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Measuring the value of online communities and networks for business

Learning in a Sandbox

This week I presented a research in progress together with Robin Yap at the 8th International Conference on Networked Learning in Maastricht. So how are you measuring the value of your online communities and networks of practice? This research-in-progress paper will showcase an enhancement of the Wenger, et. 2011) model for promoting and assessing value creation in communities and networks and the Phillips measurement model linking the value of communities using online social network technologies for performance improvement with business objectives.

Promoting and assessing the value of communities

Learning in a Sandbox

Recently, a wonderfull paper on the value of communities of practice and networks was published. Etienne Wenger, Beverly Trayner and Maarten de Laat provide a conceptual framework that “should make it possible to assess value creation&# in communities that are used for social learning activities. In my experience, there is an emerging call from management and leadership to show results from community and social learning efforts. In my opinion this paper is a valuable and welcome addition to the literature. Instead of levels, the authors have used 5 “cycles&# in their framework: 1.

ROI 12

New job at Tulser Business Improvers!

Learning in a Sandbox

I am excited to announce that I’ll be working with Tulser Business Improvers , beginning at the 1st of march! Stoas Learning. For 8,5 years I’ve worked at Stoas Learning. This was actually my first real job after graduating from teacher college. During my time at Stoas I’ve finished my masters in Human Resource Development at the University of Twente. also had put a lot of effort in the design of a tool for 360 degree feedback together with some of our biggest educational clients. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to fully implement due to a long during head concussion.

Business model generation for communities

Learning in a Sandbox

This week, John Smith visited The Netherlands. John was on his way to a conference in Saudi-Arabia and wanted to adjust to the time zone (his words :)). Which is a great thing, so we had some time to spend with him. Sunday we had a great dinner at Marc Coender’s place and monday John, Joitske Hulsebosch and I organized a working session in Wageningen. link].

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Learning Architecture

Learning in a Sandbox

Yesterday I’ve met with Marc Coenders at the beautifull Media Centre in Hilversum. Marc is also a member of the CPSquare community and his doctoral thesis “Learning Architecture: an exploratory study of space and learning in work settings and close-to-practice learning&# is the focus in this week’s “Research and Dissertation Series&# of the CPsquare community.

Mindmap of NLC 2010

Learning in a Sandbox

I’m Live mindmapping the Networked Learning Confernce. Ur invited to put your insights in here as well!!!

Some scrapbook thinking on social learning

Learning in a Sandbox

Last week I was sitting in my backyard garden, enjoying the spring sun. suddenly felt the inspiration of combining two models that i lately have been using a lot with the framework from my social learning study with Robin Yap. I was taking notes in a scrapbook and i drawed the two models such as the figure below. How does this interrelate with the social learning model? profile - connect - share.

Sun 1

Personal Knowledge Management

Learning in a Sandbox

Lilia Efimova has done her Phd on the blogging practices of knowledge workers. As part of that, she has developed a framework for knowledge work. See the picture below. Yesterday (thursday 12 feb) I spoke a little at a CSTD workshop in Ontario (Canada) on the topic of personal knowledge management. Robin Yap invited me and Jeffrey Keefer for a short intermezzo via webcam (we used Adobe Connect).

Transform Your Video Strategy for Enterprise Learning & Communication

We sat down with Tom Clancy, former CLO of EMC, to discuss the role of video in the future of enterprise learning and communication.

CP Square: the community of practice about communities of practice

Learning in a Sandbox

After being “a friend&# and lurking for a while, i became a full (paying) member of the CP Square (CP2) community. CP Square is a community of practice about communities of practice. Ever since i started my studies in HRD i’m interested in social forms of learning, communities of practice are one of them. My customers at Stoas Learning, often come to me from a technological perspective.

#oeb2009: Relate to business goals for learning to have impact

Learning in a Sandbox

It has been a week now since I was in Berlin at the Online Educa (#oeb2009). Prior to the conference I said in another post that I would experiment with using Mindmeister as a LIVE online mindmap tool. wanted to experiment with new ways to create notes and instantly share and connect with others through that. Well, in the end, Online Educa didn’t seem to be that online at all. Main theme.

Horse assisted coaching

Learning in a Sandbox

This week I’ve participated in a horse assisted coaching session. In this session, the horse is used as reflectional instrument. This experience was absolutely breathtaking for me. Horses are just so pure and they reflect the participant’s (unconscious) behavior in a way that cannot be denied. So how does this work? suspect to be remembering about this for a very long time.

Open access gains more attention

Learning in a Sandbox

This week, the NWO (the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Researched), reported that they are going to actively promote open access of scientific publications. They want all publications to be available for all public via the internet. One of the arguments for this is that science on universities in Holland is funded with government support and therefore its results belong to the public.

Customer Training Completion Rates

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Leadership in a cartoon

Learning in a Sandbox

Yesterday i saw this great cartoon on TV in a documentary on the role of humor in communist Russia. We are looking at four different leaders, sitting in the train. When the train stops, they are facing the same problem but come with 4 different solutions. think it shows us in a stricking way the characteristics of these specific leaders, a great way to learn I would say! What you think?

This site is eLearning Learning featured!!

Learning in a Sandbox

eLearning Learning is a great communitysite that strives to collect the best information on the web about e-Learning. The community is engaged/ started by Tony Karrer. From now on this weblog is also featured by eLearning Learning! I’m very honored to be part of the community and hope to expand the reach of this blog and connect with many interesting people through the community.

Towards “the real feeling of presence”

Learning in a Sandbox

Many organizations today are having employees working remotely. This may be working from a home office or perhaps they are based at a client’s office.  In my case i’m currently working from home as i’m recovering from an accident and not being able to travel. Not to forget that having (physical) contact with colleagues inspires, engage and provides energy. Project Wonderland.

Searching the internet increases brain function

Learning in a Sandbox

In many publications on the Net-generation, assumptions were made on the effects that the use of media might have on the structure of our brains. The general claim was roughly that brain structures of todays youngsters have changed as a result of their intensive use of digital media and web technology. Because of this event, we should change our learning strategies towards those kids.

Skill based learning – How it drives an organization’s performance

Training and learning organizations today play an active role in contributing to the bottom line of any organization by aligning their objectives to the immediate business objectives. This provides a solid ground for cost justification and encourages businesses to place training groups right where they should be, at the heart of a growing, thriving, learning culture.

Emergent social networks

Learning in a Sandbox

Last Wednesday Valdis Krebs gave a guest lecture at the CCK08 elluminate meeting. Krebs talked about  emergent networks and social network analysis. wasn’t able to actually attend the session but watched the recording and looked at the slides. As i’m a plain newbie to this subject of social network analysis i also used Wellman’s presentation on networks for newbies.

Mentorship in CP2 Foundations workshop

Learning in a Sandbox

Over the past 6 weeks, the Foundations of communities of practice workshop was held in CP-square (CP2). The foundations workshop is led by Etienne Wenger , John Smith and Bronwyn Stuckey. For people that are new to the concept of Communities of Practice, the workshop is an introduction. For people that are more advanced, the workshop provides an opportunity to get into conversation with fellow participants as well as Wenger, Smith and Stuckey. I’ve participated in the workshop myself in spring this year. This time I was offered the chance to join the workshop as a mentor!

Learning culture and social media

Learning in a Sandbox

If we talk about learning in organizations, many people will think of courses that are offered by the company’s training department. If we say e-learning, this is often associated with web based training modules. This is what we mostly refer to as “formal learning&#. As we all probably (intrinsicly) know, there are more opportunities and places to learn than the formal classroom or web-based courses. What do you do when you are stuck with a problem at work? Do you call the training department for a course, or would you go ask a colleague, see if you can find info on the web?

Presenting at Networked Learning Conference, Aalborg

Learning in a Sandbox

I’m now at the Networked Learning Conference in Aalborg, Denmark. Today I will be presenting the paper that I wrote with Robin Yap. On leveraging social technologies in corporate environments. So here are the slides in advance, and also the paper for download. Yap robben networked learning may 2010 v4. View more presentations from joostrobben.

Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

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Communities of Practice Foundations #cp2

Learning in a Sandbox

Last week I’ve started to participate in a course on the foundations of Communities of Practice. This foundations workshop as it is called is facilitated by the CP Square community with among others John Smith and Etienne Wenger. I’m doing the course together with my colleague Stanley Portier and i think it is a great opportunity to get emerged in the concept for 6 weeks and to learn a lot about theory as well as practice. For research, as I will be going to the Aalborg conference on Networked Learning.

Organizational Constellations

Learning in a Sandbox

Two weeks ago, I asked my coach to help me with my thinking about a situation where I got stuck in a organizational change process. After a initial introduction in the situation he immediately started to move the furniture in the room, trying to make a open space in the middle. “Lets make an organizational constellation&# , he said. I was introduced to the use of constellations in a change management course i’ve done two years ago and have had 3 other experiences with the method since then. First, a little intro on what you do with organizational constellations.

Paper accepted for #NLC2010

Learning in a Sandbox

Yesterday i got the big news: “I am pleased to inform you that your paper “A model for leveraging social learning technologies in corporate environments&# , reference 0053 has been accepted for NLC2010. “ I’m so glad that this paper , which i wrote with Robin Yap , got accepted! It is the first time I will be attending an academic conference after my graduation. In 2007 I presented a working paper as part of my master thesis together with Ida Wognum on the AHRD Int. Conference on HRD Research and Practice across Europe in Oxford, UK. In else, -to be knowledge productive.

Employee development and motivation

Learning in a Sandbox

Managers and L&D officers increasingly tell me they need for employees to make themselves responsible for their own learning and development process. One of the ways to help employees to gain insight in their learning process and to make it visible to their managers is by using e-portfolio’s. Especially when you look at e-portfolio’s from a reflective and development perspective. Weblogs can help employees in this process of reflection. For the past couple of weeks i’ve had regular web-meetings with Jeffrey Keefer on this subject.

Leaving performance reviews behind: Where to start [Guide]

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Visiting Online Educa Berlin

Learning in a Sandbox

Tonight I will travel to Berlin for this years Online Educa Conference ( #oeb2009). My colleagues Stanley Portier, Kasper Spiro, Randy Vermaas and Egbert van de Winckel will also join so we are with quite a group. It will be the first time I’m attending this conference, really curious about it. The following sessions seem interesting to me: Thursday. The great training robbery (Jay Cross, Jane Hart, Jon Husband, Harold Jarche). Demonstrate Value, engagae business ( which is at the same time as the training robbery…). Recession, an open door for learning innovation? Friday.

New paper on leveraging social learning technologies

Learning in a Sandbox

Over the last time, I’ve been working on the startup of a new research project. I’m doing this together with Robin Yap from Toronto, Canada. We’ve met two years ago during an AHRD conference in Oxford and stayed in touch ever since (off course through the use of web technologies). The research we are working on concerns the issues that we have encountered as (organizational) learning consultants which is the often technology centered focus during implementations of social web technologies. We would appreciate your feedback on this research in progress.

Cloudworks from a CoP perspective

Learning in a Sandbox

Yesterday i attended the virtual fieldtrip from the CP Square community which was on the Cloudworks initiative.  Grainne Conole , as “expedition leader&# gave us a tour around the isle of cloudworks. Yeah, really tropical :), as Cloudworks was described as: “an island for sharing, discussing & finding learning and teaching ideas and designs.&#. The sharing of teaching ideas and designs is the site’s strategy, therefore the site functions as a big hub of lots of emergent CoP’s evolving around the shared interest in teaching and learning design. Aggregating resources.

KM 0

Social Learning at Sun

Learning in a Sandbox

Via a tweet by @trishuhl I came upon a nice case study from Bersin & Associates on social learning at Sun Microsystems. It is a description of the “ Sun Learning eXchange “ This is a sort of Youtube site which Sun employees can use to exchange content. What I like about the project/ the case study is that it started from a real world business/ learning problem instead of just mere looking how to use popular webtools. The first business problem lies within the cut back in budget for the Sun learning department (SLS). informal learning??).

Quality Control process for E-Learning

Quality assurance is often reduced to correcting errors in a nearly completed learning product. But creating a quality assurance process that influences decisions throughout production reduces the amount of revisions. This is the final step to ensuring that e-Learning applications are not themselves a barrier to learning

Using Twitter for data collection

Learning in a Sandbox

The article “Where do you Learn?&# Tweeting to inform Learning Space Development published in Educause Quarterly shows us an innovative way to use Twitter for data collection. The research described in the article has used Twitter discover the places where students learn. Instead of answering the question “what are you doing?&# , serveral students were asked to share where they were learning. think this is a real nice method of data collection becasue it is real easy to publish tweets at the same time that the action is performed. tools in a very productive way