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Three Ways That These 70 Rapid E-Learning Tips Will Help You Build Better Courses

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Get more life out of your graphic assets by converting them to silhouettes. November 12: Los Angeles, CA (ISPI)—Articulate Workshop. I like to keep things simple so I usually package ideas around three key points. It all started when I was taught that there are three steps to getting things done: Prepare to do the job. Do it. Then clean up when you’re done. Give them something to do.


7 Secrets to Getting the Graphics You Need for Rapid E-Learning

Rapid eLearning

Use Image Filters to Convert Boring Clip Art & Bad Photos. Most graphics editors (and PowerPoint 2010) offer simple filters that help you convert your image. It’s easy enough to take photos in-house and then convert them to silhouettes. November 12: Los Angeles, CA (ISPI)—Articulate Workshop. I had a great time in Atlanta last week. People don’t have money.

You May Already Own the Tools to Create Simple E-Learning Avatars

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Considering how fast it converts the images to speaking avatars, I’m pretty impressed with the overall quality. Convert Static Images on the Slide: You can also add the image to the slide. Convert Simple Clip Art: Don’t limit yourself to real images, feel free to experiment with some of the clip art that’s available to you. Cam Avatar Creator. So I installed it.

3 Simple Ways to Measure the Success of Your E-Learning

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And besides, the rapid elearning tools are so easy to use there’s not much of a difference in production time between creating a job aid and converting a PowerPoint file to Flash. November 12: Los Angeles, CA (ISPI)—Articulate Workshop. Whenever I travel I like to spend some time hanging out with blog readers to answer questions. That’s kind of a tricky question. Sharing Information.