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13 Tips for Recording Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod

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Turn off display zoom (iPhone 6/ 6Plus). If you use zoom mode on a newer iPhone, you may want to turn it off. Using an iPhone 6 in zoom mode, for example, generates a recording at 1136 x 640 instead of 1334 x 750. The post 13 Tips for Recording Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod appeared first on TechSmith Blogs. Prepare your iOS device. 1. Don’t lose track of time.

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What the Release for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Means for Mobile Learning

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The Smartphones iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were finally released in a glittering ceremony in San Francisco. Let us now see how these features of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus help deliver good mobile learning. The cameras of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus go a long way in producing videos of high quality. The wait is finally over. Bluetooth stereo speakers.

Review: iPhone Photography Kit

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This is why I looked around at the different kits available for my iPhone, and decided to make use of the offer from the Cult Of Mac website for the ‘Ultimate iPhone Photography Lens Kit’ The option of ‘quickly’ clipping on a lens for better zoom, or a wider viewing angle appealed to me – as well as the reduced price of $69 (down from $199)! Microscope.

Introducing the TalentLMS’ App for iPhone & iPad


The mobile app is compatible with both iPhone and iPad devices running IOS 8+. The iPad version is specially crafted for that type of device and not simply a scaled-up iPhone version. The post Introducing the TalentLMS’ App for iPhone & iPad appeared first on TalentLMS Blog. The TalentLMS’ mobile app offers an exciting new way to consume your learning content. Assessments.

OpenSesame Now Offers More Than 5,000 Courses for iPad & iPhone


We are  proud to announce that OpenSesame now offers more than 5,000 courses that work on iPad, iPhone and other iOS devices. To meet this increasing demand, OpenSesame has developed technology that enables users to access a large selection of courses on iPhones, iPads and other iOS devices. Right Press Releases

IPhone- User Interface Guidelines- Part I

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The iPhone’s revolutionary user interface has changed the way we look at mobile devices. The iPhone SDK let’s you create native applications for the device. The document is divided into two parts: Planning Your iPhone Software Product : Covers types of applications, fundamental human interface design principles and the iPhone OS environment. This is the first. E.g. Mail.

Kineo Top Tips iPhone App

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Apparently it’s elearning iPhone App week! We’ve just released our very own iPhone app which you can download for free in the iTunes stores. Check out the latest tip (gossip, gossip, gossip) and our large collection of practical advice. Read more about the app on the Kineo website or just go download it yourself to see what all the fuss is about

How iPhone Apps Fit Into Online Training


Online Training app Connie Malamed e-learning education iPhone m-learning mobile learning mobile technology Safety training sales training smartphone tablet The Learning CoachM-learning — mobile learning — is a hot new topic among training professionals, but what, exactly, is it? And who uses it? The Daily Mindflash: Why make your online training program mobile? Can anyone do it?

IPhone- User Interface Guidelines – Part III

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In continuation to my previous post of this series ( Part I & Part II ), I will be concluding my discussion on the various components available for developing the user interface of your iPhone application. System Provided Buttons and Icons: IPhone OS provides standard buttons for navigation bar, toolbar and icons for tab bar to promote consistent look and feel.

My iPhone Died of Dysentery: Games That Simulate Difficulty

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In my most recent venture down the trail using the above emulator, I was barely on the road before my iPhone family member died of dysentery. The game Spent has been making the rounds through the serious games and eLearning communities. In case you’ve been hiding under a rock (or don’t use twitter), the premise of this game is that you’ve lost your job, your house, and most of your savings.

Filming with the iPhone 5s – The Forge Episode 31

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Earlier in October, I upgraded my phone to the new iPhone 5s. As I swiped through the picture from our trip on the device, it occurred to me: why not make an entire episode of The Forge with the iPhone 5s? didn’t have a second iPhone handy to record me recording. iPhone… No way. Can’t see the video? Watch it on YouTube. Fingerprint scanner? Heck yes!

Training Plan For iPhone Application Development

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Right now, everyone wants to develop applications for mobile devices and in particular for the iPhone, as it has changed the way we look at mobile devices. There is lots of material available about iPhone development on the web but very little about how to go about it. While working on IPhone development I have collected some links and we thought of creating a training plan for iPhone development for other Upsiders. The training plan below, assumes that you'll have the following skills to speed your iPhone development: Knowledge of C/C++/Java. Topic. NavBar.

Upgrading my iPhone to iOS5

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Connecting the iPhone is always a scary proposition (an update in the past went spectacularly wrong a year or so back), especially with such a big upgrade about to happen (or not). 85 minutes in and the restore begins … So, what is the iOS5 going to give me, what are these 200+ new features (obviously not Siri, that’s the 4S phone only): iOS 5 for iPhone and iPad walkthrough.

Publish to iPhone – From Captivate 5 and eLearning Suite 2

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You can now author your elearning courses in Captivate and publish them as a swf to run on any Flash enabled device, or follow the steps below to publish the same as an iPhone app. To deploy a Captivate course on an iPhone you need Adobe eLearning Suite 2, or both Adobe Captivate 5 and Adobe Flash Professional. You also need to install the ‘Packager for iPhone’ from Adobe Labs.

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iPhone tracking – so not an issue

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If you own and iPhone, it will track where you’ve been , roughly every few minutes. neat application- iPhone Tracker – is available for individuals to visualize what type of data is on their phone. It sits on your iPhone and is transferred to your computer when you synch devices. When it’s only on my iPhone or laptop, I can’t say I entirely care

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Yes, mobile moodle for iPhone is eminent, we will release open source code soon

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the Institute of Tropical Medicine Alexander von Humboldt (IMTAvH) in Lima and the Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM) in Antwerp) was working on something special: a mobile moodle for iPhone. They got hold (after politely being given the permission) of the WPtouch for iPhone code by Dale Mugford of Bravenewcode. And now we are at the brink of releasing the code. How did they do it?

The 3 mindsets of m-learning

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learning apps Bring Your Own Device BYOD BYOT experience experiential learning iPad iPhone learning M-Learning’s dirty little secrets mlearning mobile mobile learning pull push responsive web design RWD smartphone tablet training One of my most popular posts of last year was M-Learning’s dirty little secrets. felt that I had missed something. Mindset #1 – Push.

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This Week on #TalkTech: Mobile Learning Strategy, #EdTech apps for iPhone and ROI of #TinCanAPI

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How to design good educational apps for the iPhone. #TalkTech is the “flipped” approach to Twitter chats.  We publish all the topics a few hours before the chat so you can show up at 3 pm EST / 12 pm PST on Thursdays ready to discuss. We’re never at a loss for new tech news, apps, and interesting blogs to explore in our weekly chats. Image courtesy of [link]. Interesting gameplay.

Book Review: “Always On”

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My latest addition to the list is from Brian Chen – “ Always On: How the iPhone Unlocked the Anything-Anytime-Anywhere Future – and Locked Us In “ It is clear to see all around us just what impact smartphones have had on society and, in my area of interest, learning. Apple has taken something, developed it, marketed it, and let it loose on the world.


Steps to use Flash iPhone packager to create iPhone app. from Captivate SWF

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Further to Shameer’s post on “Publish to iPhone from Captivate and eLearning Suite“, here are the next steps to generate the iPhone app. from your Captivate SWF. These are manual steps and you need to use the terminal/shell to execute the command on a Mac machine where you have your Apple Developer Certificate and Provisioning

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How do develop web content on the iPhone

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The next couple of months I will be working with colleagues from Peru (Luis Fucai, Ellar Llacsahuanga and Carlos Kiyan) on a mobile learning project (funded by the Reach initiative , Tibotec grant) that involves iphone's and NokiaN95's for physicians in Peru. If you are into iPhone content delivery, these two posts are definitely a great resource to start with.

¿Por qué el hecho de que el iPad y el iPhone no soportan Adobe Flash es un gran incentivo para el mLearning?

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Por lo tanto, la decisión de Apple, nos ha impuesto un desafío interesante para comenzar nuestra transición hacia el aprendizaje móvil (mLearning), debido principalmente a la cuota de mercado que Apple lidera con el iPad y el iPhone. Permítanme explicarles. Pero qué hay de la experiencia de los usuarios móviles? Por qué? Absolutamente. Presten atención. Están de acuerdo? Send to Kindle.

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Baby Salma Uses iPhone to Learn 'Apple'!


Instead, she wants to grab the iPhone (Ownership), so that she can hold it and play with it herself. Perhaps the iPhone, or coming iPad 2 (to me!) Based on my kids' (3) obsession to play games with iPhone, I suppose I will only be able to use the iPad for self-learning when they all are asleep! We all know what happens, when babies don't get what they want. Think about it!

Students and Information Technology 2012 #edtech #eLearning #educause

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Android smartphones are more widely used (only just) than iPhones (46% vs 44%). The Educause Centre for Applied Research (ECAR) has recently published their “ ECAR Study of UNdergarduates and Information Technology, 2012 ” report. The report summary has the following key points and recommendations: Key Findings. ECAR Recommends. grades). Laptop ownership is up 83% form 2004.

#Moodle #Mobile, the follow up action is called Moodbile

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Mid March 2010 some of us volunteers got together and started to work on Moodle for iPhone. moodle iphone moodle mobile iphone codingIt has been quite a year for mobile devices! So many initiatives, so many actions. They have been working on Moodbile , which is a code project that will result in a GNU General Public License.

This Flash Player (Frash) Runs On iPad

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About a month back I blogged about Smokescreen which allows advertisers to run simple Flash movies on iPad/iPhone using HTML5/JavaScript.  Today while checking my twitter feed I discovered Frash which runs Flash content on iPad/iPhone in a Safari browser. It’s an effort to take the Android implementation of Flash Player to run on iPad/iPhone.

Mobile #Moodle ready for beta release: feedback welcomed

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moodle iphone moodle mobile mLearning mobile learning LMSIt has been more than 2 years since the Moodle4iPhone project [link]. Unfortunately it was not ready to be officially released, but after additional work from Beto, Carlos and Ludo, the official release will be rolled out in the following weeks. Two themes will be released, 1 for mobile devices and the second one for tablets. release!

Develop HTML5 interactions with enhanced Raptivity 6.6


Community Computer software Education Software eLearning eLearning Software eLearning tools HTML5 interactive learning mLearning rapid learning Android e-learning software elearning interactive tool elements management HTML5 interactions interactions interactive builder iPad iPhone launch webinar mobile platforms mobile publishing Raptivity community Simulations video elements video support

How has technology transformed the classroom?

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For Hopkins, smartphones and tablets bring about an “always-on” availability, and by developing the iPhone and iPad, Apple has contributed to this in the classroom. Technology Apple Classroom Educational Technology Erin Klein iPad iPhone Learning Technology Personal Learning Shelly Sanchez Terrell Smart Phone Social Network TabletLast month I was asked to provide a few lines about how I believe Apple has transformed classrooms. Unfortunately for the organisers I didn’t want to concentrate on just what one company, or even one single piece of technology., What do you think?

Raptivity Presenting on M-Learning at eLearning Africa 2012 in Benin


Raptivity, the award-winning software for creating rapid e-Learning interactivities is speaking at eLearning Africa conference in Benin. Vinod Ganjoo, Sr. Manager – Business Development of Harbinger Knowledge Products will be presenting on the topic “Interactivity Paradigm shifts to Mobile Learning” [.].

Tips on running a Tweet-chat

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have used a laptop, iPad, and iPhone on all the tweet-chats I’ve facilitated and at least one has caused a problem (usually laptop) which meant I’ve had to use a back-up device. Twitter BYOD BYOD4L FutureLearn Google Google Hangout iPad iPhone Martin Hawksey MOOC Storify Tweet-Chat Tweetiquette Taking is back to the beginning … what is a tweet-chat? Other formats.

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Question – what app could you NOT live without?

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Apps Android Dropbox iOS iPad iPhone Presentation Tablet WordPress What App could you NOT live without? Whether Leave a comment below and share your App and reasons for it. If you’ve already written this up then link to your post and share your thoughts and preferences with us. ‘DropBox’ App.

‘Google Maps’ App

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‘Google Maps’ (iPhone/iPad/iPod) : Thankfully available on the iPhone again, I’ve missed this. Here are a few links to what the rest of the world is saying about the new Google Maps App: Google Maps launches iPhone app after Apple veered off track. Google Maps native iPhone app launched on Apple’s store. Apps App Google iOS iPad iPhone iPod Maps

Quick and Simple mLearning Content for the iPhone by Paul Clothier

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Creating mobile learning applications requires a different approach compared to creating other forms of. eLearning. Try experimenting with simple mLearning content, using PowerPoint and PDF files, to get the. hang of it. Paul shows you how to get started. Content Management Design Strategies Getting Started Instructional Design Mobile Learning

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