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Library Overview: Medical Images

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Now you can get in on the action because we have a treasure trove of medical stock assets in our library to add to your collection. To that end, we have high definition images of most of the major human organs, each from various different angles. The post Library Overview: Medical Images appeared first on eLearning Brothers. Someone needs to train all those newbies, right?

The Definition of Great Lectora Templates

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Become a member today and find these and other handy tools for streamlined eLearning in our Lectora template library , which is built directly into the Lectora Inspire interface. The post The Definition of Great Lectora Templates appeared first on eLearning Brothers. eLearning eLearning Template Library Featured Lectora Resources Products/Services ResourcesFlash Cards.

New Drag and Drop Templates Added to Adobe Captivate 9 Assets Library

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It provides an opportunity for your learner to visually make associations about everything from terms and definitions to steps in a process. Guest Blog by: Thomas Reyes-Cairo, Community Manager at eLearning Brothers The drag and drop interaction is often a stalwart staple of standard eLearning courses everywhere. And why wouldn’t it be? We think Adobe […]. How do I.

3 Elements of Effective Communication for Your Next eLearning Course

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You’re both correct about the definition of the word, but since you didn’t clarify what it means to you , a miscommunication takes place. Course Library Developer Resources eLearning Featured Instructional Design Resources Products/Services ResourcesIn the workplace, effective communication is paramount. Clearly delivered. No hints or passive-aggressive notes.

3 Things to Include in Any Workplace Violence eLearning Course

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Therefore, in the US, you should defer legal definitions of this kind to governing bodies like OSHA, which defines workplace violence as: Any act or threat of physical violence , harassment, intimidation, or other threatening disruptive behavior that occurs at the work site. With this definition given, you are ready to proceed to the next course goal. Sweating. Trembling or shaking.

With Animal Cutouts, Your “aLearning” Will Never Be The Same

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When you need to indicate correctness, it is definitely better to show Fynn’s first picture (shown above). In the meantime, you can download this preview of our Animal Cutout Library here. Company Culture Cutout People Library eLearning Featured Products/ServicesOnce in a while, an idea so revolutionary comes along that it dwarfs all other ideas. Behold: Animal Cutouts! Frank.

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4 Captivating Captivate Themes

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Suave is the definition of modern. Take a look in our Captivate Theme Library today to find the one that will make your spirits soar! Adobe Captivate Resources eLearning eLearning Template Library Featured Products/Services ResourcesOur eLearning themes are an easy way to have a great-looking course “right out of the box.” Suave. Clean. Smart. Let’s face it.

4 Revealing Articulate Storyline Templates

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The click-and-reveal interaction is a tool used frequently throughout eLearning courses and is a very common Articulate Storyline template found in our library. Click to view this template in the library! This simple, but useful, template is a great way to sort and store terms and definitions that you need a learner to understand prior to completion of a course.

Feel the Power Behind These Executive Storyline Templates

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An executive, by definition, has the power or authority to put a plan into action. Meet the new Executive style and layout templates available in our eLearning Template Library. Click the image to view the template in the library! Click on the image to view this template in the library! Click on the image to view this template in the library!

Fill in the Gap with PowerPoint Graphics

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Click on the image to see this template in the library! Click on the image to see this template in the library! Click on the image to see this template in the library! Well this is definitely the graphic for that. Take a look and see how our PowerPoint Graphic Library can help you fill in the gap in your eLearning needs! But what about what’s in the middle?

Bringing the Great Outdoors into Your eLearning

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If you want to experience a warrior-like feeling akin to scaling El Capitan without a safety line (not recommended), but want to do so in style, try one of our many eLearning templates (definitely recommended). eLearning eLearning Template Library Featured Instructional Design Resources Products/Services ResourcesBut I digress. Tent stakes. Glamping. TWO TWIN BEDS! Preparedness.

Incorporate Lectora Course Starters into Your eLearning

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The old adage “time is money” definitely still rings true in this day and age. Click on the image to view this template in the library! Click on the image to view this template in the library! Click on the image to view this template in the library! eLearning eLearning Template Library Featured Lectora Resources Products/Services Resourcesright away.

The Newly Released Lectora Crossword Puzzle Game

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Whether you’re on a plane looking at the in-flight magazine trying to solve for 7 Across or sitting in the comfort of your recliner solving for 21 Down as you bask in the warmth of a nice autumn fire, crosswords provide a fun opportunity to test terms and definitions. Click on the image to view this template in the library!

3 New Captivate Knowledge Checks to Put Into Action

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Simply drop each word tile to its corresponding definition and voilà! Adobe Captivate Resources eLearning eLearning Template Library Featured Products/Services ResourcesOne handy utility of Adobe Captivate is the option to include shared actions. Today we’re showcasing three simple knowledge check templates for Adobe Captivate that utilize this function to their advantage.

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The Responsive Course Design Storyboard Kit

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eLearning eLearning Template Library Featured Lectora Resources Products/Services ResourcesAs you may or may not know, Lectora Online has recently released with a new Responsive Course Design feature built in. This feature will be coming to the next release of Lectora Inspire, as well. That’s where this free Responsive Course Design Storyboard Kit from Trivantis comes into play.

Ah, Wilderness: Outdoorsy Lectora Templates

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The Tent Dragger harnesses the power of the learner’s inner camper and asks them to drag tent shapes from their label to a corresponding definition. eLearning eLearning Template Library Featured Lectora Resources Products/Services ResourcesThere’s something primal in all of us that occasionally craves to get back to our roots and leave civilization behind for a while.

7 eLearning Design Trends for 2017

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This will definitely continue to trend upward throughout the year. Still, that stock library you have can be put to good use. Working as a designer for eLearning courses and templates at eLearning Brothers means that I need to constantly stay on top of the latest trends in both web development and graphic design. Modern-Retro Design. Minimalism. Failure Mapping. Illustrated Images.

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Microlearning: Fab or Fad?

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The term hasn’t yet made its way into dictionaries, so a crowd-sourced definition seems appropriate, and Wikipedia’s has apparently been copied to a number of other places: Microlearning deals with relatively small learning units and short-term learning activities. Microlearning is definitely fab, and not a fad. Microlearning fits modern work styles. Thanks for reading!

3 ways of creating video-based online learning: An e-learning perspective


This client’s chosen training medium had always been the classroom environment, which is definitely a strong platform to impart communication skills because it provides opportunities for close social and inter-personal interactions. However, it also has some definite shortcomings – primarily low retention rates and lesser reach. Short video-based learning nuggets. Animated videos.

100 Twitter accounts for Philomaths (Lovers of Learning)

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Internet Archive : @internetarchive digital library offering access to millions of free books, movies, and audio files, plus an archive of 450+ billion web pages. Library of Congress : @librarycongress World’s largest library. The British Library : @britishlibrary Keep up to date with all the news from the British Library. Wikipedia). Nostalgia.

How We Learn – Capitalize On Knowing


While, others must spend days scrutinizing a tidbit of information to determine its worth, write the virtual book, and shelf it in the library stacks in their mind. Also, the practice may aid in the process, but memorizing definitions for a quiz is most likely not going to yield long-term results. Convey teachings in a manner that doesn’t sound like a dictionary definition.

Creating avenues for On-Demand Learning in the Modern Workplace


Off-the-Shelf Content Libraries. The Off-the-Shelf Content Libraries offer organizations ready access to high-quality, vetted and verified content, which is available in a variety of flexible formats to suit the learner. The training budget should take into account the cost of buying courses from the libraries from time to time – as per the needs of the learners.

What is mLearning?

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In the past, if you wanted to find something out, you needed to go to the library, browse the stalls and risk troublesome papercuts. If you want to make use of mLearning in a training programme, you’ll need to rein in your definition a little bit. We’re living in an age when information is more accessible than it’s ever been. It’s as if they’ve never even heard of mLearning!

Top 10 Tools for Learning 2016

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Yes, I check out books from the library and read them. Omnigraffle is as always my diagramming tool, and it’s definitely a way I express and refine my thinking. It’s that time again: Jane Hart is running her 2016 (and 10th!) Top 100 Tools for Learning poll. It’s a valuable service, and points out some interesting things and it’s interesting to see the changes over time. It’s also a way to see what others are using and maybe find some new ideas. All of mine fall in the latter category, because my performance support tools are productivity tools!

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The 5 Tech Developments Changing The LMS


LMSes have traditionally done a poor job of making a curated library of content available at the point of need. Few answers, but definitely a lot of talk.) Workplace learning is evolving quickly. This was life in the mid-2000s. Fo shizzle! Unfortunately, this approach wasn’t “hella effective” for very long. For one thing, people still didn’t enjoy the training experience.

Smart Companies Support Informal Learning


According to The eLearning Guild Research Library , studies show informal learning as a proportion of all workplace learning at more than 50% to 80%, and research shows that many workers say that informal workplace learning is far more important to them than workplace training programs. If they do they are likely to kill it. How can we define informal learning? Source: [link].

Current state of Gamification in the LMS Market

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86% wanted badges – within that, nearly 45% wanted a built-in badge library. They want more than the usual three – a built-in badge library to start with (at least 25 badges min.). 202 vendors have three gamification features – definitely an improvement from 2014. A third factor is consumer knowledge – they ask for gamification, and clearly know what it is – at least in basic form of a leaderboard, badges, points, not necessarily the actual definition of it. . Built-in badge library (no-brainier). It is your favorite machine.

Is Learning a Real Profession?

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Accountants have standard names and definitions for all their measures. Unlike in accounting, there is no single source of truth, no professionwide measures library if you will. One of the hallmarks of a profession is a standard language, an agreed-upon framework for measures and common processes. Accountants have four basics types or categories to organize their hundreds of measures.

How Microsoft Can Be A Digital Learning Powerhouse With It’s Acquisition


It’s definitely not Microsoft’s first foray into online learning, but it might be one of its most useful; especially when you consider that Microsoft is already the most significant source of certifications on LinkedIn today. While Microsoft may not have acquired LinkedIn solely for eLearning purposes, it will definitely be part of the strategy going forward. billion in 2015.

Develop Killer Product Training Videos Using VideoScribe

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It: Helps develop high-definition, whiteboard style animation videos. You can also select images from the images library available in VideoScribe. You can also pick soundtracks from the library of VideoScribe. When you hear something, you may remember only 10% of that after three days. Comparatively, the retention rate of information presented through images is as high as 65%.

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Tin Can API, the evolution of SCORM


If you have a whole library of courses that are not optimized for Tin Can API, then an LRS may not be the right solution for you. If you have a need to regularly schedule courses or need to provide certifications, than you will definitely need an LMS. Tin Can API means there is less reliance on an LMS as these experiences are stored in a Learning Record Store, or LRS. Certification.


e-Clippings (Learning As Art): "Using Open Source Social Software as Digital Library Interface" (D-Lib Magazine)

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e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « Top Ten AntiSpyware Apps from CNET | Main | Semi-Daily Quote/Lyric/Words of Others » March 26, 2008 "Using Open Source Social Software as Digital Library Interface" (D-Lib Magazine) ( LINK ) "This article investigates the use of social software applications indigital library environments. It examines the use of blogging softwareas an interface to digital library content stored in a separaterepository. Clay Shirky My latest additions to

Interactivity in e-Learning – Do you need to go up a level?


But games or experiential learning, will definitely cost you a more than a bit! These interactivities are simple, not difficult to develop and definitely take up the interest level of the learner by several notches. A readymade template library of interesting mini games is best suited for clients who have limited budgets but want the e-content to be engaging.

Illustration vs photography for elearning

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Stock images Most stock image libraries include photos and illustrations. Unfortunately, finding exactly the right image from a stock library can be difficult and time-consuming. There are no definite answers to the question, “Which medium is better for my elearning?” Choosing a visual style for your elearning often comes down to illustrations versus photography.