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Articulate Storyline vs. Adobe Captivate

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A recent LinkedIn post asked eLearning developers: which tool is best: Adobe Captivate or Articulate Storyline? As   When it comes to output, both Captivate and Storyline can publish SWF and HTML5 content. Adobe Captivate Adobe Presenter Articulate Storyline e-learning eLearning Microsoft PowerPoint mLearning Storyline As I read through the comments, I was struck by how many people insisted that Storyline was the better choice because it was easier to learn than Captivate because it was so much like Microsoft PowerPoint. And that's the point. yikes!

Offline Publishing and Viewing Options with Articulate Storyline®


The purpose of this article is to explain the options that exist within Articulate Storyline, and hopefully make it easier to produce and publish the content available for offline viewing on stationary and mobile devices. Screenshot credit: Articulate Mobile Player (AMP) is a free iPad app that will run your course. The reasons for such requirements vary. What does “Offline” mean?

Articulate Storyline: Adding Accessibility

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If you publish Flash content (SWF), the content can be made compliant. However, HTML5 and Articulate Mobile Player output isn't currently compliant. And you can learn more about Storyline and Accessibility by visiting the  Articulate website.   Looking for training on Articulate Storyline? Your published Storyline lessons can be read by a screen reader.


eLearning: It's Time for Some Reflection

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Since I use Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate for my eLearning development, publishing projects as HTML5 would have taken care of his requirement. and then publish as SWF, HTML5, or both. by Kevin Siegel      I was recently contacted by a client who wanted me to create software simulations of mobile apps. And there is: mirroring. My iPad is using iOS8.

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Games and Interactions for Articulate

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Are you an Articulate user? Now you can quickly create eLearning interactions and games for Articulate. swf). 5. Insert the file into Articulate. Articulate Interactions Products/Reviews eLearning eLearning Tips games interactionsAre you looking for a way to easily create games and interactions to make your courses more engaging? You’re in luck…I’d like to introduce This tool is browser-based and has tons of different template interactions and games to choose from. You don’t need to know flash or programming!

Review of Snap! 1.1 Update

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by Lectora – a PowerPoint authoring tool à la Articulate. Normally I only comment on major releases, but this one has some important features. I’d put about half of them in the keeping-up-with-the-Joneses category, meaning the addition of basic features that Articulate already has. Technically, a skilled programmer could probably get Articulate to do that by adding their own HTML or JavaScript, but Snap! Advantage: Articulate. Have more than one swf per slide. Supports ActionScript 3 (but I wouldn’t be surprised If Articulate fixes that soon).

Flash To HTML5 – Essential Toolkit For Successful Migration

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To be able to provide the flexibility to learners to learn “on-the-go” on the device of their choice, it is imperative that you migrate the legacy/Flash/SWF courses to a platform that supports multiple devices. Over the last 5 years, we have worked with organizations globally to convert their legacy/Flash/SWF courses to HTML5. According to a Bloomberg report, an average U.S Migratio

Adobe Captivate & RoboHelp: Incorporate eLearning within a Help System

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If you have created an eLearning lesson using eLearning tools such as Adobe Captivate, TechSmith's Camtasia Studio or Articulate's Storyline, you can insert the multimedia directly into RoboHelp Help Topics. If the learner is going to use a standard Windows PC or Macintosh computer, SWF output is fine. by Kevin Siegel. There was rarely talk of combining the two technologies.

10 Random ELearning Facts You Should Know


jpg, gif,swf) take more time to recreate than editable source files (.psd,eps,fla). Articulate, the popular rapid elearning development platform, boasts 28,000+ customers. One thing that I have come to realize in my years as a learning & collaboration consultant is that elearning is fun, effective, and a great industry to take part in. 10 ELearning Facts. Static files (.jpg,

Articulate ’09: Tips for Resolving Common Issues

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Articulate’s suite of products rate high in the rapid authoring segment. The latest version, Articulate ’09, has some interesting new features like Single-slide Preview, FLV Support, Easy Audio Editor, and Articulate Branding Removed. Font styles - At times, ‘bold’ or ‘italics’ text in the PPT doesn’t appear the same way after publishing in Articulate. Engage Output.

Expectations From eLearning Authoring Tools

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Should be able to import external Flash SWF as well as audio and video in variety of popular formats. For example, for a course published through Articulate, if I’d wanted SCORM tracking with a different behavior, I might be able to achieve that using the SDK provided by Articulate. When do I use it? What do I like about it? What do I not like about it? SCORM 1.2,

Adobe Captivate: Preloaders

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You can use any of the following formats as a Preloader: jpeg, gif, bmp, wmf, or swf.   We offer live, online training on Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, Adobe Presenter, and TechSmith Camtasia Studio.We can also bring the same great training onsite to your facility. by Kevin Siegel        I received an email last week from a Captivate developer who was concerned with how long it was taking for a published lesson to begin playing for his learners. He also verified that his web server wasn't the issue.   What's a Preloader?

Adaptive and Responsive Design for eLearning: Part 2


Driven in part by Apple’s decision in 2010 not to allow SWF files to run on the iPad, there has been an accelerating move away from Flash and towards the new emerging HTML 5 standards which allow most (but not all) of the same effects to be delivered without the downsides of dubious security, buggy code and outdated plugins. Not any more. eLearning instructional design

Blooms Taxonomy Tutorial (Articulate Engage Examples)

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The links are swf (Flash) files. You can use the tutorials on this page and reuse them (open license, attribution please). You will be prompted to save or open the file most likely. Choose the Flash player to open the file and then you can maximize it for full screen viewing. Check it out: [link

10 Widely Used Authoring Tools that Support HTML5 and Empower E-learning

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swf) worked well on desktops and laptops and for many years, Flash ruled the e-learning world. Articulate Storyline. When you develop e-learning courses using Articulate Storyline , you can download them onto your mobile devices, iPads, and tablets for offline access. Articulate Mobile Player in Storyline is an iOS application helps you optimize your online courses for iPads.

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5 Best Improvements in Articulate Presenter 09

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I’ve been using Articulate Presenter 09 for a couple of months now and have come up with the five things I like best about the new version. Articulate has released two updates to Presenter 09 and most of the problems I had have been cleared up, or I’ve found workarounds.  Articulate Tab - Easily the best thing about the new version, Articulate integrates Presenter into PowerPoint 2007’s ribbon bar. Improved Quizmaker Integration - I was never happy with the integration of Quizmaker and Presenter, but Articulate has fixed the issues.

E-learning Development: Selecting the Right Audio, Video, and Image Format

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If the tool does not support the image, video, or audio format you want to import, you will have to waste time converting them into the required format.  So to get a clear picture, let’s see the various formats supported by Adobe Captivate 9, Articulate Storyline, and Lectora 16. Video (Ctrl+Alt+V) formats include SWF, FLV, F4V, AVI, MP4, MOV, and 3GP. Articulate Storyline 2.


Elearning applications


CamStudio - (Authoring Tool) CamStudio is able to record all screen and audio activity on your computer and create industry-standard AVI video files and using its built-in SWF Producer can turn those AVIs into lean, mean, bandwidth-friendly Streaming Flash videos (SWFs). Traditional instructor led training is expensive and, in some cases, difficult to track its effectiveness. Enjoy!

9 Free Tools That Help Me Build Better E-Learning

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Format Factory lets you convert media from one format to another. I don’t use it as much as I used to now that Articulate’s Studio ‘09 provides a video encoder. For rapid elearning converting to the SWF and FLV Flash formats are important and Format Factory supports this. SWF Player. SWF Player lets you view Flash SWF files. Pixie. Pixie is a simple color picker.

3 Best Tools to Develop Web-based Training (WBT) Courses

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Articulate Storyline. You can use Storyline to publish technology-enabled learning content to Flash, HTML5, and Articulate Mobile Player (AMP), a native app available in both iOS and Android flavors. On the flip side, Articulate Storyline provides little support to responsive e-learning. 2.  How can you develop a good web-based training (WBT) material? Adobe Captivate.

Compressing Media in Your E-Learning Authoring Tools

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Articulate Storyline. Articulate Studio (Presenter, Engage, and Quizmaker). To use the publishing compression settings, go to Presentation Options on the Articulate ribbon. Articulate Studio has an extra option for compressing images either individually or for the whole project, helping you reduce the file size on a very granular level.  Lectora. Adobe Captivate.

Latest E-Learning Trends – Some good, some bad

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Articulate. Once Articulate launches, I suspect you will see a greater swath of vendors adding it to their feature sets. are telling me of problems when they try to use a SWF from the program into Articulate.  As a result of this issue, people have to insert the SWF as a web object. I am still hearing of problems with Captivate 5 and SumTotal. After one quarter (for most companies) into the fiscal calendar year, it is time to see what the future holds in our space. There is Money in those Hills. “This is the best month (January) that we have ever had.

Shifting to Adobe eLearning suite – reuse existing Articulate Engage and Quizmaker content

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articulate engage , adobe captivate , migration , reuse elearning content , adobe elearning suite. In previous posts we have seen how we can reuse Articulate Presenter files by converting it to Adobe Presenter files. In this post we will see how you can use existing Articulate Engage or Quizmaker output files inside Adobe Captivate 4 project. Say OK to the dialog.

eLearning Mega Flash and PPT Temple Bundle

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Made to work within most rapid elearning software (Articulate Presenter, Adobe Captivate, Rapid Intake, Adobe Presenter, PowerPoint and more). Specs: Files included: fla, psd, ppt, pptx, jpg, swf. Your templates are really excellent add-ons to the Articulate software I am using.&# ~ Peter M. Tags: Articulate Featured Flash Products Templates Jeopardy Challenge. Games.

Three Time-Saving Rapid E-Learning Tips

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The PowerPoint flash tools like Articulate Presenter are going to convert your PowerPoint content on each slide to a Flash movie file (.swf). Other conference information : June 27 : Austin, TX—SITE Annual Conference: Become a Rapid E-Learning Pro: Articulate Style. Last week I shared a free PowerPoint template that was inspired by the iPad’s notebook app. Then duplicate it.

eLearning Reusables - Need Beta Participants

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Fisherman Quiz - eLearning Reusable / Work in Progress June 13, 2009 Everything, well at least 95%, in the Flash is reusable in XML, images, audio, swf, etc. Tags: articulate reusable captiavte e-Learning 2.0 The engine is encrypted. This allows non-techie to have a good looking interface and get the questions, passing score, feedback controlled easily. Click here to preview.

Frankenstein Course Development

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Articulate - Presenter and Quizmaker are providing the assessment and an ease of packaging it as a  SCORM compliant course. In this case I will take my Flash course and import the SWF to the first page of Articulate Presenter. This allowed me to get the best of both worlds; Flash and using Articulate to create the assessment and SCORM packaging.

Over 75 Free Rapid E-Learning Resources

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Preview Flash content on your computer: SWF Player and FLV Player [ original post ]. Check out the Articulate Guru entry. NYC Articulate Jam Session on November 11. I’ve set some time aside to do an informal Articulate jam session. The other day this guy asked me how to develop color schemes for his rapid elearning courses. have the same challenge. Audio Resources.

Product Review: Lectora Snap! Empower

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Publish – Publish as a Single SWF, Publish as a video, Publish as a video on a mobile device, One click share to Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube or Snap! Lectora compares this product to Articulate Engage and frankly I think that is a mistake. Initially this review was going to cover both Snap! and Snap! Empower, but I ran into a major issue with Snap!  What was it?

e-learning Game Templates

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came across these products at the recent DevCon09 conference - and purchased them all. I am using them in both Articulate Presenter and Rapid Intake FlashForm training classes. You get both the FLA and the SWF files so you can brand the games for your clients. Need something to spice up your training? Check it out: [link

Product Review Raptivity

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AICC, 508 and SWF. Essentials has interactions that beat Articulate’s interactions. Product: Raptivity. Raptivity is an interaction tool. Its target audience  is the rapid content authoring tool market, but while it tries to hit it, it also misses at many levels. Welcome to Confusion. Raptivity calls their product an interaction tool with templates, games, simulations, etc.

New Tool: Create Awesome eLearning Interactions Online

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swf) and use it in your next course. To-date we have tested in Articulate, ProForm, Unison, Captivate 4, Atlantic Link, Adobe Presenter, Udutu, Adobe Connect, Lectora, and Toolbook. swf) Download. Make your eLearning Awesome! Quickly create eLearning Interactions. How it works: 1. Choose an interaction from our online library. 2. Input your text, images, and audio. 3. Themes.

Three Time-Saving Rapid E-Learning Tips

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The PowerPoint flash tools like Articulate Presenter are going to convert your PowerPoint content on each slide to a Flash movie file (.swf). Other conference information : June 27 : Austin, TX—SITE Annual Conference: Become a Rapid E-Learning Pro: Articulate Style. Last week I shared a free PowerPoint template that was inspired by the iPad’s notebook app. Then duplicate it.

Selection in Agile Learning Design

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And it does not mean putting them in a Captivate or Articulate elearning program that locks the learners to their desk. Flash file (swf): Shockwave Flash file. xml file: This is the file that the swf app reads. This is the fifth in a series of posts on Agile Learning Design: Post 1 - Agile Design: An Ethos for Creating Learning Platforms. Post 4 - Designing Agile Learning.