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Review of #ASTD2014 International Conference and Expo

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There was one video learning platform vendor that I can recall,  but the two who are mentioning “enterprise for business” in their respected marketing were not  – i.e. MediaCore and Panopto. should note this was the same issue at ASTD in Dallas, where your only options were “difficult to find coffee cart”, “bring your own” or “Starbucks” Guess what?  Considering that plenty of smaller shows give free coffee, how hard is it for ASTD to do the same?  Or those who offer a VLP or video related service was mind boggling.

TechKnowledge 2012 – Post Assessment

eLearning 24-7

Enables video to be recorded and guess what – SCORM compliant – finally! After video recording, you can search by keyword and it goes right to the video that the person says the keyword. Offers two products – one is a stand alone platform, the other is a stand alone product – you can integrate the video into your own LMS/ l earning Platform. For PPT lovers, you can synch video files with PPT with drag and drop. Key Features: Ability to view in real time an instructor presenting a course via video, while the attendees are elsewhere.

15 Stats About Sales Training You Won’t Want to Ignore

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With that said, video is the ultimate game-changer and a global trend.  2)  1 in 8 jobs in the US are full-time sales positions. ASTD). Organizations are clearly focused on training—they’re just failing to see that video does a better job than the traditional model at producing great communicators and problem solvers. . 4)  94% of companies invest in sales training. Sadly, many organizations invest too much time on old teaching methods that don’t deliver the same results as video on-demand. 5) Organizations spend $5K per year on training each sales rep. IKO Systems).

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How to Find Free PowerPoint E-Learning Templates

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Microsoft’s Online Office site is a great resource for free PowerPoint templates. Since many of you are using PowerPoint and the resources on the Microsoft site here’s a link to the Microsoft EULA. I’m no lawyer so it’s up to you to read and interpret the EULA. To save you some time, I dug through the PowerPoint templates on the Microsoft site. They have thousands.


Using Social Media for Learning: Tools & Practices #BHsocialmedia

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Video, podcasts, discussion forums, games, mentoring programs (Partner new learners with those already certified). Used Microsoft SharePoint – blogs, wikis, messaging, polls, surveys, RSS feeds (get alerted when content is updated). 90% of facebook users don’t return to a fan page once the click the like button The most popular types of content on FB: image with text image video text external links (put actual link not a shortened link – people on FB want to know where they’re going. They will be at ASTD ICE in Orlando. It’s now available on demand as it’s needed.

Three Ways to Promote Continuous Learning


Many training departments receive requests for all kind of things not specifically related to job tasks — for example training requests for Microsoft Excel, writing skills, or email etiquette. Microsoft offers scores of free  self-paced online tutorials  for all of their Office products. Image used courtesy of ASTD. Be great at your job. Continuously learn new skills.

Here’s a Simple Way to Save Time When Working with Graphics in PowerPoint

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Clips in this case can be vector illustrations (clip art), photos, videos, and audio files. Instead, you have to click on the Windows Start icon , go to All Programs , and then locate the Microsoft Office folder. Inside the folder, you’ll find and Microsoft Office Tools folder with the clip organizer inside. March 9 : Central Missouri ASTD ( webinar ). Easy as that!

Free Stock Photos Sites for e-Learning


Free Digital Photos Download royalty free photos and illustrations for websites, newspapers, magazines, video and TV productions, iPhone applications, PowerPoint presentations, forums, blogs and school work. Microsoft Office Online Free photos and clip art from Microsoft Search Engine for Free Photos Every Stock Photo Every Stock Photo is a search engine for free photos.

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eLearning Conferences 2012

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link] January 25-27, 2012 American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) TechKnowledge , Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. link] March 3-4, 2012 Ed Tech Teacher (ETT) Winter Conference: Leading Change in Changing Times, hosted by Microsoft New England Research and Development (NERD) Center, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Clayton R. You can contact him at: Private?

eLearning Conferences 2013

Tony Karrer

link] January 30-February 1, 2013 American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) TechKnowledge , San Jose, California, USA. link] February 10-14, 2013 Microsoft Tech-Ed Africa , Durban, South Africa. Clayton R. Wright has done his 28th version of his amazing list of conferences again this year. You can contact him at: crwr77 [@] " But its still a massive list.

Something is Going on Down there in the LMS Market

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HTML5 & Video – There is a Difference when it comes to your favorite browser. Not every browser supports the same video codecs, a downside to HTML5.  Here are the current breakouts: Google Chrome 8 and future editions, Microsoft IE9 and Apple Safari 5 supports h.264, a proprietary format. On a surf expedition the other week, I came across a LMS vendor who was not pitching their product or selling their service, but rather was providing unbiased information on tablets and how they will revolutionize e-learning.  It is a video.  Get your tablets here.

How to Be Successful at Rapid E-Learning

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Here are a few resources and ideas to help you with the assets: Microsoft Office Online. If you’re a licensed user of the Microsoft products you have free access to the many templates and media assets they make available. while back I watched this video about deploying inflatable concrete shelters. Tidbits: I’m at ASTD TechKnowledge in San Jose all this week. Voila!

Top 70 eLearning Posts for June and Hot Topics including iPad and Mobile Learning

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Video: ‘A Plagiarism Carol’ - Dont Waste Your Time , June 14, 2010 I found this really funny, and quite well put together, video outlining the pitfalls of plagiarising text this morning. YouTube: Plagiarism Video. Video: The Singularity University. Skip Via , an Instructional Technology professor at the University of Alaska, has createda nice 5 minute video that thoroughly explains the purpose of a PLN, what a PLN is, and he outlines exactly the tools he uses to make his PLN. Hollywood or YouTube - What’s the right level of training video production?

eLearning Conferences 2011

Tony Karrer

link] January 10-12, 2011 Video for Learning Lab and Seminar, sponsored by the Masie Center, Saratoga Springs, New York, USA. link] February 2-4, 2011 American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) TechKnowledge , San Jose, California, USA. Clayton Wright has done his amazing list of conferences again this year and has asked me to post again. And send that to Clayton. link].

Get More Life Out of Your Clip Art with This Simple Trick

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The truth for a lot of people is that if it weren’t for Microsoft’s clip art library, you wouldn’t have any graphics to work with. Click here to watch video or a better one. So the trick is learning to get the most out of your limited resources. In earlier posts, I’ve shared how to ungroup clip art to create your own images. Create a Hand Drawn Look. Feel free to use it as you wish.

10 Free Audio Programs to Use for E-Learning

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When I did video production, we had a CD binder that held about 200 disks full of just about any music style you would need. Loved this song, Making Me Nervous , which I heard in a Tech Crunch video. You can always download and use Microsoft’s Songsmith and create brilliant stuff like this. Tidbits: I had a blast at the ASTD conference and got to meet quite a few blog readers.

eLearning Conferences 2012


link] January25-27, 2012 American Societyfor Training and Development (ASTD) TechKnowledge ,Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. link] March 3-4, 2012 Ed Tech Teacher (ETT) Winter Conference: Leading Change in ChangingTimes, hosted by Microsoft New England Research and Development (NERD) Center,Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Educational Technology and Related Education Conferences for January to June 2012 Clayton R. Wright has done his 26th version of his amazing list of conferences again this year. All Internet addresses were verified at the time of publication. Mlýn , Czech Republic. link].

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Market Differences in eLearning

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Microsoft in India, just hires content development managers, whose core skill sets is ID, but their role turns out to be that of a vendor manager and content reviewer, as Microsoft (in India) outsources elearning work to 3rd parties. 4. ASTD Keynote: “People Lie&# Richard Hilleman Electr. Monday, March 23, 2009 Market Differences in eLearning Im a fan of the number 42.

Answers to Frequently Asked Rapid E-Learning Questions

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While it’s not an option for everybody, if you can use Screenr videos for your training here are a few ideas: You can insert the Screenr video in PowerPoint using the developer tab and inserting the.SWF link from the embed code. Use that embed code to insert the video as a web object. Download the video as an.MP4. Just record your video in chunks. Not me.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: New Rapid e-Learning Tool from Epic

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Hi Cammy, RE: Its not clear to me from the press release what type of authoring environment is used (is it Microsoft Word?) or what format the output is in. It is indeed an authoring tool which integrates with Microsoft Word. ASTD Keynote: “People Lie&# Richard Hilleman Electr. Posted by Cammy Bean at 8:42 AM Labels: epic , rapid e-learning 4comments: Dan said. eLearnin.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: A Deserted Second Life

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have never actually gone into SL (my laptop doesnt have the right video card). Reflecting on #ASTD10 Recommended: "In Defense of the LMS" Chicago Bound: Kineo at ASTD ICE #astd10 One Year on at Kineo #yam Now that’s an Enterprise Moodle! -- Kineo Moodle f. ASTD Keynote: “People Lie&# Richard Hilleman Electr. What about you? Do you have a Second Life?

Our Essential iOS Apps

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It’s no secret that the iPad and iPhone lack the ability to store and organize files – Dropbox gives me that ability. I can also use Dropbox to sync photos and videos taken on my iPad or iPhone, and I can share files in my Dropbox account with friends and family very easily. Quickoffice Pro HD is the best Microsoft Office suite app I could find for the iPad. Just $49.95

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Learning to Work, Working to Learn

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Reflecting on #ASTD10 Recommended: "In Defense of the LMS" Chicago Bound: Kineo at ASTD ICE #astd10 One Year on at Kineo #yam Now that’s an Enterprise Moodle! -- Kineo Moodle f. ASTD Keynote: “People Lie&# Richard Hilleman Electr. Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff. Monday, March 16, 2009 Learning to Work, Working to Learn This post is my contribution to this months Work/Learning Blog Carnival hosted by the venerable Dave Ferguson. Opening my eyes, looking around, and seeing what I can see.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Building Measurement into Our Training-Development Process

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Learning News Microsoft just released Semblio , a new authoring tool Skype 4.0 much better video) Question of the Week -- Economy How has economy affected your Learning Unit? Reflecting on #ASTD10 Recommended: "In Defense of the LMS" Chicago Bound: Kineo at ASTD ICE #astd10 One Year on at Kineo #yam Now that’s an Enterprise Moodle! -- Kineo Moodle f. It depends.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Audio in eLearning: When Rough Around the Edges is Better

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This past year we started doing more video interviews with SMEs using Flip cameras over the XL1. What we lose in video quality we gain in authenticity. also like to use SMEs for video. For example as a machinist and machine shop teacher's son, I did everything but put on my dad's old shop coat to deliver content for Pratt & Whitney and NASA on maintenance and reassembly of the space shuttle engine. I've also successfully discussed medical terminology for doctors, electronics and software for Dell, Microsoft, and many others. So thats one version.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Adobe/Bersin Overview of the eLearning Industry

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Podcasting, rapid e-learning, short videos, mobile delivery Content Maturity Model Started with Traditional Content -- modeled after instructor led. Industry Data Adobe and Microsoft most widely used for course development tools Online Meetings (20% dont use, 28% WebEx; 19% LiveMeeting, Adobe Connect (6.5%) Trend of these companies partnering with LMS systems (e.g., Reflecting on #ASTD10 Recommended: "In Defense of the LMS" Chicago Bound: Kineo at ASTD ICE #astd10 One Year on at Kineo #yam Now that’s an Enterprise Moodle! -- Kineo Moodle f. My notes here.

Training - Performance Support - Learning - Best of eLearning Learning

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How to share a link to a specific timecode in YouTube video - Business Casual , July 9, 2009. The Disciplines of Modern Enterprise Learning - The ASTD BIG QUESTION for July’09 , July 15, 2009. LMS Customer Support Expectations , July 17, 2009. E=MC2 … or eScience + Physics + Microsoft = Wow! eLearning Learning Hot List. July 10, 2009 to July 17, 2009. Top Posts. The following are the top posts from featured sources based on social signals. How To Add Realism To eLearning - The eLearning Coach , July 17, 2009. Is Social Learning a fad? Top Other Items. Million!

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: The Real World, SecondLife and FaceBook/MySpace

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associate that style with video games and super-hero comics, which continue to be mostly "guy" things. In fact, the overall look of the place says "video game," which to me suggests lots of explosions and battles and such. Its also possible that as more video games appeal to women, women will develop better associations with the "look" of Second Life. 3:20 PM Cammy Bean said. In the meantime, Im trying to work with what Ive got (hey -- my laptop doesnt even have the right video card to run SL!) 9:58 AM Mark Aberdour said. Computers are a fact of their lives.

Top 47 Posts and 10 Hot Topics for February

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Video: Online Student Experience - WISE Pedagogy , February 9, 2010 The following video by YouTube user mokmcdaniel shows what an online student’s experience would look like if his instructor’s lack of instruction had occurred in a face-to-face classroom. Related posts: Watchitoo combines asynchronous video. Strategy - Janet Clarey , February 9, 2010 I’m finally getting around to reading the ASTD State of the Industry Report for 2009 which was released in November. This is a fantastic example of using video, audio, photos, and animation all in one course.

Will at Work Learning: Measuring Learning 8 – Book Review: Shrock & Coscarelli’s Book, Criterion-Referenced Test Development

Will at Work Learning

ASTD is even doing this, for Bloon's sake!) When I worked for Microsoft developing training for large events, our main metric was "customer satisfaction" Guess how much actual assessment was done there. Video about New Media and the Young Generation Charley Morrow on Todays Employment Handcuffs Learning about the Financial Crises. Ill get to that in a minute.