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Can Advanced Training Kill You?

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Several months ago, I read an article about a new study that revealed that advanced driving schools that teach emergency manoeuvres only increase the risk of teen driving collisions. It seemed counter-intuitive that something that is designed to keep drivers safe - aka advanced training - can actually increase the likelihood of accidents. Werner DeBondt and Richard H.

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Learning the Meerkat Way

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For the past several months, I have been a part of a project team where we are designing and developing a Career Map and Self-Assessment Tool for the Mining Industry Human Resources Council (MiHR), Canada. When we started our work with the client, one of the team members, Nigel Llyod, suggested that we call ourselves the “MiHR CATS ( C areer map and self- A ssessment T ool)”. And so do ants.

Loving What You Do: The Unfair Advantage

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Monday mornings are Freakonomics podcast days. This morning, I heard the most interesting and inspiring podcast. The host, Stephen J. Dubner took me along on a magic show and then Steve Levitt spoke about 'The bagel man' and about loving ants. The podcast was titled, ' Think like a child '. To add to this powerful idea, here's something more. Not from the podcast but a related idea.

The 'What Ifs' of Learning and Education

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Recently, my 12-year old represented her school in a public speaking contest. The title of her speech was to begin with ' what if '; two simple words that caused her to stay up a few nights. In trying to identify the right topic for her speech, she explored many what ifs. After much deliberation, she chose a topic that was meaningful for her and where students her age could make a difference.

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The Design Thinking Mindset

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Design Thinking' is a mindset. It is an attitude towards design and the process of thinking about it. As per wikipedia, "Design Thinking refers to the methods and processes for investigating ill-defined problems, acquiring information, analyzing knowledge, and positing solutions in the design and planning fields. As a style of thinking, it is generally considered the ability to combine empathy. creativity critical thinking instructional design Collaboration Design audience

From Dependence to Interdependence: The Changing Role of Learning Consultants

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In his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey talks about the concept of the Maturity Continuum. He discusses seven habits that are designed to help individuals move from Dependence to Independence (Self-Mastery) to Interdependence (the highest level of maturity). Internet and easy access to information is changing the role of a learning designer.

What Children Can Teach Us About Learning

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I am always inspired by the following quote by Thomas Szasz, an American psychiatrist and academic: "Every act of conscious learning requires the willingness to suffer an injury to one’s self-esteem. That is why young children, before they are aware of their own self-importance, learn so easily; and why older persons, especially if vain or important, cannot learn at all.". This quote, very. learn teaching learning children

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Top 10 Tips on How to Become a SUPER Trainer

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"It is by teaching that we teach ourselves, by relating that we observe, by affirming that we examine, by showing that we look, by writing that we think, by pumping that we draw water into the well." - Henri-Frederic Amiel (1821-81), Swiss philosopher, poet. Training is at the core of all our activities be it personal or professional. But good training is not a matter of coincidence, it is a. good trainer super trainer learners training tips learning trainer

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Transform Your Video Strategy for Enterprise Learning & Communication

We sat down with Tom Clancy, former CLO of EMC, to discuss the role of video in the future of enterprise learning and communication.

My Reflections on 'Learning How to Learn'

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This year, I completed my third #MOOC course called ' Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects '. This course is offered by University of California, San Diego through Coursera and is taught by Dr. Barbara Oakley , Prof of Engineering at Oakland University and Dr. Terrence Sejnowski, Francis Crick Prof at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. The course is geared towards anyone who wants to understand how the process of learning works and know more about some of the techniques to learn effectively. But this technique may not be for everyone.

Why Do We Need to Assess? My Top 5 Reasons

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A couple of weeks ago, I read an article about why schools in Finland are successful. There There was one sentence in this article that really stuck with me. “We prepare children to learn how to learn, not how to take a test.”  - Pasi Sahlberg, a former math and physics teacher who is now in Finland’s Ministry of Education and Culture. think this sentence captures the essence of why we should. performance learning assessing assess

Why I #lrnchat

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Every Thursday at 5:30 PM PST, a bunch of folks get together on twitter and chat about all things learning in our weekly #lrnchat @lrnchat. lrnchat started in 2009 and this is what we are all about. There are several reasons why I #lrnchat. But if I had to sum it up in a single word, I'd say I #lrnchat to ENGAGE. engage with the topic of conversation. What do we chat about? Goldman.

Addressing On-Demand Learning Needs

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 The #LCBQ for May is: How do we need to change in what we do in order to address learning/performance needs that are on-demand? In order to answer this question, I think it is important to first identify and understand the nature of learning and performance needs that are 'on-demand'. The way I look at it, only when we apply knowledge, we really learn. don't think we would make an.

Customer Training Completion Rates

Curious to learn how different factors in your training courses may affect completion rates? We crunched the numbers to help you set goals for course completion and build your content strategy. Download the study to learn what kind of content keeps learners engaged, how long courses should be, and more.

What Inspires Me

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I recently reviewed the inspiration channel on LinkedIn. It is called ''What Inspires Me''. This channel is a collection of thoughts on inspiration contributed by 60 LinkedIn influencers. After reading some interesting posts on what inspires others, I sat and pondered about my own sources of inspiration. Inspiration can take various forms. Some get inspired by art and music. Others get inspired by sports. And yet some others get inspired by people. Although each source of inspiration has probably inspired me at some point in my life, I feel most drawn to the inspiration I get from people.

Learning Through Stories

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My father has told me countless stories and continues to be a good storyteller. Whether it is to share his opinion or advice or just generally talk about his experiences, he has always kept a story ready! First it was us, and now it is his grandchildren. And so, I have always liked stories; both telling and listening to them. And I hope to continue my father’s legacy by sharing countless stories. storytelling corporate storytelling learning through stories stories learning story

7 Leadership Lessons from Jazz with Dr. Frank Barrett

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In October, I attended a fascinating session by Dr. Frank Barrett , jazz pianist and author of Yes to the Mess: Surprising Leadership Lessons from Jazz. The session was jointly organized by ISPI Vancouver with ICF Vancouver , CAPS , CRG International and coordinated by Brian Fraser , the lead provocateur of Jazzthink. about jazz. The artists had never performed with Dr. Barrett before.


Coaching and Mentoring - What's the Difference?

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Over the last few weeks, I have been reading about coaching and mentoring. The trigger for all this activity was #lrnchat on 07 April where the topic of discussion was coaching and mentoring. Here are some thoughts from the #lrnchat community on the differences between coaching and mentoring: Coaching and mentoring are valuable to both the individual and the organization.

Skill based learning – How it drives an organization’s performance

Training and learning organizations today play an active role in contributing to the bottom line of any organization by aligning their objectives to the immediate business objectives. This provides a solid ground for cost justification and encourages businesses to place training groups right where they should be, at the heart of a growing, thriving, learning culture.

Fear of Consequences

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PlayTrue Challenge Game. The economy has had an impact on how many potential game and simulation projects commissioned. To make matters worse, when government, non-profit or grant funded institutions look to inform and educate using a game stakeholders are often tentative about allowing certain game mechanics. “No, we cannot allow game players to do that.”

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Top 5 Tips for Embracing Change

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Change is the only constant. It is a process of becoming different. As a professional learning consultant, I am always working with “change” – either trying to cause it or helping learners deal with it. love change and thrive on it. Recently, I have had one of the biggest changes in my life. My family and I have moved from New Delhi, India to Vancouver, B.C. Canada. This is a permanent move, learning change

The 5 W's of Project Planning

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I recently attended a 2-day workshop in the context of planning for a big project. It was a good refresher class on the basics of project planning. Here's Here's a summary of what I learned and relearned, different words and some different techniques - but the classic theme - the 5Ws of Project Planning: 1) The WHAT - what are we doing? Other Other questions to ask are what will be the desired outcome of. stakeholders deliverables project planning risks

From a "Social Being" to "Being Social"

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I have been thinking about this for a while and I see that I am not the only one pondering about this. The question on my mind: is social media making us anti-social? Is "being social" changing us from a "social being" to a not-so-social being? Social Social media is a new technology, a new platform to connect and communicate and requires new skills. But is it leading to the loss of some other critical

Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

Off-the-shelf elearning is applicable for a wide audience, but it won’t address your organization’s unique situations or distinctive content. So are these courses all that helpful? For sure! Read on for 7 secrets to make off-the-self learning your own.

Starting a Blog in 5 Easy Steps and Keeping at it!

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Recently, Tumblr reached 10 Billion posts mark. Tumblr is a microblogging platform that started in 2007 and went from 1 billion to 10 billion posts in just one year! study by Universal McCann reports that over 77% of Internet users read blogs. In US alone, this 77% would conservatively mean more than 54 million readers. It is also reported that there are 900,000 blog posts posted every day in. blog how-to blogging steps

Top 5 Tips to Become a Better Listener

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We cannot underestimate the power of listening skills at any phase of our lives – as children, young adults, and mature professionals. personally believe that success and failure depends on how well we listen to everything around us - the voice of our parents, teachers, leaders and nature.  Here are my top 5 tips to become a better listener: 1) Be quiet  - To really listen, you have to be. engaging conference learning listening listener

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Diversity and Inclusion: The Road to Cultural Competence

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Read somewhere: " Culture is the software of our minds – and we are not all using the same programs. " As more organizations truly become international, there are more multicultural teams now than ever before. Therefore, there is a need to understand cultural differences and work towards fueling the growth of the business using the power of these differences. Trainers and learning development folks play a key role in identifying, appreciating and incorporating these differences in designing more ''inclusive learning''. But there is more to multiculturalism and diversity than meets the eye.


The MOOC Mantra: Top 5 Tips for Success

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In February, I completed my first #MOOC course titled, E-learning and Digital Cultures (#edcmooc). At the time, this was one of six MOOCs being offered by the University of Edinburgh through Coursera. This was a 5-week course with two major themes followed by completion of an artefact to summarize the key learnings from the course. The artefact was evaluated by peers and a median grade was reported to each individual. This post is a reflection of my learning from the MOOC experience and aims to help others who are riding this wave. edcmooc had 40K enrollments. Online : This is self explanatory.

Leaving performance reviews behind: Where to start [Guide]

Is your company ready to move beyond the annual performance review? Where do you start? What are the keys to success? In this guide, you’ll gain an understanding of: the forces driving change, three foundations of success and take a deep dive into the skills gap many managers have that will sink your efforts before they start and how to address them.

Why Should Managers Teach?

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I recently read an article in CLO titled, "Those who manage teach." It is a powerful statement and I completely agree with it. I have always believed that managers are the first line of teachers. Also, whether you know it or don't - whether you want to or not, every manager is a teacher.  While many managers focus on the project goals: time and cost, some managers do something more - they also. good trainer teaching training good managers

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The Single Most Important Thing I Learned In 2011

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This year has been instrumental in my life and in the life of my family. We moved across continents; from India to Canada. During the year, I (re)learned many things. learned to respect my goals and love my dreams and constantly fuel them with positive energy and resilience. learned to plan for change and accept when things don’t go my way. also learned that whatever I set my mind to, it is. integration training learning

What Can the Olympics Teach Us?

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It is the Olympic season! The The London Summer Olympics begins Friday, July 27, 2012, and ends Sunday, August 12, 2012. I am sure many of you are looking forward to catch your favorite players and world’s leading athletes compete in the most challenging games. There are so many magical moments that happen during Olympics - success and failures, laughter and tears, achievements and injuries. performance training learning Olympics failure

Games We Should Play - The Gamification of Learning

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Recently, I participated in a #TrainChat on twitter on the topic: "What Angry Birds Can Teach Us About Instructional Design." The The chat was interesting and insightful and some very good points were made about the impact of design elements such as simplicity, focus on skills and competencies, engagement, motivation and challenge. The chat came at a time when I was reading about 'gamification'. games game-based learning Gamification of learning gaming Design

Quality Control process for E-Learning

Quality assurance is often reduced to correcting errors in a nearly completed learning product. But creating a quality assurance process that influences decisions throughout production reduces the amount of revisions. This is the final step to ensuring that e-Learning applications are not themselves a barrier to learning

Questions I Ask Myself

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As I understand, like many others, life is not about knowing the answers - it is all about asking the right questions. I wrote a post on Asking the right questions in 2009. I am still learning how to ask the 'right' questions. And everyday, my questions get better. Here are some of the questions I am asking myself these days: What do I need less of? What keeps me motivated? What do I want to