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Integrate Your E-Learning with Google Docs

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For this reason surveys can be a great tool to gather feedback to be used to improve future courses. In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to embed a survey created in Google Docs into a Lectora project. You can learn how to create a Google Survey in Google Docs Help section (creating forms from spreadsheets) or simply search for "How to create a Google Survey".

Expectations From eLearning Authoring Tools

Upside Learning

I came across this mind map by Cammy Bean which covers nearly all the tools available for creating/authoring eLearning content. She tries to find answers to three simple questions regarding each tools mentioned in the mind map –. For many tools, the answers are as expected. While some try doing freeform authoring through a template-based authoring tool. When do I use it?

Low-Cost Test and Quiz Tool Comparison

Tony Karrer

I’ve recently been working with Sameer Bhatia the CEO of ProProfs as I was going through an evaluation of various online tools that support easy, fast, low-cost testing and quiz tools. He helped me pull together the following evaluation of a few different solutions: ClassMarker Quia ProProfs Google Docs Forms Creator, and Quibblo. Evaluation Criteria For the specific need I was looking at, I was looking for the following out of a solution: Cost : Is the tool free or very-low cost to use? Grading : Does the tool allow for several methods of grading responses?

Online courses must die!

E-Learning Provocateur

The proliferation of so-called rapid authoring tools over the last few years has coincided with an explosion in the number of online courses developed in-house. Suddenly SMEs are back in the game… Write up a Word doc and convert it? Update the Word doc and re-convert it? You have more time, and new tools are coming out that are making these kinds of thing easier to do.

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Using Twitter to Transform the Classroom!


Her latest book, ' Social Media for Trainers ' basically explores in depth the essential social media tools to facilitate sizzling (online) learning environments and experiences, using learning tools such as Twitter, blogs, wikis, Facebook, YouTube, Google Docs, SlideShare, Flickr, etc. As Twitter is a perfect communication tool for mobile devices (e.g. Right? THANK YOU!

Times are changing – trends in the content authoring tool market

eLearning 24-7

There are 124 authoring tools in my latest directory, of which 30 are SaaS or a combination of desktop and SaaS – which really what is the point of that? Even though more tools are adding the features of collaborative and peer review (more on that in a sec) they are still heavy geared towards a desktop solution. Google Docs – ever heard of em?  believe though, that will be higher, especially with these tools meeting and honestly beating some major league competitors. While there are SaaS tools that do not yet offer this feature, it will change. 

Using Social Media for Learning: Tools & Practices #BHsocialmedia

Learning Visions

In Brandon Hall’s research, haven’t talked to a single LMS vendor who is NOT adding these tools. Not every single tool needs 100% participation. Ann Shea with Quick Lessons [link] Social media tools for learning Risks and concerns: Biggest challenges for orgs – benefits are not clear To start using social media…don’t need to be as big as HP or Chrysler! Tools that you bring in to your org. Costs – both of tool and the opportunity cost Look at terms of use and legal implications (who owns the content created in a site) Does the site let you export your content?

Here are 6 Social Learning Platforms you can enable 'On-Demand'

The Learning Generalist

While it may not seem like much, it supports the really important features such as: Social networking; Blogs; Microblogging; Wikis; Shared Spreadsheets (ala Google Docs); and Groups/ Communities At the time I tried it, I remember signing up for a free network of upto 50 people (or something like that). Their email is great, but their calendaring tool is erratic. Ready?

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Google Docs

Learning Visions

Monday, June 18, 2007 Google Docs I played around a bit with Google Docs this weekend. Well, I actually worked with Google Docs this weekend. Inspired by recent posts from Harold Jarche and another one today from Wild Apricot on using Google Docs in nonprofits (thanks to Michele Martin for the link). Now I see that you can publish a Google Doc right to my blog, so Im going to try that now. dont see in Google Docs a way to do this. Moodle in 2010 Kineo Insights Webinar: Challenges and Best Practi. Aah -- corporate control. Always the issue.

What corporates can learn from the Top 10 Tools for Learning 2012

Jane Hart

On 1 October I released the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2012 list , and in my introductory analysis I said. Yammer  (on the 2010 list at #20) might be a possibility. Both projects written up courtesy of the UK  TowardsMaturity website.). 3 -  Google Docs/Drive. But there’s lots more you can do with Google Docs too. Top Tools 201210 -  Wikipedia.

2.0 is a philosophy, not a technology

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Informal         Reference docs/job aids. Social                  SharePoint 2010, eRoom/Documentum. Tags: Informal Learning Tools Working_smarter Internet Time Alliance spent a couple of days last week putting the 2.0 into a tedious proposal for a large, forward-facing multinational corporation. Among our recommendations were: Informal         Live webcasts. Informal         Recorded webinars. Informal         Video conferencing. Informal         Workshops. Informal         Audio/ podcasts. Informal         Learnshop. Informal         Case Studies. Informal         OJT.

Here Are More Than 200 Free Rapid E-Learning Tutorials

Rapid eLearning

Use Google Docs to create a free project review process. You could replace the opensource tool with your own internal database and form-entry. Use a wiki (or any social media tool) to storyboard your course or offer a collaborative review process. A few weeks ago I offered some advice on how to become an elearning pro without spending a dime. Practice doing what you learn.

Bob Mosher: Performance Support and Learning at the Moment of Need #ls2010

Learning Visions

What are performance support tools being used to support the final 3 moments of need: searchable docs wikis help desk The guy next to us -- (“we are instinctively beggars by design” – we ask the guy next to us, but he is an FTE…may not know…but we’re not teaching independence. My live blogged notes from eLearning Foundations Intensive with Bob Mosher. Here’s a picture! J.I.T. = “just in time” – the acronym was born in 1992. What does this mean to the learner? they expect it, informal, interruption, necessary eLearning invented J.I.T. We equated availability with relevance.


LSG Webinar - Choosing the right social and collaboration platform for learning

The Learning Generalist

Social Networking Communication - messaging, discussion, chat Sharing - links, resources, etc Sub-groups - open or closed collab spaces Collaboration Tools - blogs, wikis, microblogs, etc Ning seems to be good for most stuff here. finally made it to this one. Had a busy afternoon till now, but now it's webinar time. I'm kinda interested in what could be a low-cost Ning replacement.

Acrobat: Signatures in the Clouds

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

Adobe has continually improved and added to this online suite of tools. You will then have the opportunity to input the email addresses of the people to receive the doc(s). digital signature is applied to the document (yes, you can customize its appearance, believe it or not!), and the initiator is notified via email that the doc has been signed. by David R. FREE!!

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Notes from Intelligent Content 2010


Home > Instructional Design , Learning Content Management > Notes from Intelligent Content 2010 Notes from Intelligent Content 2010 March 11th, 2010 Goto comments Leave a comment A couple of weeks ago, Xyleme presented at Intelligent Content conference hosted by the Rockley Group. Xyleme] #ic2010 PowerPoint is number one “e-learning&# tool in the world.

April 2010 Great ones

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

April 1, 2010 to April 30, 2010. From Social Media to Social Strategy - , April 1, 2010. The iPad isn’t a computer, it’s a distribution channel - OReilly Radar , April 13, 2010. Collaboration and Cooperation - Half an Hour , April 12, 2010. Manual for Civilization - The Long Now Blog , April 6, 2010. The Glass Box And The Commonplace Book - , April 23, 2010. Big List of Educational Technology Journals - Workplace Learning Today , April 12, 2010. Cognitive Edge , April 9, 2010.

Integrate the Web with your next Elearning Course

The Learning Generalist

Click here to launch the demo. A few days back, I discovered this wonderful tool called xtranormal. Often, we look for different ways of presenting our content and the interactions within the rapid elearning tool may just not be enough. However most rapid elearning survey tools are not designed for great data management. Example 1 - Set up your Scenario. Your video's ready!

Collaborative Learning: Strengthen Your Team

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

Use Google Docs. To illustrate this, below is a chart outlining the respondents who answered "high" or "very high" when asked to what extent social media tools helped them to achieve tasks at work (you can click the image for a larger view). by AJ George.   A group of your team members has just wrapped up some training. Wrong! Use SharePoint. Use wikis.

My Top 10 Learning Tools

Clark Quinn

My ITA colleague Jane Hart regularly collects the top 100 learning tools via contributions from lots of folks.  It’s a fascinating list, worth looking at. There are several categories of tools here.  Harold Jarche talks about our personal knowledge management task, and in that, there are the tools I use to capture and share my own thinking (like this), and tools I use to go out and find or follow information. In the capture and share category, major tools include: WordPress – I blog as a way to reflect and get feedback on my developing thoughts.

January 2010 Informal Learning Hotlist

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Top Informal Learning links for the first month of 2010. Protecting Reputations Online in Plain English -  Common Craft – Explanations In Plain English - , January 6, 2010. A Few Thoughts on the Nexus One -  OReilly Radar , January 5, 2010. Networking Reconsidered - , January 4, 2010. Tonight On CrunchGear: Live At CES -  TechCrunch , January 7, 2010. The opposite of “open” is “theirs” -  Joho the Blog , January 14, 2010. Tools for Finding Creative Commons Images -  Full Circle , January 2, 2010. Skinner Box?

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Best of informal learning since September 1, 2010…

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

September 1 to November 18, 2010. The state of mapping APIs -  OReilly Radar , September 7, 2010. Welcome to the Decade of Games - , September 9, 2010. Full Frontal Nudity Doesn’t Make Us Safer: Abolish the TSA - News , November 14, 2010. Points of control = Rents -  Lockergnome Blog Network , October 29, 2010. The Data Bubble II -  Doc Searls Weblog , October 30, 2010. The SMAQ stack for big data -  OReilly Radar , September 22, 2010. But. -  Adaptive Path , September 30, 2010. Wait, yes.

E-Learning Early Indicators

eLearning 24-7

significant number of vendors, reported higher revenue and sales numbers in 2010, then in 2009. Tablets were never even a consideration, and I’m talking in 2010. You could count on your hand the number of vendors even looking at it, and I’m not just talking LMSs/Learning Portals, but content authoring tools and other products. couple of rapid content authoring tool vendors are incorporating HTML5 features in their tool, which can be used on tablets, and of course the iPad. That smartphones were the answer to mobile learning. Tablets? Kudos!

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Free Quiz and Test Maker Tools Plus My Top 3

eLearning 24-7

This is ironic, considering that the rapid content authoring tools, LMSs & Learning Portals offer quiz/assessment tools and target the corporate market (and not academia or or not just academia). All these tools are free. Free Quiz and Test Maker Tools. Easy Test Maker K12, A, PY, M/C, T/F, FIB, MAT, S/A, MA, Unlimited number of tests, DL as word doc., While this market has always existed, it is clearly taking a whole new form in two areas: Strong emphasis to embed into a web site or blog. Capabilities to push quiz on Twitter and Facebook. Answer sheets.

Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest – 2

Upside Learning

Google Docs Connects With Microsoft Office. This article on CMS Wire talks how this new service connects Google Docs and Microsoft Office directly, allowing users to operate the Office interface with Google Docs features. HTML5 was one of the top trends of 2010 and one of the areas seeing increased use of HTML5 is mobile devices. Read it here. 2. Read it here. 3. iPad 2.0:

CloudCourse – Is it really a learning platform?

Upside Learning

From the videos and the pages put up on the link [link] , I could only figure out that it is a basic scheduling tool and not quite there to call it a learning platform. Coming from Google, built on its own App Engine, I wonder what Google wants (or wanted) to do with the tool. And that would definitely be news! Being open source will definitely help it reach a wide audience.

Join the #moodlewish Twitter Stream!


suppose it has been difficult to keep up with all the innovations going on in purpose-built tools out there such as Facebook , Scribd , Ning (become commercial! You might argue that we could always integrate all these tools with Moodle using widgets or integration modules. Moodle is the Apple of Open Source, and we simply want to be better than any other learning tools out there.

World Class Learning is for Nothing and Inspiring Feedback for Free!


Learning Tools we can practically connect with any person or community around the world without too much effort. GEORGE SIEMENS "ZaidLearn has been an active blogger, focusing on open learning and open tools. As Stephen Downes states, it’s great to see people achieving genuine success in the pursuit of new tools/approaches in education. Welcome to ZaidLearn's Learning World!

World Class Learning is for Nothing and Inspiring Feedback for Free!


GEORGE SIEMENS "ZaidLearn has been an active blogger, focusing on open learning and open tools. As Stephen Downes states, it's great to see people achieving genuine success in the pursuit of new tools/approaches in education. He has the uncanny ability to find useful tools, services, etc. educational tools, lists of edubloggers, or other resource collections. CLICK HERE!

The Adventures of Developing an e-learning Course!

ID Reflections

Can better use be made of tools and applications like Skype, AOL, Webinars, conference calls, video conferencing, Google docs, etc.? Preamble I have just been reading a post by @ tomkuhlmann called Five Ways to Guarantee Your E-Learning Course is a Success. have cited below a paragraph from the post of particular relevance-- about asking questions, the right questions.

Using Twitter to Transform the Classroom!


Her latest book, ' Social Media for Trainers ' basically explores in depth the essential social media tools to facilitate sizzling (online) learning environments and experiences, using learning tools such as Twitter, blogs, wikis, Facebook, YouTube, Google Docs, SlideShare, Flickr, etc. As Twitter is a perfect communication tool for mobile devices (e.g. Right? THANK YOU!

Keeping Up - April's Big Question

eLearning Cyclops

This is in reference the immense and rapidly expanding technology tools. It is tough to stay on top of all the emerging tools. Not only am I often made aware of new tools, but also get opinions, tips, and examples of their use. You can never keep up with it all, but access to many experts who are also finding and sharing the lastest tech tools make it much less daunting. So, I browsed  "Tools" by keyword on  eLearningLearning. When I do find interesting tools I will keep track of them using my Delicious account.

ASTD Keynote: “People Lie” Richard Hilleman Electronic Arts #tk10

Learning Visions

This are my liveblogged notes from Thursday, January 28 Keynote at ASTD TechKnowledge 2010 in Las Vegas, NV. Have all class do composition in Google Docs. Can be used for educational Why games become social – we love playing with human beings – more challenging and interesting than playing against a computer What tools can corporates use to incorporate gaming (“I know a lot of tools, but it’ll take you 3 years to figure out how to use them!”) Richard Hilleman, the man behind the EA sports brand (Madden football) -- currently focused on EA’s internal university.

Experimenting beyond the course!

Stoatly Different

If motivational tools like sticks and carrots did their job we would be expecting those groups who were exposed to them to have done better than their counterparts. would really love to hear about others experiences running this sort of game, so I’ve uploaded the task word doc and the excel spreadsheet you’ll need to run the game. Learning is, I think, a highly creative activity.

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