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Selfie number 1

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So here it is - my number one 'selfie' - a picture of me alongside the legendary Apple Computer inventor Steve Wozniak. asked him about the early days of Apple and his first meeting with Steve Jobs. Jobs was actually the business head behind Apple and had nothing to do with the design of the computers, which was solely Woz's domain. My conversation with him is captured here.

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This Flash Player (Frash) Runs On iPad

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The former will require major reverse engineering of the video decoding frameworks on the iPhone, but the latter should be reasonably easy to implement.”. Adobe AIR & Flash Player 10.1– How it Can Benefit Mobile Learning Apple iPad Disappoints eLearning Industry. Tags: Innovation Mobile Learning Adobe Apple Frash HTML5 ipad IPhone mLearning Mobile

24 Hours with the Apple Watch

Tom Spiglanin

My Apple Watch arrived a few days ago. The packaging itself is classically Apple. Start your engines. Also in typical Apple fashion, the instruction manual was a few pages at most, in a dozen languages with lots of photos. In seconds the Apple logo appeared and I walked through the setup process, pairing it with my phone in just minutes. Taking it personally.

The Corporate University Shift: Why Great Companies Invest in Custom Learning


While it has split from the automotive giant, the co-op model still stands as a method of giving STEM employees the real-world experience they need in engineering, science, math, and other tech careers. Kettering is the real deal, offering degrees in science and engineering, as well as creating invaluable connections that help graduates get jobs (and change the world). 5. Apple University: Establishing the “Apple Way” through better culture. Apple sets itself apart by doing things differently, and it expects the same from its army of employees. Convinced yet?

Representing corporate culture in elearning induction

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The following three quotes about corporate culture are from the founders of Google, Amazon and Apple.  Facebook Engineering Bootcamp Facebook is renowned for their Engineering Bootcamp. All members of the engineering department from entry-level coders to the Director of Engineering are required to attend. What is corporate culture? Can you tell which is which?

Why micro-learning works for me

Clive on Learning

And if the task slips my memory, I get nagging notifications on my Apple Watch. What’s more, it benefits from gamification and a degree of artificial intelligence, which places a strain on software engineering. Over the past twelve months, micro-learning has quietly worked itself into my daily routine. So yes, I’m sort of hooked. We have been sold on micro-learning for some time.

How to Make Work Fun: 7 Companies That Get it Right

Growth Engineering

How to involve your LMS: Our swanky LMS has a Rewards Centre which is an extra way to add incentive to professional development and reward employees. 5: Apple – United by a Common Goal. At Apple, people understand what they are doing. People all want to be involved with something bigger than themselves – and Apple make sure that their team understands why they are doing what they do.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Alternative and Activist Search Engines

Mark Oehlert

wisdom » June 22, 2007 Alternative and Activist Search Engines So a post here lays out what it would be like to live for a day without using Google for searching. The value is that it lists 100+ alternative search engines that you may not even be aware of. June 22, 2007 in Search | Permalink Technorati Tags : search TrackBack TrackBack URL for this entry: [link] Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Alternative and Activist Search Engines : Comments The comments to this entry are closed. Apple/iPhone/iPod Application Becomes the Platform Arrghh!!!

Mindflash Named One of the Country’s Best Workplaces for Flexibility


We provide the leading next generation Learning Management System (LMS) used by organizations from Apple to UBER, and we have been selected from a list of 500 semi-finalist companies of different sizes across a range of industries. No engineering or IT support is required, as there is no software to install or maintain. To learn more, please visit

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4 Implications of Microsoft’s Acquisition of LinkedIn

CommLab India

recruitment executive in a pharmaceutical company is tasked with hiring chemical engineers. The purchase of LinkedIn by Microsoft could alter the shape of the search engine advertising market. She says this could put existing leaders in B2B search engine advertising such as Google at a major disadvantage. billion USD. Let us see what they are. 1. What do you think?

6 Mobile Learning Trends That Grew in 2012

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In the past, smart phones and tablets were something only the “trend setters” had, but now that they are more affordable and accessible than ever (with Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 5 earlier this month, the iPhone 4S price has dropped to $99) it’s no wonder mLearning has taken off. Here is a quick breakdown of the mobile learning trends you need to be watching. Tin Can API.

Training Conf 2017 Keynote:Template Grandin, Anant Agarwal, Ken Blanchard #trngcon

Learning Visions

Photo Realistic Visual Thinking – Object Visualizer – poor at algebra Pattern Thinker Spatial Visualizer Music and Math – poor in reading (engineers) Verbal Facts Language Translation – poor at drawing Auditory Thinker – visual perception fragmented You need all of the different kinds of minds in design…. Engineers do the super abstract things… Industrial mechanics. Apple: an artist made the interface; engineers had to make it work “Get the job done, don’t be abstract, get out in the field.” Forgive any typos or incoherencies. Get away from being abstract.

The Gamification Explosion (History Of Gamification Pt.3)

Growth Engineering

Apple adds achievements to Game Center with the release of the iOS 5. Be that as it may, at Growth Engineering, we’ve taken a stab at our own predictions. appeared first on Growth Engineering. If you’ve been following out History of Gamification series, you’ll have learned all about the pioneers who laid the groundwork for the world we live in today. Gamification Co.

Top 50 Mobile Learning Resources

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Apple Education. The Mobile Learning Engine (MLE) for Moodle. I’ve spent an inordinately long time writing a whitepaper on mobile learning trying to expound our thoughts about it and how it might be used in the workplace. I’ve been doing some research around it and I’ve documented some of the better links I’ve come across. Again, as with the links I posted about Games and Simulation, these aren’t categorized in any way nor does the order assume any significance. If you’re considering mobile learning in any shape or form, I’d suggest you give these a browse. Marc Prensky Blog.

Is your company ready for the iGeneration?


If Millennials find it hard to remember a time before Google, the iGeneration not only have a hard time imagining a Google-less world, but they find it hard to remember a world without Apple. tech device, an internet connection, and a search engine. I don’t know about you, but I find shopping malls to be tremendously tiring: so many choices, so many people, so much noise. preschooler.

In case you missed it – 2011 in posts

Clive on Learning

Reading from a script is not for me Over-engineered for information transfer, under-engineered for learning * Storyline and ZebraZapps: seriously powerful, seriously simple October Portrait of a learning architect: Rob Bartlett Cases in custom content development: tentative suggestion 2 – never regard a job as finished Cases in custom content development: tentative suggestion 1 – consult early and widely The Big Question: Does Gamification have a role in Workplace Learning? I've marked with asterisks a few posts that were particularly significant from my point of view.

Virtual Reality – The Reality is that VR is not ready for real time learning (at least not yet)

eLearning 24-7

Let’s play a game.  If you have a smartphone say “Aye”   If you have an Android smartphone, say “Aye, Aye”   If you have an Apple smartphone, say “lucky me”   If you have a Windows 8x smartphone say, “not yet” and if you have a Blackberry say, “I need to buy something else” If you said “Aye” you are in luck, because you too can experience a little bit of VR for about $10 (on Amazon) or build your own for free. If you have Apple don’t fret, there are a few out there.  Virtual Reality. Google Glass.

Bundle resources and you may not need courses

Clive on Learning

They don't sit on an LMS, where each individual's usage is monitored, but on the intranet, where they can be freely accessed at any time and found using a search engine. number of popular blogs which I have now subscribed to, A couple of digital arts/photography magazines in the Apple Newsstand. More and more I am being asked by clients to help them assemble a collection of resources to support some new business initiative. Not 'courses' - although they may also provide some of these - but 'resources'. More formal reference material, in HTML or PDF format. Endless YouTube videos.

Pokemon Go: Does this mean augmented reality learning is a thing?


The Rift, Google Glass, and the Apple Watch are more or less specialist devices with limited appeal. The real world has never been enough. Sure, Sure, it’s enough for tigers, eagles, elephants, panda bears and their animal friends, but it has never been enough for Homo Sapiens (that’s us). We always tried to improve upon it or, at least, alter it to be more to our tastes. Enter Pokemon Go.

State of the Authoring Tool Industry 2015

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One vendor has it live – the Genie authoring tool from Growth Engineering; and two other vendors have it in beta mode.  I should state that Elucidat has it too – sorry, forgot.   I’m talking real games here BTW, not static slammers, that want me to slam my fist through the paper airplane I was just making.  “Look, it’s an airplane game!” The new and cool. 

Flash Controversy Continues - Is It a Good Choice for Development?

Tony Karrer

We don't know whether Apple iOS will eventually support Flash to stave off competition from competitors. Originally, I thought that Apple would bow to pressure. But let's assume for a second that you believe that Apple will cave and iOS will support Flash. Can these gradients be applied to the text rendering engine? All of the above is greatly impacted by the choice that Apple makes around iOS support. Of course, my guess early on was that Apple would bow to pressure. Garin Hess wrote a post 5 Reasons Flash is NOT dying.give me a break! Come on!

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e-Clippings (Learning As Art): PaperVision 3D - a 3D Flash Engine

Mark Oehlert

e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « Avatar Experiment | Main | Fleck.Web page annotation » May 08, 2007 PaperVision 3D - a 3D Flash Engine That is a screen shot from PaperVision 3D. From the " About " section: "Papervision is the 3D engine I’ve been working on during the past months. Sweet huh?

John Maeda The Art of Leadership #LSCon

Learning Visions

Think Apple products!) STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). Opening keynote session with John Maeda, President of Rhode Island School of Design. I’m at Learning Solutions in Orlando today – hosted by the eLearning Guild. Forgive typos and poor grammar! The Art of Leadership Maeda was tenured faculty at MIT – professor by day, student by night as he got an MBA. And then four years ago he became college president with no training! So he bought books. And now he’s been learning about art and design. Build from Foundations : Get your hands dirty. Artists fly kites.

Video Learning Platforms

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Video search – think video search engine. active users) which can create confusion when trying to compare pricing apples to apples. Flashback. VHS VCR comes home – literally if you bought one.  Beta is better, but VHS wins.  Beta player owners realize the game is up – and decide to cryogenically freeze players until the masses realize what they are missing.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): The Most Dominant Game Engine - Flash

Mark Oehlert

e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « Beautiful Visual Search Engine: searchCrystal | Main | This is Where Digital Rights Management is Headed (XKCD) » July 25, 2007 The Most Dominant Game Engine - Flash So got some time to kill, er I mean want to see some creative work in Flash-based games? with good engines the Box2D engine is one the best pyscis engine around and was used on ragdoll cannon. Apple/iPhone/iPod Application Becomes the Platform Arrghh!!! Take a trip over to Kongregate.

Kirkpatrick Model Good or Bad? The Epic Mega Battle!

Will at Work Learning

You’re comparing apples and your squeezed orange. That, to me, is like saying we’re going to see if the car runs by ensuring the engine runs. Even if it does, but if the engine isn’t connected through the drivetrain to the wheels, it’s irrelevant. Kirkpatrick looks at the drive train, learning evaluations look at the engine. also think they help me learn. Will:   Clark!

Top 100 Learning Game Resources

Upside Learning

Apple Learning Games. And You Thought Mechanical Engineering was Boring- Kapp Notes, August 14, 2008. When writing the whitepaper about Casual games , I did a fair bit of research and looked at several hundred web links. While doing so, I documented a few of the better ones. I’d been mulling posting these to the blog. So here they are – a Top 100 Learning Game Resource list.

10 Things I Love about

mLearning Revolution

This is obviously important because after all, YouTube is the second largest search engine, so you’ll want to do this if you want your content to be found. By now we all know that Apple will never embrace Flash and most everyone has moved on and began making the necessary transitions toward HTML5 so that iOS devices can display videos properly for their end-users. So much for that.

The new Camtasia Studio 8, the Flipped Classroom and Mobile Learning [Review]

mLearning Revolution

That is exactly what Mayra did using Camtasia 8′s new recording engine, Smart Focus and all the new features around interactivity. For the most part it has remained a fairly passive experience. mean we sit back and watch a video, pause and play it, and rewind and fast forward it, but that’s about it. Video and the Flipped Classroom. link]. Here’s an example. link]. link].

A peak under eFront’s hood


In either case, it might be interesting to take a look under the hood, and see what makes its engine tick: the technologies, APIs, programming libraries and tools we used in creating it. On the contrary, most respected software companies, from Microsoft and Apple to IBM, Google and Oracle release tons of Open Source products themselves, and rely on many other Open Source tools.

Using White Space for Clutter-Free eLearning

Integrated Learnings

great example of this is the homepage for Bing - Microsoft’s search engine. Luxury brands, cosmetics, and of course Apple often use this to their advantage to convey simplicity and elegance. By Joseph Suarez. Imagine two scenarios. First, you are driving in a car down an open road with the windows down. Second, you are standing in a crowded bus stuck in traffic. What is White Space?

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18 Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest –12

Upside Learning

For all you Apple fan boys, this post is manna from heaven! And for those of you who love to hate the pad, fret not, there’s something beyond the big Apple too. Native Apple apps are a hot commodity, and in today’s mobile application ecosystem, mobile web apps are not sexy. Video Search Engine Qwiki Is Now Available To The Public. Here’s the lowdown on this new engine.

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8 web design myths that eLearning portal managers fall for (part 1)


You should copy Apple / Google / trends of the day. You’re not in the same business as Apple. Besides, the traditional multiple-page, server-side rendered architecture has a lot of benefits still: it’s lighter on the client, it’s often faster to load, and it works well with search engines, SEO and caching. They tore apart 6 common myths about mobile learning.

eFrontPro 4.2.0 – your favorite LMS with extra awesome


Microsoft announced Windows 10, Google announced the new Android a couple of weeks ago and Apple just announced the next iOS and OS X versions. To handle enrolling and capacity issues, eFrontPro offers automatic waitlist management and automatic iCal invitations (compatible with MS’s Outlook, Apple’s Calendar and most popular calendar applications).­ But I digress. Enjoy!