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Games Can Provide Authentic Experiences

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To provide effective instruction, it needs to be as authentic to the actual experience as possible. Gamification of context provides two key advantages. So, providing a game for learning creates an authentic environment other than a classroom or a slideshow and highlights how certain variables or actions taken in situation play out over time. The context of an online course or the context of a classroom is not authentic. May times in a classroom or in an elearning module, there are no consequences for wrong decisions or actions. are most people impacted by that. Design

A Look Back at E-Learning in 2012

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The number of vendors who went mobile with tablets at the start of the year was extremely small compared to where it stands at the end of 2012.  A win in my book. However those that followed this approach provided groups – with group chat, file repositories, discussion boards, forums, blogs, wikis and so on. My Forecasts for 2012. I love the end of the year. On Fire.

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#10 to #1 LMSs of 2012

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At one time a true freebie – they still offer a stripped down version, their new fee based system provides enough oomph to make anyone go “Wow” Features include: The standards – i.e. my 90/10, whereas 90% of the features are the same in the majority of systems in the space. Here are #25 to #11 for 2012. Well here it is, the final countdown. Unlimited portals.

6 Mobile Learning Trends That Grew in 2012

Bottom-Line Performance

All of these trends saw significant uptake in 2012… and look to continue. 1. Yes, teachers are now encouraging students to bring their smart phones and tablets to class and some schools are even providing them. Rather than the old system of recording pass/fail data, Tin Can provides trainers with useful information that can help personalize learning. The best part?

The State of E-Learning in Australia in 2012

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This question led me to think about a much larger question – the state of e-learning in Australian organisations in 2012. But these models are hard to find from reputable e-learning providers, or are prone to budget blow-out. Code that welcomes collaboration between client and provider, and provides a process if the customer’s experience is not favourable.

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Fourth Summer 2012 Learning in 3D Class

Kapp Notes

Dom provides an explanation of how ProtoSphere is deeply integrated with Microsoft Lync Server 2010 and SharePoint 2010. Dom explained how this provides the ability to select from a wide range of virtual room sizes, layouts, styles, and the number and arrangement of media boards, note boards, and SharePoint boards. Here are some videos of what we were able to experience.

The Top 100 Tools for Learning 2012 list is revealed

Jane Hart

But now for the complete 2012 Top 100 Tools list. have prepared a number of resources that not only provide detail about the tools but that also help to analyze the list. Top Tools for Learning 2012 from Jane Hart. Top Tools 2012Once again the list is dominated by free online social tools. Enjoy!

State of the LMS 2012

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Provided a strong cluster sample, representing folks across the globe, not just the U.S. always recommend going to the 3rd party content provider for my 3rd party courses – i.e. soft skills, MS Office, etc. For the past month, I have been conducting a survey on learning platforms and specifically learning management systems. . Survey. Lasted for one month. 69% said yes. Genius.

5 E-Learning Forecasts for 2012

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You simply hook it up to a computer and it provides a Kinect-like experience. Kinect technology and gesture free will equally make an appearance in 2012. I am projecting that the number of vendors who enter this space to start slow, but gain steam – at least with some aspect, by the end of 2012. If you had to decide which of the following: AR or Kinect technology will be more widely used in 2012, I’m betting on Kinect technology. This is my major hot trend for 2012. Based on what I am seeing, 2012 is going to be the best yet. Brainstorming?

#25 to #11 LMSs of 2012

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Next week, 12-12-12, will be #10 to #1 learning management systems for 2012. While their UI is very user friendly, they really haven’t done much in terms of new cool features in 2012. Now in 2012, they overhauled that UI, added some very forward thinking features including digital signatures and are now on the rise. great example of someone who doesn’t do a lot of advertising, is under the radar, inexpensive but still provides enough to be effective. This week:  #25 to #11 (cheering and booing is allowed, but please keep it to yourself). shame really.

In case you missed it – 2012 according to Clive on Learning

Clive on Learning

Before I take a break for Christmas, I thought I'd provide you with this summary of all my posts on Clive on Learning in 2012. 2012: A time for highly connected learning specialists I've marked with asterisks a few posts that were particularly signifiant from my point of view. What specifically is e-learning good for? Life beyond the course What is e-learning good for? June Is e-learning effective? When compliance is not enough * M-learning: What's the big deal? learning and L&D salary data for the UK How much is an authoring tool worth?

Second Summer 2012 Learning in 3D Class

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Clicking on items provided additional information to the students who were all dressed in scrubs when the entered the room. The virtual 3D space was created to provide a familiarization of the environment, equipment and space to employees prior to their arrival. Clickable green signs provide additonal details about tasks performed at various stations. Digitell, Inc. Summary.

eLearning Conferences 2012


Educational Technology and Related Education Conferences for January to June 2012 Clayton R. Only listings until June 30, 2012 are complete as dates, locations, or Internet addresses (URLs) were not available for a number of events held after this date. => Please leave a comment if you would like me to include another eLearning Conference! January 2012 January2-4, 2012 College Teaching and Learning Conference, sponsored by the Clute Institute for Academic Research, Orlando,California, USA. link] January10-13, 2012 Higher Ed Tech Summit,Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

eLearning: How to Incorporate Gamification Elements

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

Provide Continual On-The-Spot Feedback. Everything you do in a game provides instant feedback. by AJ George  If you happened to catch my earlier article on the  gamification of learning , then you know that I have been dubious about its effectiveness. To be clear, it's not the premise of having fun in learning that I feel we should be wary of. It's the tendency to turn everything into a competition based more on winning than on learning. guess you could say I don't mind using a few tricks from gamers; it's the actual games that have me worried.

Game Based Learning – Why Does it Work?

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Levels provide people with the motivation to keep playing. all can tie into providing relevant practice. This provides relevance. Digital Game-Based Learning , EduCause, Vol 41, No. 2: [link]. [ii] Kapp, Karl (2012). This is the full text of a “scroll of knowledge” from the Knowledge Guru himself. Learning Brief by Sharon Boller. Let’s start with the fun.

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Eight Successful Years Of Providing Innovative Learning Solutions

Upside Learning

Today, in 2012, we have come a long way, but still treading the same path of providing innovative learning solutions. 8 years back, on 7 th April 2004, we began as a boot-strapped startup. We feel proud of our achievements so far. Our 8 year story could be summarized as below: 28 awards & recognitions won in 8 years. 200+ clients in 13 countries. Few misses. Many hits.

A List of Interesting Mobile Learning Links

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2012 Horizon Report. The State of Mobile America , Lee Rainie provides a look at some of the most recent survey results obtained by the Pew Internet Project on mobile computing and the use of handheld devices. Mobile learning is in the air, almost everyone realizes the potential, and some companies are now taking tentative first steps. Do note some of these link up to dated articles.

What corporates can learn from the Top 10 Tools for Learning 2012

Jane Hart

On 1 October I released the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2012 list , and in my introductory analysis I said. This can provide a company blogging facility, and is another way for individuals to “learn out loud” and/or “narrate  their work “ (as my ITA colleague, Harold Jarche puts it). Top Tools 2012Yammer  (on the 2010 list at #20) might be a possibility. 10 -  Wikipedia.

eLearning & Gamification: Apply the Octalysis Framework to Your Training

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

Yu-kai provided a few examples of the Octalysis in action so I'll start by using a couple of those. The lack of chat function (which I hear they later added--but long after I stopped playing) made it hard to provide feedback on how awesome your drawing skills were.  So far I have mostly covered what the Octalysis is and how it is set up. Here's another example.

eLearning Conferences 2013

Tony Karrer

Past years eLearning Conferences 2012 , eLearning Conferences 2011 , eLearning Conferences 2010 , eLearning Conferences 2009. December 2012 November 29-December 1, 2012 International Vocational Education and Training Association (IVETA) Conference in conjunction with the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) Convention , Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Clayton R. link].

The future of MOOCs

E-Learning Provocateur

Despite their pedagogical flaws, however, MOOCs provide unprecedented access to quality content for millions of learners. And isn’t content sourced from some of the world’s best providers a giant leap in that direction? Universities will finally accept they are service providers. Content providers will charge for assessment. MOOCs get a bad rap. Ka ching!

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The future of MOOCs

E-Learning Provocateur

Despite their pedagogical flaws, however, MOOCs provide unprecedented access to quality content for millions of learners. And isn’t content sourced from some of the world’s best providers a giant leap in that direction? Universities will finally accept they are service providers. Content providers will charge for assessment. MOOCs get a bad rap. Ka ching!

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TechKnowledge 2012 – Post Assessment

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Last week, I attended TK 2012 in Las Vegas. For the price of $1,500 or so to attend (non-member), and even near 1K to attend as a member, at least provide something, rather then free ice cream at 3 p.m.  With Unison you can integrate right into their other product – the platform called Focus  – which provides video capture – oh, output includes mp3, mp4, avi, wav and mov. We also provide some reports and some analytics” Me: “Okay, you are an online authoring system” Him: “No. They stressed it provides analytics and is secure.

How to Evaluate Learning: Kirkpatrick Model for the 21st Century—A Revision

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The “chain of evidence” supports the results, showing the value learning and reinforcement has provided to the business. If the end goal is to provide stakeholders with a return on their expectations, they would want to start with results and change of behaviors back on their jobs. This revised post includes a step-by-step table as a replacement for that diagram. Level 2. Level 3.

Four Articles & Papers Defining this thing called #Gamification

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In the article, the authors provide insight into several different ways in which individuals and organizations have defined “Gamification” The author, Ivan Mosca (Università di Torino), writes. Does gamification provide an opportunity to help schools solve difficult problems related to motivation and engagement. The first article is from an online journal called GAME.

Best articles on Working Smarter, April 2012

Jay Cross

APRIL 19, 2012. APRIL 24, 2012. APRIL 13, 2012. APRIL 19, 2012. Two actions that can begin even before a formal offer is made: Providing access to an online knowledge base. JAY CROSS   |  TUESDAY, APRIL 17, 2012. JANE HART   |  MONDAY, APRIL 16, 2012. CLARK QUINN   |  MONDAY, APRIL 23, 2012. DAVID WEINBERGER   |  SATURDAY, APRIL 14, 2012.

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Gamification In Learning

Upside Learning

Properly implemented, gamification has the potential to make learning ‘stickier’, increase uptake of learning content and also provide a more comprehensive record of learning than is possible using conventional measures in courses. Just a few basic principles can drive gamification in learning: Provide ways for users to ‘show’ status. Provide clear levels for user progression.

Pick of the Month: April 2012

Jane Hart

Note, for easy reference, all the resources in my daily Picks  are collated monthly on my 2012 Reading List. 1 -  Social networking in online education: It is time to revisit the pedagogy  - Sachin Dua, 25 April – the quote in bold for me says it all! They provide top-down classes and rigid content. “Learning is active and most schooling is passive. Pick of the Month

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The Return Of Video To eLearning

Upside Learning

Here are some reasons to include videos in eLearning: Engagement: Videos provide greater engagement than text or images for the simple reason that it combines audio, video and text. Josh Bersin cites YouTube Videos as one of the best learning tools available in his session at the HR Technology Conference last week. agree and see a bigger role for videos in the learning mix. Why Video Again?

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Resolve to Engage Your Learners in 2012

The Learning Circuits

Proceed with caution.” As the challenge unfolds and you provide information to the learner, you should be providing more and more learning opportunities, introduce the fraud detection worksheet. Incorporate policy points into the feedback you provide the learner, add in exceptions. Provide alternative endings, provide different levels of “correct” …don’t keep giving one right answer. Don’t passively hand them content, instead make them do something in 2012. Multiple choice questions don’t reflect reality. Kids can’t sit still, they need to move.

How Khan Academy Nike Training Club and SparkPeople Motivate Users Behavior

Tony Karrer

Provides an interesting concept in terms of allowing users to earn points to be able to change their avatar. This is a good way to provide structured actions that tie back to the central motivational scheme. Khan also provides points as a motivator. Ultimately, we are trying to design something that will motivate users to take action that we know will have positive impact.

4 Key Emerging Trends in LMS

Upside Learning

Gone are the days when having your own staff running your own servers behind your own firewall provided a sense of security and control. More than 2 years back, I had carried out a SWOT analysis of the LMS to get some understanding on the LMS scenario. The question then is, how will the LMS of the future look like?  1.Cloud Based LMS. 2.Personal Learning Environment (PLE). 3.Gamification.

Introducing: mLearning Design Training [6-hr Workshop with RJ Jacquez]

mLearning Revolution

NOTE : Participants will be provided with a 100+ page PDF , which includes Slides, Hands-on Exercises, Best Practices and Resources. The URL and the Agenda will be provided after you register. After delivering my 6Hr Mobile Learning Workshop for companies for a few months, today I’m opening it up for Learning Professionals. Why Register for this Training? Send to Kindle.

12 Questions To Ask An Elearning Provider

e-Learning Academy

Here is a list of questions to ask an e-learning provider before you engage them. Thank you to Zoe Karathomas for allowing me to share our combined thoughts: Have you worked with clients of a similar size/industry to ours? and can I have a list of recent referees to contact?) Have you developed similar materials and content [.]. Development Project Management