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YouTube versus Vimeo — What’s the Difference?

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Vimeo. Vimeo is optimized for HD video (default playback setting) and gives the user numerous ways to share and distribute video. However, Vimeo, like YouTube, works best when your video is exported and optimized for the compression settings Vimeo prefers. This can be either an advantage or disadvantage depending on your audience. Vimeo compression website: [link]. Format: MP4. YouTube. link] |.

Is Blogging Really Worth My Time? Throwing Down The Gauntlet (Part 1)

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I’ve had several recent discussions with colleagues about whether one’s blogging actually influences others in meaningful ways. And we’re not just talking about page views, comments, and pingbacks. Over the last several years of blogging, I’ve searched for articles or studies that examine blogging from a more rigorous social science perspective and have found very little. features in the other.

Digital Literacy – Recent Articles

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Understanding technological literacy, or the lack thereof, is a crucial issue not just for small scale instructional technology projects, but also for qualifying some of the social or environmental drivers that influence and shape our audience’s behavior and preferences. Serif or sans serif font? Sharing or bookmarking digital text and the conventions to support this activity?

Technology for the Next Decade – What I’ve Learned from Children

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While technology is often about manipulating physical matter to achieve some kind of efficiency or product, it is also very much about perspective and thinking about doing old things in new ways. And so, it hasn’t surprised me that my own thinking of technology has been heavily influenced by watching how my 10- and 6-year old boys interact with computers, mobile devices, and new media.

Attract, Engage, and Develop Talent using Open Badges: An IBM case study

Companies have an incredible opportunity to use badges to help attract, engage, recognize and develop talent. There have been significant developments around digital credentials and particularly the fast rise of badges and micro-credentials. Learning Professionals need to be aware of what's happening and innovators should be taking a leading role. In this session, David will go through the well-known IBM Open Badge Program to help explain badge programs.

Webvisions 2011 – Technology Snapshots of the Future

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I recently attended the Webvisions conference in Portland, Oregon. Blaise Aguera y Arcas and Douglas Rushkoff were a few of the well-known speakers. Many of the sessions were led by developers who were working with cutting-edge web technologies. Some of the main themes I heard at the conference were as follows: HTML5, CS3, and JQuery. Dave McFarland from PSU framed this discussion well.

Rules for Social Media? Just say no.

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There’s a lot of traffic on the blogosphere about best practices for social media. But we need to be cautious not to confuse best practices with “rules.” Many of our colleagues in higher education in general, and Extension in particular, are seeking some hard and fast policies about social media. Social media needs to be carefully monitored for accuracy.” They are no longer the sage on the stage.

Gardening and Web-based Multimedia – Some Basic Tips

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Gardening is one of our most popular topics within Cooperative Extension. In the spirit of form following function, we set out to capture some short vignettes from an expert gardener and convey the most important elements of these discussions in video, podcast, and caption-enhanced photo slide shows in a simple and easy to access format. link]. As always, think about your audience. Tools?

Is it real or is it telepresence?

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When Mike Derocher, the Experience Design Manager for HP in Corvallis, Oregon invited us to see a demonstration of their Halo telepresence system, I wondered how this might be relevant to our work in financially strapped higher education. My first impression is a slight feeling of disequilibrium mixed with mild shock at the realism of the experience. Listen to our podcast about telepresence.

New Brandon Hall Group report forecasts major shift in 2016 online learning trends

Companies are increasingly dissatisfied with online learning tools, prompting many to reinvest in technology that supports a modern training approach. Download the report from Brandon Hall Group to see how new investments are bringing real business results.

You can lead them to social media, but can you make them drink?

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Our office has been receiving numerous requests to help incorporate social media tools into a variety of communication and education projects. Our clients want help creating blogs, wikis, collaborative workspaces, and social networks. We’ve responded with cautious optimism. We’re always happy when our clients want to try out something new with technology. Are they toes-. Or something in-. between?

Wonderful Chaos: Nonlinear Learning on the Web (Part I)

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When I was a kid, the whole world was one giant “Learn-O-Rama.” For the most part (outside of the standard classroom), I picked what interested me and learned my way through it. It was a nonlinear process, much like a bloodhound follows its nose to sniff out new information. This may seem like a new concept to many: the idea that the learner chooses the sequence in which they learn new material.

Social Media and the Large Organization…Turn Your “Whuffie” into Serious Waffles

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As a communicator whose occupational focus is educational, I often find the social media landscape both exhilarating and downright annoying. Truth be told, the never-ending stream of articles, presentations, and books that focus on social media more often than not fall into the “annoying” category. For many, the sweet spot of social media is marketing. I don’t necessarily disagree.

6 Tips for Creating Audio for E-learning Podcasts, Screencasts and Online Presentations

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Recording audio for E-learning contexts is a straightforward process when you use the right equipment and adhere to some basic steps to optimize your recording environment. When was the last time you heard a poorly recorded E-learning course, podcast or online presentation? You know of what I speak. It’s unbearable and you long to hear a stereo-balanced, amplitude appropriate MP3 file. Microphone.

Whitepaper: When The LMS Isn’t Enough

In this whitepaper, you will discover the main reasons why the LMS alone is no longer meeting the needs of the modern learner. More importantly, you will learn what you can do to enhance its value.

Instructional Design and Glassblowing – Science and Art

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On a recent flight to Madrid, I sat next to a glassblower from the Portland area and we talked shop. After hours of discussing the intricacies of blowing and shaping glass, I tried to explain to him where my work as an instructional designer and technologist finds overlap with his occupation. learned that working with glass requires an eye for the artistic and a concern for the technical. 1990).

Nonlinear Presentations: Alternatives to “Death By Powerpoint”?

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A recent reference in the New York Times indicates the U.S. Army is close to declaring war on PowerPoint. Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal, who heads U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan, told the Times, “It’s dangerous because it can create the illusion of understanding and the illusion of control. Some problems in the world are not bullet-izable.” For many, PowerPoint has become “a way of knowing.”

Ning… where to go when the public square charges an entrance fee?

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Ning announced today that it will soon convert existing customers to a fee-for-service subscription or cut them loose. Jason Rosenthal, CEO of Ning , announced the shift in the company’s business model while downsizing his company by more than 40%. The first question for most Ning community owners not willing to pay up is “where do I take my online community of practice now”?  It depends. Web 2.0

Ten Tips to Produce More Professional Online Video Interviews

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The personal interview is perhaps the most powerful tool for video storytelling both online and off. Here are some basic technical production tips for producing more effective and watchable video interviews. I’m aiming at those readers who may be beginners, or who may “know enough to get themselves in trouble.”. 1. Use a lavalier mic. Use the best microphone you can get your hands on. Use a tripod.

Storyboarding for eLearning

Storyboarding is a very important step for creating eLearning courses. But don’t you feel it’s a waste of time to start creating the courses from scratch and copy-paste text and other objects from the storyboard to the eLearning tool for course development.

E-teaching personality is good for e-learning

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Humor. Style. Attitude. Style. Attitude. Attitude. Personality. Expressiveness. Cleverness. Charisma. Expressiveness. Cleverness. Charisma. Cleverness. Charisma. Charisma. Are these characteristics in “e-teaching” friend or foe to e-learning? This post is a reminder that teaching style is just as important as learning styles. And e-teaching style is just as important as e-learning styles. Humor. Style. Attitude.

Social Networking – Library or Coffee Shop? Part I

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The use of social networking tools continues to expand at a torrid pace across all layers of society both nationally and internationally. One of the larger longitudinal studies on adoption of social media in corporations comes out of Dartmouth University and shows an amazing rate of increased social media usage between 2007 and 2008. So, what does Web 2.0 Why is this usually the case? Have Web 2.0

Social Networking in Times of Stress and Personal Emergencies

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I recently had a family vacation turn into a nightmare. But that nightmare was mitigated in part due to the power of social networking. There is a lot of discussion about the value of Web 2.0 tools in educational settings. My wife takes her first sip of water after surgery. Lauderdale, Florida. That’s when I found a whole new dimension to social networking. The blog solved this problem elegantly.

Technology and Discretion

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I enjoyed Mark’s last post “ The Art of Disconnecting ” about moderating technology usage. The timing couldn’t have been better. recently added a 3rd arrow to my quiver and have been enjoying watching my baby girl discover her fingers, cheeks, and anything else in reaching distance. And so, Mark’s last post about the need to disconnect resonated with me deeply.

Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

Off-the-shelf elearning is applicable for a wide audience, but it won’t address your organization’s unique situations or distinctive content. So are these courses all that helpful? For sure! Read on for 7 secrets to make off-the-self learning your own.

iPad, The Ultimate Family Room Device?

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Several months back, I posted a comparison of the iPad , iPod and Kindle from the perspective of e-reader functionality. Now, I’d like to provide some input about the iPad relative to what I  see as its true product category: the family room web device. So, I’m hard pressed to imagine the iPad finding its way into the home office when it is obviously so comfortable in the family room.

Engaging the e-learner who lacks interest and incentive

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Learning opportunities are often geared for two main groups: those motivated to take a course, either because it is required or would provide advancement in their career or other practical benefit in their life; and those with a passionate interest in enriching their understanding of a subject or improving their skills in some activity. Antonin Artaud.

Augmented Reality and The Coming Tsunami of Location Learning Apps

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Mobile devic e enhancements in GPS, image capture, computing power, APIs and the wireless networks that move mobile device bits and bytes have all matured to the point where the desktop computer is in some respects now playing catch up with the mobile device. It’s here and it’s called Augmented Reality (AR). So, what is AR? Let’s take a virtual reality trip sans technology for some answers.

iPhone…The Ultimate Learning Device (My 10 Top Learning Apps)

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I’ve been waiting patiently, but couldn’t take it any longer as I’ve watched more and more friends whip out their iPhone 3G to get a GPS fix on our location or perform some other mundane task sliced, diced and served on the micro-mobile-super computer that is the iPhone 3G. Chris’ Top 10 Eductional Apps for the iPhone. 1. Touch Physics by Games 4 Touch. Kindle for the iPhone. Abc Pocket Phonics.

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The Performance Management Storm: Four Macro-Trends Driving the Change

Needed: A shift from traditional performance management systems (organized as an annual review process) to newer performance development systems (organized around real-time dynamics). Download part one in a series to gain insight into why this shift must happen and why it needs to happening now

Social Media and Brass Tacks…8 Examples from the Front Line

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About ten years ago, I left UCLA in the middle of my Ph.D. work and since that time, have always had mixed emotions when contrasting the relative calm of the academic classroom with the storm of a tech company’s cubicle. Needless to say, it felt ironic to recently come full circle and return to academia. and are oftentimes topics that are “near and dear&# to our audience. activity at OSU. 6.

Blogging Lessons Learned at 6 Months – Think “Reach”

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The Electronic Papyrus blog recently hit 6 months of existence and we felt that some reflection on what we have learned from our experience was in order. Here is a list of lessons learned in no particular order: Electronic Papyrus Traffic from March 2009 to September 2009 (6 months). 1)    Content quality always determines the viability of a blog. 10)    Share.

E-learning in the Mobile World and the Right Business Model to Deliver It

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I think it is safe to say that for most of us the personal computer is the first place we go when we are looking for web-based information; however, new web-ready mobile devices are emerging with increased speed and are blurring the line of what traditionally constitutes a viable endpoint for digital content. Have you seen the new Verizon netbook ? Is it a laptop, a souped-up PDA?

Confessions of a Netflix E-Learning Developer

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What did I learn about E-learning development when I worked at Netflix six months ago? Before I share some thoughts, let’s look at the numbers.  Just this year, Netflix sales have topped 910 million dollars with 414 full-time employees at the helm. Seem improbable? Is it possible to design viable E-learning courses at a company like Netflix where business moves at the speed of light? Not so much.

Workbook: Gamification and Your Enterprise Learning Strategy

This workbook is a response to your need to understand how to strategically incorporate gamification into your learning strategy, in order to drive real business results. It’s designed to be printed, written in and used as a guide.

How small is too small for educational technologies to be meaningful?

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Using small, modular components as the building blocks of educational programs is nothing new to curriculum developers. But many relatively new technologies such as widgets and micro-blogs now provide greater options for delivering educational content in tiny sizes to massive audiences. These videos demonstrate that the minute is the new hour. But do they go far enough? How small is too small?

Facebook and the Public Square

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Oh no!  Someone let the cat out of the bag – using Facebook too frequently saps your intelligence and degrades your academic performance.  OK, maybe not an exact translation of Dr. Karpinski’s recent study out of Ohio State University, but it’s not as far off as you might think. Furthermore, Facebook users, who usually studied between 1-5 hours a week, had GPAs between 3.0 sites.   add ons. 

Visual Pedagogy and CNN—the ‘Our Stuff,’ ‘Your Stuff’ Approach

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I recently gave a talk to the green industry about using web-based video and photo assets to help meet instructional goals. I was reminded of the amazing potential visual story telling holds for industries that find their center of gravity outdoors. Visual pedagogy is a powerful tool that can be used to unlock this potential and more effectively share the stories and underlying knowledge in the context of real-world physical settings. One of the leaders in this field is Michael Wesch at Kansas State University. As Keen reminds us, “It’s hard to beat free.”. Internet backbone in 2000.

Netflix’s rise to the top – how did they do it?

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Netflix surpassed yet another milestone this week: It now has more subscribers than the largest cable TV operator in the U.S. You heard right…that’s 23.6 million users to be exact… an awful lot of subscribers. Their subscription base grew over 70% last year and that mean that more than 7% of Americans now subscribe to Netflix. Here are a few thoughts. 1. Core business. It’s about the software.

How the right tech tools for your team can power your sales enablement strategy

A staggering 80% of sales professionals report they don’t remember or implement their lessons from annual sales kickoff meetings.Our new publication, available below, explores how companies can avoid costly mistakes in sales training.