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Spring 2007 CAC: NXLevel

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Bob Christensen presented for NXLevel. He discussed their product called i-Prism which has been designed for the creation of e-learning with a great deal of flexibility and abilty to manage content and learning objects. The tool allows the inclusion of videos, quizzes and Flash animations. The tool has an scenario editor as well as a quiz editor and even some basic drag and drops.

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Spring CAC 2007: Ardent Learning

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A last minute "surprise" presentation at CAC, Sam Shahani asked if he could present even though the company was not on the Agenda, of course I said "yes" it is always great to have information shared and presented. He presented along with Carrington Grossman about Adrent Learning and what they are all about.

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PowerPoint 2007 & 2010: How to Turn an Image Into An Animated Puzzle

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

by AJ George  A recent  question in the Microsoft Office forums  inquired about the process of animating a picture in PowerPoint so that it came onto the slide piece by piece--like a puzzle. The question was answered, but the answer was not exactly what the original poster had wanted. That is what I will cover today. Make an Image Look Like a Puzzle. Unzip the file.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007: Troubleshooting Pasted Slides

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

by AJ George  Here's the scenario: You are an eLearning developer and receive a PowerPoint presentation from another party (a client, colleague, SME, etc). You've decided to paste some of the slides into another PowerPoint presentation following your own finely crafted master layouts. After you do this, you notice the formatting didn't quite take. Perhaps the bullets are positioned incorrectly. Maybe the title is incorrectly formatted. The whole thing is a big ol' mess. Try this to clean up the mess. Open the presentation into which you want to paste slides. PowerPoint

4 Ways to Close the Learning-Doing Gap for Front-Line Managers [GUIDE]

BusinessWire (2007) writes, “…nearly 60% of front-line. FOUR WAYS TO CLOSE THE. LEARNING-DOING GAP FOR. FRONT-LINE MANAGERS 4FOREWORD We’re in business to help organizations. achieve their goals by making sure their. employees have the knowledge and skills. they need to succeed. Our experience. and research led us to identify that one. audience organizations consistently. managers. What’s.

PowerPoint 2007: Adding Voiceover Narration to Presentations Converted to Movies

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

Last week I detailed how to turn a PowerPoint 2007 presentation into a movie that could be uploaded to popular video sharing sites like YouTube.      About the author: AJ George is IconLogic's lead Technical Writer and author of both " PowerPoint 2007: The Essentials " and " PowerPoint 2008 for the Macintosh: The Essentials." by AJ George.

Book Related Developments

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As Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning nears it release day of April 14, 2007. A number of book related developments are occuring. First, Training Consultant Steve Woodruff's on his blog Impactiviti has done a nice and thoughtful review of the book (scroll down to see it.) This was one of many illustrative stories sprinkled throughout the book that increased its practical value.

Yale's Online Course Initiative

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Last night in a "blogger only" press conference (love the idea), a team from Yale University announce the launching of seven online introductory courses. Complete courses with audio and video from each class session within the course. For an excellent summary of the session, see Christy Tucker's summary in Open Yale Courses, New Media Traditional Pedagogy. Diana E.

Get People Moving.have them play a Video Game

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One of the main complaints about video games are that they encourage obesity and inactivity.that's not always the case. With the sometimes-sedentary senior citizens,video games are actually getting them moving. One resident is quoted as saying "I have enjoyed the challenge of playing it [bowling] It's good exercise for your body but also good exercise for your eyes and mind."

Try Before You Buy

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Over at , they have a great article called Real $3.1M mansion causes a virtual stir. To quote the beginning of the article "Flipping through the real estate section is so yesterday -- touring an exact replica of a home for sale in Second Life is what's in store tomorrow." Is your training so yesterday? worlds offer some of these advantages. I think it tells a compelling story.

Book News

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Over at Learning Simulations , Phil Charron has written an entry about Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning. You can read what he has to say in his entry by the same title of the book, Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning. I do some work with his company from time-to-time and so I sent him an autographed copy. I had a lot of fun writing it and hope you'll have fun reading it.

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Training Day Blog: Virtual Surgery

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This week over at the TrainingDay blog , my post is called Surgery Anyone? Virtual Surgery That Is. Stop by the site and leave a comment, you could win a free book. __ Recommended Games and Gadgets Recommended Books Content Guide

Survey Says

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Of course you all know about SurveyMonkey.a great piece of web-based software that allows you to create excellent surveys with relative ease. The price is reasonable as well! I haven't used it for a while and found out they revamped the interface and did some changes to the management of the surveys. Very nice. I use it for the evaluation work I do on some NSF ATE grants.

Guild 360 Synchronous Learning Report Available

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Steve Wexler of the guild and coordinator and author of much of the report writes: Karl M. Kapp, professor of Instructional Technology at Bloomsburg University in Bloomsburg, PA, and Tony O'Driscoll, Performance Architecture Analysis and Design for IBM Sales Learning, immerse you into the next generation of synchronous learning systems. Ok, so Steve might be a little "over the top".but

Parts of the Stove: Simple Tools for Effective E-Learning

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Here is a short "e-learning program" I developed called Parts of the Stove. The purpose was to show how you can use a digital camera, PowerPoint animation and a tool like Adobe's Breeze (which now has another name.) It is a little old but still shows the power of such tools. The overall presentation is a little crude in some respects but is meant merely as a demonstration of possibilities.

Out and About: Presentation at ASTD Mid-NJ Chapter

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Here is a picture of the great folks from the ASTD Mid-NJ chapter. The photo is taken from the presenter's perspective. Last night I had the pleasure of speaking to the Mid-NJ Chapter of ASTD on one of my favorite topics “Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning.” It was a great event. Actually, Steve arranged to have me speak at the meeting.


Gadgets, Games and Gizmos: Fun with Learning

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I've been a fan of Jellyvision's You Don't Know Jack for a while, my first CD of the game had the following system requirements: 486SX/33 or better microprocessor Windows 3.1x It was low graphics but high entertainment. So the other day my youngest son and I go on the Jellyvision site to check it out. We go to the iCi showroom and play the CompassLearning games. Every topic my 9 year old says."hey

School House Rock, School of Rock

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Remember School House Rock? It was a fun, interesting way to learn the boring aspects of conjunctions, how a bill becomes a law and multiplication tables (remember 3 is a magic number.) This type of knowledge is known in academic circles as declarative and conceptual knowledge. Information that must be memorized as well as concepts to be understood…like what is a bill ( listen to song ).

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Design: Boo

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Here is a great site for learning about skeletons called eskeletons. It is a site that allows the learner to examine different parts of different types of skeletons. The technology is not 3D but is very effective. Parts of the different skulls or bones are highlighted as the learner clicks from part to part. A good demonstration of teaching declarative knowledge with words, images and color cues.

Brain Drain: The "Perfect Storm" of Unfilled IT Jobs

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Just returned from a conference sponsored by the National Center for Telecommunication Technologies (NCTT ) held in San Francisco, CA. The organization is a National Science Foundation (NFS) center that is focused on providing technology education to faculty of community colleges in the area of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). San Francisco, CA. is a lovely place. Estimated 1.5

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So Far to Go: A Local School Board Candidate Armed with Mis-Information

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Dawn's web page sites two articles on the topic, one from AUGUST 31, 2006: from THE WALL STREET JOURNAL called Saying No to School Laptops and one from MAY 4, 2007 in the NEW YORK TIMES "Seeing No Progress, Some Schools Drop Laptops." I live in central Pennsylvania so I guess this is to be expected but.please. Our school board was approving its budget for the next year and there was a line item of $327,000 for the purchasing of nine mobile laptop labs each having close to 30 computers. Enter Dawn Koons-Gill, a district parent and school board candidate."When It's just not proven yet."

PowerPoint 2007: Insert YouTube Videos

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

Over the next few weeks I will show you how to insert YouTube videos into PowerPoint 2007 (both with and without an internet connection) and PowerPoint 2008 for the Mac.   Insert YouTube Videos into PowerPoint 2007 with Internet. Check back next week to learn how to insert YouTube videos into PowerPoint 2007 without an internet connection. it's not a simple process.

Shooting Educational/Instructional Videos

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Currently, I am involved in creating an educational corporate video. I've worked on a script, helped to develop the treatment and vision for the shoot, coordinated dates and talent with the client and helped with the talent while on location.corporate executives. So here are some resources that can help you think about creating videos for educational uses. Even though the technology is gotten simpler and simpler to use, you still need someone with the knowledge and expertise of video shooting to make the difference, you need creativity and experience.we

Software Training

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If you do any kind of software training, you need to check out the discussion going on in the comments field of Tips for Teaching Software to Others. Just some great stuff. Also, see Design: Creating a Scenario to Teach Software Procedures and Wendy Wickham's In the Middle of the Curve: How am I Gonna Use This? for additional ideas. Please add additional ideas. __ Recommended Games and Gadgets Recommended Books Content Guide

Session on Blogging

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Currently I am in a session teaching Training Conference attendees about blog.much fun is being had by all. Hey Check out one of the blogs created by an attendee called Superduperfun Blog __ Recommended Games and Gadgets Recommended Books Content Guide

Wake Up Karl, the Meme has you.Again

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Christy Tucker over at Experiencing E-learning has tagged me for another meme. First I will refer to the last meme in which I was tagged for 5 exciting facts about me. Then I will add three additional facts for the required total of eight random facts. Enjoy these little known tidbits. Here is a link to my first five called Wake up Karl, the meme has you. 1) I am not a coffee drinker, I like tea with milk and sugar. I usually start the morning with one or two cups. I think it started with my grandmother on my mom's side.I understand it is very British. It was awesome camp. Trully inspiring.

Design Day and the ASTD Big Question for July

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I left a comment on Tony Karrer's blog about creating a "Design Day" so that everyone in the blogosphere adds a comment about the importance of instructional design as opposed to focusing on technology. And then Dennis Coxe over at Sailing by Sound picked up on my comment and posted an entry called "I Declare 'Design Day'". It is a great entry outlining 3 elements of good design. How does the tool selection process need to change? What should learning professionals do to stay up-to-speed? Do they need to learn new tools constantly? Can they stick with a few tools? Will this trend continue?

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Learning Styles as Fortune Telling

Learning Visions

Monday, May 21, 2007 Learning Styles as Fortune Telling My research into understanding the role of learning styles in e-Learning continues. Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff. Im struck by why I find this topic so interesting. As a practical person, I tend to avoid theory. Somehow this is an easy starting point. and.70. eLearnin.

Value of Research

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As an academic and a person who values research, I think it is critically important to our industry to back research and to use it to make sound judgments regarding the design, development and delivery of e-learning. One site I especially like is No Significant Difference. Will Thalheimer has done a fantastic job in promoting that agenda and so have the likes of Ruth Colvin Clark and Richard Mayer as well as others. Another group that is assisting in that area is the eLearning Guild who is doing some fantastic research in our industry. As a seasoned researcher I have to say.not so fast.

Disastrous E-Learning Might Be Good

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This week over at TrainingDay blog , my post is titled Disastrous E-Learning Might Be Good When you consider how to change the behavior of learners, you might want to take a page from the Hollywood disaster movies and add that flair to your e-learning. Also, don't forget, you can win a book if you leave a comment on the TrainingDay blog.unfortunately, it's not my book (yet). __ Recommended Games and Gadgets Recommended Books Content Guide

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Email is Sooo 1990s

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This week on the TrainingDay blog , I have written about how email is now "snail mail" since the gamers want to have information via text messages as opposed to email which takes too long. You can read the posted called Email is Antiquated. __ Recommended Games and Gadgets Recommended Books Content Guide

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PowerPoint 2007 & 2010: How to Turn an Image Into An Animated Puzzle, Part II

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

by AJ George  Last week  I showed you how to animate a picture in PowerPoint so that it came in as a puzzle, piece by piece. That was cool. But if you followed along last week, read on to find some bonus tips for making the animation a little more realistic and adding some finishing touches. How to Make an Animated Puzzle Look More Realistic. Click the  Close  button.

ROI and Metrics in eLearning

Tony Karrer

I'm working on an article around the use of ROI and metrics in eLearning. I did a quick search for resources and here's what I found. I thought it would be worth posting this list here. Kirkpatrick's Level 3: Improving the Evaluation of E-Learning Level 3 evaluations measure whether the there was an actual transfer of learning to the actual work setting. This level of evaluation will increase the visibility of learning and development efforts, because successful implementation of Level 3 evaluation Internet Time Blog: ROI is toast. Use EVA instead. ROI is toast. Use EVA instead.

Today's Toys, Tomorrow's Tools

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This week over at TrainingDay , my post Today's Toys, Tomorrow's Tools is a little bit of a rant. But I think it is important to continually remind ourselves that the upcoming gamers are going to learn differently than us digital immigrants and we need to adapt as well as help them adapt.we can't dictate terms to these digital won't work. Cooperation is the answer. __ Recommended Games and Gadgets Recommended Books Content Guide

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Shout Out: Abbey Stahl--All the Rage

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Tonight's supplement to my daily newspaper is a paper within a paper called All the Rage, For Teens! By Teens! About Teens! Typical teen stuff, what to wear to the prom, choosing a college and so forth. However, one article caught my eye "MySpace, IM--why so addictive?" We spend a lot of time in the blogosphere talking about the future of learning, making predictions and lamenting formal instructional design but rarely is the voice of the "gamer generation" heard.the voice of the learners who will be demanding that we design instruction differently. Now telephones are even becoming impractical.

Implementation: Evaluating Collaboration

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One of the goals of Web 2.0 and other technologies is to foster collaboration. But, there seems to be an issue with how many people actually collaborate. According to many sources, less than 1% of the people who visit blogs or wikis actually contribute or collaborate with the author of the wiki or blog. This is called the 1% rule. One of the major issues with collaboration in an academic or even a corporate setting is determining how to evaluate each individual's contribution to the overall collaboration. How do you ensure equal participation? How to you judge one person's work against another?