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#OutstandingMOOC Wk 1 – A facilitator’s perspective

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In my role as a Solutions Architect for HT2 Learning , I’ve recently been involved in co-facilitating this MOOC. Here’s my reflection from facilitating Week 1… Your thoughts? Do you prefer a personalised experience, or is it immaterial if the content is sufficient? Blog event MOOC Slider OutstandingMOOC

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My #LSCon #Sketchnote (now with added Oooomf!)

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Blog event L&D bubble Slider tools LSCon Sketchnote ThingLink

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Taking a stab at a #MOOC. Another one. Again! #GoogleMedia

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As you can perhaps deduce from the title, my MOOC participation/completion in the past has been somewhat chequered. I’ve signed up to approx 8 MOOCs and have completed… erm …… None! Outdated models/thinking. The expectation that I’ll be poring through tomes of academic text (I’m sure the edufolk love it though). Blog event Slider GoogleMedia MOOC

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Learning How to Learn #MOOC – Now On Demand!!! #LH2L

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Last year I undertook a synchronous MOOC entitled ‘Learning How To Learn’ I’ve raved about this MOOC ever since as I truly believe that anybody responsible for the development of others, should undertake this MOOC. So it was great to discover that the MOOC is now offered in an ‘On Demand’ format … so you’ve got no excuse!

How to Create a Customer Training Strategy

Want to develop an effective customer training strategy for your organization? Download this guide to learn some simple steps you can follow to set your team up for success. Click to download.

#OutstandingMOOC Wk 3 A facilitator’s perspective

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In my role as a Solutions Architect for HT2 Learning , I’ve recently been involved in co-facilitating this MOOC. Here’s my reflection from facilitating Week 3. Whadd’ya think? What would you do? Pull the plug, or keep plugging away? Image source. Blog event MOOC Slider tools Curatr OutstandingMOOC

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Resources… are you building them?

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I recently noticed this tweet from Nick Shackleton-Jones. Google search result for ‘how to have a difficult conversation’ is a checklist. So why aren’t we building those? resourcesnotcourses. Shackleton-Jones (@shackletonjones) June 24, 2015. which got me thinking about the latest resources that I had built/commissioned. The first was a checklist (we marketed it as a Job Aid) to help employees (and managers): prepare for. participate in. follow up after. their annual appraisal meeting. The second was a checklist/Job Aid to help interviewers. prepare for. participate in.

Some simple ideas on how to redesign the conference experience

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Yesterday I got caught up in (or to be more accurate, butted my way into) a Twitter conversation that Sam Burrough was engaged in that was part of the great work he’s involved in around ‘ rethinking/redesigning’ the conference experience. Part of that exchange involved this tweet. Not everybody uses Social Media. Not everybody will be aware of hashtags. Did they work?

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#OutstandingMOOC Wk 2 – A facilitator’s perspective

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In my role as a Solutions Architect for HT2 Learning , I’ve recently been involved in co-facilitating this MOOC. Here’s my reflection from facilitating Week 2. Whadd’ya think? Does a relatively short-term community such as a MOOC, need a ‘kick start’ to the conversation or can it be relied upon to ‘self start’? What variables might be involved?

Take Charge of your eLearning environment

Learn how to maximize the impact of your learning by aligning to the goals of your organization, how to establish a learning culture with gamification including leaderboards and badges. Discover a learning content management system that is both powerful and easy to configure and manage.

Learning How To Learn #MOOC – Final project assignment #LH2L2

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I’m in the latter stages of the ‘Learning How To Learn’ MOOC. The final assignment requires us to submit a resource that covers three of the MOOC’s subject areas and explain how we intend to use that resource. more to follow…). Image source. Blog event MOOC Slider

I got it wrong…. Or did I?

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I recent attended the eLearning Network event ’10 things every learning designer should know’ and whilst the event gave me a few ideas to mull over, what really had an impact on me was a chance conversation that I had during the mid-morning break, which if I’m being honest, shocked me a little and distracted me for the rest of the day. Or was I? Share/Bookmark.


My day out at #Employed14

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I recently attended Employ:ed 14, here’s the official blurb from their Eventbrite page. EMPLOY:ED 2014 is the only summit globally this year looking exclusively at how education technology is revolutionising learning and recruitment options for employers. Based at the Google Campus in London, this summit covers: The Hottest Trends. The most innnovative solutions. The Latest Products.

#LTMOOC16 Level 1 – A Facilitator’s Perspective

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In my role as a Solutions Architect for HT2 Learning, I’ve recently been involved in co-facilitating this MOOC. Here’s my reflection from facilitating Level 1. Image source. Blog MOOC Slider HT2 HT2 Learning LTMOOC16

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Transform Your Video Strategy for Enterprise Learning & Communication

We sat down with Tom Clancy, former CLO of EMC, to discuss the role of video in the future of enterprise learning and communication.

#LearningLive Inspire session – Mobile Learning

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Earlier this week I was fortunate to speak at the Learning Live conference in London. My session was part of an ‘Inspire’ series that had been running throughout the 2-day event. Each speaker was asked to speak for 15 minutes on a small stage at the side of the exhibition/refreshment area during the various networking breaks that took place. Here’s the description of my session. Many organisations see mobile learning as something new, something difficult, something expensive! Where do they start? How much will it cost? Is there an audience for this? Ask for help. Provide help.

Let the numbers do the talking…

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Take a look through most of the current thinking around L&D and there a whole range of ideas, thoughts, practices, approaches – whatever you want to call them – that are intended to enhance the value that you are adding to your organisation. The problem with blindly following many of these recommendations is that they often fail to acknowledge the resistance that many workplace practitioners will face from others within their organisation. The figures below are born out a number of ‘approximates’ i.e. Approximately 1200 employees. Approximately 45 minutes per module.

Week 2 recap of #GoogleMedia #MOOC

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If you read my blog regularly you’ll know that I’ve committed to blogging my way through a MOOC I’ve undertaking entitled Understanding Media by Understanding Google. We’ve just come to the end of Week 2 so I thought it would be a logical time to post my reflections from the past week. In order to stop these weekly posts from becoming a ramble, I’m going to try and stick to the following headings: This weeks theme. Suggested reading. Random fact. Coursera/MOOC design observation. Synergies with L&D. This weeks theme. Time will tell… Suggested reading.

Why there was no ‘Week 5 & 6 recap of #GoogleMedia #MOOC’

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Regular readers will know that some time ago I committed to blogging my way through the ‘Understanding Media by understanding Google’ MOOC as a way of trying to maintain my commitment to the MOOC (which I’ve been known to be pretty poor at the past). managed to blog my way through the first 4 weeks. Week 1. Week 2. Week 3. Week 4. But missed Weeks 5 and 6. Here’s why.

Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

Off-the-shelf elearning is applicable for a wide audience, but it won’t address your organization’s unique situations or distinctive content. So are these courses all that helpful? For sure! Read on for 7 secrets to make off-the-self learning your own.

Trying something a little different in #VLS13

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As I want the panel to use their webcams, will this cause technical problems? Will participants want to attend a session that doesn’t have a clearly defined structure and objectives? Whilst the title of the panel discussion is. In order to maximise the time within the session itself, I’m inviting questions ahead of time via this Google Document. Blog event Slider VLS13

Get your foot in the door – Salary Calculator

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As many of you will know I’ve been job hunting over the past few months as a result of losing my job in mid-July. There are many challenges with job hunting one of which is figuring out what each salary will actually provide in terms of ‘take home’ pay. That’s why I was very pleased to discover the app below. We can dream eh? And you know what?

Pre-#LearningLive session via Google Hangouts

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In this previous blog post I suggest some simple ideas as to how the conference experience could be enhanced and specifically talk about ‘pre conference’ online sessions. Why not invite each speaker (and potential attendees) to participate in a 10 minute online session in which they pitch their session and take part in a Q&A. 30/08/13 – 0930hrs BST. See you online?

The Ones That Got Away

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Regular readers will know that wherever possible I try to blog about work that I am doing / have done as opposed to theoretical, utopian views about what we should be / shouldn’t be doing in L&D. Perhaps there’s something in those loose plans that might be of use to others? But I do know that I have a few of them to share. What about you? Image source.

Leaving performance reviews behind: Where to start [Guide]

Is your company ready to move beyond the annual performance review? Where do you start? What are the keys to success? In this guide, you’ll gain an understanding of: the forces driving change, three foundations of success and take a deep dive into the skills gap many managers have that will sink your efforts before they start and how to address them.

A few bits ‘n’ bobs from #LT13UK

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Here are a few of the bits ‘n’ bobs that I created during my recent attendance at the Learning and Technologies Conference 2013. The videos are probably worth watching first as they may well add some context to the detail (or lack of) within the mindmaps. have made the mindmaps into ‘Wikimaps’, so please feel free to add to them for the ‘greater good’ Day 1.

Challenge One – #LearningLive Inspire session #mlearning

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As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve recently spoken at Learning Live on the subject of ‘mobile learning’ Whilst I appreciate that many people attend conferences to gain an insight into the ‘ethereal’, strategic thinking of others, I’m a big fan of providing people with I call ‘ Monday morning quick wins’ , ideas and activities that can be put into effect the Monday morning after a conference with no need for businesses cases, project charters, sign offs or IT involvement. Challenge One. Any YouTube videos? Blog posts? Podcasts?

My review of #LearningLive 2013 Day 1

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As mentioned in a previous blog post, I’m participating in Learning Live 2013. Whilst I was directly involved as a speaker on Day 2, I also attended as a participant throughout the 2 day event. Here are my key takeaways from Day 1. Presented by Nigel Harrison. Nigel will share his experience of what is need to successfully adopt Performance Consulting in your organisation.

Book Review: The Checklist Manifesto

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A few weeks ago I was reading this excellent post from Clark Quinn , when I noticed that he referenced the book ‘The Checklist Manifesto’ by Atul Gawande. Concepts and examples that were lost on me a couple of years ago, all of a sudden started to make sense, to take shape, to add value! The book hadn’t changed – I had! So stop reading this and order this. Image source.

Attract, Engage, and Develop Talent using Open Badges: An IBM case study

Companies have an incredible opportunity to use badges to help attract, engage, recognize and develop talent. There have been significant developments around digital credentials and particularly the fast rise of badges and micro-credentials. Learning Professionals need to be aware of what's happening and innovators should be taking a leading role. In this session, David will go through the well-known IBM Open Badge Program to help explain badge programs.

#LTMOOC16 Level 5 A facilitators reflection on #Beacons

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In my role as a Solutions Architect for HT2 Learning, I’ve recently been involved in facilitating this MOOC. Here’s my reflection from Level 5 which looked atProximity Beacons. Image source. Blog MOOC Slider HT2 HT2 Learning LTMOOC16 Privacy Wearables

Virtual Learning Show 2013 – Day 1

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As mentioned in a  previous blog post , I’m participating in the 2013 2-day Virtual Learning Show. Whilst I am directly involved as a panel chair on Day 2, I am also attending both days as a participant. Here are my reflections on Day 1 and in particular each session, with a particular focus on: A key ‘take-away’ from the sessions content itself. Keynote: Virtual Learning in Europe.

Research? Science? or something more wooly?

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Although I’ve been publishing video for some time now, both for myself personally and for Orgs I’ve been working in, it’s always been somewhat ‘quick and dirty’ using phones, flip cams, webcams etc. That’s why I was quite excited to see this tweet appear in my timeline. Here is the science behind the effectiveness of video in learning! link]. 1994). 1984). 2008).

Is Fun overrated?

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I’ve seen, heard, read and watched a lot of people talk about “making training fun, pleasurable, enjoyable” – I think there’s an alternative viewpoint, so I’ve produced this video to explain more… Image source. Blog Slider fun video

The complete eLearning journey

As an eLearning designer wouldn’t it be great if you could take charge of your eLearning environment right from storyboarding your ideas to generating responsive eLearning courses to being able to effectively deploy and track your learners’ performance?

My review of #LearningLive 2013 Day 2

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As mentioned in a  previous blog post , I’m participating in Learning Live 2013. Whilst I was directly involved as a speaker on Day 2, I also attended as a participant throughout the 2 day event. Here are my key takeaways from Day 2 ( Day 1 can be found here). Session:  ‘ Connecting & Collaborating – Building a Network Oriented Workplace ’. Presented by Rob Brown. Presented by me!!!