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TCC08: Social Bookmarking to Support Professional Practice

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Using a Social Bookmark Site to Assist in Diffusion of Online Information to Support Professional Practices. Uses social bookmarking so can find what he needs. Tagging with social bookmarking can help peers & colleagues find information more easily. Social Bookmarking Sites. most popular, emphasis is on community. Reddit: news article bookmarking like Digg. Simpy: can track others’ bookmarks by creating topics. Spurl: Bookmarking & search engine, like Furl. Professor #1.

Get Your Audience Pumped: 30 Ways to Motivate Adult Learners

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Build community through social technologies for learning. Implement a social media strategy as part of a learning experience. Use social networking applications and services to build groups with a common interest or goal. Related Articles: Characteristics of Adult Learners. 10 Social Media Tools For Learning. Social Media and Learning. Provide options.

Is this instructional design?

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As social media technologies for learning become increasingly important to organizations and to individuals, instructional designers will need to focus on broad learning events and strategies that incorporate many approaches rather than on individual courses. Related Articles: 35 More Qualities of the Ideal Instructional Designer. Share this on Here’s mine.

35 More Qualities Of The Ideal Instructional Designer

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Share this on Tags: DESIGN ISD RECENT ARTICLES A few months ago I published a list of the 10 Qualities Of The Ideal Instructional Designer. Since then, the eLearning community contributed so many qualities to the list it is now overflowing. So here are the next 35 qualities. The effective instructional designer should: Competently Work with SMEs. Diana Ouelette.). Price).

The Connected Educator: Building a Professional Learning Network

Allison Rossett

Here is a way for people to turn their interest in lifelong, independent learning AND social connections into a way of life. It took 40 years, but with the invention of the Internet and social media tools, Licklider & Taylor’s predication has come true. RSS (really simple syndication) readers and social bookmarking are two popular information aggregation tools.

Social Media And Learning

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In this article, I’m featuring a wonderful interview with successful social media expert, Jane Hart. She provides compelling reasons to implement a social and collaborative environment as part of workplace learning. You can read more from Jane at her blog, Social Media in Learning. eLearning Coach: What are your criteria for defining a technology as social ?

The Future Of Learning Design

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Coach: How do you think social media and newer technologies will converge in the learning space in the next 5-10 years? So I look to the convergence of social media, 3D worlds and business applications to be the future of learning. They are leveraging social media technologies Facebook, Twitter, ect., Related Article: Games and Simulations. Wrong format. Thanks, Karl!

I Believe in the Importance of Personal Knowledge Management

Tom Spiglanin

Sharing knowledge, using any number of media that fit our personal needs, work styles, and professional social networks. Much of this happens on social streams on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or any number of other media where we connect with our PLNs, so it’s important to develop effective social media practices. Our connections are certainly part of the solution.

10 Ways To Learn In 2010

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It’s a visual search engine that draws content from all over the Web, particularly social media sites. Look for words of interest and then search for those articles or pages. Janet Clarey compared two articles from this site using word clouds. Scrapplet uses a drag and drop approach for mashing up content, particularly from social media sites. Ask a Question.

Realistic Graphics and Learning: What’s most effective?

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The research for this article was taken from my book, Visual Language for Designers: Principles for Creating Graphics that People Understand. Other Articles with Graphic Tips: The Power of Visual Grouping. Share this on Tags: GRAPHICS MEDIA RECENT ARTICLES graphics for learning And if so, how much realism will be most effective? The Realism Continuum.

Social Learning Has Its Place…And Informal Learning Does Too.

Social Learning

Two weeks ago Jane Hart wrote an article titled, Social Learning: to be or not to be? , in which Jane expresses her dislike of the term Social Learning (big S, big L). Jane claims that “Social Learning has come to refer exclusively to the use of social media in top-down, formal learning.” But social media does not define social learning.

Lurking is Not a Static State

ID Reflections

I recalled some of the posts and articles I had read in the past about lurking as a behavior in online communities and what it indicated, and decided to dig through those again. At this point, I also "serendipitous-ly" stumbled upon a couple of conversations recently that touched upon lurking (this is why I love social media). They are lurking on the edge, consuming content.

Review: The Back of the Napkin

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Share this on Facebook Share this on Share it on StumbleUpon Add this to 100 bookmarks. Tags: BOOK REVIEWS RECENT ARTICLES eLearning is an abundantly visual medium. As a result, designers and developers who can think visually are able to envision the final product, conceive visuals for content and visualize how information fits together. Why would you want to?

Are Your Online Tests Reliable?

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In the suspenseful and dramatic article, Are Your Online Tests Valid? , In this article, we’ll look at test reliability. Related Article: Are Your Online Tests Valid? Share this on Facebook Share this on Share it on StumbleUpon Add this to 100 bookmarks. Tags: DESIGN RECENT ARTICLES TESTS Test Development Reliability Is Consistency.

How creative is your environment?

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Somewhat related articles: 10 Book Recommendations From Varied Fields (reading books from other fields can enhance creativity). Share this on Tags: BUSINESS ISD RECENT ARTICLES I’ve worked with numerous design and development teams over the years and one noticeable characteristic of these teams was their creativity. Where’s the disconnect? Tweet This!

2009 Technology Trends That Impact Online Learning

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Social Media. Social media technologies are exploding, providing an array of offerings for learning online. The prevalence of social networking, real-time search and discussion, and collaborative technologies increase the opportunities for informal and unstructured learning and can enhance structured learning strategies as well. How To Communicate The Value Of Social Media.

Cognitive Psychology Anyone?

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With this in mind, here are a few sites that feature cognitive psychology podcasts, research, articles and news. Although the Cognitive Daily stopped publishing new articles in January 2010, it has 5 years worth of archives that are worth browsing. Salvidar, a doctoral student in the above science, does a good job of culling informative and relevant articles at his site. It has an entire section on Mind and Brain with loads of articles. Somewhat Related Articles: 10 Ways to Learn in 2010. Share this on Your resources are below. Enjoy.

35 Top eLearning Articles and 6 Hot Topics for March

eLearning Learning Posts

Twitter for Learning – 55 Great Articles - eLearning Technology , March 24, 2010 Collection of articles around how to make effective use of Twitter as a learning tool. 10 Rules For Writing Multiple Choice Questions - The eLearning Coach , March 18, 2010 This is a back-to-basics article about the undervalued and little-discussed multiple choice question. Social Media for Knowledge Workers - eLearning Technology , March 30, 2010 Lot s of information on different social media tools that knowledge workers should know about. Social Media (55). adoption?

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): "Is Web 2.0 Safe?" (MSN article)

Mark Oehlert

e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « Gorman and Keen Need a Bicycle Built for Two (but built only by certified, qualified, licensed bicycle experts of course) | Main | Presence and Learning (Ray Sims) » July 02, 2007 "Is Web 2.0 MSN article) Here is the shocking synopsis of this article : Security needs to be better in Web 2.0

Instructivism, constructivism or connectivism?

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In a previous article , I provided the following examples of potential information sources that the learner could incorporate into their personal learning network: Social bookmarks. Social and professional networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Instructivism is dead. Gone are the days of an authoritarian teacher transmitting pre-defined information to passive students. In the 1990s, constructivism heralded a new dawn in instructional design, turbo-charged by the rise of Web 2.0. Fast forward to today and connectivism is all the rage. Slippery slope. The real world.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): "Understanding individual human mobility patterns" (nature article)

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e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « Firefox 3 not loved by Corp. Main | Get Social, Get Game and Get Learning! eLearning Guilds Summer Seminar Series » June 19, 2008 "Understanding individual human mobility patterns" (nature article) ( link ) Cautionary Note: Id like to read this article but dont really want to drop $32 for the privilege. Clay Shirky My latest additions to stuff Here are some of my main IT, Not that it matters. González, César A.

Online courses must die!

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Don’t forget podcasts, RSS feeds, slideshows, infographics, animations, articles and real-life case studies. Not to mention blogs, wikis, discussion forums and social bookmarks. A touch dramatic, isn’t it? Now that I have your attention, please bear with me. There’s method in my madness… The myth of rapid authoring. But you know what? Rockin’ role.

Online 106

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Lots of great articles in SCIENCE.that you cant see.

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e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « When "starting your own business" goes micro. Main | The Onion Nailed the "Starbucks Training Day" in 2001 » February 26, 2008 Lots of great articles in SCIENCE.that you cant see. for individual access to those articles or pay $100 (U.S.) I couldnt share those articles with you.or

Announcing Free Storyboard Templates

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Share this on Facebook Share this on Share it on StumbleUpon Add this to 100 bookmarks. Tags: DESIGN RECENT ARTICLES STORYBOARDING In case you haven’t heard, The eLearning Coach now has a collection of free downloadable storyboard templates for both Word and PowerPoint that were graciously donated by the eLearning community. Check out the Storyboard Depot.

Connectivism and the modern learner

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Recently, I read a blog article about connectivism by Debora Gallo. However, I accept Siemens’ subsequent point that the discourse since his article was published has helped to create a context of understanding. Consider the following: Create a social bookmarking account to share useful websites. Use Twitter and Facebook to foster social/professional networking.

The Power Of Visual Grouping

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Share this on Facebook Share this on Share it on StumbleUpon Add this to 100 bookmarks. Tags: GRAPHICS MEDIA RECENT ARTICLES In the very early stages of vision—before we’re really conscious of it—our perceptual processes are humming away, attempting to organize the sensory data from our eyes into something that might be meaningful. Grouping by Proximity.

Curator Editor Research Opportunities on eLearning Learning

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The content should be like an article on a topic related to eLearning. Everyone and Social Signals The second very important group is Everyone. We don't divulge all the details of how this works, but basically we are looking for social signals that indicate that someone thinks this content is good stuff. I've discussed some details of this in Social Filtering. Automated? Online Training Library Review

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Share this on Tags: RECENT ARTICLES REVIEWS SOFTWARE REVIEWS If your job or life demand that you learn software applications quickly, then you’ll probably be interested in I’ve been a subscriber to the training library for years and found them to be a life saver when working under tight deadlines with little time to learn something new.

Writing Microcopy: Tips and Pointers

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Share this on Tags: DESIGN RECENT ARTICLES USER INTERFACE Did you ever spend an hour writing a four or five word phrase or short instruction? During that time, you probably felt like an obsessive perfectionist—hunched over the computer trying to get it just right. Now that there’s a term for this type of writing and recognition of how important it is, we can all feel a little more normal. I’m talking about microcopy , and it refers to the little instructions and phrases that we use in eLearning and web page interfaces to guide and assure users. Seriously.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): "So" - A Whole Article on So.Awesome.

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e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « OMG.There are spies everywhere sabotaging our organizations!! » June 16, 2008 "So" - A Whole Article on So.Awesome. " June 16, 2008 in nature of the universe type stuff | Permalink TrackBack TrackBack URL for this entry: [link] Listed below are links to weblogs that reference "So" - A Whole Article on So.Awesome. Clay Shirky My latest additions to stuff Here are some of my main Main | Dont forget.10 "So so so!"

eLearning Cyclops: Cool Tools to Liven Up The Classroom

eLearning Cyclops

I just read an article in T&D Magazine titled "Beef Up Your Training Toolbox with Web Tool." The article inspired me to look at what is on my Cloud Apps page that may also be helpful to the classroom trainer. Screen-o-Matic Screenr Social Bookmarking - Make sure they have all your online resources by giving them one link to all your bookmarks. Social Media - Get a back channel going in the classroom and keep it posted on the screen. Plus, what a great way to continue supporting learners by interacting via social media after the class ends.

Some Tools for Social Learning and How they Help Learning

Kapp Notes

Here is a table with some tools for social learning, short description of the tool, the best use for social learning for the tool and some examples. Social Bookmarking. The ability of someone within an Intranet or Internet to mark or tag a blog entry, a link or an article within the network as important or interesting to them. What makes it social is that, with the right permissions, individuals on the network can view all of the tagged articles and blog entries and see which were tagged the most. Social Network. Web 2.0 Best Use of Tool.

eLearning Cyclops: A Few Things of Interest: #Storyboarding.

eLearning Cyclops

Nugget Head , recently published an article in eLearn Magazine, The Art of Storyboarding , that is a very worthwhile read. My New Social Bookmarking Tool. eLearning Cyclops. My insights on elearning and mlearning. Pages. Free eLearning. Cloud Apps. About Me. Privacy Policy. Tuesday, August 30, 2011. A Few Things of Interest: #Storyboarding & #LearningStyles. Several things of interest I recently wandered upon that I would like to share. Kevin Thorn, a.k.a. Also, NPR had a story regarding the myth of learning styles that is worth a listen. Give it a listen below. link].

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Article comparing new Mash-Up tools (Popfly, Pipes, Google) - thanks Sam Adkins

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e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « Here at ASTD.first session reviews.Ruth Clark and Tony Karrer. » June 03, 2007 Article comparing new Mash-Up tools (Popfly, Pipes, Google) - thanks Sam Adkins Sam Adkins at Ambient Insight passed along a link to a post on the Social Strategist that I just reading through now but which does a compare and contrast between some of the emerging tools for creating mash-ups. Clay Shirky My latest additions to stuff Here are some of my main