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free online #elearning research articles from JOLT

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In this issue you will find 12 articles concerned with various aspects of online learnin g and teaching. hope you will find several articles of interest, and that you will take the time to forward this notice to colleagues who might also be interested in JOLT. Pasting the whole set of articles below. collaborative working eLearning journals online learning paper research

Research Shows Companies Should Encourage Social Learning


In the article What Is Informal Learning? , Jay Cross explained, “ Informal learning is the unofficial, unscheduled, impromptu way most people learn to do their jobs. Here are 3 examples mentioned in the article Where Did the 80 Percent Come From? In 1999, researcher Allen Tough spoke on the importance of informal learning at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.

New free #research articles #IRRODL lots of interesting papers

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Copying from the wonderful editorial accompanying this issue and which is written by Dianne Conrad: Several topics emerged in this issue’s selection of articles. Thirdly, and not surprisingly in any ODL journal, South African, Balkan, Chinese, and Taiwanese researchers give us the results of their investigations into the use of specific distance learning tools. The relationship of satisfaction to learning is, of course, its own topic, also often researched. So from four continents, multiple researchers using a variety of methods. Walker, Brian R.


25 ELearning Articles For Noobs


If you are starting out in elearning, or if you are just researching possible professions, then I would recommend you have a look at the pages listed in this article. 25 Articles for ELearning Noobs. Must-Read Instructional Design Articles  – Instructional design is an expanding field. Must-Read LMS Articles  – At some point you’ll need to know about learning management. Must-Read Articles on Online Quizzes  – Nearly every elearning course has a quiz. Every journey has a beginning, including our professional endeavors. elearnin

4 Ways to Close the Learning-Doing Gap for Front-Line Managers [GUIDE]

and research led us to identify that one. She finds some great articles and even some free elearning to help her gain a deeper understanding of SMART and get exposure to a number of cases and examples. FOUR WAYS TO CLOSE THE. LEARNING-DOING GAP FOR. FRONT-LINE MANAGERS 4FOREWORD We’re in business to help organizations. achieve their goals by making sure their. they need to succeed.

Article Review: Overcoming the Fear of Feedback

What I learned from this article. Rodsevich sites psychology research that suggests we remember negative experiences more than positive ones, which probably evolved as a survival mechanism. And further research suggests that even constructive criticism can make someone feel unaccepted by their social group, such as a work team. Does constructive criticism make you want to hide?

Why the World Needs Research Translators

Will at Work Learning

Research translators are people who read research articles from scientific refereed journals and distill the wisdom from those articles into practical recommendations for practitioners. Sometimes research translators translate one article at a time (or a few), compiling the main points from the article and transforming those main points into recommendations for practice.

Free online book on #mobile learning research

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The book covers a lot of interesting areas and took up an article that me and co-authors previously published wrote for IRRODL on Using mLearning and MOOCs to understand chaos , emergence, and complexity in education. You can download the 258 page book here. Ho Chapter 14 Using Self-Efficacy to Assess the Readiness of Nursing Educators and Students for Mobile Learning by Richard F.

Brain Based Learning and Neuroscience – What the Research Says!

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Articles abound. In this article, I will describe where we are with neuroscience and learning—answering that question as it relates to this point in time—in January of 2016. What We Believe. I’ve started doing a session in conferences and in local trade-association meetings I call The Learning Research Quiz Show. Researchers Pedro De Bruyckere, Paul A. It’s a ton of fun!

Feedback welcomed on research questions #heutagogy #MOOC

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After considering heutagogy as an addition to my PhD frame, and revisiting potential research questions based on the two pages shared previously and resulting comments , I would like your feedback on the next potential research questions (and dilemma’s). Central research question How do experienced online learners manage self-determined learning when engaged in a MOOC? 1995).

10 Must-Read Articles About Blended Learning


We gathered top 10 articles about blended learning that will not only explain the idea behind combining learning techniques but also give you answers to your questions and tips on building your very own blended learning strategy. 1. BlendedLearningNow aggregates videos, articles, blogs, research and news about blended learning, all in one place. That’s blended learning.

Top 10 Articles About Flipped Classrooms


We gathered for you 10 articles defining flipped classroom, showing different points of view on this new teaching method and there are also some tips for those of you who decide to flip the classroom. 1.  In this article there is a short definition and a  c larifying  i mage of a Flipped Classroom, but apart from it there is also a paragraph with Criticism Of The Flipped Classroom. 2. 

Upcoming Webinars, Articles and Events

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Topic: What Research Tells us About Designing and Creating Game-Based Learning. Participants in this session will learn the answer to these questions by examining the research on game-based learning. You’ll see many examples of game-based learning for performance improvement and highlights of how organizations have used games to achieve learning success, and discover how research-based practices fit in with today’s need for quick, effective online instruction. Also, you can read an article gleaned from this blog about Gamification at Learning Circuits.

5 Must-Read WordPress LMS Articles


Over the years though I have sought to change this by providing opinion pieces and how-to articles around WordPress based learning management. Whether you are familiar with this industry or just being introduced to it, the articles today will prove useful as you learn more and decide whether or not a solution like LearnDash can help you achieve your learning management goals.

Our 10 Best Corporate Learning Articles of 2014

Bottom-Line Performance

To help you sort through the clutter, I’ve gathered the ten top articles from both our Bottom-Line Performance and Knowledge Guru blogs from the past year. These articles were picked based off of page views, social media shares, educational value and overall reaction from the corporate learning community. 1. What L&D initiatives will you focus on first? Read More. 2.

10 Must-Read Articles About Asynchronous Learning


Last month we published a list of top 10 articles about synchronous learning so it’s about time to take a look at the opposite approach – asynchronous learning. For those of you who don’t want to set time limits for your learners, we harvested 10 must-read articles about asynchronous learning. 1. This article on the other hand focuses solely on asynchronous learning.

Recent Research Review -- Reviewed (and Lamented)

Will at Work Learning

About two years ago, four enterprising learning researchers reviewed the research on training and development and published their findings in a top-tier refereed scientific journal. Unfortunately, a vast majority of professionals in the workplace learning-and-performance field have never read the research review, nor have they even heard about it. Is This Research Any Good?  .

The 18 Most Interesting Articles and Interviews in 2015

WalkMe Training Station

These 18 articles and interviews, written by the best employee training, discuss the challenges training managers today face, upon the shifting world of eLearning, and especially the collision of formal and informal learning. This article discusses the need of a change in mindset, and backing this claim with an interesting report.  . 2.  Using the Cloud Requires Mindset Shift.

ASTD Webcast On New Mobile Learning Research

Upside Learning

Regular readers of this blog will be aware that we recently supported ASTD research on Mobile Learning , a report around that was released in May 2012. ASTD conducted a free webinar on that research report this week. iPad rules the market : John pointed out to a Forbes article that lists 50 largest deployments of iPads. Mobile Learning mLearning Mobile Learning Research

10 Must-Read Articles about MOOCs


Here are 10 articles you must read about MOOCs: 1.  Which is what makes this article an important ‘must-read’ on everyone’s list. 5.  With more and more prestigious educational institutions jumping on the MOOC bandwagon, additional research is now begin performed. The post 10 Must-Read Articles about MOOCs appeared first on TalentLMS Blog. What defines a MOOC?

Why are #IRRODL articles such a pleasure to read? New free issue

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Is it the determination to offer a platform to international authors that want to share research? Is it the mix between multiple EdTech options? I do not know, but it sure happened again this morning while strolling through the abstracts and respectively some of the articles of this new IRRODL issue. And I have another couple of articles ready for reading. Here is the full list of articles of the new issue, all articles freely available and in HTML PDF MP3 EPUB formats. blended learning eLearning journal mobile learning mooc online learning research

Issue 38

Writing social sciences #research paper #phd

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It provides so many useful tips for each section, just have a look and see for each section of a classic research article. The Introduction The introduction serves the purpose of leading the reader from a general subject area to a particular field of research. The literature review A literature review surveys scholarly articles, books and other sources relevant to a particular issue, area of research, or theory, and by so doing, providing a description, summary, and critical evaluation of these works. phd qualitative research research social science writing

Social Media for Research at SNDT (Webinar)!


Vasudha Kamat (Vice Chancellor, SNDTWU) invited me recently to do a webinar ( 11 May ) entitled '' Social Media for Research '' for the Online Course in Research methodology for PhD scholars at the Shreemati Nathibai Damodar Thackersey Women''s University (SNDTWU), India. However, what about using social media for academic research and sharing scientific knowledge?

A fantastic pedagogical issue of IRRODL free #research #eLearning #pedagogy

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It is truly international, actively working on research and location diversity, it is open and each issue offers a rich array of online learning relevant methods and cases. So, putting aside some reading time, to get through this 12 research articles (get ready for a glimpse of African, Mongolian; Philippine online education adoptions and insights) and one shared bit of field notes from a MOOC in Rural Rwanda. You can find the IRRODL issue page here, but I also include the list of articles below. IRRODL is one of my favorite journals. Oh, my this is just a treat!


Call for gender, mobile and learning research cases ideas

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If you work on a project, or idea which involves gender and mobile or online learning, make sure you get an article in to Ronda Zelezny-Green. In order to get your gender/tech article added to the celebrating-one-year-newsletter, you can submit your articles before 4 December 2013 by sending them to Ronda (RondaZG3 at or/and Alex(andra) Tyers (alexandratyers at

Ideas 68

5 papers every learning professional should read

E-Learning Provocateur

I don’t read as many journal articles as I’d like. Educational Researcher , 27(2), pp. While their focus is set firmly on the traditional one-to-many mode of delivery, their advice is grounded in research and real-world experience. And that’s a problem because as a practitioner, I consider it important to inform my work with the latest science. Sfard, A.

10 Must-Read Articles About Big Data


This week we gathered top 10 articles about big data to show you the potential of assesing and analyzing various data for eLearning industry. 1.  The Big Data Revolution This article shows how using Big Data can improve eLearning for both learners and trainers. This article shows both of them. Ever heard that once something gets on the internet it stays there forever?

14 Articles on MOOCs

Jay Cross

Massive Open Online Courses Views & Research – The Conversation. great article collection. Participant support on massive open online courses | Kop | The International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning. Rita Kop and Hélène Fournier, National Research Council of Canada, John Sui Fai Mak, Australia (2011, November). Article: [link]. 2010).

Game To Teach Researching Skills

Web Courseworks

This past week our gaming department at Web Courseworks has posted a new blog entry on Games Can Teach , about an intriguing experimental game that the University of Michigan Institute of Museum and Library Studies has been using to tackle a trending problem in today’s academic world: bad research habits. This game, called BiblioBouts , aims to teach students how to properly research subjects for their academic needs. BiblioBouts eLearning games interactive research Serious GamesSome of the great points that it touches on: - Augmented reality experience.

Article Review: “How the Best Onboarding Works: Does Your Process Measure Up?”

In Stacy Lindenberg’s article for Learning Solutions Magazine, she cites research that 90% of new hires decide whether they’ll stay with a company in the first six months. What I learned from this article. Thanks to Stacy Lindenberg for a terrific article with practical and useful onboarding tips. But then what happens when they start work? Start onboarding before day 1.

Mobile Learning: Malaysian Initiatives & Research Findings (e-Book)


This 13 chapter e-book explores mobile learning, and provides an insightful collection of articles (Chapters) exploring how mobile learning is being implemented in several Malaysian universities. BOOK Mobile Learning: Malaysian Initiatives & Research Findings by ProfDrAmin SlideShare Version THINKING Interesting insights, but I am dreaming of a time (Soon!)

IRRODL journal is out with rich online, #mobile and #eLearning articles

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The latest version of the International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning has just been published and as always it is packed with online, mobile and eLearning wisdom. There are a couple of OER related articles in this publication. One article that immediately got my attention was the OERscout technology framework by Ishan Sudeera Abeywardena, Chee Seng Chan, Choy Yoong Tham. Just imagine finding the top-notch OER in a matter of minutes, what a wonderful world this would be. online learning journals irrodl mooc eLearning

Games and Gamification: Research from the eLearning Guild

Knowledge Guru

It includes numerous case studies and examples of games being used in the workplace today, and summarizes recent research on games for learning. I’ll attempt the summarize my key takeaways from the report, but I encourage you to download the full report and read it yourself. Research Support Games and Gamification for Learning. My takeaway? The result? Summary.

10 Ted Talks That Will Help You to Make ELearning Meet Modern Learners’ Needs


Recent Bersin by Deloitte research on changes transforming learners’ needs inspired us to share with you informative TED lectures that will help you to make your eLearning project satisfy modern learners’ needs and be appealing to society and market changes. Blog articlesDoes your leaning correspond with modern learner’s needs?

Help 129

Article Review: Critique of Malcolm Gladwell's Oversimplification of the 10,000 Hours Rule.

Will at Work Learning

Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool -- one of whom is the world's leading expert on how expertise develops (Ericsson) -- have critiqued Malcolm Gladwell's popularization of the 10,000 Hours Rule in a Salon article , adapted from their new book, “ Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise. ”.  .  . It may not require exactly ten thousand hours, but it will take a lot.".

Learners' Often Use Poor Learning Strategies -- From a Research Review

Will at Work Learning

I just read the following research article, and found a great mini-review of some essential research. Experiment-Specific Findings: The article shows that simulations—the kind that ask learners to navigate through the simulation on their own—are more beneficial when learners are supported in their simulation playing. Researchers’ Review of Learners’ Poor Learning Strategies. The research article is available by clicking here. Hagemans, M. G., van der Meij, H., & de Jong, T. 2013). Journal of Educational Psychology, 105 (1), 1-24. 2004).

Social Media for Research & Knowledge Sharing at USM!


YouTube receives more than 4 Billion video views per day, millions of people blog, and there are more than 14 million articles on Wikipedia. However, what about using social media for academic research and sharing scientific knowledge? Research Tools: A Quick Guide Newcastle University Social Media Guide SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERIMENTS 1. USMcool Hashtag 2. Facebook Group 3.

Summary of #Games Research Qualitative Literature Review Conducted by Fengfeng Ke

Kapp Notes

Fengfeng Ke, a researcher focusing on digital game-based learning, computer-supported collaborative learning, and simulations for instructional use, conducted a review of 89 research articles that provided empirical data on the application and effectiveness of computer-based instructional games. She classified the studies into five different areas to examine separate research questions. However, not all 89 studies where applicable to all the research questions so for some research questions the pool of studies is less than 89. Source: Ke, F. 2009).

100 eLearning Articles and White Papers

Tony Karrer

My collection of eLearning Articles, White Papers, Blog Posts, etc. eLearn magazine: Feature Article Ten Web 2.0 Things You Can Do in Ten Minutes to Be a More Successful E-learning Professional By Stephen Downes, National Research Council Canada 5. eLearn: Opinions Good short article on characteristics of 2.0 We Learning, Part II Second part of an interesting article - We Learning: Social Software and E-Learning, Part II. Performance Essentials: ELearning and Social Software An interesting article - Early e-learning traded technology for human interaction.