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Thoughts about 2006 and Predictions for 2007

Kapp Notes

The Learning Circuits Blog Question for December has been posted. The questions this month are: What will you remember most about 2006? taking my lead from Tony Karrer's post ) What will you remember most about 2006? started my blog in September 2006. Again, belated thanks to Waleed. I met some great online folks through blogging and my book effort.

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Kapp Notes

Subscribing to a blog is easy. Do you want a handy way to consolidate all your blog reading in one place? Do you read a lot of blogs? Do you forget the URLs of all your favorite blogs? If you answered Yes to any of these questions, you might want to consider creating a single location where you can view all the blogs you read on one convenient web page. You can easily do this by signing up for a blog aggregator like Then you can go to your other favorite sites and add those blog feeds to your MyYahoo site as well. 7.

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Blogging to Build Your Business

Experiencing eLearning

I recently gave a presentation to the Online Network of Independent Learning Professionals about blogging to build your business. This is specifically about what I have learned about blogging to build your reputation as a learning consultant over my 9+ years of blogging. started blogging in December 2006 as a tool for my own professional development. Planning.

Top Ten Reasons To Blog and Top Ten Not to Blog

Tony Karrer

Updates recent studies show additional reasons: Blogging and Social Networking Boosts Your Social Life. Blogging -- It's Good for You. But I may have used them slightly out of context. :) Oh, and finally, to all of you who commented or put up blog posts already, if I didn't happen to quote you out of context, I apologize. Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Blog 10. Or as Karyn Romeis & Barry Sampson both said - I've learned more via blogging over the past year than I learned in the preceding several years! 9. wonder who came up with such a lame question.

1 Million Views. Thank You!

Experiencing eLearning

Today, I reached a milestone in my blog: 1 million total views. It’s taken me over 8 years to reach this milestone, and I’m hardly the most-viewed blog in our field. For those out there struggling with low traffic on a new blog, don’t give up hope! Look how low my numbers were in 2007 though (I started in December 2006, so the 6 views in 2006 don’t really count).

The writings of Lee Kraus: TechKnowledge 2006

Learning and Technology

Home My Story Portfolio iPad Bookshelf Social Media February 1, 2006 TechKnowledge 2006 tags: podcasting I am in Denver at TechKnowledge 2006. Some of the sessions that I have been attending has really got me thinking about how blogging and podcasting can co-exist in the corporate training world with traditional elearning efforts. The writings of Lee Kraus Welcome! I try to focus on creativity, innovation, collaboration, technology, and elearning. Yesterday, I gave a presentation on podcasting and training. think that it really isnt that big of a stretch.

Externalize!! Externalize!!


have read a number of articles in recent months on models and theories of learning and although I said in an earlier blog that Brenda Mergel ( in praise of Brenda Mergel ) had quickly and easily explained the difference away, which she did, I still find the use of the terms interchangeable in a lot of texts and I have not fully clarified the difference in my own mind.

The writings of Lee Kraus: Learning 2006 Sessions

Learning and Technology

Home My Story Portfolio iPad Bookshelf Social Media November 6, 2006 Learning 2006 Sessions tags: Learning2006 Finally got to the wifi here in Orlando. I am in the session for learning suppliers. The writings of Lee Kraus Welcome! I try to focus on creativity, innovation, collaboration, technology, and elearning. Cushing Anderson is saying that we believe that we have the thing that solves everything. He is characterizing some of the problems that our industry has faced. hope to post throughout the conference. Lee Kraus, 2010. Template by Tina Chen. Powered by Blogger

Knowledge Management Core Issues

Tony Karrer

Open space methods, creating forums and 'Ba' for trusted exchanges, blogging and informal wikis may help. Great post by Denham Grey - Perennial KM issues that are very similar to the core problems that we deal with in eLearning: How to speed learning, increase awareness and share experiences. With an ever deceasing half-life of knowledge , just keeping up has become a major corporate imperative. Sure we have improved search engines, more stuff on the web and many ways to make connections, but the difficulty is making sense and finding people really 'in-the-know'. practices ?

So 2006

Simply Speaking

Some random surfing led me to the top 10 “so 2006” words or phrases that Advertising Age identified. Got the list from the 800-CEO-READ blog.) So 2006 was perhaps the year of Web 2.0 It has been a lazy Christmas-eve Friday in office. Consumer-generated media Touch point Organic Connective tissue Web 2.0 (Tim O'Reilly and Stephen Downes must be delighted!) The idea is king Customer-centric (ho hum.) and its various dimensions. And a further three (items 2, 3, and 4) came up possibly by virtue of their association with elements of Web 2.0. Will 2007 be the year of Web 2.0

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Elves, Measuring Results and Informal Learning

Tony Karrer

Brent and I have been having a nice blog discussion. Our previous posts discuss what should be measured: Intermediate Factors in Learning , Intermediate Factors - Impact Many Measure One. And we finally seem to be agreeing with one exception. And this exception relates closely to my earlier concern eLearning Technology: Informal Learning is Too Important to Leave to Chance. How do I know it works? How do I know what it's limitations might be? It turns out that you really want more than just a program. You want one that you know how and why it works. It tells us about the system.

Collaborative Learning Using Web 2.0 Tools - A Summary

Tony Karrer

This might provide more insight in developing various exercises or homework - pairing people with like needs.” When I originally conceived the course, I assumed that most attendees would know about Blogs, Wikis, etc. introducing 3 new technologies (blogs, BlogLines , wikis) at the same time is a bit much" "Specific introductory directions would have been helpful.” "liked to have started the week with more background and knowledge on blogs and wikis. think that we achieved a different kind of understanding around Blogs, Wikis, Discussion Groups, etc.

SuperNova 2006 Podcasts - NorthStarNerd.Org


NorthStarNerd.Org Dedicated to open access sharing of knowledge - Your host: Rich Hoeg Blog Engineering Learning Nerd TV Nerd Tweets Nordic Skiing Site Map Tutorials « National Geographic Society | Main | Free eBooks / Manuals » September 07, 2006 SuperNova 2006 Podcasts Are you interested in where the net is headed? IT conversations is bringing online podcasts from SuperNova 2006. Finishing Grandmas Marathon (2010 Partcipant Photos) A Wedding in Morroco Summer Winter Ski Hike in Minnesota Categories Blog Quest 2.0 Your comment could not be posted.

This blog is closing…

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

I started this blog when Informal Learning was released, November 10, 2006. Join me at Internet Time Blog. That’s where I’ve blogged for more than a decade and where I engage new thoughts and interactions. Even I was getting confused about which blog to post in. The Internet Time Search box will continue to cover both blogs. Informal Learning

LCB Question for December: 2006 - 2007

Simply Speaking

The Learning Circuits Blog has gotten real ambitious now: their question of the month for December is actually three questions. What will you remember most about 2006? It has changed my surfing, blogging, and communication habits (my entire computing habits almost) like nothing else has. And real tough ones, each of them. Anyway, here are my quick responses. Seriously.

Is Blogging Really Worth My Time? Throwing Down The Gauntlet (Part 1)

Electronic Papyrus

I’ve had several recent discussions with colleagues about whether one’s blogging actually influences others in meaningful ways. Over the last several years of blogging, I’ve searched for articles or studies that examine blogging from a more rigorous social science perspective and have found very little. For example, does micro-blogging justify inclusion (Twitter, etc.)?

Corporate pandemics of 2006

The Learning Circuits

Inspired by a batch of recent frustrating consulting gigs, a battery of medical check-ups and the current buzz about pandemic preparedness, here are my predictions for six emerging corporate pandemics that trainers will have to deal with in 2006: 1) Ulteriorsclerosis - the clogging of an important initiative by personnel or policies, for spurious reasons that mask more pernicious ulterior motives. Widespread ulteriorsclerosis will lead to the demise of several organizations in 2006. Compliments of the season to all, and may your 2006 be filled with health, wealth, and happiness!

Elearning platforms meeting PENS standard makes online training easier


The PENS   Standard was developed by the Aviation Industry Computer-Based-Training Committee ( AICC ) in 2006, and since then, it has grown in popularity because it makes uploading Sharable Content Object Reference Model ( SCORM ) content to an LMS a one-click process. Docebo Blog E-learning Industry ELELIn its next update, the Docebo LMS will support the PENS standard.


Harold Jarche » To be, or not to be a Net Radio Host

Learning and Working on the Web

Wikimania 2006 and Wikiversity

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

As it just so happens, the Wikimania 2006 conferense is in full swing at Harvard. Fellow blogger and Intel colleague Josh Bancroft is blogging the event at Check out his flickr stream here. Sounds like lots of great conversations going on. Also, Mark Oehlert over at e-clippings points me to the Wikiversity. Tons of wiki goodness here. Wikibooks is fabulous in and of itself but the addition of wikiversity makes me smile. My daughter is a big fan of our solar system and she loves this. Get ready for a lively discussion on wikis at the elearndevcon2006.

The Trouble with Blogging


So it has been about 5 weeks since my last blog. It annoys me that i have not managed to get a blog in over this period, but what does one do when one is working full time 9-5, going about regular business and looking into various aspects of interactive and collaborative technology in the evenings and at weekends. After all one has to have something to blog about. I've looked deeper into an important aspect of blogging, which is the syndication of a blog using RSS ot ATOM feeds. Tags: blogging

Blogs are Boring! Discuss


Originally posted 27/09/2006 on the Journaldoodledastic blog Reflective blogging in an educational context is gathering momentum as a learning and assessment tool. Indeed as part of my own independent study learning contract, I have decided that i should be marked on the quality of my reflective blogs (or learning journal as I look upon it). It is an opportunity to log my learning and by doing so I hope to understand a bit more about the learning process and to learn more about the usefulness (or is that uselessness) of blogs. Why would you want to blog?

LCB Question for December 2006: Panel Discussion

Simply Speaking

I had posted my personal response to the Learning Circuit Board’s question of the month for December 2006 , and so had one of my colleagues, Anil Mammen. You can access the post on the Tata Interactive blog - just click here. So when we wanted to do a post from Tata Interactive Systems’s perspective, we decided to do a panel discussion and post it as a podcast instead of doing a written piece. I was part of the panel discussion. It was interesting to discuss views as opposed to writing out one’s own. Disclosure: I work with Tata Interactive Systems.

Fear of Blogging

In the Middle of the Curve

Within the blogs, I am starting to see discussion on why people don't use collaboration tools (or LMSs for that matter). Dave Pollard did a little experiment in August 2006 trying to get people to help him edit a Writley document. All three bloggers hint at something that came to the fore for me when I started blogging - fear. Why in the WORLD would they want to share if sharing means idea theft and potential downsizing? I had to fight through ALL of these emotions when I started blogging. The big question is WHY? Sadly, he gave the process a failing grade.

Blogging and Collaboration

Tony Karrer

world: Four phases of collaboration and After blogging - collaboration. One of the wonderful things about blogging has been the ease with which collaboration occurs. If you look at some of the posts around blogging from the LCB October Big Question and my summary: Top Ten Reasons To Blog and Top Ten Not to Blog , you can see the fear of blogging, fear of inequality, but the quick turnaround. That's why folks are talking about Blogs and Community more and more Tom Haskins has written a couple interesting posts on collaboration in the Web 2.0

Blogs:The Course Communication Center


In reponse to Hally's comments i will either reiterate, clarify or move my thinking on as to why i am enthused by the "english120" blog. The use of a blog as a central point of contact for a module to be studied can assist in facilitating the four elements highlighted above. This blog attracted my attention, because it was the first blog of this type that I have found. As to whether this is the best or finest example of how to deliver this type of blog remains to be seen. blog has a number of attractive benefits. 1. 24/7 Internet Access 2.

Blogs and Community

Tony Karrer

I just read Nancy White's Blogs and Community – launching a new paradigm for online community? Truly a great article on how blogs build community. Her description of a topic centric community really helps you to think about the loose community network that gets created by blogs. The article also pointed me to a couple of interesting related pieces: What's Better to Build Community: Blogs or Forums? Compares conversation in blog world vs. forums. What struck me was: In general, blogs are great at connecting and bridging to a NEW community.

"New" Technologies - Blogging

In the Middle of the Curve

Blogging is just public journal writing. The public nature of blogging is its strength. Since I've been blogging, I've been amazed at the caliber of the professionals who have contacted me as a result of a post. don't know if Dr. Fishwick had his students create early blogs before he retired in 2003. suspect that if he was alive and teaching today, his journal assignment would have evolved into a blogging assignment. I've had friends who have been doing this "online" since the BBSs in the late 80s. Fellow students can share ideas and resources.

September Blog Clean Up

Tony Karrer

As I've mentioned before ( eLearning Technology: Managing your RSS Feeds ), I go through a ritual every three months to add and remove blogs. You can see the blogs that are in my highest priority reading list and not quarantined in the list on the right. See also: eLearning Technology: eLearning Blogs - Quick Way to Find Good Ones. also probably need to go through my blogs listed on the right to clean out some. If you have suggestions of blogs that I should be reading that are on eLearning, KM, PKM, communities, I'm always happy to hear about them

KM 2

The writings of Lee Kraus: Mashups of Elearning

Learning and Technology

Home My Story Portfolio iPad Bookshelf Social Media November 24, 2006 Mashups of Elearning tags: elearning , elearning2.0 , Mashups Wayne Hodgins talks about the importance of mashups in his recent blog post as a follow up to his presentation at Learning 2006. The writings of Lee Kraus Welcome! I try to focus on creativity, innovation, collaboration, technology, and elearning. have always loved Waynes presentations. have attended many of them over the past 6 years. think this is a no brainer. Take a moment and go through the slides. Thanks Wayne. Lee Kraus, 2010.

Common Questions and Some Thoughts Around Blogs and Blogging

Tony Karrer

I've had a brief blog conversation with Quintus Joubert - eLearning Blog: Blogs: Engaging the reader. It started when he questioned the blogs cited on Gabe's list of top 19 eLearning blogs as ( eLearning Blog: Top 19 eLearning blogs ). His post are good to look at as an example of some of the common questions that people new to the world of blogs have. thought it was a great spark for some discussion: Why do "the blogs look like a random collection of ideas, rather than a discussion around a particular topic"? Great question.

Blogging to Peak in 2007?

Tony Karrer

I received a great set of questions via email over the weekend roughly coming out of a two articles: Gartner: Blogging to peak in 2007 , By Some Measures, Blogging May Be Peaking. By end of 2007, will those educators who would ever dabble in blogging have dabbled? And if so, where will that leave blogging as a tool for education? Will it only be used by educators that have kept up blogging. Also, there's been some commentary on this already in the edublog space: Blogs are a waste of time - no-one blogging by 2010? Dramatically! social computing.

Informal Learning: Structuring a Blog

Kapp Notes

There is an interest question on the Learning Circuits blog that asks whether or not it is appropriate to write a book about informal learning. Informal learning tools like blogs still require formal structure and conventions or these informal tools will be utterly useless to learners within an organization or in an academic institution. The article, Learning to Blog, Blogging to Learn , describes how a formal structure can facilitate informal learning and provides guidelines to any person who is suddenly asked to "blog" their expertise.

Stanford Online - Fall 2006 - NorthStarNerd.Org


NorthStarNerd.Org Dedicated to open access sharing of knowledge - Your host: Rich Hoeg Blog Engineering Learning Nerd TV Nerd Tweets Nordic Skiing Site Map Tutorials « How to Tie a Bow Tie. Main | AutoCad Electrical Screencast » August 15, 2006 Stanford Online - Fall 2006 Stanford Online is one of my two most favorite engineering webinar sites (the other being MIT World ). Finishing Grandmas Marathon (2010 Partcipant Photos) A Wedding in Morroco Summer Winter Ski Hike in Minnesota Categories Blog Quest 2.0 As Seen on your iPod! 25th, and run through Dec.