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A Taste for Growth: CLO of the Year Rob Lauber

CLO Magazine

To solve Yum Brands’ challenges, CLO Rob Lauber has created a learning strategy that helps the business and employees grow, making him this year’s CLO of the Year. From 2006 to 2009 he was on the national board of directors at the American Society for Training & Development, or ASTD, and was chairman in 2010. He is on the ASTD board selection committee and was chairman of the committee from 2010 to 2012. INVOLVEMENT Rob Lauber’s professional and community involvement: 2006-2009: ASTD board of directors. 2008: ASTD treasurer. ” he said.

CLO 12

Fri April 29: ASTD Conference “Learning 2.0 – Don’t get left behind” #ASTDL20

Learning Visions

come to ASTD New England Area’s Regional 2011 Conference: Learning 2.0 – Don’t get left behind. To help you keep up with these many changes, your ASTD New England Area local chapters have joined forces to bring you a very special event designed to share our resources, emerging experience and best thinking in a highly engaging, eye-opening conference. David is an active speaker at industry conferences and has written articles for CLO magazine, Training Magazine, and Talent Management Magazine. But if you’d like to hear from some industry notables on the topic of Learning 2.0,

The 0% Solution to Learning

The Peformance Improvement

The implication of striving for an “isolation score of zero” is that the whole organization owns learning, not just HR and the CLO, and when the organization needs performance improvement, training is not the first course of action. In a recent post on ASTD’s Learning Circuits Blog , Connie Malamed asks, “What do you think the future role of the training professional will be?”

Upcoming webinar: Driving business results with learner-centric programs


He has contributed to several reports published by ASTD, including authoring Mobile Learning: Learning in the Palm of Your Hand, The Rise of Social Media: Enhancing Collaboration and Productivity Across Generations , and I nstructional Systems Design Today and in the Future. His work has also appeared in Compensation & Benefits Review, T+D Magazine and CLO Magazine.

Interviewed as Prelude to Symposium for Learning Leaders

Will at Work Learning

The Northern New Jersey ASTD Learning Leaders Forum has invited me to speak at their October 15th meeting. Advice for learning leaders (CLO''s, training directors, etc.). I''d like to send special thanks to Tony Irace--a long-time colleague and a great learning leader--and his co-conspirator at the Northern New Jersey ASTD Learning Leaders Forum, Meg Paradise. To whet the appetite, we created the following video interview, separated into separate videos. What research have you found interesting? What''s new? Lessons learned from learning leaders.

Something is Going on Down there in the LMS Market

eLearning 24-7

Tags: E-Learn Info HTML5 LCMS LMS SCORM Talent and Performance Management Trends Uncategorized e-learning e-learning vendors elearning learning portal mobile learning tablet tablets webinars ASTD clo mlearning talent management


Something is Going on Down there in the LMS Market

eLearning 24-7

E-Learn Info e-learning e-learning vendors elearning HTML5 LCMS learning portal LMS mobile learning SCORM tablet tablets Talent and Performance Management Trends Uncategorized webinars ASTD clo mlearning talent managementIn the movie Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room , one of the opening shots shows the skyline of Houston from above. As the camera goes over the buildings, a series of voices say, “something is going on down there&# , well in the LMS world; something is going on down there. Get your tablets here. your tablets. and HTML5. Gartner projects 54.8 million units.

Manager's Role in Learning and Performance Improvement

The Peformance Improvement

This is the question I will be answering in an ASTD-sponsored webcast on September 24, 2013 from 1:00 p.m. Managers have control of their own learning, not corporate trainers, HR, or a CLO. What should be a manager’s role in employee learning? to 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time. . Individual, team, and enterprise performance can’t improve without learning. And the result is success!

#ICE #ASTD2013 conference recap

Challenge to Learn

So my first ICE ASTD conference is finished. I was happy to hear that content management is in the top 10 of attention points for CLO’s. ICE ASTD 2013. As said, my first ASTD conference. What do I think of it and what are the trends I see. Let start with the trends. Trends and topics. This is just a growth of a few percent in comparison to 2012. Day 2 and 3 recap.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Building Measurement into Our Training-Development Process

Learning Visions

Guest speaker today is Roy Pollock, CLO of Fort Hill Company. Reflecting on #ASTD10 Recommended: "In Defense of the LMS" Chicago Bound: Kineo at ASTD ICE #astd10 One Year on at Kineo #yam Now that’s an Enterprise Moodle! -- Kineo Moodle f. ASTD Keynote: “People Lie&# Richard Hilleman Electr. Roy wrote Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning. Collect data.

E-Learning: An Impossible Dream?

eLearning 24-7

You see in Linkedin groups – go check out the ASTD Linkedin group and see how many times they focus on ILT vs WBT. Until a few years ago, ASTD didn’t offer a standalone E-Learning conference, yet e-learning has been around for more than a dozen years. ASTD is not the only ones. E-Learning (web based) has been in existence for more than 12 years, yet its impact in terms of the masses is still relatively low in comparison with other training approaches. Within the e-learning space, there has been fast adoption with social learning and with mobile learning. ILT. .

Lisa Doyle Veterans Affairs Acquisition Academy #ASTDTK12

Learning Visions

My live notes from today’s closing session at ASTD TK12 in Las Vegas. Lisa Doyle is the Chancellor of the Veterans Affairs Acquisition Academy and named Chief Learning Office of the Year by CLO Magazine for 2012. The more we understand our Veterans, the better we will serve them.” VA – second largest cabinet level agency in the US. 300,000 employees. 152 medical centers and hospitals across US. Second only to the Dept of Ed in providing educational benefits. Largest cemetery system in teh US. 55% of VA workforce is eligible for retirement in the next ten years. mission service.

Quinnovation ‘to go’

Clark Quinn

Then, on 12 Oct in Laguna Niguel at the CLO Fall Symposium , I’ll be joining with my ITA colleagues Jay Cross and Jane Hart to talk about controversial issues for CLOs. I’m still not done, as I head later that week to DC to speak to the local ASTD chapter with a talk on mobile learning and a social learning workshop. The travel schedule is booting up again, and I’ll be hither and yon speaking about this and that for a good part of the coming two months. More specifically: From 2-3 Oct I’ll be running a two day elearning strategy workshop at Learning 3.0

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John Seeley Brown Keynote at #ASTD2013

Learning Visions

These are my live blogged notes from the opening session at the ASTD International Conference and Expo (ICE) -- happening this week in Dallas, TX. The CLO will need to become the Chief Organizational Architecture. Kineo. Normal. false. false. false. EN-US. X-NONE. 10,000 or so training and development people here to extend their practice. Forgive any typos or incoherence! This morning''s keynote with John Seely Brown: [link]. How to turn any situation into a learning moment? If you can do that, you’ll become an entrepreneurial learner. We move from stocks to flows…. Not in school.

Timing is Everything

Jay Cross

Think about it at the next CLO Symposium. A landmark study by ASTD and IBM interviewed CLOs and CxOs at 26 leading companies across 11 industries (see The C-level and the Value of Learning , T+D magazine, October 2005). C-level officers want their CLO to build the foundation for transforming the company not just to get people up to speed on today’s needs. Try it.

The Big Winner: OpenSesame on the Road Hoodie Contest


After spending our 2010-2011 conference season handing out OpenSesame hoodies at DevLearn, ASTD TechKnowledge, Learning Solutions, the CLO Symposium, ASTD International Conference & Expo and eLearning DevCon, we decided it was time to find out where those hoodies had spent their summer. It turns out some of them have been eating pretzels. Events Good Times

Travels, travails, & thought

Clark Quinn

an eLearning strategy workshop), Laguna Niguel for the CLO Symposium (with Jay and Jane from the Internet Time Alliance ), both in October, and then DevLearn in Lost Wages (running a mobile strategy workshop), DC for a local ASTD Chapter event (mobile talk & social workshop), and Toronto for CSTD’s annual conference in November. In case you’ve been wondering about my relative paucity of posting, let me confess that I’ve been on the road almost non-stop for months. And more time at home in-between. And the time with family was fabulous. meta-learning mobil

If We Had To Do It All Again

CLO Magazine

There’s no specific right way to become a CLO. That’s what makes the CLO role so vibrant. Whatever path you take, there are some key competencies you need to succeed as a CLO. It focuses the CLO on performance and outcomes that are important to the organization, and it helps CLOs translate learning into business imperatives that appeal to and are understood by the decision-makers and influencers in their organization. THREE PLACES TO LEARN TO BE A CLO By Brandon Hall. It is also a primary source of research for ASTD. Elkeles: Persevere.


The Picture Is Bigger Than It Appears

CLO Magazine

Our 2012 CLO of the Year, Pat Crull, group vice president and chief learning officer of Time Warner Cable (TWC), certainly exemplifies this kind of visionary, holistic leadership. As the company’s first CLO, she built it from scratch, taking ownership of TWC’s organizational-effectiveness efforts and diversity and inclusion practices along with learning and development. While I have no vote in the CLO of the Year selection, I am thrilled to see someone I admire so deeply receive the recognition. It means seeing the forest as well as the trees.


21st Century L&D Skills

Performance Learning Productivity

Or you may have entered the learning world through a professional qualification from the CIPD, ASTD or some other national or regional awarding body, or through a College or University diploma or degree. I was recently involved in a discussion about 21st Century learning skills in one of the LinkedIn Groups. I’ve posted that article here, with some changes and updates. So, what’s changed?

What Can You Expect in 2013?

CLO Magazine

According to the 2011 ASTD State of the Industry report, many organizations are investing in technology-based delivery systems and methods, relying on technology to deliver content through social media tools. The CLO role is shifting from a learning mindset around a curriculum to a mindset of developing a highly proficient workforce to support the business. Apps, videos and more sophisticated blended learning and collaboration schemes are just a few of the learning trends to watch and implement in the next year. With mobility, learning and work are not conducted in isolation.

Top eLearning Sites?

Tony Karrer

And there are sites like ASTD that go well outside the world of eLearning. e.g., ASTD (which has good traffic), CLO Media (which doesn’t seem to have good traffic volume) Sites that I can’t get accurate numbers separate from the base site. Learning Circuits is part of ASTD. I was asked what the biggest traffic sites are in eLearning that were not vendor specific sites.

Essential Reading (and Other Skills) for Staying Ahead in the Learning Space


Another way I stay current is by networking with industry professionals, attending conferences, and participating in discussion groups on Linkedin, the CLO Network and on #lrnchat , a Twitter chat of learning professionals. I read a lot, and I am often asked by my friends (you know who you are), “how I do it?&# He asked me how I keep up, and how I manage to read so much. Bozarthzone.

Nine Information Alternatives to the Now Defunct Training Magazine

Kapp Notes

Chief Learning Officer This resource provides guidance and insight to global enterprise education executives--commonly called Chief Learning Officers (CLO). Learning Circuits The online publication of ASTD which contains articles written on a variety of topics centered around online learning. And of course ASTD's T&D Magazine contains good information about learning and development as well. Unfortunately, Training Magazine is folding up shop on its web site, print magazine and conferences. Here are some magazine type places you can visit. ELearning!

Give Back to the Profession

CLO Magazine

The American Society for Training & Development, or ASTD, does its part by recognizing a top dissertation each year. But we need to shrink the world — make the truly best practices more widely known and accessible by all,” said Nancy Lewis, former vice president of learning at IBM and former CLO at ITT. Security Associates, a uniformed guard company, earned a best practice award from ASTD. Capture learning professionals’ knowledge and keep up with new leaders. It’s time to focus on giving back to the profession that has been very good to me.

On the road again

Clark Quinn

However, I haven’t been on the road since early June for any conferences , after running a workshop at ASTD’s international conference and then presenting at DAU/GMU’s Innovations in eLearning Conference. First, Jay Cross and I will be presenting on the Chief Meta-Learning Officer article we wrote at the Fall CLO Symposium Sept 28-30. But it’s that time again.


Performance Learning Productivity

Aligning L&D Priorities and Outputs The IBM/ASTD Strategic Value of Learning study found clear blue water between senior leaders’ expressed requirement for L&D to help them prepare for future challenges and Learning leaders’ (CLOs or Learning Directors/Managers) focus on moving up the value chain from learning to performance and talent to address current challenges. And change now.


eLearning Tour - May 21 - Free

Tony Karrer

He is an influential voice in the IT training industry, speaking at conferences and participating within industry associations such as CLO Magazine, CompTIA, ASTD, The E-learning Guild and The Masie Centre. On May 21, LearnTrends will be hosting an eLearning Tour Event. This is designed to take you on a quick tour of different examples of what's happening out there. These examples are coming straight from our eLearning community. Sign up on the Learn Trends site and Attend the Event. Recently, he won the Innovative Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Technology. and Ph.D.

ILT, eLearning Tools, Visual Learners, KM, monitter, & T&D Magizines

Big Dog, Little Dog

Past performance suggests no change in the level of instructor-led training, at least, according to the most recent ASTD State of the Industry Report [1]. Authoring Tool Tips and Tricks - Paul Schneider in ASTD. CLO Magazine Long Live Instructor-Led Learning - Saul Carliner in eLearn Magazine. percent in 2003 and 70.58 percent of all training in 2003 to 6.39 percent in 2008.

Establishing Connections on LinkedIn

eLearning Blender

I started off by joining the ASTD, and CLO groups and I think I'll look into the eLearning Guilds group next. Everybody talks about how great LinkedIn is so a while back I set up an account to see what everybody was talking about. And that's about as far as I went, I set up an account then didn't really know what to do with it. I found that without connections it's hard to make any use out of it. So that raises the question; how do you establish connections on LinkedIn? Here's what I did to start establishing connections whose expertise I might be able to tap into.

Competency Models, Mindhacks, Training, Experiential Learning, Twitter, SharePoint, and Order

Big Dog, Little Dog

Using Competency Models to Target Training Needs: Lessons Learned - ASTD. If a CLO can point to the metrics that show training's impacts on those objectives, so much the better - for both his budget and people. Yet we have found that fewer than 20 percent of companies use this more effective, integrated approach. 100 Terrific Mindhacks to Make the Most of Your Brain - Find Schools.

Notes from Intelligent Content 2010


Start from outside in [Xyleme] Mark Hellinger, Xyleme: 68% of training world-wide is in person, instructor-led or virtual instructor led (not elearning) per ASTD #IC2010 68% of all training is instructor-led or virtually instructor-led. Home About Podcasts Videos Xyleme Inc. It is content that helps you and your customers get the job done. Often a mismatch. A: PowerPoint. Till next year.

e-Learning: In Search of a Better Definition

Big Dog, Little Dog

One of the first definitions for e-learning is ASTD's , who define it as covering a wide set of applications and processes, such as Web-based learning, computer-based learning, virtual classrooms, and digital collaboration. ASTD's definition is somewhat different in that it basically defines anything that is electronic (electronic learning) as e-learning. Comments welcomed

LearnTrends: Backchannel

Jay Cross

Plug for ASTD - CPLP Certification includes all of these areas of expertise. What is distracting CLO's from taking ownership of it? Clark Quinn and I led a discussion on Reinventing Organizational Learning at LearnTrends this morning. The recording will be up before the day is over, but I thought you might enjoy the discussion that went with it. tmast: yeah. Mars Chen: ok. it's 9AM.