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The Latest: Rapid Content Authoring Tool Market

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The RCAT (rapid content authoring tool) market continues to be healthy with nothing to slow it down – uh, except maybe one thing (more on that later). Assessment/Survey/Polls – If your product doesn’t have it – you need it.  A scan across the market is clearly showing that this has become a required feature in an authoring tool. Over 98% of the LMS/LCMS/learning platform have at least one compliance standard, so why use a RCAT that doesn’t?  If it is the latter, and your system accepts SCORM 2004 only (which thus accepts 1.2 People want it.

AICC, SCORM , xAPI, CC/LTI, CMI-5…What Does It All Mean?

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Per the AICC Wikipedia article, “ AICC specifications are usually designed to be general purpose (not necessarily Aviation Specific) so that learning technology vendors can spread their costs across multiple markets and thus provide products (needed by the Aviation Industry) at a lower cost. and 2004. large subset of that group, however, does support at least some ‘edition’ of the 2004 specification. Have privacy concerns about xAPI’s ability to be implemented everywhere? Arguably the first eLearning standard. SCORM. for most all the spec’s functions and variables.


xAPI, LRS – The Interview

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My job was to help author SCORM 2004, focusing on how to develop content that would work in SCORM systems. As early as 2004, you could find demonstrations by the Korean Education and Research Information Service (KERIS) of SCORM running on COMPAQ PDAs. was so popular and so adopted that people weren’t even bothering with SCORM 2004. years. This is where I had an epiphany.  .

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#IeL2010 Tuesday Afternoon Keynote

In the Middle of the Curve

1989 - only 20 multiplayer games on the market Ozark SW had 6 - However engaging a game with a machine may be made - it is void because you need to be with other people. 15/mo - 2004 World of Warcraft + Took best of 2 predecessors and combined them. + 12 million subscribers. Changing privacy. Other technologies games can move into - Not a big fan of 3d stereoscopic movement and trend - 3d TVs and monitors sold to test out market. Games - you must develop FOR Asian market. North America a smaller market than S. Germany biggest market over there.