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Udemy for you and me

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jumped straight into it without referring to the instructions, and while I’m familiar with authorware, I expect it’s intuitive enough for Average Joe to work it out too. It seems like every time you blink, another free tool becomes available to help you create online learning resources. Udemy has actually been around since 2010, but I only recently decided to dabble in it.

Michael Allen – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


He was the founder and CEO of Authorware, a revolutionary eLearning authoring tool. Authorware merged with MacroMind/Paracomp to become Macromedia, which was later acquired by Adobe. What are the latest trends in organizational learning & development, and performance support? Learnnovators: For decades, you have been concentrating on defining unique methods of instructional design and development that provide meaningful and memorable learning experiences through “true” cognitive interactivity. How significant is this synergy in your development scenario?

Course Authoring Tools for eLearning Developers and the masses

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Geared toward e-learning developers and instructional designers. Authoring Tools for developers. The biggest problem facing the industry in the past few years are the lack of course authoring tools for e-learning developers and instructional designers. documentary maker and iPhone/iPad/iPod touch developer kit. The demand from developers? combination of both.

End of an Era - Authorware

Tony Karrer

Just saw an Adobe announcement that they plan to discontinue development of Authorware. Goodbye Authorware. Since it was the first multimedia authoring tool I ever used, it certainly is bringing back some memories of some pretty cool work (and headaches). Thanks for the memories

Adobe Summit Day 2 - Authorware and the future of e-Learning

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

Adobe eLearning Solutions So, Ellen is talking about Authorware and IT's future in eLearning: 6 part plan 1)Business continuity 2)conversion 3)migration 4)enablement 5)develop the next gen leanring content authoring 6)improved communication Tom KIng will be acting as the Liaison for Adobe and the Authorware community to help this transition process. GREAT hosts!!! Good people.

How to Make E-Learning So People Really Learn: Q&A With Ethan Edwards

ATD Learning Technologies

Ethan has been designing online instruction for almost 25 years, beginning with work at the PLATO laboratory at the University of Illinois, continuing through positions at Authorware, Macromedia, Microsoft, and as a consultant with a host of top companies in the United States and abroad. In other words, Ethan knows a lot about designing effective e-learning. Sounds simple, right?

A Conversation with Michael Allen–ADDIE, SAM & the Future of ID

Kapp Notes

Allen is a leader in the field of design, developing and delivering online instruction. He founded the computer-based course authoring tool Authorware in 1984 and later formed Macromedia through a merger which was then bought by Adobe Systems. We work quickly to develop something we can actually test out with prospective learners. They promote easy to develop inept instruction.


The King is Dead

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When courses were needed to be developed and built, anyone who came upon this challenge, realized that the importance of comprehension, retention and synthesis, would be based on the design, mechanisms and delivery of said content. But in just a few years, there were plenty who could develop, design, build and launched the content using various weapons to achieve it. The weapons including Authorware, Macromedia Director, DazzlerMax, Toolbook were the ones that separated the knights from the common folk. Chopped by the ax as they would say. nodded. The King of Content.

Storyline and ZebraZapps: seriously powerful, seriously simple

Clive on Learning

The Articulate Studio has been incredibly popular and some developers have achieved impressive results. You can build templates and themes and share these between projects and developers. managed to have a quick chat with Michael Allen and he explained just what a major undertaking the development of this tool has been. Michael was, of course, the creator of Authorware, a highly powerful tool from the CD-ROM era, which Adobe eventually gave up on after they inherited it from Macromedia. Anyone who wanted to do top-end development had to do serious coding in Flash.

A Brief Historical Look at Corporate Training


Hypercard and Authorware both launched in 1987, making it easy to create multi-media programs. Authoring tools developed new delivery “packages,” which allowed developers to publish their courses on the internet. As the training industry struggled to maintain relevance in the enterprise, it began to expand into other areas typically handled by HR, like talent development.

People that inspire me: my 5 eLearning heroes

Challenge to Learn

Michael Allen is also someone who is around for a long time, but as with Jay he doesn’t stick to his old ideas, he is an innovator and a driver for change from the very first start of his carreer (he was the man behind the very first authoring tool ‘Authorware’ ) Michael is also one of the leading instructional designers in the world. ELearning Hero #1: Jay Cross.

It is great to have that startup feeling again

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The first edition of Easygenerator was a CD-ROM tool based on Authorware. We developed our second generation of authoring tools, already cloud based, focused on professional developers, competing with tools like Articulate and Lectora. This helps us greatly in determining what to develop and what not to develop. We date back to 1995. My dream. Reinvention. Focus.

How to select the right authoring tool

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This is not the same thing as picking some templates and scenarios and building, rather a strong sim will expect you to have instructional design and e-learning development skills.  While I have seen a few that give off the “rapid build” appearance, unless you have experience with solutions in the past like Authorware, MacroMedia Director, or similar brethren, you will face some serious challenges.  Over the weekend, I did one of the most stressing things there is to do in live. Yep, house hunting.  Where do you live? What amenities do you want or need? Beach? How so?

Authoring Tool Market – What I am seeing

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If you are an e-learning developer or instructional designer this has always been a favorite feature of authoring tools. If you are an Authorware fanatic missing the old days, you are still going to miss it – because while these capabilities are being added to tools they are still not at the level of Authorware.  I for one, like that because it has run its course (look a pun!). Action script programming, HTML extensions and other advanced feature sets targeting e-learning developers. The magic 8 ball is a fun item to use. Fortune Forecast Cookies. Not anymore.

Using Silverlight/Expression Blend for eLearning Development

Upside Learning

Elearning development tools: only Adobe? Over the last ten years or so, major elearning developers have preferred to use tools like Flash, Authorware and Director from Adobe (earlier Macromedia). One of the other major advantages of Flash is that is supports close designer-developer collaboration. So, should you be developing elearning using Silverlight / Blend?

Development Tools - Should I Cut Out the Middle Guy?

eLearning Cyclops

Back when I first started developing e-learning courses, I used Macromedia's Authorware. For more interactive elements, I used Flash and imported the SWFs into Authorware. It has gotten to a point where some of my courses are all developed in Flash and the e-learning authoring tools (DHTML) have been used more as a "shell" that decompiles it as a SCORM package. Of course any sims developed in Captivate (also SWF files) can easily be included, or launched from, a course developed with Flash. So,  do I really need to continue using these authoring tools?

Using Silverlight/Expression Blend for eLearning Development

Upside Learning

Elearning development tools: only Adobe? Over the last ten years or so, major elearning developers have preferred to use tools like Flash, Authorware and Director from Adobe (earlier Macromedia). One of the other major advantages of Flash is that is supports close designer-developer collaboration. So, should you be developing elearning using Silverlight / Blend?

Using Silverlight/Expression Blend for eLearning Development

Upside Learning

Elearning development tools: only Adobe? Over the last ten years or so, major elearning developers have preferred to use tools like Flash, Authorware and Director from Adobe (earlier Macromedia). One of the other major advantages of Flash is that is supports close designer-developer collaboration. So, should you be developing elearning using Silverlight / Blend?

Future of Learning Technology – 2015

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Establishment of Flash as the de-facto development platform for custom eLearning creation allowing use of streaming audio/video over the web. Evolution of authoring tools like Articulate to become better & easier to work with reducing the cost of development. Overall the culture of gaming is becoming pervasive and the cost of game development is decreasing.

5 Simple Ways to Get Started with E-Learning Development - The Rapid eLearning Blog

Rapid eLearning

Simple Ways to Get Started with E-Learning Development. Almost daily I get emails asking how to get started with developing elearning. Here are five tips that will help you gain experience and develop the skills to build elearning courses that you can be proud of. Compared to building courses in Flash or Authorware, the rapid elearning tools are easy to use. Replicating good elearning courses helps me think through the project design, which in turn develops the skills I need. This was developed by a Flash programmer. The Rapid Elearning Blog. Wilma.

Top 11 to 20 Authoring Tools for 2013

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Beginners – zero tech skills to advanced – with tech skills – preferably ID and e-learning developer folks.  However, if you are an ID or e-learning developer person, this is not the product for you. While beginners could jump in and start to create a course, I see it more as a product for instructional designers and some e-learning developers. Fun Features.

Development Tools I Would Learn If I Were You - June's Big Question

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learn today in order to be a valuable eLearning professional in 2015." So you know my perspective, since my start in e-learning I have always been both a designer and developer. In my instructional design graduate program, UMBC , I took several courses that focused on development, but they really only scratched the surface. They provided just enough to make us dangerous with HTML, Flash, Photoshop and Authorware. Most of which gave me a good baseline for further developing my e-learning development skills. have experienced both situations. Second Life).

Q&A from Blog Readers on E-Learning

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Here is the thing, they are still making money.  So, what does that tell you about the mark-up? Q: I loved Authorware, but today I can’t find an authoring tool that can match it or even get close to it. There are a lot of e-learning developers and instructional designers who either used Authorware or want an authoring tool that meets their needs – and which does not exist in today’s market. There is nothing like interaction. Especially when it comes in the form of questions from readers of the blog and various followers on my social media channels.

Product Review – Articulate Storyline 2

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Why the gripe?  If you are creating a product geared towards ID and e-learning developers it should not be as easy as using PowerPoint.  It is. Hollywood is well known for making  sequels.  And people are well known to either like them or dislike them.  Sometimes the sequel is equal if not better than the first. Other times, they are even worse. Godfather 2 – Excellent. Love it. Never. 

Survey Says… (authoring tools)

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But the success of products such as dominKnow and Articulate Storyline are proving there is a demand beyond e-learning developers.  . 86% – Advanced authoring tool for instructional designers/developers. The other was an advanced authoring tool for instructional designers and developers. Hi, this is the ghost of Richard Dawson bringing you another exciting episode of Authoring Tools Survey.  We are in the final round and our contestant, Craig Weiss, will try to ascertain what the latest data from his recent survey means to the masses. Survey Information. Question 2.

The Latest: Rapid Content Authoring Tool Market

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This will become one of the biggest features in 2012 – especially with people wanting to create simulations without being an e-learning developer. Listen, Authorware is dead, so why create a product that is trying to bring it back to life with your own product? The data is in, the results are interesting and the competition is growing.  What does it all mean? The RCAT (rapid content authoring tool) market continues to be healthy with nothing to slow it down – uh, except maybe one thing (more on that later). Early Signs for 2012. Templates – growing at quick clip.

Do You Have the Skills to Succeed?

Rapid eLearning

Rapid E-Learning Developers Wear Many Hats. Someone did the instructional design, someone else worked on graphics, and then we had a programmer who built the courses in Authorware or some other application. Most of the people I talk with usually work by themselves and mostly responsible for all parts of the course development from content design to the graphics and then the conversion to elearning. While today’s software has made the job easier, but it’s also made it more challenging for the person who has to develop and deliver elearning courses. Visual design.

Lessons from the past

JPL Learning

As I leave for retirement today, I’ve seen quite a few technology changes in the field of training and development myself. Other technological improvements followed rapidly – Windows 95 was a game-changer, as was the introduction of the PC authoring system Toolbook along with cross-platform tools like Director and Authorware. Very clunky, but very, very exciting! Giving feedback.

Mobile Learning Moves the Evolution of Authoring Tools

Association eLearning

In response to the demand for more accessible authoring tools, Authorware was born. Using Authorware , learning professionals could create learning programs with hyper-simplistic designs, primarily through dragging and dropping icons. To avoid this complexity, Authorware courses often followed a more simplistic “Click Next to Continue” style of eLearning design. At Digitec, we began development of Direct-to-WEB as a rapid eLearning PowerPoint add-in back in the early 2000s. The Rise of Authoring Tools. Applications like TenCORE and WISE were popular choices.

Shift in eLearning from Pure Courseware towards Reference Hybrids

Tony Karrer

Authorware , Toolbook ) to the new generation of WBT authoring tools (e.g., We are seeing a significant shift in development away from mostly creating courseware to creating more-and-more reference materials designed to be just-in-time support. Just when you've made the transition from the prior generation of CBT authoring tools (e.g., Captivate , Lectora ), it looks like things are slowly shifting again. The shift I'm seeing is away from the design of pure "courseware" solutions and much more to "reference hybrid" solutions. Often there's period quizzing to test understanding.

Any tool as long as it's Adobe

Clive on Learning

As I write this, my Adobe Updater program is busy installing the latest updates to my Adobe Creative Suite 3. I had thought that, with my extravagant purchases, I was maintaining the Adobe share price all on my own, but the eLearning Guild's latest research report on authoring and development tools proves otherwise. Financial stability implies that the vendor is going to be around long enough so you can continue to maintain your data long into the future (not that it always works out that way, with Adobe discontinuing development on Authorware!). Animation: #1 Flash (78%).

Learning Flash

Tony Karrer

My posts around the Beginning of Long Slow Death of Flash and my post from a CTO perspective that I Cannot Bet on Flash for new development stirred up quite a bit of response. A lot of it said quite correctly that HTML5 is not there yet. The fact is HTML5 is not there yet and if it ever does get there it will probably be more than 5 years before it is at the level of quality and ease of development that Flash currently provides. Remember End of an Era – Authorware – another Macromedia/Adobe product. How valuable are your Authorware scripting skills at this point?

Michael Allen describes the future of authoring systems

Jay Cross

A t DevLearn 09 , Michael Allen gave us a peek at a new authoring system under development at Allen Interactions. (In case you didn’t know, Michael was chief architect of Authorware, the precursor to Macromedia and granddaddy of digital authoring systems.). His latest project, code-named Zebra, is a powerful, drag-and-drop authoring environment. I’m impressed.

E-Learning Innovative Products – They are Out There

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It clearly was created for everyday folks, not someone who is an instructional designer or content developer (but they could harness it too). I was blown away. For instructional designers  and developers who want to create content with multiple elements. Reminds me of the days of Authorware, but with less complexity and anger, plus with more features and usefulness for the developer. I love innovation. It is what makes any product or service, aspire to new heights. especially love it when it happens in the e-learning industry. Our industry is made up into four camps.