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Children who are born this year will be halfway through primary school when 2020 arrives. If the last few years is anything to go on, we can expect some far reaching changes between now and 2020. While most of these 'futurologists' are playing games, if politicians wish to decide what is best for children they had better get it right. What will be their experience of education?

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It's difficult to see much beyond the end of the year, so trying to predict what technologies we might see in schools by 2020 is like staring into a very strong spotlight. It is highly likely that more informal tools and technologies, such as handheld devices, mobile phones and games consoles will take an increasing role in formal education. We can merely speculate.

Watch Out For These Trends in Mobile Learning: 2015 And Beyond

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Global mobile data traffic grew 69 percent in 2014 and was nearly 30 times the size of the entire global Internet in 2000. Mobile video traffic exceeded 50 percent of total mobile data traffic for the first time in 2012. Mobile network (cellular) connection speeds grew 20 percent in 2014. 4G traffic will be more than half of the total mobile traffic by 2017.

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Playing Games Leads to Better Learning

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To combat this, companies have begun using “serious games” to engage employees in learning initiatives. Serious games are not designed for entertainment. For example, a mobile game that requires retail associates to select the right product features to match a customer’s needs. The popularity of serious games is expected to reach a market value of approximately $5.5

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The 5 Top Blogs of 2016 on Mobile Learning

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The corporate training world is chanting the mobile learning mantra. The demand for mobile-compatible technology-enabled learning solutions is growing by leaps and bounds. Markets and Markets estimates that the global mobile learning market will grow from $7.98 billion by 2020, registering a massive Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 36.3%. Game-based learning.

7 eLearning and Ed Tech Trends You Must Try

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Different game design techniques and mechanics are used to motivate learners, inspire them, and help them to achieve their goals in a more game-like way. 80% of learners say that their productivity would increase if their university was more game-like. So, using games as an eLearning strategy is worth trying. Mobile Learning. Image source:

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Is eLearning Dead? Is Instructional Design Dying with It?

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In fact, in my blog post Games, Gamification & Learning in China I observed. Instructor-led, mobile-based or a hybrid of the two. Everything is mobile and when I say “mobile” I mean a phone NOT a tablet. Cognitive Learning products include: cognitive assessments, intelligent tutors, mobile brain training edugames, brain fitness games and applications.

Interaction with Digital Devices through Voice Commands – The Future of Learning

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Year 2020…. At the very thought, he instantly talks to his mobile device, Hey! The mobile learning module is searched and the specific answer is voiced. All this happens within a minute, while Chris is driving his car, without touching his mobile device. How these changes can be adopted for e-learning or mobile learning is the issue before us. billion in 2015.

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Online Learning Trends That You Can’t Ignore


Today’s tech-savvy, social and mobile learners are no longer interested in traditional classroom training and demand learning techniques that blends best with their current working style and outlook. Mobile learning. Mobile Learning enables you to present smaller sized, interactive online learning to your employees without restricting them to a particular time or a place.

Immersive Learning, VR, AR, MR

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After all, if you play games on the Xbox O ne, for example, do you call them a video game or a video game that is online (if doing multiplayer)? A headset tethered to a computer or gaming device and a headset using a smartphone. Facebook Oculus recently announced they were creating two separate divisions, one for mobile the other with PC. By 2020. . Hardly.

The secret to attracting and keeping millennial workers


Described as demanding job hoppers with little loyalty, they’re projected to make up half of the workforce by 2020. Mobile Access. Millennials are the first generation of “digital natives” and would be lost without their mobile devices. Gaming is embedded in the psyche of Millennials, and they’ve grown to look for entertaining, engaging experiences wherever they go.

Readers Q&A on E-Learning

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Topics covered in this quarter’s Q&A: Assessment Tools in 2020. Q: I attended your session on the Future of E-Learning 2020 and was curious on your perspective of where assessment tools will be in 2020. I do not see the market gone by 2020, but I do see an opportunity for vendors who are not standalone assessment tool ones, to take a big chunk out of the solutions, by grabbing what works, improving upon it and sticking it in their own offerings (i.e. When you play that game, you will lose – and lose big. Fast to push mobile out (inc.

eLearning: Interesting Weekly Finds #7

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“Microsoft Research released a community game cum programming environment for the Xbox 360 called Kodu. Unlike most other video games, Kodu would let players create their own video games for the Xbox without any prior knowledge of programming. The entire Kodu program is more like a video game than a programming environment. The ElectroCity Game. Gordon.

Nine Amazing Online Learning Facts

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Short learning modules can be accessed very effectively on Smartphones and tablet PCs, and this makes microlearning the preferred choice of firms opting for mobile learning solutions. The demand for game-based learning is growing at a feverish pace. Game-based online courses make corporate training programs engaging and help people overcome the stress of learning.

Does a Slow Down in Self-Paced E-Learning Signal Growth for Other Learning Technologies?

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billion by 2020. “There is ample evidence that consumers are opting for mobile learning products instead of e-learning, and this is cannibalizing revenues in the segment,” Ambient Insight chief researcher Sam Adkins. The growth rate for self-paced e-learning in the United States is now negative at -2.7 According to Ambient research, U.S. revenues will drop from the $21.3

Trends that Will Shape E-learning, M-learning and LMSs in 2017

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The market for game-based online learning solutions has increased by leaps and bounds over the last few years, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down in 2017. Several e-learning software vendors such as Articulate, Adobe, and Trivantis are enhancing the game-based learning development capabilities of their products, to meet this growing demand. Mobile Learning Apps.

2016 Top 10 LMSs

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Mobile is nice. . They skin the mobile app to your colors/logo – which is very, very cool (and not common at all in the space). #8 Games kids can play? Mobile? Has a CPD mobile app, which is rare. Lastly, and here is the monster of it all: first vendor to offer learner-centric model (which I stated in my E-Learning 2020 presentation at ATD – uh, the model that is). . I like that Stripe offers m-commerce too – you can attach this thing to your mobile phone and whalla a Point of Sales Solution, so that is a cool addition. Social.

4 Incredible Benefits of Gamification in E-Learning

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In fact, research indicates that ‘Gamification in E-Learning will reach $319 billion by 2020′ Perhaps you are wondering how else gamification can improve the learning approach, apart from simply incorporating elements of fun into online learning. During the game, the learner gets to draw cards, each displaying a question. Benefits of Gamification.

The future of eLearning, part 2


In our last future-telling session we discussed how mobile learning, MOOCs and gamification are only going to get bigger in the coming years. There hasn’t been any great re-imagining of educational content for VR — it’s all about virtual tours and game-like experiences. We’re also going to tell you what’s probably going to happen with virtual reality technologies and wearables.

6 Strategies You Can Use To Design Effective eLearning For Your Millennial Workforce

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For instance in India, over 50% of the workforce by 2020 will be Millennials). These include: Offer responsive mLearning or mobile learning. You can offer them responsive mobile learning solutions and the flexibility of device to learn (from desktop/laptop to tablets or smartphones). Why Do You Need A Different Learning Strategy For Your Millennial Workforce? Absolutely!

ELearning Company Selection Checklist

Designing Digitally

It might seem simple enough – look at a few websites and check some examples of their work – everything from custom eLearning to training simulations and mobile learning development. projects that eLearning spending worldwide will reach $220 billion by 2020. Description: Serious games and other eLearning experiences should be investments that last. Title: Experience. How much?

ATD2015 Conference Post – Review

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Okay, before jumping in, I want to thank all those who attended my session, E-Learning 2020. . The mobile app. I talked to a vendor recently about geolocation and how long it would take or cost to add to a mobile app. He told it me it is easy to do and would take little time, especially if the mobile app, existed already. Again, many vendors have mobile learning, so I’d only put vendors whose main focus is m-learning, not a component of it. Can create games – you heard me right, GAMES. Well hello there! Let’s jump right in.

The future of eLearning, part 2


In our last future-telling session we discussed how mobile learning, MOOCs and gamification are only going to get bigger in the coming years. There hasn’t been any great re-imagining of educational content for VR — it’s all about virtual tours and game-like experiences. We’re also going to tell you what’s probably going to happen with virtual reality technologies and wearables.

16 Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest – 17

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The Internet is going ga ga about it; the mobile lovers can’t seem to get enough of it; the Apple fanboys have already bought it; while the rest have been writing about it. Speaking of the iPad, the growth of mobile devices has led to an increase in social and informal learning. 2020 Classrooms. Will we still need classrooms by 2020? Digital Storytelling With The iPad.

Latest E-Learning News and Notes

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Where Will we be by 2020. If you plan on attending my latest London session will covers the future of e-learning in 2020 (and where I can say hi to you), here is some E-Learning 20-20 Stay ahead of the Game ! For those not attending (and even if you are), here is some additional insight on where I see e-learning going: By 2020, 90% of all corporate training will be e-learning – everything points towards this and specifically with percentiles. It reminds me of the shell game – find the ball in these three shells. Seems easy, never is. Twins. Big.

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How To Motivate Millennials In Online Training: Top 9 Tips For eLearning Professionals


Offer your millennial employees eLearning activities that allow them to make errors in a risk free environment and thus learn from their mistakes , such as interactive eLearning games or role-play eLearning scenarios , and give them regular, honest feedback as often as possible. The idea of flexible online training is not new; the vast majority of your employees are usually on the go and mobile learning , when accessible from all mobile devices, is key for ensuring that your audience is staying connected with your eLearning course anywhere, anytime. Encourage collaboration.

The State of The Web in 2015

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Gone Mobile. It’s surely no surprise to you that mobile usage has skyrocketed in recent years. Data suggests that this trend will only continue in the coming years, and that the mobile web will become increasingly important. Furthermore, 50% of video views will be via a mobile device by 2016, so optimizing your videos for mobile is imperative today! This means: optimize your website to be Responsive on mobile, encode videos to work on mobile devices, and ensure your calls-to-action work on mobile screens. How should video come into play?

Virtual Reality – The Reality is that VR is not ready for real time learning (at least not yet)

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Let’s play a game. What if you do not want to use a VR mobile headset made by Google? I firmly believe that VR will have an impact in learning by 2018, with solid growth if you for e-learning (online learning) by 2020. Virtual Reality. Creating an immersion experience in a virtual environment. Ability to perform a series of actions, manipulate items. Computer generated for now. Enables the person. Virtual Reality. It creates a connotation of something so far out there (the future) and yet so close. Google Glass. it is still being worked on privately). But wait.

Data on Big Data

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The Mobile Web receives 217 new participants a minute. Recent estimates from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics project a 22 percent increase in demand for professionals with management analysis skills between now and 2020. Big data: Harnessing a game-changing asset (pdf). Future Work Skills 2020: Computational Thinking from Apollo Research Institute. The Economist ).

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Will make up 46% of the US workforce by 2020. Demand work-life balance, flexible hours, work-from-home options, and mobile technology. During an interview about a week back I asked the project manager about the audience for which the training courseware would be designed. I know the second part is actually more enticing to discuss than the first but we’ll save that for a sequel.

5 Ways to Prepare & Be an E-Learning Winner

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There’s an interesting convergence of social technology, mobility, and community. He has a some links to free resources and games and a number of good books. Jeanne Meister : check out her blog and new book, The 2020 Workplace: How Innovative Companies Attract, Develop, and Keep Tomorrow’s Employees Today. I just got back from the Learning Solutions Conference in Orlando.

Day 2 @ ATD 2015 ICE

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In his opening General Session, Tony Bingham made some interesting points while talking about the current era of talent development, which necessarily includes mobile learning and social learning.”What 2020 the workforce will be 75% millenials. And they are digital natives, who expect mobile learning”, he said. Leaders today are not about power.

Massive Catch-Up Issue #1413 (Games, Virtual Worlds, banking concepts and more)

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" Ben 10 Alien Force Game Creator : So I find my 8 year old son hunched over his computer the other day and I say - wat'cha doin? " Vollee to include iPhone support for their mobile Second Life client : Well, that should be cool over 3G. Trillion By 2020 : Geez! Custom Laser-engraved Moleskines : me want. Google announces OpenSocial 0.8 : more data portability. " do you get a receipt for ideas that you deposit in a concept bank? Link to the Ontology Summit 2008 ). Web 2.0 stuff "My advice to all executives today is just get in there. Yahoo!

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Massive Catch-Up Issue #1413 (Games, Virtual Worlds, banking concepts and more)

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» June 11, 2008 Massive Catch-Up Issue #1413 (Games, Virtual Worlds, banking concepts and more) Custom Laser-engraved Moleskines : me want Google announces OpenSocial 0.8 : more data portability Scientists to Build Concept Bank : "Information scientists announced an agreement last month on a “conceptbank” programmers could use to build thinking machines that reasonabout complex problems at the frontiers of knowledge—from advancedmanufacturing to biomedicine." " Vollee to include iPhone support for their mobile Second Life client : Well, that should be cool over 3G.