineering

What is love? This eternal question has been hotly debated by everyone from the greatest philosophers and scientists to your local barista, fellow commuters, and even your learners. Love matters because it feels good (usually!) and gives our lives meaning. Just ask Google, your playlist or any bestselling books chart. One thing’s clear, people care about what they love. No longer! Narrative    .

Why You Need More User-Generated Content in Your Training Program


Staff training can be created by and for employees with user -generated content. You may have heard a lot about user-generated content (UGC) with respect to marketing. But the power of peer-to-peer communication, whether face-to-face or across space and time, can actually help you capture your company’s tribal knowledge, enhance your training program, and build a learning culture.

cmi5 – Not Your Father's SCORM


xAPI is the darling of the digital learning industry these days, with a lot of interest in it due to its ability to capture data outside of an LMS. In its essence, cmi5 is a profile or a set of rules for using xAPI that could can be utilized to govern the communication between a learning management system (LMS) and learning content. And thus it begs the question, could cmi5 be the link you need to take your formal learning to the next level?


Take Charge of your eLearning environment

How to Get the Perfect Lighting for Video

Visual Lounge

If you’re just starting out, lighting for video can be tricky. There is a big difference in how our eyes perceive light compared to a camera lens. Cameras need WAY more light to produce a quality image than you might imagine. But there are further nuances to light and shadow to consider when planning a video shoot. The biggest favor you can do for yourself is to prepare and plan properly. Budget.

Why Adults Should Love Game-Based Learning

Knowledge Guru

I’m publishing this blog on Valentine’s Day, a day that is supposed to be all about love. This blog is about love, but not the romantic type. Instead, think about a hobby or activity  that you love. Kids, for example, might love to play soccer or love to play video games like Minecraft. These types of games and activities keep children engaged, often for hours at a time. Pre-order Book.

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Reclaim Your Day: How To Save Time With Visuals and Markup

Visual Lounge

According to the Rolling Stones, time is on my side. Well, as much as I love the Stones, I can say without fear of contradiction that time is, in fact, NOT on my side. Not even a little bit. Like you, I’m busy. Really busy. We’re talking 100-emails-a-day-between-five-meetings-and-lunch-at-my-desk-with-a-sandwich-in-one-hand-typing-with-the-other kind of busy. But don’t take my word for it. second.

Five Best Practices When Converting Classroom Content for the Virtual Classroom by Adam Stone

Learning Solutions Magazine

Taking traditional training materials online is akin to substituting baking soda for baking powder. It can be done, but it’s not a straight one-to-one translation. Adjustments must be made: content, learner situation, format, and more. Here are five best practices for making those adjustments! Blended Learning Design Strategies Training Strategies Virtual Classrooms

Get an Exclusive Articulate Storyline Game Show Template from eLearning Brothers

Top 7 TED Talks for L&D professionals


If you know how to use a browser and you’re interested in the things that happen within and around you, I bet you’ve stumbled upon at least one TED Talk that captured your attention from beginning to end. TED is simply spreading ideas that matter. 7 TED Talks for L&D professionals. Career analyst Dan Pink talks about how people are motivated and how should they be motivated.

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Is Your LMS Hard to Love?


Love and hate; two very strong words. Love and hate create an interesting premise for building a software solution. As the story goes, the original founders of Litmos were looking for a software sector that needed disruption and innovation. They looked at the data and found that learning management systems were the 3rd most hated enterprise software category. Ease of Use. Remember, before web2.0,

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Building Trust in Leadership Development

Content Raven

When is the last time you lost trust in an individual? Think back to that moment and try to recall what you were thinking or feeling. I am sure you can vividly remember what the person did or said that caused you to lose that trust. Try to keep that feeling present as you continue to read on. learning and development leadership development leadership

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4 Stages of Falling in Love with your LMS

WBT Systems

Every relationship passes through different stages from first meeting to real, lasting love. Your relationship with your organization’s Learning Management System is no different. Stage One: Falling in Love. For many people, love begins with lust. Falling in love is a wonderful process. American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine.

Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

The 6 Benefits of ePortfolios and How To Create Them


The purposes of ePortfolios are many and varied. They work very nicely as compelling digital resumes. They are also effective marketing tools that can attract prospective employers for commenting and feedback. For each ePortfolio purpose, the design should be distinct and unique. In this article, we’ll talk about training ePortfolios, their purposes and their benefits to the eLearner.

The A to Z of eLearning Acronyms


eLearning can be a needlessly complicated subject. As mentioned in a previous post , buzzwords and acronyms are frequently used. We thought that it would be a great resource for both those new to and those well versed in the eLearning industry to provide a comprehensive list of acronyms. Here is our list of eLearning acronyms from A to Z. ADDIE   . Notable contributions include SCORM and xAPI.

Valentine’s Day: Rekindle the Love for Learning using E-learning

CommLab India

Children have a naturally inquisitive tendency to learn continuously. As they grow and get into jobs, various responsibilities take up their time and other factors come in the way of learning. Yet, some continue their learning along with other things, others turn weary and indifference sets in. We all know learning never ends; it is an activity of a lifetime. Learning with a Purpose.

New Amazon Chime for Online Meetings


One question we often receive from people who are looking into using LearnDash as their LMS is if there is the ability to faciltiate online instruction or meetings. For live webinars and conferencing any platform that integrates with WordPress can be used in conjunction with LearnDash. Popular platforms include GoToMeeting, Skype, AnyMeeting, BigBlueButton, and GoogleHangouts. ed tech

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Living up to the Promise of eLearning: Closing the Learning-Doing Gap

It Was Almost Like Being in a Real Class! Making Virtual Learning Real

InSync Training

In Jennifer Hofmann’s blog post, The Role of Virtual Classrooms in Modern Blended Learning , she states that the focus of virtual learning should be fundamentally on the learners, their experiences and their learning environments. And I agree. But I encourage you to expand that focus to include collaboration. Virtual Classroom Virtual Classroom - Facilitation 50 Modern Blended Learning Blogs

3 Training Tips for Winning Sales Conversations

CommLab India

We all know that proper training goes a long way in enabling salespeople close deals efficiently. Successful reps tailor their sales conversations to meet the needs of prospects and convey their products’ value proposition in an effective manner. Today, let us look at three best practices of training your sales folk to hold winning conversations with potential customers. Summarize the conversation.

Valentine’s Day Confession: Why We Love eLearning?

SHIFT eLearning

Love is in the air! It is that time of the year when we express our love to and gratitude for everyone that makes our lives worth living. This year, let’s send the customary chocolates and roses to our jobs. Yes, you read right.). We spend the greater part of our day writing storyboards, thinking up ID strategies, moving around visuals, and designing attractive screens. The deadlines are tight.

5 Steps for Efficient E-learning Project Management [Infographic]

CommLab India

Project management is the task of handling a specific project, right from its conception to its successful and timely delivery. Different projects are handled in different ways, but there are certain steps you need to follow for smooth execution. Excited to know the steps? Check them in our infographic. eLearning Design eLearning Project Management

Attract, Engage, and Develop Talent using Open Badges: An IBM case study