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Brandon Hall Group: Companies see real business results with a new LMS


New Brandon Hall Group study shows when companies replace their LMS, bottom line improves. A new study from the Brandon Hall Group indicates a strong positive correlation between companies implementing a new learning technology and growth in their bottom line. The post Brandon Hall Group: Companies see real business results with a new LMS appeared first on Docebo.

2015 LMS Satisfaction Survey


In 2015, the Brandon Hall Group study some of the LMS trends and found that overall satisfaction across enterprise learning management solutions was low. This is a major issue, and echoed by the fact that 31% of survey participants indicated that they would not recommend their current LMS to a colleague. Per user pricing has always been a point of contention in this industry.

The Evolving Role of E-Learning in Corporate Training


Why E-Learning : This infographic by Will Holand graphically depicts facts and figures from some reliable sources such as the Brandon Hall Group and Bersin & Associates. THE QUOTE: “ The future of e-Learning is wide open! Learning doesn’t just happen during business hours in the office or in the classroom. People grow in ability, confidence, motivation and happiness.”

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How to Create Award-Winning Training Solutions

Bottom-Line Performance

The after-glow of our three 2014 Brandon Hall awards is starting to fade away. Our team leads were self-reporting high levels of stress and our employee surveys indicated low job satisfaction for those in team leadership roles. e-Learning Learning Design award-winning training awards Brandon Hall And what do you need to include in the submission to draft a winner?

Infographic: LMS Trends 2015 – Is it Time for Something Different?


Widespread dissatisfaction with out-of-date LMS and a survey conducted by Brandon Hall Group in which 31% of respondents said they would not recommend their current LMS to a colleague. Check out the infographic below to learn what the Brandon Hall Group found in its recent study, as well as what LMS providers are doing about the results. DOWNLOAD THE WHITEPAPER.

Why so many companies want to replace their online training platform


New Brandon Hall Group data finds businesses are dissatisfied with learning environments. The Brandon Hall Group has been researching learning technologies for years and, in a new study, the analyst firm found businesses are searching for replacement learning management systems (LMS) due to low satisfaction rates among themselves and their users. How important is UX ?

Why eLearning Development Ratios Can be Hazardous to Your Career

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Social Learning Blog Training and Performance Improvement in the Real World Home About Bios Subscribe to RSS Why eLearning Development Ratios Can be Hazardous to Your Career by Jon on November 15, 2010 in budgeting , eLearning Brandon Hall , in partnership with Chapman Alliance , recently published the results of its latest survey about eLearning development ratios. Blog this!

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Elearning Trends 2016: Companies replacing LMS due to poor user experience and insufficient integrations


New Brandon Hall Group study shows companies want an LMS that improves user experience and one with more enterprise integrations. In a new study, the research and analyst firm Brandon Hall Group found nearly half of the companies surveyed in 2016 are considering replacing their learning management system (LMS). User Experience is Critical.

Upcoming webinar: Driving business results with learner-centric programs


Webinar: Driving business results with learner-centric programs with Brandon Hall Group. EST for a webinar hosted by Brandon Hall Group ’s Principal Analyst David Wentworth as we explore these and more questions about the current state of sales training and learning technology. David is also responsible for survey development and data analysis at Brandon Hall.

Why more companies are looking for a new Online Training Software


According to new insights on learning technology trends from Brandon Hall Group for 2016, companies that use an online training software certainly have their priorities in order. In fact, a whopping 48 percent of companies surveyed as part of a new report from the learning technology analyst cite exploring new and/or different learning technologies as a top priority for 2016.

Report – LMS Trends 2015: Is it time for something different?


The 2015 LMS Trends report from Brandon Hall Group paints a picture of widespread dissatisfaction (and high turnover) among organizations that use an LMS. Organizations that responded to the firm’s survey say they’re paying far too much for systems that are difficult to use, out of date and that don’t provide the data and analytics the organizations need the most. Read Brandon Hall’s tips for overcoming these LMS shortfalls by downloading the full report. The survey asked companies to rate their satisfaction with their LMS across 17 different factors.

Why people ignore many features of their LMS


According to Brandon Hall Group ’s report on LMS Trends in 2015 , companies that use LMS (particularly those still using installed solutions over cloud-based systems) are demanding more new features while ignoring many of the old functionalities built into their systems in the past. Not so, says the Brandon Hall Group. in 2012, to 2.95 in 2014, to 2.82 Docebo Blog ELEL

SMBs and Social Learning Technologies

Janet Clarey

Majority “NO&# (supports our prior surveys). Brandon Hall Research. Brandon Hall Research Online Database. Brandon Hall Research. Brandon Hall Research. Brandon Hall Research. Brandon Hall Research. Brandon Hall Research. Tags: Brandon Hall Presentations SMB social learning Social Media Here are slides from the presentation I did yesterday. The session was hosted by SumTotal Systems. SMBs & Social Media (Sum Total). View more presentations from Janet Clarey. Lopez, G.,

Personality type and a learner’s success with social media

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Breanne did an unscientific survey of 296 people on Twitter and found that INFPs are more represented than other personality types (14.7% Tags: Brandon Hall introvert personality Social Media I’ve been thinking about a possible link between a specific personality type (introvert) and social media success for several months and what it means for learning in the workplace. (I I haven’t done any significant research on this topic yet.). social media amplifies the human traits of social manipulation and exploitation. Cashmore ran a poll and reported results showing.

Year in Review: 5 eLearning Reports to Read before 2016


The 2015 LMS Trends report from Brandon Hall Group paints a picture of widespread dissatisfaction (and high turnover) among organizations that use an LMS. Organizations that responded to the firm’s survey say they’re paying far too much for systems that are difficult to use, out of date and that don’t provide the data and analytics the organizations need the most.

LMSs that kick ass: Mzinga

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Mzinga’s second Social Learning model, the “Amazon Model,” is broader in scope; much like, it involves closely wrapping social media and networking around a particular item—in this case, any kind of formal learning within our LMS, from curriculum, certification, courses, and simulations to ILT, virtual classroom, assessments, surveys, and off-the-shelf content. Disclosure: Mzinga was a sponsor of Brandon Hall Research’s IiL08 conference.). Tags: LMS Brandon Hall kick-ass It’s Friday yay! Kudos Jen (if you’re out there).

How companies are rethinking their approach to learning technology


Each year, the Brandon Hall Research Group publishes its findings from a survey of organizations that use LMS. LMS solutions received the survey’s poorest satisfaction ratings in their ability to meet future needs, scoring an average of 2.57 Not so, says the Brandon Hall Group. As for the cloud , companies that are using a cloud or SaaS model for their LMS have higher satisfaction scores than those with installed solutions in every single category Brandon Hall Group measured. DOWNLOAD THE WHITEPAPER. on a 5-point scale. Docebo Blog ELEL

Webinar: A modern learning approach to boost sales training


So many organizations have made a goal of learner-centric training, and so to explore this trend, Brandon Hall Group and Docebo co-hosted a webinar focused on learning management systems for ramping up sales training. In a survey, Brandon Hall Group found sales training has fallen on the list of organizational priorities. of companies surveyed. Brandon Hall Group’s High Performing Organizations follow companies with improved KPI’s year-after-year. Today’s sales enablement for the long term success of your sales team.

Why Video is a Must-Have for Your Mobile Learning Strategy

SHIFT eLearning

According to the Brandon Hall Group 2015, for Learning Pulse Survey, 95 percent of companies around the world use video to train their employees. YouTube videos are viewed 4 billion times every day. Vimeo videos are viewed a staggering 715 million times every month. And people do not throng these video-sharing sites just to gorge on funny cat videos. Recipes. Movies.

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Why you should start measuring informal learning today


In a recent webinar (“ Measuring the ROI of Informal Learning ”) co-hosted by David Wentworth of Brandon Hall Group and Docebo’s own Alessio Artuffo, we discussed the implications of neglecting to measure informal learning, and how to better align formal learning metrics with performance. In fact, just half of organizations surveyed by Brandon Hall Group measure more than 75% of their learning programs at Kirkpatrick Level 1 (learner reaction – “Did you feel that the training was worth your time? How did they perform on the assessment afterwards?

Save Your Learning Strategy from Collapse with this One Essential Report


These are issues revealed and addressed head on in State of Learning and Development 2016: Ready to Evolve , a Brandon Hall Group (BHG) report released today and available for download here. The One Report You Need to Understand Today’s Learning Trends and Save your Strategies from Collapse. Wasted Time, Money and Effort for No Measurable Improvements. DOWNLOAD THE FREE REPORT.

4 Tips to Develop Fabulous Leadership Style

CLO Magazine

The State of Leadership Development 2015: The Time to Act is Now, a report from the Brandon Hall Group , suggests the requirement for great leadership is important, but the terms of what it means to be a leader are not always clearly defined. As the workforce shifts and technology influences how, where, and how fast we work, the leader’s role is undergoing a transformation as well.

The Top 5 Things Organizations need for Mobile Learning

Your Training Edge

As per the latest Mobile learning research, conducted by the Brandon Hall Group, this wait continues. We will examine here in the light of some valuable findings gathered from some latest researches, including the one carried out by Brandon Hall Group. Mobile learning is something I witnessed so widespread in this regard. Making the mobile learning secure. 3] [link]. [4]

Learning Technology Trends in 2016


Each year, the research firm Brandon Hall conducts a study across the Learning Technology industry to discover trends, desires, and new technology in the business. As the world becomes more connected through social media and online forums, almost half of the companies surveyed are looking for social and collaborative tools in their online learning. Out of all the businesses surveyed, no one gave their present learning options above a “C”. Source: 2016 Brandon Hall Group Learning Technology Study (n=302). . Current learning technology is second-rate.

Ready to Enhance Your LMS Experience?


47% of organizations intend to replace their LMS, according to a survey conducted in 2012 and reported on in The Race to Replace: Results From the 2012 LMS Trends Survey from the Brandon Hall Group. If you were to take a survey, how many of your employees would likely say they enjoy using your current LMS? Breaking up is hard to do. Should you replace your LMS?

5 Corporate Training Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Your Training Edge

The idea of business-centric learning came onto many people’s radar last year, after the Brandon Hall Group did a survey showing that about 40% of businesses were developing their learning strategy in alignment with business needs , while the other 60% were focusing on the learners and the content. Business-centric learning. Just-in-time learning is learner-centric.

Survey says…. Employees are thriving with Axonify’s modern learning approach


The results from our Axonify Learner Survey are in. More than 4,500 employees from organizations including Walmart, PointClickCare, Kaplan, Ceridian and Bloomingdales participated in the first round of the Axonify Learner Survey. In a 2012 Brandon Hall Group webinar , a poll of attendees found 27% of respondents said their company’s employees hated their LMS.

Why Companies Love Hosted Learning Management Systems


Arunima Majumdar reports, “ According to the 2014 LMS Trends Survey conducted by the Brandon Hall Group, 54% of all deployed LMSs are in the Cloud. The corporate eLearning industry is booming. The market is well over $2.5 billion and grew by over 21 percent this year.” This is indicative of the slow but steady movement towards cloud-based LMS deployments.”. Jeffrey A.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Instructional Designers with Degrees: Survey Update

Learning Visions

Thursday, January 03, 2008 Instructional Designers with Degrees: Survey Update Over 50 instructional designers have now responded to the survey: Do You Have a Degree in ID? View the latest survey results here. The survey remains open indefinitely. Take the Survey! The Value of Instructional Designers Instructional Designers with Degrees: Survey Updat.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: The Corporate Moodle: A Tipping Point?

Learning Visions

Richard Nantel of Brandon Hall recently posted about average LMS prices. According to an eLearning Guild survey conducted in 2007 , 18% of respondents in corporate settings reported using Moodle. Regarding the survey showing 18% of organizations use Moodle.should be "among respondents to the survey, 18% use Moodle." I'm sure many of the organizations at the ASTD conference, for example, are not represented in a survey primarily made up of organization heavily made up of respondents involved in e-learning. (or Take the Survey! Wrong.

Social Media and E-Learning Survey

eLearning 24-7

As an analyst with Brandon Hall, I am conducting a survey on Social Media and e-learning. From the results of the survey, I will be writing up a report, with recommendations, which will be available to Brandon Hall members. That said, I am asking readers of this blog, if they could take a few minutes to complete the survey. The survey can be completed in less than two minutes. Here is the link to the survey: Social Media and E-Learning As a thank you for doing so, you will receive from me, via e-mail a copy of the results.

Benefits of the Cloud LMS – Is it the future of Learning Management Systems?


According to the 2014 LMS Trends Survey conducted by the Brandon Hall Group, 54% of all deployed LMSs are in the Cloud. Learning is crucial for corporations, who need to acquire newer skills and knowledge on a continuous basis. This has generated tremendous interest and adoption of Learning Management Systems (LMSs) among corporations over the last decade or so.

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Using Social Media for Learning: Tools & Practices #BHsocialmedia

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These are my live blogged notes from a webinar presented by Brandon Hall on Wednesday, April 26 2011. (I Tom Werner, Chief Research Officer, Brandon Hall [link] LMSs are adding social features – including RSS feeds, peer ratings of content. In Brandon Hall’s research, haven’t talked to a single LMS vendor who is NOT adding these tools. Best practices of social media for learning: (these 3 examples one Brandon Hall Awards of Excellence): Chrysler Academy 2.0 Survey findings (level 1 evals) showed positive reactions from the learners.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Kineo e-Learning Development Survey

Learning Visions

Monday, November 02, 2009 Kineo e-Learning Development Survey We have already gotten over 100 responses to our survey. Take the Survey! Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff. Take a few minutes to answer a few questions about e-learning development at your organization and youll get a free Articulate skin! Well be analyzing your responses over the coming weeks and let you know what trends and patterns we find. The eLearning Salary Gender Gap Phew! Can I, um, have your attention, please? eLearnin. Powered by Blogge