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An Augmented Reality Future

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The app utilizes the iPhone or iPad 2’s front-facing camera to track your hands. The use of augmented reality as an interface has mostly been gimmicky. Perhaps the only other AR based apps that have made equal sense are the augmented reality browsers. Future Technology augmented reality Augmented Reality App Ghost Guitar

Is Augmented Reality really the answer? #edtech #AR

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Following on from previous posts on Augmented Reality ( Does it have a place/future in education? and Augmented Reality on campus ) I’ve spent a little time trying, and enjoying, the experience of using and creating Aurasmas , but have not got anywhere past the stage of just trying it out. So, what place does augmented reality (AR) have in the classroom?

#Augmented Reality #AR overview and examples provided by Victór Alvarez

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Augmented reality is moving us slowly moving towards the future of embedded intelligent technology. In this webinar recording from Victór Alvarez he gives a comprehensible overview of what augmented reality is and can be. augmented learning mobile mLearning augmented reality mobile learning mooc mobimooc eLearning AR

When augmented reality isn’t

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So I was excited to stumble upon their Augmented Reality browsing of Powerhouse Museum around Sydney app for Apple and Android. love history, I love augmented reality, and I own an iPhone – so a combination of all three proved irresistible. The app barely augments reality. In short, the augmented reality component is redundant.

#mLearnCon: Augmented Reality is “Everywhere” Learning

Aaron Silvers

Me: As learning people, why should we care about Augmented Reality? Kris: Augmented Reality can extend the world around a user by layering digital reference information on top of the physical world. Users are notified on their iPhones through an App when they get close to a location. Layar is available on iPhone and Android platforms.

My forecasts for 2017

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”  Uh, you may know who they are – and no offense to them, but it is a reality. When people think of VR (Virtual Reality) they often think of Oculus Rift and similar headset devices. Google Cardboard –  Been around for a long time.  It works best with Android (has more apps), but you can use an iPhone in it ( I did).  DESTEK Vone 3D VR Virtual Reality Headset 3D VR Glasses is another one out there. This site lists over 40 VR headsets that require a smartphone and work with an iPhone. And the crowds roared.  They wouldn’t admit it.

Augmented reality in e-learning – just virtual reality?

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The manner of the defeat is not relevant to augmented reality technology in any sense, but I’d like to think that it provides anecdotal evidence that I’d been planning this blog well before this article appeared on the BBC website. I’d gone to the game with a friend from university, who happens to work for the software development company Autonomy. Augmented reality for mobile devices isn’t anything new. It’s easy to think that with the speed of progress – I can well see my iPhone 3GS being obsolete in less than three years, and I only bought it last year.

The rise of human-computer co-operation #edtech

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” “The more you look around you the more you see Licklider’s vision everywhere: whether it’s augmented reality in your iPhone, GPS in your car, our human-computer symbiosis is making us more capable. eLearning Video Augmented Reality Big Data iPhone Shyam Sankar TED TEDTalksEdu YouTube Natural gesture computer controls.

QR Code Reader Apps #QRCode

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QR Code Reader and Scanner (iPhone/iPad/iPod) : Scan QR Codes you find on your travels, in magazines, on posters, etc with this useful and free app. BeeTag (iPhone/iPad/iPod) : BeeTag will scan a QR Code as well as a normal code (as do the others above) but this app also acts as a price checker on normal barcodes. Apps App Augmented Reality iPad iPhone iPod QR Code QRCodesBU

Augmented Reality - Using Junaio in the British Museum

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Its BEGGING for augmented reality with Junaio. In all seriousness, I'm a fan of augmented reality and I see the possibilities. But even beyond the augmenting of reality I'm anxious to see learning design incorporated into the technology. serious games iPhone Android elearningThe Junaio blog posted this today. Learning with Junaio, Samsung and British Museum. The first thing that struck me was that Museums seem to be perfect for this technology. The next thing that hit me was why this hasn't been created for the Freedom Trail in Boston.

Custom QR Code generator #QRCode

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Easy (… and don’t forget to test it)! I’ve used three different apps in the iPhone to scan it, and all three worked (where at least two don’t usually work when scanning a code on the screen) – try your scanner software and let me know if it worked for you? QR Codes Augmented Reality Custom EdTech Education QR Code Share TechnologyUntil today.

Augmented Reality on campus

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There are many uses for Augmented Reality systems and applications already out there, but most I come across are for more generic “find a hotel&# or “find a wifi spot&#. Library : Why not have an Augmented Reality app for the Library? Related posts: Video: Augmented Reality Explained. More Augmented Reality Videos. YouTube

Augmented Reality – Upside Pune Layar

Upside Learning

Today, Upside Learning is thrilled to announce that we are augmenting reality in Pune, with a layer that’ll let you find significant landmarks in and around the city. If you have an iPhone or Android Phone and have the augmented reality browser Layar installed you can access this layer now. This is useful when you are looking for a specific landmark.

#Googleglass out, other smart tech in? Where is #educational bonus?

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Cheap virtual reality and smart glass solutions are increasingly being rolled out, but as with all technology: multiple companies are trying to corner the market, but in the end only a few will keep on standing (and it seems tech launches and halts happen quicker than ever). The wearable technologies are booming business, but a lot of it is still very expensive. Time or budget wise.

Fighting Phobia's with Augmented Reality

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Event Augmented Reality, the practice of overlaying digital images on top of the real physical world, has been used for everything from BMW repairs to iPhone apps like the one created by the MGM Mirage to applications for teaching Spanish. But now augmented reality is teaching people not to fear bugs, specifically Cockroaches. According to the article Treating Cockroach Phobia With Augmented Reality In exposure therapy, the phobic person puts him or herself in the presence of whatever they fear--heights, spiders, etc.--until,

Augmented Reality App from the Museum of London

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It’s taken me awhile to find this (thanks to Ignatia on Twitter for the tweet to the PetaPixel website), but how good is this … “ Streetmuseum is a new (and free) augmented reality iPhone app created by the Museum of London that allows you to browse historical photographs in various parts of the city&#. Video: Augmented Reality Explained.

Augmented Reality and M-Learning

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Interactivity meets reality. Augmented Reality and it is happening as we speak. Augmented Reality – what is it? iPhone and Android) have been hitting the market. Works with various smartphones including iPhone 3, any Android, iPhone4, Symbian OS. AR Reality. Let me pose this scenario: Every day, you walk down the same street. 3G needed.

How iPhone Apps Fit Into Online Training


An augmented reality application could allow the construction worker to point his or her phone at the device and see a display of safety features overlaid on the device. Online Training app Connie Malamed e-learning education iPhone m-learning mobile learning mobile technology Safety training sales training smartphone tablet The Learning CoachAnd who uses it? Can anyone do it?

AR mobile quest part 1: first steps taken for mobile augmented reality with Android phone

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So I decided to take hold of all the steps leading up to a new Augmented Reality (AR) mobile learning application. Layar is currently a top tool if you want to try out AR for mobile phones (iPhone 3GS and Android phones). Tags: mobile augmented reality mobile learning android Why do I look at AR? to add a virtual layer of information to the real world.

The 3 mindsets of m-learning

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Handheld devices combined with the Internet, geolocation, and the likes of augmented reality make the learning experience engaging, timely and real. learning apps Bring Your Own Device BYOD BYOT experience experiential learning iPad iPhone learning M-Learning’s dirty little secrets mlearning mobile mobile learning pull push responsive web design RWD smartphone tablet training

RWD 126

Augmented Reality on the iPhone

Nigel Paine

Much hyped as a theoretical development, there is now an App you can purchase from the App store which has this embedded. It is the Paris Metro app and if you switch the camera on and hold it up, the nearest stations and the direction and distance from you, are displayed on the screen. Itwill also show you where the nearest Starbucks and MacDonalds are located in the same way. It is described (in French) in this YouTube snip and is well worth watching. came up with 50 possible uses for this technology in the 4 minutes it was running. Should give most of you at least one 'Ah Ha' moment!

Augmented Reality and The Coming Tsunami of Location Learning Apps

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It’s here and it’s called Augmented Reality (AR). Even though AR has been around for awhile, AR app support for both Android and iPhone devices is a recent development. Let’s take a virtual reality trip sans technology for some answers. You hold up your iPhone and pan your viewfinder across the Arc de Triomphe. So, what is AR? Site seeing is stirring up a hunger.

Video: A Brief History of Tech in Education #edtech

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Augmented Reality: does it have a place/future in education? Technology Video EdTech FOTE11 iPad iPhone Smart Phone YouTubeMany thanks to Sue Beckingham (@ suebecks ) for showing me this video this afternoon, very succinct and effective. Where the technology is going no one can predict (although many are trying) which means we can’t predict how we will use it.

Tools For Mobile Learning Development

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Augmented Reality. IPhone. It is not available on IPhone. But as IPhone has distinct UI there are some tools to achieve that effect: iui. Tools for Games : You can always use native SDK provided for mobile devices like IPhone to develop games, but then you will have to start from scratch. Tools for Augmented Reality: Layar. Games. Andriod.

Apple iPad Disappoints eLearning Industry

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I have great respect for Apple as an organization particularly because I use an iPhone and I think the iPhone has definitely become one of those game-changers in the smartphone world and by a large margin. I was looking forward to the Apple iPad even more so as we have been doing good stuff on mobile learning and putting up applications and tools on iPhone as pilots and on a trial basis. The iPad was supposed to be better and bigger than the iPhone, closer to a computer and much more than just a phone. hope Apple is not being blinded by the iPhone’s success.

Eye of the tiger

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According to Cook-Greuter, “it refers to how we see the world through new eyes, how we change our interpretations of experience and how we transform our views of reality. Take airport security for example: consider an augmented reality app designed to train a customs officer to recognise the tell-tale signs of a passenger who is concealing drugs. The setting was real.

#iel11 Blended Models for Learning

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Presentation: Blended Models for Learning - Applications of Augmented Reality Presenter: Kris Rockwell Augmented Reality - "A live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by virtual computer-generated sensory input, such as sound or graphics." Layers - looking through device w/ image of physical space overlay with a physical layer." - Like heads-up display in airplane Augmenting view of what is out in real world. Augmented - look at the codes and may get image / play pieces. separate discussion).

My top 10 #eLearning and #mLearning posts from 2010

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Beware critics of Connectivism : or how I feel connectivism opens up content creation and access Plenk: my vision of the educational future: yes augmented reality is mentioned. And the absolute top post was on the joint Mobile Moodle for iPhone project that we started in 2010 together with a wide variety of Moodle'rs. How to add a retweet and facebook button to your blog.

Developing A Layar Application

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Currently Android 1.5+ and IPhone 3GS supports it. Related posts: Augmented Reality – Upside Pune Layar eLearning: Interesting Weekly Finds #12 Google Goggles and Mobile Learning. Tags: Future Learning Innovation Mobile Learning augmented reality Augmented Reality App Developing A Layar Application Layar Application Layar Browser Gmail account.

10 Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest – 28

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Another technology that has found its feet not just in marketing but more so in just-in-time, self-based learning is Augmented Reality (AR). Besides this, our technology-tuned ears have also caught some scoop on iPhone and Flash; finally, the marriage seems to be on the cards. Augmented Reality: 5 Ways it Can Change Your World. iPhone Finally Gets Flash.

The Evolution of the “Common eLearning Man”

eLearning Brothers

iPhone, mobile phones, and mobile technology. Augmented reality. Isn’t it amazing to think how far eLearning has come since the early 1990′s? It is truly remarkable how things have evolved so rapidly. When writing this post, I’ve been amazed how quickly technology is progressing and how it is starting to impact the methodology of content delivery. SCORM.

Top 10 eLearning Predictions 2011 #LCBQ

Tony Karrer

Branon Learning Management System App Stores Bob Little Apps, Not Courses Inge de Waard Augmented reality moves towards augmented learning with easy tools: Wikitude , Layar , ARToolKit. Situated learning (learning within context in a community of practice) grows thanks to augmented mobile reality. I'm hoping that others will join the effort. Learning apps. Rovy F.

Where is L&D heading?

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By this I mean integrating the content with the environment in which the individual is situated, and I see a lot of potential in augmented reality and wearable technologies facilitating this. Alternatively, you could use your iPhone. Last week I was invited by David Swaddle to be a panellist at the Sydney eLearning and Instructional Design meetup. The moot point of MOOCs.

LC Big Question: How Do We Keep Up?

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It’s useful in making prospects and clients believe what’s possible – like these iPhone App and Augmented Reality samples. Tags: Upside Learning augmented reality Mobile Learning Mobile Learning Development Top 74 Workplace Learning Blogs reflect on this question from an organization perspective as opposed to an individual’s perspective.