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Learning Analytics: A great boost for creating Learner Centric eLearning


I am sure you already know about ‘analytics’. Application of analytics is typically perceived as an aid for marketing and business decisions. Analytics can be used not only for businesses but in many other fields that impact our daily lives including eLearning. So what really is learning analytics? These activities are tracked and stored through the learning platform.

Tracking sentiments

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This is known as sentiment tracking, a method that may well come in useful in education in the future. The Twitter example above is a very primitive form of Sentiment Tracking and Analysis (also known as opinion mining). Several tools are available for sentiment tracking on Twitter and other social media channels. Sentiment tracking is becoming much more sophisticated.

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Exploring Learning Analytics: How is it affecting corporate learning?


The trend of studying learner analytics to create adaptive learning is taking the learning industry by storm and the possibilities are endless. But with advanced learner analytics technology, it is now possible to record how much time a learner spends on a page, how many external links he or she clicks within the course, how many times does he or she refer a course. e-Learning LMS

Is Learning Analytics A Game Changer For Enterprise LMSs?

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If you have some knowledge about the current learning-scape as well as about what analytics basically is, you would have already answered in affirmative to the question above. Learning Analytics, just as with analytics in business, web or healthcare, has the power to empower the people in the training department of your organization with the information they need. A.2,…, B.1,

Package & track elearning: why companies need both AICC & xAPI


Companies and organizations involved in elearning need learning content to be compliant with some requirements, i.e. with regards to the way content is packaged and tracked within the training program. Unlike SCORM and AICC, by using xAPI companies are able to track whatever information they need, with no more limitations related to a specific set of possibilities.


Why you need to take a Google Analytics approach to measuring learning


If L&D took a Google Analytics approach to learning, they could. I''ve pulled together some of the most important Web analytics metrics that we regularly review and report to the business here at Xyleme, along with the reasons why they matter. That''s a pretty disheartening thing to hear. You can''t report anything. You can''t analyze anything. You can''t trend anything.

How Can Learning Be Made Better Through Analytics?

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Through analytics. Just like businesses use business analytics and business intelligence to do more with less; similarly, Learning Analytics is making it possible for educators to tailor learning content to the needs and preferences of their learners so that the experience is more personalized and therefore, engaging. Let’s begin with an assumption.

Learn a New Skill: Data, Knowledge, Google Analytics, and You


There is something every web-based business, blog, and website is learning to live by: Google Analytics. If you don’t already know why you need web analytics, what Google Adwords offers, or have access to the information Google Analytics offers, you are already behind. Web Analytics turns on the floodlights. With a monthly cost of exactly $0, automatic reports, and Adwords there is no good reason to not be utilizing the awesome power of Google Analytics. Google Analytics can track multiple websites, blogs, social media accounts, and landing pages.

Using Google Analytics to up your eCommerce game


We’ve given you some basic guidelines on the use of Google Analytics for eCommerce before. This article is a deeper dive into what’s possible with Analytics, and how you can use it to get the most out of your eCommerce efforts. That’s enough granularity for almost any tracking you might want to apply. Tracking what works. LMS Success elearning Google Analytics How to

Learning Solutions 2016 Highlights


As for the latest buzz on Raptivity, without a doubt it was Engagement Analytics ! Raptivity recently launched Engagement Analytics. There were quite a few people who were interested in knowing more about how Raptivity interactions can now be tracked using analytics, and were excited about its future potential. that are being widely used today in the eLearning industry.

Digital classrooms

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For many teachers, learner analytics will become an indispensable tool for tracking student progress and intervening when necessary. Eye tracking and attention tracking will also emerge as useful behaviour management tools for teachers in the next few years. This is Part 5 in my series of posts on the future of learning and technology. Now there's incentive.

MOOC Analytics: What Corporate Training Can Learn from Big Data

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We’re not talking just how long people engage in a particular task or who got what question right; we’re talking the ability to track and analyze every aspect of the learner experience. The current model in training analytics is “small data” – data based on reports, assessments, and so on from small numbers of learners. In a 2012 report on educational data mining and learning analytics , the U.S. CPD Featured Posts Learning & Development MOOC Training big data mooc mooc analytics What parts of your training program are the most effective? The least effective?

Training: Tracking Learner Interaction in Video-based Courses

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Topic: Tracking Learner Interaction in Video-based Courses Date and time: Thursday, 14th November, 2013 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM US/Pacific Description: Now-a-days, video is considered the best form of content delivery. Rapid Authoring Rapid eLearning Training and Tutorials Whats new "Elearning authoring tools" "Screen capture software" "Video screen capture" Adobe Presenter 9 Adobe Presenter Video Creator Adobe Presenter Video Express Ease of use eLearning Learning Analytics Lecture capture rapid elearning rapid elearning authoring tools screen capture video Video-based learning

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Social Media Learning: how to integrate intellectual, working and human capital…

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SMAC or the social, mobile, analytics, and cloud computing power can be harnessed in evaluating social learning solutions. If you are ready to experiment, contact Origin for a demo of its award-winning platform – Konnect – that helps to track, measure, and monitor a learner’s path through a predictive, perceptive, and progressive approach. billion annually?What Source:

Enhancing our Reporting and Analytics


I’m very excited to announce that Mindflash has enhanced our reporting capability with advanced learning analytics reports. Now, trainers can view reports on Series specific metrics including the ability to track trainee’s progress through a series, the current status of a series, and the individual course scores in a series, all in one page. What questions are they trying to answer?

Top 9 e-Learning Predictions for 2014


Learning Analytics. Integration of mobile learning with e-learning, and with other emerging technologies such as Learning Analytics. More LMSs and learning platforms enabling options for managing and tracking informal learning. More tools, LMSs, and delivery platforms supporting the standard to track informal learning experiences. Learning Analytics. HTML5.

Using analytics to improve e-learning content development

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There’s a lot of talk about learning analytics today, but often less understanding of how we can go about benefiting from the insights they give us. With the introduction of Experience API (xAPI) analytics, it’s a real revelation to be able to see live insights from courses detailing devices used, location, number of launches and pretty much anything else you could want or need to know.


Adobe RoboHelp: Adding Google Analytics to Topics

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  Adobe offers  RoboHelp server  as an add-on product for tracking help usage. But you can also use Google Analytics. Here are the steps to add Google Analytics tracking to your help content:   Create a Google Analytics Account.   Before you get started, create a free  Google Analytics account. Adobe RoboHelp

Technology can get obsolete but learning cannot

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If one were to track the range of products available in the market today, they can either get confused or choose to derive clarity on the relevance of the latest release. Data tracking is also a key feature wherein activity monitoring is enabled. Big data and Analytics – how they can be put to use? Would you call it convenience of shopping or access to a ‘convenient’ memory?

Tech Tuesday: Dive into Big Data


mLevel has evolved the data analytics and reporting platform from simple data exports, to colorful dashboards that provide data about learning objectives at the course (mission) level, to more advanced integrations into larger data systems that handle the major learning protocols including LTI and xAPI. Uncategorized analytics BigData LearningLocker LRS Reporting ScormCloud TinCanApi XAPI

Why Your Existing E-Learning is Failing, and How MOOCs Can Help

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Their analytics mean nothing. How do you track employees engagement in your e-learning courses? Similar to instructor-led training, which is often measured by seat time, e-learning analytics often focus entirely on completion rate. Getting bored with the courses (38%). Hating it when the pace is too fast or too slow (37%). Theyre boring. They arent interactive.

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When Trainee Tracking Leads to Negative Results

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Here, I am reviewing a study conducted by fellow North Carolina State University alumni, on training analytics: The Advantages of Tracking A frequently touted advantage of e-learning is its ability to track trainees’ progress throughout a learning initiative. which reveals a positive relationship between training evaluation and the length of time that training is sustained (effective programs tracked sales coaching activity almost three times as often as ineffective programs). Research findings published in academic journals can be complex and hard to access.

Don’t Fall Behind the Web Analytics Curve


You probably hear quite a bit of buzz regarding “Web Analytics,” (particularly Google’s version of the tool, Google Analytics), and it seems to be an ever blossoming field that can feel overwhelming. Why is web analytics so important? What exactly DOES Web Analytics entail? Are you a business owner? A Web designer? Marketing specialist? Decision maker?


eLearning Predictions 2015

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In 2015, we believe experimentation with analytics-driven performance improvement will lead to more “intelligent recommendations” and personalized professional development in Continuing Medical Education and beyond. Performance Improvement (with Advanced Analytics) will Become More Important for Professional Development Decision Makers. Incentives to use the LMS change.

Find out if social learning chemistry works for you!

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What if the social learning platform can track, measure, and even predict a learner’s behavior? What if the use of Big Data and advanced computing technologies brings learning analytics to the fore? By successfully implementing Konnect , its next-gen social learning and analytics platform, breaking the barriers of legacy learning. One thing is sure though. Why do we say so?

When is it time to switch from a free to a paid web analytics solution?


The post When is it time to switch from a free to a paid web analytics solution? Business Google Analytics web analytics website analytics website trackingappeared first on CollectMyThoughts.

What are the Organizational Limits to Analytics in SCRM?

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Consequently, we now see social media monitoring companies merging with text analytics companies to bundle their service offerings to fine tune their ability to monitor a customer's activity and online influence, tracking that information to the workflows of marketing, sales, customer support, or operations in near real time. Tags: Collaboration Customer Experience Social CRM analytics brand customer dialogue empathy Enterprise 2.0 The insight isn't a new one and speaks to the now well-known issue of whether social media engagement is scalable.

The ROI of eLearning: How to measure the success of your training program


Without a proven track record for bringing in the promised business revenues, retaining customer loyalty and offering strong value propositions, a training provider might as well close up shop. This speaks to the well-known fact that online training programs have multiple learning analytics to report. Can you show us some screenshots of these analytics?” Let’s take a step back.

Blog, Message, Participate – Join the Social Learning Brigade!

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From a leadership perspective, the tracking of learning is also done in a non-intrusive way. Analytics Prove It Works. The Cisco learning team also used analytics to track ongoing usage rates, including the number of passive and active users, click-thru traffic and how users rank content. Is it possible to capture the metrics in an engaging and effective way ?

Four Ways to Ensure You Have Useful LMS Reporting


Unless you are among the fortunate learning and development leaders who does not care about tracking and reporting the training activity and results that are occurring in your organization, you likely have a beef with your learning management system (LMS) when it comes to its reporting capabilities. E-learning Learning Management Systems analytics learning analytics reporting

How These Four Interaction Styles Rewrite “The Golden Rule”


The Analytical. An analytical person operates with facts and logic, rather than ideas and imagination. Rather than come up with ideas, the analytical prefer to ask questions and form hypotheses, acting in a cautious and careful way. When interacting with an analytical type, it’s important to bring hard facts and clear numbers to support your ideas. They are sometimes quiet, but endlessly patient, so they operate best where they can solve problems and keep everyone on track. There’s a problem, though. What if people don’t want to be treated like you?

Big Data: Learning vectors and velocities

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Heppell showed a dynamic shipping radar map of the English Channel which tracked every sea vessel. He argued that if we can do this for large vessels such as shipping, why can''t we do a similar thing to track student progress. bett2014 Big Brother big data data logging education learner analytics learning school Stephen Heppell student progress Technology Unported License.

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Boost Your Mobile Learning With Mobile App Analytics

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Mobile app analytics can help you solve these problems. Just like we use analytics to mine big data and derive useful inferences that later on aid in business decision-making, mobile app analytics help track users’ behavior with your mobile app. Mobile app analytics let you know which employees in your organization are using the app most. Monitor traffic. Email *.

Data Analysis Techniques For e-Learning Efficacy


Here is how data analytics can be used for effective eLearning. Designing For Better Learning Through Data Analytics. Learning analytics system can provide the ability to classify learning elements using attribute values and using basic statistical tools to determine mapping between these classifications and desired outcomes. Automating Content Delivery Through Data Analytics.