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An Augmented Reality Future

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The app utilizes the iPhone or iPad 2’s front-facing camera to track your hands. The use of augmented reality as an interface has mostly been gimmicky. Perhaps the only other AR based apps that have made equal sense are the augmented reality browsers. Future Technology augmented reality Augmented Reality App Ghost Guitar

When augmented reality isn’t

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So I was excited to stumble upon their Augmented Reality browsing of Powerhouse Museum around Sydney app for Apple and Android. I love history, I love augmented reality, and I own an iPhone – so a combination of all three proved irresistible. However, Augmented Reality browsing of Powerhouse Museum around Sydney is boring and clunky.

Augmented Reality and M-Learning

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Interactivity meets reality. Augmented Reality and it is happening as we speak. Augmented Reality – what is it? iPhone and Android) have been hitting the market. Works with various smartphones including iPhone 3, any Android, iPhone4, Symbian OS. AR Reality. Let me pose this scenario: Every day, you walk down the same street. 3G needed.

My forecasts for 2017

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” Uh, you may know who they are – and no offense to them, but it is a reality. When people think of VR (Virtual Reality) they often think of Oculus Rift and similar headset devices. It works best with Android (has more apps), but you can use an iPhone in it ( I did). Fit VR, Homido VR, Freefly VR headset, Merge VR Googles, Pasonomi VR Glasses, IncrediSonic Vue Series VR glasses, View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack, Habor VR headset, Tepoinn VR headset, Archos VR Glasses, Bobo VR headsets. And the crowds roared. They wouldn’t admit it. online.

Augmented Reality – Upside Pune Layar

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Today, Upside Learning is thrilled to announce that we are augmenting reality in Pune, with a layer that’ll let you find significant landmarks in and around the city. If you have an iPhone or Android Phone and have the augmented reality browser Layar installed you can access this layer now. This is useful when you are looking for a specific landmark.

How iPhone Apps Fit Into Online Training


An augmented reality application could allow the construction worker to point his or her phone at the device and see a display of safety features overlaid on the device. Online Training app Connie Malamed e-learning education iPhone m-learning mobile learning mobile technology Safety training sales training smartphone tablet The Learning CoachAnd who uses it? Can anyone do it?

Augmented Reality and M-Learning

eLearning 24-7

Interactivity meets reality. Augmented Reality and it is happening as we speak. Augmented Reality – what is it? iPhone and Android) have been hitting the market. Works with various smartphones including iPhone 3, any Android, iPhone4, Symbian OS. AR Reality. Let me pose this scenario: Every day, you walk down the same street. 3G needed.

The 3 mindsets of m-learning

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Handheld devices combined with the Internet, geolocation, and the likes of augmented reality make the learning experience engaging, timely and real. m-learning apps Bring Your Own Device BYOD BYOT experience experiential learning iPad iPhone learning M-Learning’s dirty little secrets mlearning mobile mobile learning pull push responsive web design RWD smartphone tablet training

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Seven 2017 Learning Trends: Novel or Norm?

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From Trend to Reality. In short, those 1998 trends evolved into today’s reality over a span of years. Virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. These new reality technologies have been sitting on the horizon for years. The newest iPhone, for example, has a very worthy video camera. Do trends really matter? I’ll let you decide.

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Tools For Mobile Learning Development

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Augmented Reality. IPhone. It is not available on IPhone. But as IPhone has distinct UI there are some tools to achieve that effect: iui. Tools for Games : You can always use native SDK provided for mobile devices like IPhone to develop games, but then you will have to start from scratch. Tools for Augmented Reality: Layar. Games. Andriod.

Eye of the tiger

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According to Cook-Greuter, “it refers to how we see the world through new eyes, how we change our interpretations of experience and how we transform our views of reality. Take airport security for example: consider an augmented reality app designed to train a customs officer to recognise the tell-tale signs of a passenger who is concealing drugs. The setting was real.

Apple iPad Disappoints eLearning Industry

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I have great respect for Apple as an organization particularly because I use an iPhone and I think the iPhone has definitely become one of those game-changers in the smartphone world and by a large margin. I was looking forward to the Apple iPad even more so as we have been doing good stuff on mobile learning and putting up applications and tools on iPhone as pilots and on a trial basis. The iPad was supposed to be better and bigger than the iPhone, closer to a computer and much more than just a phone. I hope Apple is not being blinded by the iPhone’s success.

Immersive Learning, VR, AR, MR

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VR – Virtual Reality. AR – Augmented Reality. MR – Mixed Reality. VR – Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality -Your field of vision is entirely replaced by an immersive experience (visual and sound). I have tested an app ideal for an Android phone on the iPhone 6 and it worked fine (using Google Cardboard). . Reality.

The Evolution of the “Common eLearning Man”

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iPhone, mobile phones, and mobile technology. Augmented reality. Isn’t it amazing to think how far eLearning has come since the early 1990′s? It is truly remarkable how things have evolved so rapidly. When writing this post, I’ve been amazed how quickly technology is progressing and how it is starting to impact the methodology of content delivery. SCORM.

Developing A Layar Application

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and IPhone 3GS supports it. Related posts: Augmented Reality – Upside Pune Layar eLearning: Interesting Weekly Finds #12 Google Goggles and Mobile Learning. Tags: Future Learning Innovation Mobile Learning augmented reality Augmented Reality App Developing A Layar Application Layar Application Layar Browser A Gmail account. Latest Layar 3.0

Top 10 eLearning Predictions 2011 #LCBQ

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Branon Learning Management System App Stores Bob Little Apps, Not Courses Inge de Waard Augmented reality moves towards augmented learning with easy tools: Wikitude , Layar , ARToolKit. Situated learning (learning within context in a community of practice) grows thanks to augmented mobile reality. I'm hoping that others will join the effort. Learning apps. Rovy F.

10 Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest – 28

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Another technology that has found its feet not just in marketing but more so in just-in-time, self-based learning is Augmented Reality (AR). Besides this, our technology-tuned ears have also caught some scoop on iPhone and Flash; finally, the marriage seems to be on the cards. Augmented Reality: 5 Ways it Can Change Your World. iPhone Finally Gets Flash.

Where is L&D heading?

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By this I mean integrating the content with the environment in which the individual is situated, and I see a lot of potential in augmented reality and wearable technologies facilitating this. Alternatively, you could use your iPhone. Last week I was invited by David Swaddle to be a panellist at the Sydney eLearning and Instructional Design meetup. The moot point of MOOCs.

(almost) Everything about video for learning professionals

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For this blog I suffice to say that you can screencast (make a movie of your computer screen), on-the-fly videos (amateur quality with iphone, ipad or simple camera), professional videos, web lectures and live stream (let online follow a meeting by people who are not there). Augmented reality videos Filming with drones. In this blogpost I do a wrap up of this theme. Tie a tie?

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Top 5 Performance Support Apps for Learning Designers


for both iPhones and Android phones. This app supports only iPhones and iPads and is available on the App Store for $4.99. THE QUOTE: “ Instructional Design is complex and overlaps with many fields. That’s why Instructional Design Guru defines terms from Instructional Design, Cognitive Psychology, Social Media, Multimedia, Technology and Law. DesignJot’ App. 309.95. ID Drops’ App.

eLearning: A Bit of Inspiration

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SnapGuide is currently available for the iPhone only.  Not only is this an exciting development for Augmented Reality in general, but the possibilities as they apply to eLearning and mLearning are pretty exciting. by AJ George  It's been a little while since I've hit you with a dose of unsolicited inspiration, so here you go. HTML5 Learner Integration. Fair warning: you may get this mediocre pop song stuck in your head. What if we incorporated this into our eLearning? Dispersed throughout could be content-relative games. link]. Snapguide. So easy!

LC Big Question: How Do We Keep Up?

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It’s useful in making prospects and clients believe what’s possible – like these iPhone App and Augmented Reality samples. Tags: Upside Learning augmented reality Mobile Learning Mobile Learning Development Top 74 Workplace Learning Blogs I reflect on this question from an organization perspective as opposed to an individual’s perspective.

Let’s Now Shift the Focus to Learning

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You will agree that smart and emerging technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence are opening up new vistas for learning. Look at the array of device-driven technologies – desktops, laptops, palmtops, tablets, iPads, iPhones, phablets and wearables…the list is growing. Can learners get involved or immersed? Alarmed? link].

The Mobile eLearning Express: A Brief History of Distance Courses

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augmented reality, spaced learning, performance support. ” Healthcare has been testing the iPhone app called iStethescope – developed by Peter Bentley, a researcher from University College London – that allows you to use the iPhone to measure heartbeat. Guest post by Marie S. Lewandowski. Marie is a Sr. Simple and intuitive. Perceptible information. Freud.

Tom Crawford: Design for Mobile The Ups and Downs of the Small Screen #devlearn @vizchef

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captures context (you know where they are) allows augmented reality Native Apps vs. Web Apps native is written for a specific device. However, then you have to develop for iphone, ipod, android, etc…takes a lot of time and money. My live blogged notes from Tom Crawford, @vizchef, @viznetwork session at DevLearn November 3, 2011 in Las Vegas. Forgive the typos and omissions.

More on Mobile Learning Trends

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It was a great and informative evening, particularly Margaret Martin's demo of Merlin Mobility's augmented reality app that is just astounding; below are a few other items that stood out to me. As you know, a major obstacle for mobile learning is that you currently have to develop multiple versions to accommodate the different devices - Blackberry, Android, and iPhone / iPad. By Jay Lambert. You can read his article on the highlights here, 'What Does Mobile Learning Mean to You?' Clay is also planning a follow-up post with more information from the event.

What's different about mobile learning?

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Mobile learning may be initiated in the context of a location, such as augmented reality to learn about a place while traveling or getting directions to the next technical service call. She is the author of Visual Language for Designers and the Instructional Design Guru iPhone app And of course, mobile devices can also be used for voice communication. Your thoughts?


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I may eventually warm up to glasses as well, when what they can do is more augmented reality than they do now.) A forearm holster for my iPhone? In a discussion last week, I suggested that things I was excited about included wearables. Sure enough, someone asked if I’d written anything about it, and I haven’t, much. So here are some initial thoughts. I admit I was not a Google Glass ‘Explorer’ (and now the program has ended). For instance, when the iPad was first announced, I didn’t want one. I got one the first day it came out.

Seven Ways to Use the iPad for Workplace Learning

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I considered several other ways too, including augmented reality applications, but the lack of a camera puts a damper on a lot of cool learning possibilities. Games – the iPhone has shown great potential as a handheld game platform, the same would apply to the iPad. The iPad is here. After all the hype, which it didn’t quite live up to, there was a lot of commentary web-wide on whether it’s suitable for elearning, or a specific type of learning. Here at Upside our camp is divided, there are iPad lovers and there are iPad baiters. Can you? Lotus or MS Exchange?

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Seven Things I Learned This Year

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iPad (and iPhone) are Much More Useful Than I Expected I didn’t actually think that I would care about the iPad except as a tool for training and performance support in environments like retail and restaurants where it’s always been an issue having access to machines. And slowly it’s got me to try more applications and then those applications expand off to my iPhone. Over the past few years, I spend part of December going back through my blog to recap a bit of what some of the key things I’ve learned over the course of the year. Instead, Joel would write it up. for more on this.

9 ways mobile is moving into academia


Expanding university apps and mobile web Universities around the world have learned the value of mobile devices, publishing iPhone and Android apps, mobile-optimized sites, and more, that have allowed students and visitors to find campus news, maps, and other helpful resources right in their phones. Augmented reality learning scenarios Mobile phones make it possible to learn anywhere, but with augmented reality learning scenarios, students can really learn anywhere and even any time. Below is an edited extract of the original article.

2020 learning technologies

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Imagine the impact of augmented reality (AR) overlays on live images from an iPhone camera, feeding children with information about the world as they move through it, exploring. When I try to gaze into the future I hurt my eyes. We can merely speculate. It's not even worth trying to extrapolate trends based on developments from the previous 10 years. Unported License.

Top 50 eLearning Posts For 2010

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Tools for Developing Augmented Reality Applications. IPhone- User Interface Guidelines. What’s better than starting a new year looking back upon the year gone by? To see what we have achieved and lost; to retrospect and to analyze. So we thought it would be interesting to look back upon the Upside Learning blog for some of the most popular and noteworthy posts of 2010.

End of the screen age?

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The next move though, he suggests, will not be to have one single device which you can put down and lose, or damage by dropping and breaking (how many iPhones have been sent to the great beyond in this way?), This would be an important step forward for augmented reality tools, which currently rely largely on mobile phone cameras to function. There is some sense in what he says.