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Over 500,000 Stock Images, Audio, and Videos for eLearning

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Over 500,000 stock images, graphics, videos, motion graphics, sound effects, and music loops. Music, sound effects, and loops. Adobe After Effects and Apple Motion source files included! Here’s a huge announcement from eLearning Brothers! We are offering a new stock asset library for eLearning. Unlimited downloads, at least 50 a day, for only $499 a year. Learn More.

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Apple iPad: Who Is It Really For?

Upside Learning

A Google search on ‘Apple iPad’ throws up an excess of 30 million results! Clearly the Apple iPad has drawn much applause and an equal amount of criticism in the last few weeks. At Upside Learning we’ve been thinking about ways the Apple iPad can be useful for eLearning – especially in the workplace. Apple has this thing about their products.

13 Tips for Recording Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod

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To change your wallpaper back to an Apple default: tap Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper and you’ll see options for Dynamic or Stills. Turn off in-game music. If you’re recording a game that has both background music and sound effects you should turn off music within the game settings. Use music. Friendly Music ($$).

15 Great App Preview Videos and a Free Tool for Making Your Own

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Back in June, Apple announced that developers would be able to create and upload a 30-second demo to their App Store listing. Pro tip: Apple is currently featuring a few apps with previews on the front of the App Store. If you’re working on an app preview, you’ll want to check out Apple’s official guidelines and our handy infographic with tips. With 1.2 Clear.

Will the iPad continue its tablet domination? A look at the market landscape


Since Apple launched the iPad in April 2010, the first in the new generation of media tablets to hit the market, it has sold more than 30 million units. March – Apple releases the iPad 2. This leaves us with just two players for the future: Apple with the iPad and Google with Android. In the meantime, Apple continues to improve their platform. iPad vs Android.

Changing the Book game

Clark Quinn

I was boarding a plane away from home as Apple’s announcement was happening, so I haven’t had the chance to dig into the details as I normally would, but just the news itself shows Apple is taking on yet another industry. What Apple did to the music industry is a closer analogy to what is happening here than what they did to the phone industry, however. As Apple recreated the business of music publishing, they’re similarly shifting textbook publishing. Apple, once again making life fun. That may change, however.

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A Brief Historical Look at Corporate Training


The Apple II was launched in the late 70’s, but most of the world still ran on large mainframe computers. One of the first educational games made for the Apple II came in 1978, a year after the personal computer launched. It was a time of flannel shirts, grunge music, OJ Simpson, The Rachel hair style, Sony Playstation, Linux, the World Wide Web, and CBT transitioning to WBT.

Learning on Smartphones

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In a 2012 survey in the US, PC Magazine found that 31% of Americans had tablets[1], whereas 38% had smartphones[2], but moving forward to 2015, it is estimated that smartphone usage will reach 58%, whereas tablet sales have been dropping in the intervening period, with Apple reporting decreased sales every quarter[3]. Complicated graphics with lots of text will not work on Smartphones.

Pop-up Learning

CLO Magazine

Even die-hard music fans might need a refresher on Frank Ocean. He then disappeared from public view, spending the next four years deep in work and only occasionally surfacing with hints about new music and teases for album release dates that quickly went unmet. It’s strange that a suburban Chicago newsstand would be ground zero for a major international music event.

Making Sense of Research

Clark Quinn

The context was the ‘spring forward’ event Apple held where they announced their new products. The most anticipated one was the Apple Watch (which was part of the driving behind my post on wearables ), the new iConnected device for your wrist. What Apple has done is to focus specifically on health data from their HealthKit, and partner with research hospitals. A couple of weeks ago, I was riffing on sensors: how mobile devices are getting equipped with all sorts of new sensors and the potential for more and what they might bring. And the watch will have more.

eLearning Stock Asset Library vs. eLearning Template Library

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Audio - liven up your eLearning courses with our attention-grabbing sound effects, music, and audio loops. Video - make more aesthetically pleasing eLearning environments using our video footage, Adobe After Affects, Apple Motion, and motion graphics. There are various stages of development that require different programs, and assets to create world-class training content.

iPad for eLearning


iPad was not created for supporting eLearning and (or) mLearning instead it was created as a media device that supports books, magazines, newspapers, games, music, video and web access. I have read several articles about iPad for eLearning and I believe that we are missing the point. Why iPad was created? The answer is simple. Come on guys. Maybe some organizations wish about that.

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The Top 10 Most Used Online Employee Training Tools: Part 1


Whether it’s to edit an interview, to extract the relevant parts from the recording of a lecture, or to trim a piece of music you’re using as a soundtrack to your eLearning videos to the right size, you’ll need an audio editor. To handle such simple backup options, a tool such as Microsoft’s own Backup and Restore or Apple’s Disk Utility will do.

Hours of Glower: The Increasing Obsolescence of the Metric of Training Hours

Training Industry

Back in ancient times when music came on CD (remember that, kids?), the trend was to stuff as much music as possible onto a single, 74-minute disc. As the forward march of technology expanded the quantity of how music could be stored on playable media (vinyl LPs could handle about 45 minutes), people adapted with it and used this flexibility, for better or worse. But would another 30 available minutes of musical real estate have made Led Zeppelin IV a “better” album if it was released in 2001 on CD instead of 1971? And as a result, could have higher indirect costs?)

10 Tips to Train the Brain for High Performance

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Organizations like Apple, Google, Nike and AOL provide meditation breaks to their employees. Ask them to link pictures, music or expressions with work. In 2008, a ground-breaking University of Michigan study, “Improving Fluid Intelligence with Training on Working Memory,” proved that training could improve a person’s intelligence. This study threw light on the subject of brain training to increase mental ability. This increased intelligence would help employers to increase their employee’s performance. Here are some ways to train your employees’ brains. According to Lawrence C.

Help! What software tool should I use to record audio?

360 Training

It features multi-track editing (so you can put music or sound effects behind your voice track) and a wide range of features. In the next price bracket up, tools of interest might include: Adobe’s Audition , Avid’s Pro Tools , Apple’s Logic Pro. Keep in mind that higher-end tools are often geared to complexity and demands of music production. More questions?

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): iPhone: The Music Video (NY Times)

Mark Oehlert

Main | Slow Week.Goin Campin » July 06, 2007 iPhone: The Music Video (NY Times) lets try this again July 06, 2007 in Mobile Learning | Permalink Technorati Tags : iphone TrackBack TrackBack URL for this entry: [link] Listed below are links to weblogs that reference iPhone: The Music Video (NY Times) : Comments The comments to this entry are closed. I got my iPhone!

My First 72 hours with the Blackberry Playbook

mLearning Revolution

I enjoy listening to music and watching videos on YouTube. The Music and Books Services. One thing I really like about Apple and Google is that they both have a single user id and password for just about every service, so once I setup my device, it knows who I am and I can begin purchasing apps, music, movies etc. Unboxing the Playbook and Setup. update. The Hardware.

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Training Conf 2017 Keynote:Template Grandin, Anant Agarwal, Ken Blanchard #trngcon

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Photo Realistic Visual Thinking – Object Visualizer – poor at algebra Pattern Thinker Spatial Visualizer Music and Math – poor in reading (engineers) Verbal Facts Language Translation – poor at drawing Auditory Thinker – visual perception fragmented You need all of the different kinds of minds in design…. Apple: an artist made the interface; engineers had to make it work “Get the job done, don’t be abstract, get out in the field.” My live-blogged notes from the opening keynote at Training Conference 2017 , happening this week in San Diego, CA. Forgive any typos or incoherencies.

Congratulations ScreenChamps!

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Apple Distinguished Educator Application. Application to Apple computers Distinguished Educator program. Kept it short, picked great music. Category advice: choose & mix music carefully, cut out fluff, use natural-sounding voice. Introducing.our 2011 ScreenChamps! There was also some good conversation in the chat room. Entertainment Category Winner. Creator. Purpose.

My forecasts for 2017

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Okay unless you have been listening only to Englebert Humperdink music (and, I can’t believe this guy was ever popular. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple is investing more into AR than VR and believes that AR is the future and not VR. Apple has acquired a couple of AR firms already. Apple is not a vendor to ignore, nor is what e-learning providers can create for the masses, regardless of what device you use. And the crowds roared. And the people sang from the hilltops. And a lot of prognosticators wouldn’t stay it. They wouldn’t admit it. Miss the big picture.

John Maeda The Art of Leadership #LSCon

Learning Visions

Technology…delivery text, images, music, movies…there’s a pattern across CD ROMS to browsers to phones…we’re kind of stuck in this loop now. Think Apple products!) Opening keynote session with John Maeda, President of Rhode Island School of Design. I’m at Learning Solutions in Orlando today – hosted by the eLearning Guild. Forgive typos and poor grammar! The Art of Leadership Maeda was tenured faculty at MIT – professor by day, student by night as he got an MBA. And then four years ago he became college president with no training! So he bought books. A sense of what I want to be.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): I swear.this is why people switch to Apple.

Mark Oehlert

e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « Your LMS Is a Control Freak | Main | Gadgets, Games and Gizmos: The Blog Book Tour - Week Two » September 15, 2007 I swear.this is why people switch to Apple. We are plainly witnessing a restructuring of the music and newspaper businesses, but their suffering isn’t unique, it’s prophetic."--Clay

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Top Picks for 2016 – E-Learning

eLearning 24-7

Cool hold time music. Can capture and edit video on Windows, iOS (Apple) and Android. After a whirlwind week that for many of us has left an indelible mark of uneasiness and concern, we all need a little good cheer. Sure we could ask Santa to make a special emergency delivery. We could inquire why Black Friday or Cyber Monday is always after Thanksgiving. Best Web Conferencing Tool.

So…How Do You Build eLearning For iPads?

Upside Learning

Naturally, Apple have their own – the iBook Author, an eBook authoring application. A native app is software written for mobile devices for performing a specific task, e.g. a game, calendar, music player, etc. Now that we have thought about what we can do with our existing courseware let’s think about building some new eLearning and what’s all the fuss about HTML5. and later.

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8 Video Tips to enhance your e-learning courses


Whatever your niche, from internal courses for your enterprise’s employees to music tuition, if properly used, video can be a very effective weapon in your arsenal. Search Google for royalty free music you can use in your videos. And you can create basic animations and graphics yourself, in tools like Adobe After Effects , Apple Motion , etc. Hire a professional.

The Top 10 Most Used Online Employee Training Tools: Part 2


There are however several alternatives that are (almost) just as capable, including Apple’s Numbers for OS X ($9.99), Google’s web-based Sheets (free), and the Calc spreadsheet that’s part of the open source Apache OpenOffice suite. In this post we’ll suggest tools that can help you with designing and managing your courses. Excel. What’s not to like?

What Are Learning Organizations, and What Do They Really Do?

CLO Magazine

Apple: It perceives unrecognized marketplace needs and creates new products to fill them. Its ability to recruit and retain the best talent allows for creativity that surpasses its competitors’ products: film, music, television or theme parks. This article was originally published on in September 2006. They learn from their successes and also from their failures. The U.S.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Yea!! Apple Gives Me Back $100.that I can only spend with them.

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Apple Gives Me Back $100.that I can only spend with Permalink Technorati Tags : apology , apple TrackBack TrackBack URL for this entry: [link] Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Yea!! Apple Gives Me Back $100.that I can only spend with them. Apple/iPhone/iPod Application Becomes the Platform Arrghh!!! September 07, 2007 in Arrghh!!! Cards? Flowers?

The new Camtasia Studio 8, the Flipped Classroom and Mobile Learning [Review]

mLearning Revolution

The new Library is full of professional designed assets for every project, including tons of music, themes, animated titles, callouts, lower thirds, etc. For the most part it has remained a fairly passive experience. I mean we sit back and watch a video, pause and play it, and rewind and fast forward it, but that’s about it. Video and the Flipped Classroom. link]. link]. Welcome back.

The Need to Adapt to the Speed of Change or Die: lessons for L&D from the retail industry

Performance Learning Productivity

Music lovers spent many hours (or weeks) browsing HMV stores, which were part of the only ‘chain’ for music when I first came to England in the early 1970s. Along with these the UK and Irish Virgin music stores were sold in 2007 and went into administration two years later. Yesterday another great British institution slid into the history books. I think there are. I think not.

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10 Things the Motorola Xoom does Better than the iPad

mLearning Revolution

Notifications include Twitter mentions, Facebook updates, new e-mail, music playing or paused, remaining battery, wifi connections, as well as an option for getting to more Settings, etc. Motorola Xoom , iPad , Tablet , Honeycomb , iOS , Android , Apple. For the last 3 weeks, I have been Tweeting and Blogging about my experience with the new Motorola Xoom Tablet, which is the very first Tablet sporting Android 3.0, codenamed Honeycomb. Honeycomb is the next generation of the Android operating system, which is optimized specifically for Tablets. No PC required to get started.

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DevCorner: Outside the Eye – Where App Innovation and Creativity Meet

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Jukey is an Android music player, designed to mimic a Jukebox. It allows guest to easily browse through a music collection and enqueue songs. It providers similar functionality to Apple’s “Atom Inspector”, “Media Info”, and other desktop applications that parse and display video files. Jukey is an iOS music player, designed to mimic a Jukebox. It is a big hit at parties.

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The End of Apps, Designing for Interfaces and iOS, and Adding Chance to Games: This Week on #BLPLearn

Bottom-Line Performance

Submitted by Christa Music Nimmer, Senior Learning Technologist. While looking for some great examples, I found this page from Apple with guidelines for those designing apps for iOS. #BLPLearn is our way of saving all of the great content our team curates… and sharing it with the wider community. Check back every Thursday. JOIN IN THE FUN. THIS WEEK’S ARTICLES. 7 UI/UX Principles.