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Top 10 eLearning Predictions 2011 #LCBQ

Tony Karrer

This month's LCBQ is What are your Predictions and Plans for 2011? Tony Bates - eLearning Outlook for 2011 1. Of course, you can’t look at learning in 2011 without mentioning mobile learning. Some Mobile Learning Predictions for 2011 Mobile learning will get its own identity. Here are my top 10 eLearning predictions for 2011. We would welcome lots of discussion.

Reflections 2011

Clark Quinn

With the ITA in particular we have been successful in getting some traction in this area, and hope to help more organizations come to grips in the coming year. I was thrilled to hear more discussion about this in a number of forums, and I think the opportunities to capitalize on finely granulated and articulated content will provide flexibility and personalization going forward. On this, the shortest day of the year here in the northern hemisphere, it seems like a good time to reflect on the past year and look forward to the coming one. The opportunities are big. meta-learning

Crafting Feedback in Articulate

Integrated Learnings

The Development Tool Matters, in this case Articulate. I had a project come in the other day where the client requested to use Articulate. The client really liked the look and feel of previous projects designed with Articulate. Articulate does have a very nice look and feel. Most e-learning developers can recognize Captivate text bubbles or an Articulate table of contents when they see one. The client wants the Articulate flavor and being an easy pushover, I mean skilled craftsman, I agree that Articulate is a good fit for the project. Images?

10 Tips to Help You Get Started

Rapid eLearning

Learn more: If you’re an Articulate user, there are two good books and the user community with hundreds of tutorials and thousands of active members. Essential Articulate Studio ‘09. E-Learning Uncovered: Articulate Studio ’09. This will help you build a consistent design where you are intentional in colors, alignment, fonts, and overall look and feel.

Help 40

eLearning Hot Topics from 2011

Integrated Learnings

It prompts a bit of reflection, and it highlights a publication’s best articles and posts, which helps me make sure I’ve seen the best stuff from the year. So, it seems fitting that we’d look back at our 2011 posts and create one for this blog. How do these compare with your own eLearning hot topics from 2011? --1-- The post with the most views in 2011 was Practical Storyboarding – Not Just for Developers. Crafting Feedback in Articulate. What topics did you talk about most in 2011? We hope you found this post helpful. 1-- Storyboarding. Cheers!

Three Ways That These 70 Rapid E-Learning Tips Will Help You Build Better Courses

Rapid eLearning

I like to provide some simple steps to help you move in the right direction. 3 More Free Tools to Help Build Better E-Learning Courses : We’re all on a budget. Here are three free applications that may help you build elearning courses. But these tips can help you overcome that challenge. Answers to these three questions may help you avoid that. Do it.


Getting a job as an Instructional Designer

Learning Visions

Here are three ideas I have to help you break into the field: Strut Your Stuff You’ve got to show what you know. Captivate, Articulate, Lectora, and Camtasia are the big off-the-shelf authoring tools that seem to come up in a lot of job postings. The ELearning Uncovered series includes an Articulate and Lectora handbook. I’ve been teaching for years and now I want a change.” “I’ve

Job 113

20 Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest – 13

Upside Learning

We have scouted the Internet to help you know how. Besides the latest scoop, news and stories, you can also find tips, tricks and tutorials to help you get the most out of this 9.7” E-Learning Trends 2011. Learning Tools Directory 2011. Numerous authoring tools can import PowerPoint slides, including Articulate Presenter and Adobe Presenter. wonder. Know how.

How Good Graphic Design Helps Build Meaningful E-Learning

Rapid eLearning

Here are some previous posts that help you through the first two points so that you can build the graphics you need. There are plenty of books on graphic design to help you get started. The books above can help move you in that direction. Combined with context, the arrow graphic helps reinforce the content and makes it more memorable. This makes sense on a few fronts.


5 E-Learning Forecasts for 2012

eLearning 24-7

In 2011, I saw quite a few items that resonated. From helping stroke patients, senior citizens at healthcare facilities, to fitness to robotics and in education. I will admit it is one of the most disappointing features that failed to deliver in 2011. Many folks know of and Articulate Online. Every year, I identify five trends that I am seeing in the industry as a whole, and forecast on where they will be heading throughout the year. LMSs/LCMS/CMS/learning platforms in commercial and open space continued their presence. ” The Future. #1. Boring.

Here’s How to Help Your Subject Matter Experts Build Better E-Learning Courses

Rapid eLearning

I’ve also included links to previous posts that may help. This helps build the context that is so critical to gaining expertise. Help learners create meaning out of the information you share. Help them learn more about packaging their content to meet the learner’s needs and you’ll be off to a good start. Subject matter experts know their subject matter. Focus on action.

Some Thoughts On Failure

Upside Learning

Without a vision, there was nothing to articulate in the presentation. Each successive failure only exposes strategies that have not worked for the individual, helping him/her avoid the same pitfalls again. I’ll admit it; I failed miserably at something this week. Result? After the apologetic emails explaining the situation, I paused to ask, why am I viewing failure in this way.

Snap! by Lectora Review

Integrated Learnings

comparing Snap to the two biggest competing products, Articulate Studio and Adobe Presenter. While on the whole Articulate is arguably a more rounded product with more functionality and customization options, Snap does have some notable advantages. While there are similar options in Articulate, the process is easier with Snap since it's right there on the ribbon. by Lectora.

LMS Low-Cost Webinars Hosted eCommerce Subscriptions

Tony Karrer

Here are some resources that I found that may help: LMS eCommerce Solution Product Review: Litmos LMS LMS For SMBs And Training Companies – A Year On, Is It Still The Same? What’s hurting the LMS market 2010 LMS Products of the Year LMS Satisfaction Features and Barriers Low Cost LMS - Help Needed Why it’s hard to find an LMS LMS Spotlight: Topyx LMS vendors: R u hearing us? I was talking with a startup that has an existing audience and now want to provide a monthly subscription for access to training to this audience. They are early stage, so low-cost would be good. What?

Four Phases of Learning

Social Learning

The goal of the Presentation Phase is to help the learners encounter the new learning material in ways that are interesting, enjoyable, relevant, multisensory, and that appeal to all learning styles. The goal of the practice phase is to help learners integrate and incorporate the new knowledge or skill in a variety of ways: Hands-on trial/feedback/reflection/retrial. Learning games.

9 Ways to Encourage the Adult E-Learners

Rapid eLearning

This helps with the initial engagement and sets the tone of the course. There are better ways to help people learn. What are some things you do in your courses that help the learners feel comfortable and want to learn? Tidbits: Hard to believe we’re in the final stretch of 2011. You can always stay on top of where we’ll be by viewing the Articulate calendar.

The Six Hats of a Community Manager

ID Reflections

This couldmean creating a Training/Help Center on the platform that can be a one-stop shopfor users. Reaching out to users proactively to find out if they need help isalso recommended. Shaping theguidelines, screencasts and videos around these use cases can help onboard usersquickly to the platform. This could mean anything frominculcating practices like tagging for searchability, helping users to fill outtheir profiles for findabilty, to manually connecting the nodes. graphically represents a number of things a community manager needs to be aware of in her/his role.

Seven reasons teachers should blog

Learning with e's

Blogging can help with this process, enabling teachers to keep an ongoing personal record of their actions, decisions, though processes, successes and failures, and issues they have to deal with. If you persist with blogging, you will discover that you develop new and creative ways to articulate what you want to say. 2) Blogging can crystalise your thinking. Blogging is immediate.

Our Takeaways from DevLearn 2011

E-learning Uncovered

I knew many people there from #lrnchat and the communities that the eLearning Guild has helped to cultivate, and I met many others at the conference itself. And more than the “it’s great” factor, getting to know each other better helps us work and communicate faster and more smoothly. Surprisingly, though, it didn’t feel impersonal to me. Here are my highlights. Stay tuned!

Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS) for Managing Course Assets

Tony Karrer

They have Articulate courses, classroom courses, SharePoint sites, etc. A long time ago, the goal of an LCMS was to help to manage all of these kinds of assets. In fact, because content management is now so ubiquitous in almost all social networking systems (including Microsoft SharePoint), many companies are finding ways to leverage these tools to help aid content development. I received an inquiry from a reader at a large company that is continuously working on large projects with lots of course content running around. They have an LMS but not an LCMS. Sound familiar?


Here’s Why Slide Count is Irrelevant to Your E-Learning Course

Rapid eLearning

Following are some simple tips to help build more productive elearning. Spacing the information over a period of time will help them retain what they’re learning. Tidbits: I’ll be in Los Angeles on November 12 doing an Articulate workshop. I’ll also be hosting a free Articulate Jam Session while in town. You can also swing by the Articulate booth to check out what’s new.

These Simple Tips Will Help You Build the Right E-Learning

Rapid eLearning

Collect data to help make an informed decision. Tidbits: I’ll be doing a workshop for the Lincoln ASTD and then a free Articulate jam session. Learn tips and tricks that help you rethink PowerPoint’s role in your elearning. November 12: Los Angeles, CA (ISPI)—Articulate Workshop. I’ll also be doing a free Articulate jam session while in town. They’re solutions.


Laura's learning cupcakes

Clive on Learning

I couldn’t help but be intrigued by one of her recent posts on learning cupcakes. True, you can’t get away from the need to carefully analyse and articulate the ideas contained in your materials, but you might not have to have much in the way of specialist e-learning skills. But it is costly to make, it takes time to bake and rest. But so what? links are free!

Tips to Write Better eLearning

eLearning Brothers

You need to “draw” learners in and help them “want” to engage with your course. Here is a sample video tutorial we have built to demonstrate how to add a Glossary to an Articulate Skin. Who would have thought that simply writing an eLearning course would require the instructional designer to have so many different writing skills? As an instructional designer our writing has to motivate the learner, as well as, instruct them on correct processes, policies, techniques, etc. Below is a summary of her key concepts…with a few of my own thoughts added in: 1. Writing On-Screen Text.

Are You Asking These Questions to Build Effective E-Learning?

Rapid eLearning

This helped us focus on tangible results. The author does a good job of helping walk through the process of building objectives framed around understanding. But asking these questions is a good start and hopefully they help transition your course development away from information dumps to meaningful and effective learning. How we view effective elearning is somewhat subjective.

Elearning applications


News from the e-learning frontier Pages Home About Community Free e-Learning Resources Contribute to the e-Learning Community 1/02/2011 Top 10 Open Source e-Learning Projects to Watch for 2011 2011 is the e-Learning year! This is why I created the following list with the Top 10 open source e-Learning projects for 2011 that will help you implement a low cost e-Learning solution.

Cues that You Need an Image Instead of Text

Integrated Learnings

Even if your access to multimedia is limited, including an image for every sentence or two of text can breathe life into your story, make it easier to read, and help ensure learners absorb it all. If you use Articulate for rapid eLearning development, their Engage add-on includes several diagram-oriented interactions. We hope you found this post helpful. By Shelley A. Gable. We know that meaningful images provide a memorable and efficient way to learn information. Yet, in the tradition of building bulleted lists in PowerPoint, text dominates many eLearning courses.

Help Your Client See E-Learning from a Different Perspective

Rapid eLearning

Today, I’d like to offer a few ideas to help your client and subject matter experts understand what type of course they need to build. It does a great job walking through the process of helping your clients understand their performance goals and objectives. Knowing this will help them build impactful courses. It’s your job to help them see the light.

I Don’t Care What You Had For Lunch: Finding Professional Value in Twitter

Social Learning

Here at Dashe & Thomson, we made a New Year’s resolution for 2011 to dig a little deeper into social media and explore how to use it for social and informal learning, increasing website traffic, and building networks. Then, in March, I attended the Learning Solutions 2011 conference hosted by the eLearning Guild. I have to say, I met this announcement with an inward groan.

My Wednesday Webinar: Gadgets, Games and Google for Learning

Kapp Notes

Date: Wednesday, August 17, 2011. Creating eLearning Stories and Exercises with Articulate Storyline®. Need Help? Click the Contact Us tab at Our team is happy to help. Hey, I am doing a Web Chat on Wed in anticipation of my presentation at Training Magazine’s Learning 3.0 Conference. Conference. Session Description. Karl Kapp, Ph.D.

7 Secrets to Getting the Graphics You Need for Rapid E-Learning

Rapid eLearning

It’s worth spending some time on this because it will help you create the right visual context for your course content. Those are basic design principles that help direct the learner’s eye and use the visuals to assist in the communication process. You can do a search online for “CRAP design” and find all sorts of free help. I had a great time in Atlanta last week.

Sharp practice

Learning with e's

But my days of helping to fill the academic publishers' coffers are over. Actually, I articulated these very sentiments in What if they threw a party and none of us came? During my keynote for the Zukunft Personal event in Cologne, I publicly announced that I would no longer publish my work in closed journals. This is not sustainable and must change. on my blog last year.

5 Free PowerPoint E-Learning Templates

Rapid eLearning

So I’m always looking for ways to help people get more out of the tools they have. They help me eat up some of the time waiting and I know that I’ll be able to give away the templates. This template works really well with Articulate Engage. Jeanette’s recently added a couple of templates to the Articulate community. Swing by the Articulate booth. Business Time.

Make Learning An Experience. Blend It! | Social Learning Blog

Social Learning

by Michael on March 7, 2011 in blended learning If you still believe that “classroom learning is the best learning” for your training and learning programs, I have some news for you. You will still need to create good content, but simple eLearning development tools will help make the transition from ILT to blended learning a smoother one. Jim: Glad you found the post helpful, Jeff!