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ATD WebCast Recap: Blended Learning Instructional Design

InSync Training

I’d like to thank the ATD Learning & Development Community of Practice for hosting a Webcast on June 1, when I delivered Blended Learning Instructional Design: A Modern Approach. The audience (over 300 strong in the live event!) was incredibly interactive. I am so thankful to all of the attendees for contributing to the conversation. Highlights from the conversation are below.

ASTD Webcast On New Mobile Learning Research

Upside Learning

Regular readers of this blog will be aware that we recently supported ASTD research on Mobile Learning , a report around that was released in May 2012. ASTD conducted a free webinar on that research report this week. The speakers at the webinar were Kevin Oakes (founder & CEO of i4CP, earlier founder of Click2Learn which was merged with Docent to form SumTotal) and John Polaschek (Sr.

What’s on the TechSmith roadmap? Watch the webcast replay.

Visual Lounge

This video is a replay of our May 7 webcast, which aired three pre-recorded segments and included two segments of live Q&A. If you watched the webcast video, please respond to our 5-question survey to help us improve the next one. Watch the webcast replay. It also gave us an excuse to preview next week’s big Snagit release! Can’t see the embedded video?

#Mobile design webcasts by @bdconf

Ignatia Webs

Breaking development is organizing a variety of mobile conferences and webinars and as I was going through their September 2011 mobile webcasts, some of the videos got my attention. Great stuff. Here are the two webinars that I found very interesting, but there are 18 (!) videos on mobile design, and each of them have key ideas that affect learning with mobile devices. mobile design

Webcast: Sneak Peek at the Next Snagit Update

Visual Lounge

The post Webcast: Sneak Peek at the Next Snagit Update appeared first on TechSmith Blogs. Hard on the heels of Snagit 12 and Snagit 3, the team is set to release another round of updates. Get a sneak peek at what’s coming to Snagit in early July! RSVP now to join us live, online Thursday, June 19, at 2:00pm ET  ( convert to your local time ). OneNote 2013 Output (Win).

How to Become a Thought Leader: Register for Live Webcast with Dorie Clark


Take the first step in becoming a thought leader by signing up for our live webcast event. leadership development

Training Magazine Network WebCast Recap: Creating the Mobile Virtual Classroom

InSync Training

Training Magazine Network kindly invited me to present Creating the Mobile Virtual Classroom for their audience on June 23, 2015. The event was a huge success - attendance was high and interactivity was off the charts thanks to the wonderful promotion by Training Magazine Network. We had many of our "regular" InSync BYTE attendees participate as well which is always great.

How to Create Engaging Video-based eLearning

Association eLearning

Association eLearning Blog Creative Design eLearning eLearning News Featured Posts Instructional Design Learning Management Systems Member Engagement & Retention Tips & Tricks association elearning association elearning courses association video educational video eLearning video elearning videos learning with video member education video nonprofit video webcast Tweet This!

Video 109

ASTD Webcast on Manager's Role in Employee Learning and Performance Improvement

The Peformance Improvement

I did a webcast for the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) on the topic of the manager’s role in employee learning and performance improvement. Again, a more in-depth explanation of all of these points is available at the ASTD site for the webcast. That must be a hot topic for trainers and managers because the presentation was well attended with over 500 registrants. If you didn’t attend and would still like to listen to my talk and see the slides, go to the ASTD site. The Cliff’s Notes version is in three parts. Anticipation. Alliance. Application.

APRIL WEBINAR: A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Your Learning Management System

Absorb LMS

Best Practices Event configuration e-learning elearning eLL Free learning management systems LMS Webcast Webinar It’s been quite a few months since we presented our popular Webinar on the topic of configuring a learning management system. Since then, many of you have likely started using a new platform. Consequently, we’re repeating this popular session. Defining administrators.

June 20: Does Your LMS Focus on the User Experience?

Absorb LMS

Best Practices Event e-learning elearning eLL Free learning management systems LMS Webcast Webinar Registration is filling up fast for our next Webinar: Does Your LMS Focus on the User Experience? Bersin & Blatant Media Webinar. Wednesday, June 20, 2013, Noon – 1:00 PM MDT (UTC-7). Anything less leads to frustration and wasted time. Dr. Katherine Jones. Dan Medakovic.

Magic Coast Introduces VODaL: Simplifying Live Video Webcasts by News Editor

Learning Solutions Magazine

Video on demand (VOD) is a great innovation: It offers providers control, low risk, and simplicity. Unfortunately, it can be. problematic for training use, where you want engagement, interactivity, and real-time collaboration. VODaL offers a user. experience that resembles a live streaming event without the cost and risk of live television! Learning Media Training Strategies

Citrix Adds Do-it-yourself Webcasting, Announces New HDFaces GoToTraining Beta by News Editor

Learning Solutions Magazine

From small-group presentations to stadium-filled sales seminars, Citrix connects people with a full range of video-enabled collaboration tools. Blended Learning Learning Media Training Strategies Virtual Classrooms

Bett interview

Learning with e's

When I''m not travelling somewhere to speak or teach, I am at home or in the office webcasting , blogging, making videos and tweeting out content, having conversations with peers and generally engaging with the international community of learning professionals in real time. So here it is, shared with you on my blog. What is your background in the industry? It''s impossible. Unported License.

Free webcast (ASTD members) - Twitter 101: The Basics and Tips for Learning Use

Take an e-Learning Break

REGISTER NOW Open to all as part of the ASTD 2012 TechKnowledge webcast seriesThursday, January 12 • 2:00 p.m. ET Presenter: David Kelly Twitter is an excellent tool to leverage for both personal and professional learning and growth, and more and more organizations are harnessing its power as part of learning programs. And with that, many learning professionals are encountering the same challenges, such as: How can I use Twitter in my learning programs if I don't even know how to use Twitter myself? What is the platform's value?

In praise of webcasting

Clive on Learning

Would I pay for the privilege of seeing the webcasts? Arriving late to an auditorium already full to the brim, I was forced yesterday to watch Itiel Dror's presentation to the ALT-C 2008 conference in Leeds from a second room where a video feed was being streamed in using Elluminate. Now I've seen Itiel speak a number of times, so my attention focused more on the effectiveness of the technology that was being used to deliver his presentation. My conclusion was that a live (or even a recorded) video feed of a presentation is almost as good as being at the event in person.

ASTD Webcast: Rapid E-Learning

Kapp Notes

February's Featured T+D Webcast: Rapid Learning Join ASTD tomorrow at 2:00 PM ET for this month's featured T+D Webcast, which examines how the need to deliver training materials faster is altering design and delivery of training programs. EST (I'll be rehearsing) Webcast registration is free for ASTD members. Here is a reminder for you ASTD Members. Rapid Learning Date: Tuesday, February 20, 2007 Time: 2:00 p.m. EST Note: Please do not log in until 1:30 p.m. Go over to and register.

Creating, Leading, and Maintaining Highly Functional Virtual Teams

InSync Training

For this reason, Jennifer took the time to share her lessons learned and best practices with the Association for Talent Development’s (ATD) webcast audience on March 17, 2016. Association for Talent Development (ATD) Session Recap. Over the past 20 years, Jennifer Hofmann has built an entirely virtual and highly functional team at InSync Training. It wasn’t cool back then. Virtual Teams

Webcast: Using the Psychology of Games for Learning

Usable Learning

I should have posted this a few days ago, but I’m doing a webcast tomorrow (Wednesday May 15th, 1pm ET) for ASTD on using the psychology of game design for learning. Behavioral Economics Brain Stuff e-Learning Games Human Behavior Wackiness ASTD Webcast Talking about some familiar stuff (flow, hyperbolic discounting) and a few new things (visceral feedback). Not sure if you need to be an ASTD member to attend, but I *think* you can just sign up: [link].  .

T+D Webcast - Social Networking and Learning

Tony Karrer

Tony O'Driscoll, Paula Ketter and I did a webcast for T+D - ASTD's publication today. The associated links: Learning and Networking With A Blog (T+D article) Today's PowerPoint Presentation ASTD homepage Webcast Archives T+D magazine website Learning Circuits Blog You might also want to look at my eLearning 2.0 Unfortunately, we ran into a few technical issues. For example, I was trying to demonstrate elements of my blog and found out that folks were not seeing anything. Rookie move not to ask if everyone was seeing it. All that said, it was fun to participate in the session.

May 9th: Delivering Content in an Increasingly Mobile World

Absorb LMS

Best Practices Event Brandon Hall Group e-learning elearning eLL Free learning management systems LMS Webcast Webinar More than half of the phones sold in the U.S. are smartphones, and Gartner predicts that tablet sales will outpace PC sales by 2017. This reality has many organizations rethinking how they approach learning content and environments. What does a mobile-ready environment look like? What content is appropriate for mobile delivery? David Wentworth. Dan Medakovic. Join David Wentworth , Senior Analyst with Brandon Hall Group and Dan Medakovic , V.P.

Out and About: Need for Speed, Interview and Webcast

Kapp Notes

for an ASTD Featured Webcast. The details are below, if you have time, register and attend, it would be great to have you on the webcast. Join us on Tuesday, February 20, for a special webcast for ASTD members. In this month's T&D Magazine published by ASTD , I have a number of quotes in the Need for Speed article by Michael Laff.

PhotoShop 20th Anniversary Webcast

Take an e-Learning Break

Registration is closed but there will be a webcast of the event. For 20 years, the world has used industry-leading Adobe Photoshop software to transform creative inspiration into nearly everything we see, from magazine covers to medical devices to city skylines. That's why, every day, Adobe is inspired to create the innovative technologies that build more speed, intelligence, and magic into each new Photoshop product-so you can continue to turn your creative vision into reality. Plus, you will get an exclusive sneak peek at the future of Photoshop." Check it out: [link

Unshrouding the Mystery of Blended Learning

Origin Learning

Instructional strategies such as lecturing, guided learning, exploratory discussions, debates and role-playing must be amalgamated with online learning tools such as podcasts, e-books, webcasts and digital video libraries, massive multiplayer online games, wikis, etc. For many, blended learning is still a muddled concept. Sorry to burst the bubble, but that is NOT blended learning.

Introducing Enspire Studios, Enspire Learning’s Custom Development Group

Enspire Learning

We invite you to attend a webcast on May 15 to learn more about Enspire Studios. We invite you to attend a webcast on May 14 to learn more about our leadership development programs. 2013 is bringing exciting growth to Enspire as our global client base continues to expand. Since Enspire’s inception, we’ve shared a passion for delivering innovative learning experiences and simulations that allow learners to practice new skills and ultimately change behavior. You can also view the Enspire Studios website here. Click to register now! Click to register now!

Too Busy to Read Our Series on How to Set Up a Learning Management System? Attend our Webinar Instead

Absorb LMS

Event configuration e-learning elearning eLL Free learning management systems LMS Webcast WebinarOur series, “ A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up a Learning Management System ,” is nearing completion. For those of you who’d prefer to get a condensed overview of the information in a live virtual session, we’ll be presenting a one-hour Webinar on the topic: A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Your Learning Management System. Wednesday, June 20, 2012, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM MDT (GMT-6). Details and registration form are located here.

Citrix Launches Multimedia Webcasting Service GoToWebinar Premier Event by News Editor

Learning Solutions Magazine

Citrix launches GoToWebinar Premier Event, which allows organizers to broadcast to larger consumer or business-focused audiences, reducing the communication and travel costs usually incurred when assembling larger audiences. Asynchronous Mobile Learning Social Media Synchronous Tools

Industry Report: Too Much Training; Not Enough Learning

The Peformance Improvement

If we include “blended learning”, “virtual classroom/webcast only”, and “online or computer-based methods” in the mix, we see that companies are continuing to invest most in methods of learning that have the least payoff. would expect the margin of error to be high. Instructor-led classroom only” is still reported to be the primary method of employee learning and development.

Six Ways To Engage An Online Audience

CLO Magazine

Here are a few tips and tricks to develop engaging online webcasts. Therefore, webcasts have become more common. Here are a few tips and tricks to develop engaging online webcasts: 1. “When planning a webcast, it is important to first think about who the target audience is, what they value and what information they may be seeking on a given subject,” said Eric Marsh, senior marketing manager at Philips Lighting Co. When the audience recognizes the speaker’s authority, they are more likely to see the webcast as a useful educational tool. 3.

Agility and Informal Learning -- Free Webcast

ATD Learning Technologies

Nimble. Flexible. Agile. Winning organizations today are those who are able to respond to dynamic market conditions and rapidly seize opportunities. This requires professionals wired to continuously learn, apply, innovate, and share their wisdom. Click here to read full version

How to Use Microblogging in Workplace Learning

Upside Learning

Back Channel - the workplace can also use microblogging as a back channel for live training webcasts to track the user’s responses, ask questions or to share any related information. These tools can also be integrated within live webcasts too. In a couple of years, microblogging tools have become very popular.  All these tools have functionality that’s similar to Twitter.

Planet EE Webcasts - NorthStarNerd.Org


NorthStarNerd.Org Dedicated to open access sharing of knowledge - Your host: Rich Hoeg Blog Engineering Learning Nerd TV Nerd Tweets Nordic Skiing Site Map Tutorials « LinkedIn Answers (and questions) | Main | Multi-Touch Sensor User Interface » January 10, 2007 Planet EE Webcasts From Mike Stanley over at EE HomePage.Com , Ive learned of Planet EE , a nice for electrical engineering webinars. Ive also added this site to my Engineering Webinar Search Engine. Your comment has not yet been posted. Your comment could not be posted. Error type: Your comment has been posted.

Software Webcasts - NorthStarNerd.Org


NorthStarNerd.Org Dedicated to open access sharing of knowledge - Your host: Rich Hoeg Blog Engineering Learning Nerd TV Nerd Tweets Nordic Skiing Site Map Tutorials « Chinese Christian Folk Art | Main | Presidential Classroom Scholars » December 10, 2006 Software Webcasts I stumbled across a new blog which has a wealth of software development videos / tutorials / screencasts: Best Tech Videos on the Net In fact, the site is so good Ive added it to my Google Co-op engineering webinar search engine. Your comment has not yet been posted. Your comment could not be posted.

Innovation Webcasts from U. Cal Berkeley - NorthStarNerd.Org


Main | UC Berkeley and Google Team Up » September 26, 2006 Innovation Webcasts from U. Cal Berkeley If you are trying to better understand the innovation process, the University of California at Berkeley will webcast this Fall a series on innovation, entrepreneurship and technology. Overview - Distinguished Innovator Lecture Series (see right hand column for speaker schedule) Note: Access individual lectures via the main Berkeley webcasts site. There is no charge to attend. Your comment has not yet been posted. Your comment could not be posted. Please try again.

Cool Site by Bloomsburg University Instructional Design Department CAC Member

Kapp Notes

Watch them live in this recorded webcast of their presentation. At Bloomsburg University, twice a year we have our Corporate Advisory Council (CAC) meeting and representatives from corporations all over the country come and evaluate the students as the students present and they take some time to show off some cool things that they are doing. You should check it out. Out and About Shout Out

Site 70

MIT Webcasts: Innovation and Globalization - NorthStarNerd.Org


Main | Convert VHS Videotapes to DVDs » August 08, 2006 MIT Webcasts: Innovation and Globalization Thereare two new webcasts available at MIT World. NorthStarNerd.Org Dedicated to open access sharing of knowledge - Your host: Rich Hoeg Blog Engineering Learning Nerd TV Nerd Tweets Nordic Skiing Site Map Tutorials « Who Moved My Blackberry? In one sense, the webinarsare not related, in another sense. maybe they are: Innovation Through Design Thinking - Tom Brown, CEO of IDEO, talks about how innovation occurs. within their borders) affect these two subjects"?

The 7 most important LMS features to support Synchronous Learning


The way this happens can vary in form, from a calendar-like widget, with cells for each day/hour, a bulletin board type of page with listings for upcoming classes and important dates, or even some dedicated dashboard in your users’ homepage. 2) Webcasts. If you need to replicate traditional classroom based lectures on an e-learning environment, a webcast is the ideal solution.

EMC Education Webcast: Managing Information in challenging economic times

Adventures in Corporate Education

Next week EMC Education will present a free webcast about managing information in challenging economic times. Sign up for the Webcast! So why is this something you should consider attending? Background. For the last several years, my organization at EMC has conducted a survey of storage managers and professionals about the challenges facing people that manage the world’s information. Every year our executives present the findings from the survey at EMC World. Findings. Storage managers marked the lack of skilled storage professionals as one of their pain points this year.

What’s on the TechSmith roadmap? We’ll tell you.

Visual Lounge

Webcast: TechSmith Roadmap for Innovation. If you’ve been following TechSmith for awhile, you may have noticed that the past year has brought a lot of changes. Not only are we shipping more updates more quickly…we’re also taking the company in some new directions. TechSmith is focused on helping you work wherever you are. Even when you work here!). Questions you may have.

App Fusion: Inside eLearnchat — Live Streaming Community Collaboration by Terrence Wing

Learning Solutions Magazine

You may have watched eLearnchat, or Leo Laporte’s and wondered how you could use Webcasting to increase learning outcomes. Wonder no longer! This month’s App Fusion gives you the rundown on the applications, equipment, and content strategy you need for success! Future Trends Instructional Design Learning 2.0 Professional Development Social Media Synchronous

Thinking e-learning strategy? Think video

Connect Thinking

Video webcasting is also a growing trend for educating staff and clients, such as conferences and product launches. InterCall Webcast Studio. 2. Every day, 98 years of video is being uploaded onto YouTube ( reference ). YouTube is now the second most commonly searched platform, after Google. It has 2 billion visitors a day, and handles 10% of all Internet traffic ( reference ).

President Elect Brings Web 2.0 to the People

Kapp Notes

For example, Barack Obama could start doing a weekly YouTube video and fireside chats for the 21st century by allowing people to text or email questions to him that he might answer live during the webcast. We all know that President-elect Barack Obama used text messages and his web site to a distinct advantage in the election.

Web 62

Registration Now Open for May and June Webinars

Absorb LMS

Best Practices Event LMS Webinar Free learning management systems eLL e-learning elearning Webcast Absorb LMS Tips and Tricks. Wednesday, May 22, 2013, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM MDT (UTC-7). Join Absorb LMS team members for a fast-paced presentation of their favorite Absorb LMS tips and tricks. Whether you’re an Absorb LMS customer, use a different learning management system, or are considering acquiring your first LMS, this session will likely give you ideas on how you can optimize the management of your learning initiatives to provide a rewarding experience for your learners.

Blended Learning: Not your Mother’s, Grandmother’s, or Possibly Even Older Sibling’s Training

Association eLearning

Create “how-to” webcasts or videos, using programs like Camtasia or Jing and upload them to YouTube. Blended learning is not new to training. Remember the days when you looked forward to field trips to the planetarium, hovering over a formaldehyde preserved frog with your lab team, or seeing the movie version of Lord of the Rings on a Friday afternoon? Not New, But Improved. Fringe Benefits.

Save Internet Streaming Video/Webcasts - NorthStarNerd.Org


NorthStarNerd.Org Dedicated to open access sharing of knowledge - Your host: Rich Hoeg Blog Engineering Learning Nerd TV Nerd Tweets Nordic Skiing Site Map Tutorials « Truthiness and the American Way | Main | Windows XP Tools » August 26, 2006 Save Internet Streaming Video/Webcasts Hello from a perfect weeks vacation in Minnesotas Northwoods. I am using a hot spot at Frontier Bait in Marcell, Minnesota. Ever wish you could make a copy of webcasts / screencasts / streaming video. Anyhow, here is a quick post. after all, I have to get back to fishing on Northstar Lake!