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#DevLearn 2012: Kapp Presentation Resources

Kapp Notes

Wow, had a great 3 days at DevLearn, met some absolutely wonderful, fascinating and brilliant folks. Here are the slides from my short presentation in the Expo. DevLearn presentation on Future of Learning from Karl Kapp. Here are my slides from my presentation. Blog posts discussing subjects covered in presentation: Consider Player/Game Interactions. 2006).

Devlearn conference day one: an exhilarating day

Challenge to Learn

So we are off to an excellent start with DevLearn. Before the second keynote there was an extra unplanned presentation by Aron ‘TinCan’ Silver. A morning buzz session I attended, presented by Art Kohm. He is the driving force behind DevLearn, but he has accepted another job. Great presentation. I really enjoyed giving this presentation. Trends?

Putting the Design back into Instructional Design #DevLearn

Learning Visions

Here are my slides from my presentation on Thursday, November 1, 2013 at the eLearning Guild DevLearn conference in Las Vegas. Putting Design Back into Instructional Design from cammybean. Thanks to a great audience -- we had lively conversation and great food for thought

Reflections on DevLearn’s xAPI Hyperdrive


Still emanating from DevLearn two weeks ago, the buzz about the Experience API is resonating. Marty Rosenheck has made great strides with his learning experience manager, Trek, since he first started the concept work for the software at Up to All of Us in 2012. It was an incredibly exciting week to see the incredible gains and growth the xAPI community has had in the last year.

DevLearn Thoughts: Is Game Based Learning Misunderstood?

Bottom-Line Performance

We had a great time at DevLearn 2012 in Las Vegas. Sharon Boller introducing Knowledge Guru at DevLearn. Here are a few areas of confusion we heard at DevLearn… and our attempts to clear the air. Consider these thoughts from John Barnes , who tweeted at us during DevLearn: John is right: we do start learning the mechanics of a game the more we play.

Blogging about #DevLearn

Challenge to Learn

The time (AM) I will present the free edition of easygenerator at the Management Exchange Stage. I will present both on Wednesday and Thursday. We quietly pre-launched our free edition prior to DevLearn to make sure we could build it up slowly and monitor it closely, in order to ensure a perfect authoring environment. I will try to post a daily blog about my findings.

A List of Interesting Mobile Learning Links

Upside Learning

2012 Horizon Report. Slideshare Presentations. 25+ mLearning Tools in 60 Minutes – DevLearn 2010. Mobile learning is in the air, almost everyone realizes the potential, and some companies are now taking tentative first steps. Here are some interesting links I’ve come across recently, mostly about mobile learning and some about learning in general that I found interesting.

My tips for the DevLearn conference in Las Vegas

Challenge to Learn

DevLearn promises to be a great conference this year again.There is a very promising line-up of keynote speakers and other presenters. I’m looking forward to their presentations. Presentation by Reuben Toznan on how the changing environment affects learning and learning professionals. This is a presentation on how to apply this concept in a corporate environment.


#DevLearn 2013 Resources: Thinking Like a Game Designer

Kapp Notes

Had a great time at DevLearn, first doing a workshop with Sharon Boller and her crew from BLP. And then presenting on Five Things that Instructional Designers can Learn from Game Designers. Here are the slides and some resources from my presentation. July 2012 T&D Article: Games, Gamification and the Quest for Interactive Learning. References. [1] 2] Dobson, J.

BLP Teases Knowledge Guru Fall Release at DevLearn

Knowledge Guru

For us at BLP , that means it’s DevLearn season. DevLearn is the premier learning conference for emerging trends and technology. Our team has attended DevLearn for years to learn about the latest, greatest learning solutions before they “hit the shelves” for most of our clients. Follow the Action: Can’t attend DevLearn? Fall is in the air. More Info. Quick Tip

Returning to the didactical roots: innovation in eLearning?

Challenge to Learn

Earlier this month I presented at DevLearn on connecting learning to the business and this week I did a webinar and a seminar on adaptive learning. You can do this by asking questions, presenting cases, really anything that will measure the performance and comes up with a score. The course is able to present a personal study advice to the learner. Old school didactics.

Trade Show Circuit 2013

eLearning 24-7

The seminars continue to be a mixed bag – I mean seriously how many times can they have the same person presenting “virtual worlds” – using the exact same information? This is one of only two shows that has a lot of decision makers present. DevLearn Conference & Expo. Another show presented by eLearning Guild. I was a keynote presenter in 2012 and really liked the event. What I did not like and I heard this from attendees as well, was that each vendor was able to present within the event. Too many e-learning shows.

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Creating “Mind-Blowing” Learning Games for Social Impact and Business Results

Bottom-Line Performance

The Knowledge Guru will be officially launched at DevLearn 2012 in Las Vegas. We’ll be showing the Knowledge Guru off at DevLearn this October. Scott’s graciously agreed to share his data and co-present with me on the Mobile Learning stage. I’ve been in the learning design field for many years (more than 25 though I swear I look really young).

Want to Become a Rapid E-Learning Pro? Then Check Out All of These PowerPoint Tips

Rapid eLearning

Building an elearning course with PowerPoint is not the same as building a presentation. 2012 Calendar. Here are the rest of my workshops for 2012. I’ll be at Devlearn in Las Vegas. November 1 : Las Vegas, NV (Devlearn). Presentation at chapter meeting. But every time I do a workshop, I’m reminded that what may be old to me is often new to others. Tidbits.

Connect learning to the business: Learning objectives and action mapping

Challenge to Learn

I’m preparing my presentation for my concurrent session at DevLearn, Las Vegas. I will present about: Supporting business objectives with better learning objectives. Since only a small part of you will be present there (and even a smaller part will attend), I decided to give you a heads-up. That’s what this post and my presentation are about. Action Mapping.

Here Are the 3 Building Blocks for Interactive E-Learning

Rapid eLearning

Simply stated, an interactive course presents content that allows the user to make decisions and interact with the screen. 2012 Calendar. Next week I’ll be at Devlearn in Las Vegas. November 1 : Las Vegas, NV (Devlearn). Presentation at chapter meeting. Many elearning courses are linear and not very interactive. Sometimes a linear course is the right solution.


Have you registered yet?

Adobe Captivate

We are really excited about the cool Adobe Learning Summit at Aria, Las Vegas on 29th October and just can’t wait to meet all the eLearning professionals like you who use Captivate, Connect, and Adobe Presenter to create best-in-class eLearning and training content. Conferences and events Adobe Event adobe learning summit devlearnTo make this summit useful for you, we have planned 20 sessions [.].

How to Create a Rapid E-Learning Tab in PowerPoint

Rapid eLearning

2012 Calendar. This week I’m at Devlearn in Las Vegas. November 1 : Las Vegas, NV (Devlearn). Presentation at chapter meeting. A few years back, I was at a workshop where the PowerPoint team was showing some of the new features in the soon-to-be-released PowerPoint 2010. Why create a cool feature and bury it where it can’t be found? No need to fret, though. Slide master.

Does Your Client Need to Know You’re Using PowerPoint?

Rapid eLearning

But there’s a difference between elearning courses and slide presentations. However, it never fails that once someone knows you’re using PowerPoint to build the rapid elearning course, they apply the same rules to your elearning course that they’d apply to presentations. When it comes to presentations, it’s a blank slide waiting for content. 2012 Calendar. Why is that?

#DevLearn-313: A New Agile Model – Leaving ADDIE Behind

Sudden Insight

This session was presented by Michael Allen, Chairman and CEO, Allen Interactions. DevLearn 2012Summary: Michael discussed the reasons why we should replace the ADDIE model with Successive Approximation, and how Successive Approximation improves the learning experience. How to select the most effective design and development process for your organization.

Are Learning Conferences Worth It?


My second intention is to attend the presentations and learn a thing or two in order to stay on top of current and emerging trends. conferences devlearn enterprise learning conference and expo learning solutions conference and expo mlearncon training conference and expoWhich makes me wonder - are these industry conferences even worth it? Tweet.

Knowledge Guru™ Learning Game to Launch at @DevLearn 2012

Bottom-Line Performance

And we’re flying from our hometown of Indianapolis to sunny Las Vegas to do it at DevLearn 2012. BLP President Sharon Boller will be presenting on Knowledge Guru, and the results ExactTarget saw with the Knowledge Guru game we created for them, on Thursday, November 1st at 10 am on the Mobile Learning Stage. We’d love to connect with anyone headed to DevLearn.

Webinar: Didactics, Management theory, Agile and new learning metaphors equals Outcome learning

Challenge to Learn

I presented on this subject at the DevLearn conference in Las Vegas last November. The US partner of easygenerator (Interactive Advantage) organizes webinars on a regular basis and they have asked me to present on this approach. Although I will present new material you might want to read some relevant post from past year: Outcome learning. I will post my presentation after the webinar. Last year I wrote a series of post on outcome learning. I have continued to work on this and now I have a new version. The webinar will be February 15 on 10.00

Textbooks are dead. Or Should Be.


By the time the teachers hands out the assignment, the kids do it, turn it in and it’s graded, a week can go by.” – Jeff Katzman at DevLearn 2011. There needs to be more choices in the material teachers present. I know it’s a bold statement but just for a minute here, humor me and think about a world without physical textbooks, where teachers assign, distribute, receive assignments and grade on a tablet computer. Where students can receive and complete assignments, and follow their grades on their tablet. The idea is called People’s Publishing. Background. “I Where we are now.

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#DevLearn Edition of #TalkTech: Big Changes for Apple, MOOCs in Education and Jon Landau’s Presentation at DevLearn

Bottom-Line Performance

The bosses are in Vegas for DevLearn and they left me, the intern, in charge of #TalkTech. Jon Landau, producer of Titanic and Avatar, spoke at DevLearn on Wednesday. The producer of Titanic and Avatar spoke at DevLearn on Wednesday and gave a motivational presentation about making innovative, creative content with technology. Topic 1: What’s next for Apple?

Here’s an Easy Way to Back Up Your E-Learning Project Files

Rapid eLearning

2012 Calendar. Here are the rest of my workshops for 2012. I’ll be at Devlearn in Las Vegas. November 1 : Las Vegas, NV (Devlearn). Presentation at chapter meeting. In today’s post we’ll look at two free applications you can use to synchronize your files between your computer and a network drive or Dropbox folder. Saving to a Network Drive. Working with Dropbox.


DevLearn 2013 Wrap Up #devlearn

Learning Visions

Wrapping up a few days in Las Vegas for this year's eLearning Guild DevLearn 2012 conference. At 3:00 I presented a concurrent session on Putting the Design Back into Instructional Design (slides forthcoming!) If you want to know more about RED, check out a webinar presentation that Steve Rayson did last month. The downside of presenting something at DemoFest is you can't wander around and see what everyone else is doing. Sharon did a nice job presenting their design process and the finished output. to 3D printers. Which leads me to Tin Can.

Spaced Learning and Repetition: Why They Work

Bottom-Line Performance

Learners are exposed to the same content, say 5 – 12 basic facts you want to teach, presented three different ways… with about a 10 minute “break” in between each exposure. To learn more about the Knowledge Guru and the science behind it, come check us out at DevLearn in Las Vegas, October 31 – November 2. What is spaced learning and repetition?

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CERTPOINT Systems Presents at DevLearn 2012 by News Editor

Learning Solutions Magazine

CERTPOINT Systems explores the latest trends in technologies for training and development at The eLearning Guild’s DevLearn Conference & Expo 2012 in Las Vegas. Design & Development Tools Learning Systems Management Mobile Learning Performance Support

Google is failing us: how to manage the information overflow?

Challenge to Learn

Steve Rosenbaum pointed out in his key note address at DevLearn that search engines like Google become less reliable and that we have to find other ways to manage the information overflow. It works and it presents relevant information but it does mean that I have even more information to cover. We are all struggling with the ever-increasing amount of information that we need to manage. Websites, blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, newspapers, TV, radio to name a view of the overflowing sources that we need to manage and process. I decided to test Google myself.

Are Learning Conferences Worth It?


My second intention is to attend the presentations and learn a thing or two in order to stay on top of current and emerging trends. conferences devlearn enterprise learning conference and expo learning solutions conference and expo mlearncon training conference and expoWhich makes me wonder – are these industry conferences even worth it? Tweet.

Adobe Presents Adobe Software Assurance at DevLearn 2012 by News Editor

Learning Solutions Magazine

Adobe will present its just-launched Adobe Software Assurance (ASA) at The eLearning Guild’s DevLearn Conference and. Expo 2012. ASA ensures that you are always using the latest Adobe technology without straining your software budget or. administrative resources for your covered Adobe Software. Design & Development Tools Management

Piron Corp. Presents FlexiGuru eLearning Platform at DevLearn 2012 by News Editor

Learning Solutions Magazine

Piron’s Ankur Aggarwal, CEO and founder, and Myles Fuchs, chief revenue officer, will share their thoughts on the latest trends in eLearning and corporate training technologies and how to deliver successful business impact across the enterprise. The Piron team will also demonstrate the new, innovative FlexiGuru eLearning platform. Design & Development Tools Training Strategies

Join Us at the DevLearn Conference in Las Vegas


Easygenerator will be present at the DevLearn conference in Las Vegas. Last year we had the official launch of easygenerator in the USA at DevLearn, this year we will officially launch our free edition at Devlearn. DevLearn Expo. We are present with a booth (#421) that we will man with our US partner Interactive Advantage Corporation. Ron Wincek, President.