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ADL eLearning, SCORM, and xAPI Survey

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The ADL Initiative has launched a new effort to create a SCORM profile of the Experience API (xAPI). ADL wants your input to help inform our direction for this effort, and to gauge your current usage of distributed learning products, services, SCORM and xAPI. The target audience for this survey is anyone in the education and training community familiar with distributed learning. The survey should take no longer than fifteen minutes to complete. To participate in the survey, click the link below and begin! The survey will be open until February 27, 2015. link].

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New ADL #mLearning Design Reference model: adjust to your needs

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adl design instructional design mLearning mobile mobile learning research toolsPeter Berking who is the lead of the MOTIF project just released the core slide deck for the newly adapted mLearning Design Reference model, and is now inviting us all to have a look at the reference model, and adapt it to our own needs. It is a really useful slide deck.

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ADL cmi5 Committee Announces Release of Quartz Version of cmi5 Specification by Art Werkenthin

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The ADL cmi5 committee has posted the Quartz version of the cmi5 specification to GitHub! If you don’t know what the cmi5. specification is, why it is important to your learning ecosystem, and how to find out more about it, you really need to read. this announcement. And even if you do know about cmi5, you still need this information! Design & Development Tools Emerging Topics Learning Systems Measurement

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Experience API: Will it sweep the eLearning nation?

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conference I had the opportunity to speak with Michael Rochelle of Brandon Hall and Aaron Silvers of ADL on the new emerging Experience API (also known as Tin Can) and have been given great insight.  eLearning Aaron Silvers ADL Brandon Hall elearning Experience API Jon Aleckson LAMP environment Learning 3.0 AKA Tin Can While at the Learning 3.0 Experience API is coding that tracks a person’s learning activity even if that [.]. Learning Record Store LMS LRS Michael Rochelle SCORM Tin Can API

Free #mobile learning webinars @imlws

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Next week the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) group will be providing a great set of speakers to any of you interested in mobile learning and its frontier use. 3D adl augmented learning games mLearning mobile mobile learning It is a 3 day webinar series, starting on Tuesday 20 May until Thursday 22 May 2014. You can register for this seminar here. Mobile. Augmented.

ADL workshop first day - rough notes

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This ADL workshop focuses on the challenges that mLearning has to tackle in order to improve both the educational and technical issues. Tags: mobile adl mobile learning conferences The notes taken are mine and rough, so mistakes are more than probable. Judy Brown: Assessment of Military mLearning trends Wonderful and intelligent woman who knows how to get people thinking. mLearning should be fitted in your eLearning environment. sensitive informatoin requires data and device encryption. Robert Sottilare: U.S. Why does not mLearning start on the level YOU as a learner are situated.

#SCORM the future of #elearning? Get involved!

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The Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) people have just launched two brand new initiatives that anyone can join and take part in. The great thing about the ADL approach is that it is all about durability and scalability (yes, I like that!). With the start of a new age, the ADL consortium kicks of the quest for a new, contemporary SCORM and pedagogy for the future of learning. The Future Learning Experience project returns ADL to its roots in Applied Research & Development. pedagogy adl participatory learning scorm eLearningTen years?! Want to read more?


CMI-5 Moving Forward (cmi5 – sandstone)

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We talked about it a bit in a previous post, though since then AICC has turned the management of the specification over to the ADL. The recent April 15-16 on moving the CMI-5 specification ahead, resulted in a finalized draft release of the specification and target dates for initial release! What the heck is CMI-5? … Continue reading CMI-5 Moving Forward (cmi5 – sandstone) → eLearning News SCORM/xAPI

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Will learning in SharePoint benefit from the Experience API?

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The Experience API is a new standard based on activity streams, under development by the US government funded ADL. The ADL’s new standard, the Experience API (previously called the Tin Can API) is getting a lot of interest from learning users and vendors because it’s really simple yet supports a lot of really exciting use cases about capture of learning data. Is also supported by the AICC , a very well-established learning technology standards organization, who are redirecting their work on a new CMI-5 standard to collaborate with ADL on the Experience API. or. I did this.

AICC hangers it up!

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Based on this ADL Post , they were working with the ADL and the current xAPI efforts to define the ‘next generation of SCORM’ That project has been moved to the ADL and will hopefully continue to see advancement (as I’m not sold, by far, that xAPI [TinCan] is a total solution…but there have been some pretty cool advancements !). Otherwise watch ADL’s site for any news on their hosting and leadership of old AICC spec archives and CMI-5 progress… There are no news updates on their site about AICC or CMI-5 as of this post.


Project Tincan: What should SCORM 2.0 look like?: Participate!

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They do a project for the ADL to investigate what the next version of SCORM should look like. ADL e-Learning e-Learning authoring tool e-Learning standard Learning technology Project Tincan SCORM Scorm 2.0Today I was interviewed by Ben Clarck from Rustici software. They have called this project Tincan. SCORM is the standard of the e-Learning industry and now and then we say less nice things about it, but it is our guarantee (most of the times) that content from our authoring systems will actually run in most LMS, and that the learners progress and results are tracked and reported.

Three Reasons Why cmi5 Is Better Than SCORM by Art Werkenthin

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cmi5, the new specification from ADL, is solving many of the persistent problems with SCORM that learners, as well as. content developers, have had to contend with. Here’s an update on how Sandstone, the current beta of cmi5, is addressing. the issues of pop-up windows, distributed content, and data storage. Development Strategies Emerging Topics Learning Systems Training Strategies

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xAPI Community

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ADL created a community with their xAPI cohorts and we’re aiming to do the same with our Spring 2016 xAPI Learning Cohort. Learn more about the cohort model on which we’re basing our experience from the ADL website and in xAPI Quarterly. However, as is often the case, the most potent lesson didn’t come from any of the fabulous presenters’ direct instruction. Fill out this short form.

Getting the Word(s) Out

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Learning Featured Openness Personal Social Learning ACM adl brent schlenker brian dusablon eLearn Magazin eLearningLearning Judy Unrein learning registry Learning Solutions Tony KarrerSo, if you’re new to this blog, I bid you a hearty welcome and a big ol’ bear hug. Once again, thanks for reading!

ADL accepts eFront as SCORM 2004 adopter


News from the e-learning frontier Pages Home About Community Free e-Learning Resources Contribute to the e-Learning Community 4/08/2010 ADL accepts eFront as SCORM 2004 adopter eFront is an LMS commited to international standards. Now, ADL acknowledges our support for the latest development of SCORM by approving Epignosiss submission to become a SCORM 2004/4th edition adopter.

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Day 2 @LSCON, Nice keynote and I finally understand TinCan, Experience API, Scorm, ADL, IACC and CMI-5…….

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Later on the ADL was formed and they wanted a more extended standard, based on the AICC specs. So the ADL developed Scorm in a different (technical) way and we ended up with two standards. Both the ADL and AICC where working on a new generation of standards. ADL announced TinCan (version one will be out shortly) and the AICC worked on CMI-5. Day 2 of the conference. started the day with the keynote session, before the keynote some announcements were made. Joe Ganci received a guild master award from the eLearning guild and rightfully so. What makes people learn?

Answers: How Do I Get Started With xAPI?


The information the US Department of Defense (via ADL) has available on the Experience API , and the larger Training & Learning Architecture of which xAPI is a part, broadly paints the picture of the research and development that is being performed now and into the foreseeable future, much of which will find its way to standardization. ADL Sample LRS. Getting Started. WaxLRS.

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Is Tin Can API Lipstick on the SCORM Pig?

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Last week [October 25th] I had the distinct privilege of sitting in on the Tin Can API break-out session that was presented by Aaron Silvers of ADL. I’m not sure of his exact title, but his role was in a leadership capacity on the Tin Can API project. Given ADL was also the birth mother of SCORM, I walked in and sat down with a preconception or two that this was SCORM in a new dress. His business card says “the Beard”…and while that was accurate, I still don’t know his real title. Wow, was I wrong!

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xAPI Communities of Practice


Last year, ADL began organizing Communities of Practice around the design considerations and implementation of xAPI in different contexts. There Yesterday,  Ben Betts announced his leadership of a  Badges Community of Practice , and I was both surprised and elated to see all the different groups coordinating with ADL. Click here to learn about ADL’s Communities of Practice for xAPI. There are many ways xAPI can be applied — how one designs and develops best really depends on the use case. Community Experience API / "Tin Can" Open Source

Why the Experience API (xAPI) Is Crucial to Your eLearning Success

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The ADL —or Advanced Distributed Learning—recognized the need for a set of standards to ensure that programmers write code that can play well with other eLearning software. Years later, when SCORM couldn’t do everything needed, the ADL asked Rustici Software to create an updated standard: The Experience API or xAPI. Let’s talk about the background of SCORM and xAPI for a minute.

Experience (Tin Can) API: What to Expect from Your LMS Provider

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ADL, or Advanced Distributive Learning , is the government agency behind the spec. One example given by ADL is a “bookmarklet” that can be installed on a web browser and be used to track informal activities such as web pages visited. These are currently stand-alone products, but ADL predicts they will eventually be integrated right into LMS’s. Tin Can. Experience. TIN CAN!

New SCORM standard: I (Actor/Agent) Did (Verb) This (Activity) #TinCanApi

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This evening I attended a webinar by ADL: the new standard (project TinCan) kickoff. The ADL will launch it in June. Scorm is finally going to catch up with the current times. TinCan focuses on capturing activities: I (Actor/Agent) Did (Verb) This (Activity) and the ‘I’, the ‘Did’ and the ‘Activity’ can be almost anything.


xAPI, LRS – The Interview

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Aaron, can you tell me a little bit about your background and how you became involved with ADL? Two months after my layoff, a company called CTC recruited me to work for ADL. worked with ADL from 2003-2006 and participated in the Technical Working Group afterwards. This work informed the conversations with several current and former ADL friends. years. Grainger, Inc.

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Details Announced for xAPI Camp


Each of our speakers is someone I’ve had the honor of working with over the past couple of years in the development of xAPI. I’m very pleased we’re collaborating as an industry, with ADL’s support, to go beyond the technical “how-to” and get into “solutions.” ” The Small Group Breakouts are dynamic and personal. Experience API / "Tin Ca

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eLearning Standards—What They Are and Why They Matter

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The AICC was dissolved in 2014, and all of its efforts have been transferred to the Department of Defense’s (DOD) Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) group. In 1997, the DOD established the ADL Initiative to standardize and modernize training. The work on this standard has been passed to the ADL, and is actively being developed today. SCORM. Blog Learning Management

AICC, SCORM , xAPI, CC/LTI, CMI-5…What Does It All Mean?

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Championed by the Advanced Distributed Learning ( ADL ) group, AICC formed a close relationship to work through this next evolution. Otherwise known by its working name, TinCan, the Experience API ( xAPI ) specification is also managed by the ADL and is slowly gathering steam, hitting version 1.0 in April, 2013. Where AICC and the ADL are instrumental in the other specifications, the ‘IMS Global Learning Constortium’ ( IMS ) is focused on similar standards; namely the Common Cartridge and Learning Tool Interoperability standards ( CC / LTI ). SCORM. and 2004. Stay tuned….


#Mobile instructional #design is getting a push, join in!

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In a 2011 conference paper, ADL proposed research to investigate instructional design (ID) theories and models for mobile content as the development of training solutions are believed to require new approaches to address both the unique affordances and the design constraints exhibited by mobile devices. For those interested in adding to the creation of a mobile instructional design model.

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BREAKING NEWS: ADL Initiative to Focus on Design & Community Oriented Technology by Bill Brandon

Learning Solutions Magazine

ADL will soon begin a new initiative to focus on design, rather than on architecture, to spur innovation. in learning technology, and to support community-oriented and mobile experiences. SCORM will. continue to be supported.

Tech Headlines for May 2014

ATD Learning Technologies

Tech headlines for May 2014 include: ADL Learning App Challenge, New Adobe Voice App, Intrepid Launches Corporate MOOC, Totara Offers Free Downloadable Version of LMS, and New Analyst Report Examines Growth in E-Learning Market. Click here to read full version

We're All New at This

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It was February 2005. I was sequestered in a conference room during Plugfest 9 with Philip Dodds, chief architect of the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM™) and a few people on the ADL technical team. With us was Tom King, who helped create Authorware. At the time, King was one of the leading people at Macromedia (soon to be Adobe) working on making integration with SCORM happen in products like Flash and Captivate. Click here to read full version

Marc My Words: Beyond SCORM – A Welcome New Direction by Marc J. Rosenberg

Learning Solutions Magazine

Marc reflects on the history of standards and comments on the new ADL Future Learning Experience Project. While the LMS and SCORM may not be dead, they do not address the complexities of new learning design strategies and their transcendence of technical standards. Content Management Design Strategies Development Strategies Future Trends Learning Systems (LMS/LCMS) Management Strategies

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BREAKING NEWS: ADL Initiative to Focus on Design & Community-oriented Technology by Bill Brandon

Learning Solutions Magazine

ADL will soon begin a new initiative to focus on design, rather than on architecture, to spur innovation. in learning technology, and to support community-oriented and mobile experiences. SCORM will. continue to be supported.

Learn about learner #analytics with xAPI #TinCan twitter chat

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FYI, ADL group is also the team behind the widely-popular SCORM framework, and Tin Can is really an visionary, cross-platform standard that will boost learner analytics (and big data in general I think). I blogged on Tin Can before , and now there is an interesting experiment you can join. You can participate in this chat and learn more about xAPI and xAPI resources.

The Beard @ ASTD #TK11

Aaron Silvers

When I was invited by Cammy Bean (@cammybean) and Michelle Lentz (@writetechnology) to talk SCORM, AICC and Future Learning Experience Project during a TK Chat with Kris Rockwell (@hybridkris), I was giddy.  I love lively discussions, and I had a blast last year at mLearnCon with Michelle and Kris, that this allows me to return the favor. I’m coming with one of my good friends and partners at ADL , Damon Regan (@damonregan) and speaking for both of us, we’re pretty psyched. want to take your questions and concerns and ideas back to ADL with our Project Tin Can.