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Virtually There: Virtual Classrooms, Blended Learning, Microlearning.

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The modern workplace learning environment is about creating experiences that are richly authentic and deliver content to learners in the right place—classroom, desktop computer, mobile device, or on the job—at the right time—formally scheduled or on-demand. (On-demand as a concept also has evolved. Virtual Classroom - Instructional Design Blended learning

Virtually There: Gamifying Your Virtual Classroom

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As virtual classroom design techniques evolve, it is natural for organizations to want to include the newest design trends in their programs. With the very social/collaborative nature of the virtual classroom, it’s understandable that gamification of these designs seems such a good fit. The key is to make sure you never lose sight of your learning objectives.

The Art of Design for the Virtual Classroom

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The modern virtual classroom calls for modern design which stimulates engagement, exploits multiple instructional tools , and creates an authentic learning environment. As an instructional designer responsible for virtual programs, your job is to apply the science of design in a creative way. Virtual Classroom - Instructional Design

Video - Virtual Classroom Tools: Chat

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Chat is probably the most familiar tool in the virtual classroom. Virtual classroom facilitators often use the chat feature during virtual learning sessions but often don't maximize its usefulness. Chat is one of the of the easiest ways to encourage interaction in the virtual classroom. Virtual Classroom - Instructional Design InSync Videos

Ditching the formal performance review? Kineo shares 3 Elements for Success

KnowledgeAdvisors (2015) reports. Four virtual characters, each. These instructor-led virtual classrooms. in all these areas in 2015 and beyond. In his August 2015. From Performance Management. to Performance Development eGuide 2Part 2: A Roadmap. for Change In Part 1 of this eGuide, we explored the confluence. of factors that’s driving change in how performance. is managed and how organizations are moving. away from the traditional annual review process to. more real-time dynamic approach. This all sounds. be some very real barriers to moving forward.

Virtually There: Developing Competencies of Virtual Classroom Facilitators

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Moving from the role of traditional trainer to virtual facilitator isn't easy. It takes practice and training to ensure that facilitators are virtually competent. Traditional classroom trainers have skills that make training sessions successful. Facilitation Virtual Classroom - Facilitation virtually there

Virtually There: Developing Competencies of Virtual Classroom Designers

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Virtual instructional designers will need to participate as learners in the environment and be trained on how to use the technology to its best instructional advantage. If you would like your virtual classes to meet, or even exceed, the quality you expect from traditional deliveries, you need to strategically think about how to prepare your team to be successful in the virtual classroom.

5 Virtual Classroom Hacks for Facilitators, Designers, And Producers

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We''ve recently published our 2015 schedule , including our flagship programs for virtual facilitation and virtual instructional design techniques plus cutting-edge titles dealing with topics such as the mobile virtual classroom , the social virtual classroom , and the global virtual classroom.

The Global Virtual Classroom: Share Your Stories & Tips

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Request for Contributions: Do you have experience facilitating in a virtual classroom with participants from around the globe? We''d love to include as many as possible in our next whitepaper, titled "Making The Virtual Classroom Global.". Learn Anywhere Global Virtual Classroom What worked? What didn''t work? What are you going do do differently?

Leaving performance reviews behind: Where to start [Guide]

For example, KnowledgeAdvisors (2015) reports that “41%. Four virtual characters, each. These instructor-led virtual classrooms. in all these areas in 2015 and beyond. 1Making Dynamic Performance. Development a Reality eGuide 3Introduction Does your organization want to adopt. more dynamic approach to managing. performance and developing employees? At the same.

Translating Activities Into the Virtual Classroom

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Often moving classroom activities for a virtual classroom is less about creating the actual content, and more about mapping out and creating the learner journey. To aid us in mapping out this digital learning journey, at Virtual Gurus we use something called a wireframe, a document that you may refer to as a design document or a storyboard. Consider All Available Media.

Why & How to Include “Performance Notes” for Virtual Classroom Courses

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This post was originally written by Roger Courville on The Virtual Presenter blog. Why and how every instructional designer should include “performance notes” for virtual classroom courses. Many thanks for sharing. Think about how written music works. Looking at something on a piece of paper is a FAR cry from real music, right? So what do composers and arrangers do? Design

Get Real! Using the Virtual Classroom to Teach Authentically

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The face-to-face classroom is often considered to be the BEST environment in which to deliver training, and when that option isn’t logistically or economically feasible it''s only then that we look to the virtual classroom as the runner-up option. Did you know that some performance objectives are best suited for delivery in the virtual classroom?

Virtually There: Creating the Mobile Virtual Classroom

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So, how does m-learning relate to the live virtual classroom? BYOD Mobile Virtual Classroom mLearning We need to focus on the differences in the mobile interface and the engagement techniques used to create interaction and collaboration on a mobile device. It seems like everyone’s talking about mobile learning, or m-learning, these days.

The Modern Virtual Classroom Is Global, Mobile, and Social

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Trends in business and training include globalization, mobility, and social networking. By establishing a foundation of knowledge and skills in these areas, training professionals can get ahead of the trends and create core practices in their organizations. Click here to read full version

Design Tips for Flipping the Virtual Classroom by Diana L. Howles

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Most virtual classrooms attempt to replicate live classroom lectures, which are known to be one of the least effective. The flipped classroom—converting lecture content into self-paced tutorials and reserving classroom. Here’s how to apply this idea to the virtual classroom. Blended Learning Design Strategies Training Strategies Virtual Classroomsinstructional approaches. time for interaction—is a proven approach that works.

Five Reasons You Need To Use Virtual Classrooms


Have you ever tried to assemble flat-pack furniture by following a set of printed instructions? If you have, you’ve probably experienced the frustration and confusion that can result from having a complex process or idea explained to you through a single medium.

Virtual Instructional Designer Competencies

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Virtual instructional designers manage the development of learning solutions for live, virtual classroom-based instruction. Virtual Classroom - Instructional Design Virtual Classroom Design Without the designer there would be no content to deliver. They connect client needs to solutions through analysis and execution of an effective design process.

The Modern Virtual Classroom Requires Personal Digital Presence

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The November 4 2015 post by Rusul AlRubail concludes with: Digital writing merges traditional forms of writing with the digital world. Where “virtual classrooms” become “real” classrooms. This November I am exploring Digital Writing Month , a “30 Day Adventure to the World of Digital Narrative and Art.”. Digital” does not refer to the tool. Digital” refers to our presence on these tools and platforms, how we exist, behave and interact with others using the same space we are. This is a future where ‘”e-learning” becomes “learning.”

Virtually There: Defining the Modern Learner Experience

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Where and when is the modern classroom? Virtualization has resulted in being able to learn almost anywhere, almost any time, and in many, many ways. BYOD Virtual Classroom Mobile Virtual Classroom mLearning Global Virtual Classroom Social Learning Modern LearningLet me ask you a question. Can you define mobile learning ? Read it again.)

Training Magazine Network WebCast Recap: Creating the Mobile Virtual Classroom

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Training Magazine Network kindly invited me to present Creating the Mobile Virtual Classroom for their audience on June 23, 2015. BYOD Mobile Virtual ClassroomThe event was a huge success - attendance was high and interactivity was off the charts thanks to the wonderful promotion by Training Magazine Network.

5 Must-Have Features of a Virtual Classroom

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Just like traditional face-to-face learning, it takes time and practice to manage your virtual classroom effectively. Amy Thornton highlights five features to be nonnegotiable when selecting a virtual classroom. But the right tools will get you off to a good start. Click here to read full version

Video - Virtual Classroom Tools: Whiteboards

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Thanks to its versatility, the whiteboard is one of the most commonly used tools in the virtual classroom. Virtual Classroom - Instructional Design InSync Videos

Video - Virtual Classroom Tools: Basics

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A working knowledge of the features of the online classroom will simplify the process of designing virtual and blended learning. Based on the whitepaper, Virtual Classroom Tool Design Basics: A Virtual Engagement Primer , this video provides a high-level summary of the tools available on most platforms. Virtual Classroom - Instructional Design InSync Videos

Virtually There: Managing a Blended Learning Implementation

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So you’ve built a virtual blended learning program, but will they come? And when you add to that an implementation that is fully virtual, the management becomes even more complex. Virtual Classroom - Instructional Design Blended learning Virtual Classroom - Best Practices And once they are there, how are you going to keep track of them?

Book Review: The Successful Virtual Classroom by Bill Brandon

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at a distance that is every bit as effective as it would be in the classroom. Blended Learning Getting Started Training Strategies Virtual Classrooms Darlene Christopher has written a book for new and experienced trainers alike that will guide them to delivery of instruction. This one belongs on your shelf.

The Modern Virtual Classroom is Here. Take a Look

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As learning technologies and learner expectations continue to evolve, training will continue to present new challenges and we at InSync Training will continue to be at the forefront of finding solutions to those challenges in the modern virtual classroom. in 2014 and we’re eager to see what the next 15 years have in store for virtual training AND InSync Training. Jennifer.

Enabling Virtual Learners by Design Resource Bundle

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Establishing yourself as an effective instructional designer or facilitator requires that you are knowledgeable, effective, and dynamic in the virtual and blended classroom. Virtual Classroom - Instructional Design Design Engagement InSync Videos BYTEAnd, as we all know, if you can't engage your learners, your learning initiative will likely fail.

Virtually There: Making Virtual & Blended Learning Work for Adult Learners

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Blended and virtual learning make it easy for the learner to make decisions about when to engage or disengage. Virtual and blended learning curricula, when designed to maximize engagement and knowledge transfer, provide vast opportunities to incorporate the tenants of adult learning theory. Blended learning Virtual Classroom Engagement

Virtually There: 5 Best Practices for Designing Virtual and Blended Learning

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Spending a day or two planning on paper, away from authoring tools and virtual classroom environments, will go a long way toward making sure your development initiative is on track. Designing for the face-to-face delivery is hard enough; how do you transfer those skills to the virtual and blended delivery environments? Blended learning Design Virtual Classroom - Best Practice

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Bob Little – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


VOOCs are designed and trademarked by Virtual College to offer a career seeker a vocational learning experience to help in choosing a vocational career pathway. Virtual classrooms. Other innovations, such as Google glasses and other ‘wearables’, virtual reality and augmented reality technologies, IP-TVs and other consumer electronic devices, will increasingly be used for learning in ways that have yet to be fully defined. ABOUT BOB LITTLE (Senior Partner, Bob Little Press & PR). His interests include singing and sport – notably cricket. THE INTERVIEW: 1. LCMSs.

Modern Learning Culture Resource Bundle

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Virtual Classroom - Instructional Design Design Engagement Modern LearningToday’s workforce is more global, mobile, and social than ever before. This presents unique challenges to training professionals, most notably: how do we best support these learners?

Video - Virtual Classroom Tools: Synchronized Web Browsing

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Synchronized web browsing can add great interaction to any virtual classroom design. It also provides an opportunity to use the entire internet as potential content in the virtual classroom. It's easy to create engagement using this versatile tool but many virtual classroom designers don't use it. Virtual Classroom - Instructional Design InSync Videos

Video - Virtual Classroom Tools: Breakout Rooms

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Include this feature in your virtual classroom instructional designs, and participants will not only meet and collaborate with other participants, but they’ll also be more engaged. This video discusses how to best use breakout rooms in the virtual classroom. Virtual Classroom - Instructional Design InSync Videos

Brightwave Raises the Bar at DevLearn 2015 Conference & Expo by News Editor

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Design & Development Tools Development Strategies Measurement Virtual ClassroomsBrightwave to present on the Learning Media stage and at DevLearn DemoFest during the conference.

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Video - Virtual Classroom Tools: Application Sharing

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Application sharing is a popular and powerful, though underutilized feature in the virtual classroom. Virtual Classroom - Instructional Design InSync VideosThis feature allows the facilitator to share software applications with participants, even if the participants do not have the software installed on their individual machines.