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Creativity and Instructional Design

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One of the reasons I fell in love with the field of instructional design is that it requires an analytical mindset, yet provides ample opportunities for creative expression. One morning you may be deep into an instructional analysis and in the afternoon, you might be ideating a creative treatment. Creativity is Under Discussed in our Industry Creativity is often thought […]. eLearning Desig

12 Instructional Design Books You Should Know About

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Look no further. If you are seeking to learn more about instructional design and eLearning, here is a selection of books for you to browse. If you are already competent, there are a few books here that will expand your skills and mindset. There is a range of books here, from the smaller less expensive books to pricey graduate […]. Book Reviews Reviews

Why is learning transfer so hard?

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Learning transfer refers to the degree to which an individual applies previously learned knowledge and skills to new situations. It is the primary reason for formal learning interventions—like courses, as well as informal interventions—explaining how to perform a task at a meeting. Near and Far Transfer All types of transfer are not equal. Near transfer occurs […]. eLearning Design

10 Things You Should Know About Attention

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Attention refers to being on task or having focus. It is crucial to learning and getting work done. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as: “the act or state of applying the mind to something; … a selective narrowing or focusing of consciousness and receptivity.” ” The better we understand attention, the greater is our ability to support learning. Cognition

New Brandon Hall Group report forecasts major shift in 2016 online learning trends

Companies are increasingly dissatisfied with online learning tools, prompting many to reinvest in technology that supports a modern training approach. Download the report from Brandon Hall Group to see how new investments are bringing real business results.

Tranformative Learning: Another Perspective On Adult Learning

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In the 1980’s, Malcolm Knowles popularized certain assumptions about adult learning that have been the basis of a model you know as andragogy. The term andragogy, which was first used in Europe and then in America, helped professionalize the idea of adult education as a process that was different than the one used for educating children […]. Instructional Design

Instructional Design Needs A New Name!

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Do you ever feel envious of the trendy two-letter acronyms used by practitioners in User Experience (UX), Information Architecture (IA) and User Interface (UI) design? Well, I’m not embarrassed to say that I do. long for a contemporary acronym I can say with a confident toss of the head. An acronym that sounds so […] Post from: The eLearning Coach Instructional Design Needs A New Name!

Books For Learning Professionals To Read In 2015

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If there is any career in which practitioners particularly love to learn, I’d put learning designers high on the list. It’s nearly a requirement for working as a learning designer, considering that we often work with content that others find dry. Reviews

Building Courses From Curated Content

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Similar to the curator of a gallery who selects relevant artwork for visitors to see, a content curator selects meaningful resources to engage and educate a specific audience. Due to the abundance of online information on so many varied topics, learning professionals now have the opportunity to curate learning experiences from content that already exists. eLearning 2.0

8 Learning Design Trends To Watch In 2015

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These are exciting times in the world of learning. Ubiquitous Internet access, shifts in workplace power structures and wider dissemination of cognitive research are some of the many factors contributing to the following trends to watch in the coming year. This can be a source of inspiration and fuel for creative solutions. 1. eLearning Design

Best Practices In Blended Learning

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Originally, blended learning referred to adding an online component to instructor-led training or classroom education. But now that technology offers so many varied options, a blended approach has evolved to mean the use of more than one delivery method to provide and enhance training and support. This is the way of the future. eLearning 2.0

How To Create An Animated Video

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After you’ve designed and developed 60 million eLearning courses, you’re bound to start looking around for something new. think I’ve found that newness in the easy-to-use animation tools that are now available. Software Reviews

Whitepaper: When The LMS Isn’t Enough

In this whitepaper, you will discover the main reasons why the LMS alone is no longer meeting the needs of the modern learner. More importantly, you will learn what you can do to enhance its value.

Is Microlearning The Solution You Need?

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Microlearning (a.k.a. micro learning or micro-learning) is an emergent learning strategy known for quickly closing skill and knowledge gaps. eLearning 2.0

7 Golden Rules Of Learning

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Many in our field work with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who aren’t familiar with the body of knowledge associated with learning. Yet these same people are often responsible for providing us with course content and may be decision-makers when it comes to course design. As our understanding of learning evolves, there are certain truisms we take […]. eLearning Design

10 Ways To Work Smarter In 2016

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Are you looking for ways to be more effective at work? Would you like to improve your focus and get more done in less time? think that striving to become more productive has its benefits if your goal is to live a purposeful and balanced life. But increasing productivity should not be about squeezing more […]. Business

How To Be Effective At Persuasion For Learning

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Do you ever need to persuade an audience during a learning experience? Although the persuasion may be subtle, I’m guessing the answer is yes. Designers often embed persuasive messages into a learning experience  because the need for training and support often results from a change or transition in the workplace. Cognition

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12 eLearning Related Tools You May Not Know

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We often labor away using the same tools and techniques we''ve always used. This is one way to get in a rut. It''s helpful to take a break and stop to see if there are better tools that will make our jobs easier, more fun, or provide inspiration. Post from: The eLearning Coach 12 eLearning Related Tools You May Not Know. Reviews Software Reviews

Storyboarding for eLearning

Storyboarding is a very important step for creating eLearning courses. But don’t you feel it’s a waste of time to start creating the courses from scratch and copy-paste text and other objects from the storyboard to the eLearning tool for course development.

Models For Designing Your Personal Learning Environment

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A personal learning environment (PLE) is a solution for keeping up with the rapid pace of knowledge change. Some say it is a concept, while others say it is a technology. eLearning 2.0

How To Quality Check Your Own eLearning

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Before you send your eLearning on for a quality review, how well do you test it yourself? self-check may seem like an obvious task, but some people pass on their eLearning courses for a quality check when the work is less than stellar. Within a few minutes, the reviewer or tester can tell it […] Post from: The eLearning Coach How To Quality Check Your Own eLearning. eLearning Design

A Graphic Development Workflow For eLearning

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When designing eLearning or training slides, you probably use plenty of images. Perhaps the images exist in different states of readiness and perhaps you organize them in different ways for each project. In In some projects, you may not know what graphics you need until the last minute and in others you could be working from a detailed storyboard that specifies everything. […]. Graphics

eLearning For Soft Skills: What works?

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How important is it to distinguish between hard and soft skills in the design of learning experiences? Many researchers think that it’s critical. eLearning Design

Evaluating Training - Capturing the Benefits Aspects of ROI

Training evaluation is necessary and, in many ways, critical to the success of a business. But because short term priorities always seem to take precedence, it is typically something we plan to do better in the next course, or maybe next month, or even next year. After all, we’ve managed pretty well up to now, so surely another year can’t hurt!

Emerging Roles Of The Learning Designer

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Right now, before our very eyes, the world of workplace learning is shifting. We find ourselves in a convergence of technological, cultural and workplace transformations—a perfect storm. Constant innovation and disruption are the new normal and there are no signs that this is stopping anytime soon. eLearning Design

How To Use Icons In eLearning

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Download the resource:  I have a scandalous confession to make. I’m in love with icons. think they are brilliant. love the way they distill an object or concept to its essence. If visual design is of interest to you, then read on for more on icons styles and ways to use icons in eLearning. Icon Defined Icons communicate through an efficient […]. Developing eLearning

Books For Learning Designers To Read In 2014

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Reviews of some fascinating books to read this year. Post from: The eLearning Coach Books For Learning Designers To Read In 2014. Reviews

10 Interaction Design Books

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Interaction design involves more than just clicking or tapping on an object. One must consider the context and environment, emotional appeal of the design, the goal and behaviors of the user, the user’s affect, the microcopy for instructions, the responses or states resulting from every action and so on. Reviews

Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

Off-the-shelf elearning is applicable for a wide audience, but it won’t address your organization’s unique situations or distinctive content. So are these courses all that helpful? For sure! Read on for 7 secrets to make off-the-self learning your own.

Like A Cheat Sheet For Mobile Learning Design

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Are you hesitant to get into mobile learning and mobile performance support? Would it be easier if you had a way to think through how users will move through your program and how you will structure it? That’s where design patterns come in. Mobile

Case Study: Visual Stories for Learning

The eLearning Coach

This case study demonstrates the challenges and opportunities of working with stories for learning, showing some rapid approaches due to a tight timeline. Post from: The eLearning Coach Case Study: Visual Stories for Learning. eLearning Design

10 Easy Ways to Learn Online in 2015

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At the start of every year, since 2010, I have listed new ways to learn online. collect these sites throughout the year and save them just for this very moment. So here is a list of ways you can take advantage of the vast knowledge available online, allowing us to appreciate how willing people […] Post from: The eLearning Coach 10 Easy Ways to Learn Online in 2015. eLearning 2.0

8 Tips For Preparing Audio Scripts For Recording

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If you've been wondering what it takes to work with a professional narrator and studio or if you'd just like to shorten recording time, preparing your script can smooth out the session kinks. Post from: The eLearning Coach 8 Tips For Preparing Audio Scripts For Recording. Audio Developing eLearning audio for elearning scripting for online courses scriptwriting

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Move Beyond Learning to Applying: A Modern Management Development Program

A better way to develop front-line managers !It’s well documented that people leave managers – not companies. Download this guide to learn how to shift the perspective from event to journey and how to take learners through Proficiency Journeys to get results.

ELC 026: Looking Into The Future Of Instructional Technology

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Are you curious about the future of instructional technology and learning? Abbie Brown, Ph.D., and Tim Green, Ph.D., make it a point to follow the trends and issues in our field—from the latest technologies to new research. Together, they produce the Trends & Issues in Instructional Design, Educational Technology and Learning Sciences Podcast. Abbie Brown, Ph.D., and Tim Green, Ph.D., Podcast

10 Definitions of Learning

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We all know that the human brain is immensely complex and still somewhat of a mystery. It follows then, that learning—a primary function of the brain—is understood in many different ways. Here are ten ways that learning can be described. The Definitions “A change in human disposition or capability that persists over a period of […]. Cognition

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ELC 032: Learning Myths and Misconceptions

The eLearning Coach

Roddy Roediger, PhD, is a psychology researcher, distinguished professor and Dean of Academic Planning at Washington University in St. Louis. He is the co-author of Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning and has edited or co-edited ten other books. Louis. He is the co-author of Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning and has edited or co-edited ten other books.

25 Rules Of Thumb Deemed Important In Instructional Design

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What do experienced instructional designers think is important when practicing instructional design? 25 heuristics listed. Post from: The eLearning Coach 25 Rules Of Thumb Deemed Important In Instructional Design. eLearning Design

5 Unknown Ways You're Wasting Your Training Budget

In the US alone, companies spend over $70 billion on corporate training and about $1000 on individual employees according to Bersin by Deloitte. When it comes to training budgets, leaders struggle to pinpoint what impact (if any) their training programs are having. So what's the result? Companies end up wasting millions of dollars each year on ineffective training practices.

Supercharge Your Writing For Instructional Design

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Regardless of how anyone falls into a career of designing learning experiences, nearly everyone is surprised by the amount of writing that is involved. As writers, we must devise ways to inspire the audience even when the content is of little interest to them or when the content is dull and dry. One way to find […]. eLearning Design

100 Hand-picked Freebies for Learning Experience Designers

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Ten sets of ten freebies for you: graphics, audio, media tools, etc. Post from: The eLearning Coach 100 Hand-picked Freebies for Learning Experience Designers. eLearning 2.0

10 Things You Should Know About Design

The eLearning Coach

If we examine the process of design, we''ll do better at it. Post from: The eLearning Coach 10 Things You Should Know About Design. eLearning Design

Fortune Cookies For eLearning Designers

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It was a rainy afternoon when the ten of us entered a Chinese restaurant known for great food. The patter of rain on the roof added to the cozy atmosphere inside. My companions were all eLearning designers and developers, so the conversation was brilliant and witty. After finishing our meal, the waiter served a plate […] Post from: The eLearning Coach Fortune Cookies For eLearning Designers.

Workbook: Gamification and Your Enterprise Learning Strategy

This workbook is a response to your need to understand how to strategically incorporate gamification into your learning strategy, in order to drive real business results. It’s designed to be printed, written in and used as a guide.

8 Ways To Choose A Color Palette For eLearning

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One of the most frustrating aspects of designing an eLearning course is choosing the color palette. The color palette refers to the limited and predefined set of colors you use in a design. If we only had 100 color choices, choosing a palette might not be a problem. But many scientists agree that people can […] Post from: The eLearning Coach 8 Ways To Choose A Color Palette For eLearning.

ELC 023: Why You Should Show Your Work

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In this interview with Jane Bozarth, we discuss the benefits of showing or narrating your work to the individual, one''s colleagues and the organization. Post from: The eLearning Coach ELC 023: Why You Should Show Your Work. In this interview with Jane Bozarth, we discuss the benefits of showing or narrating your work to the individual, one''s colleagues and the organization. Podcasts