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Can ‘Movie Based e-Learning’ be the Future of Video Based e-Learning?


The next is about going up a level on the production of learning videos and creating Movie-based Learning. No more same formal videos, but action packed “Learning Movies” to impact the learners can be the next big thing in the world of e-Learning. How Movie Based Learning & Why is it going to be different? Challenges of Movie-based Learning. Why Movie-based Learning.

Movie 106

History from British Pathé movies a treasure trove!

Ignatia Webs

As an avid movie lover and ex-movie critique, I was jumping into the air when I saw the British Pathé journals are opened (while I was on holiday, how dare they!), and are now freely available on their YouTube channel. First thing I did was get hold of the copyright on these movies. The fact that the archive is set free, is like wandering into a movie library.

Movie 39

PowerPoint 2010: Converting Presentations to Movies

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

In previous versions of PowerPoint, converting presentations to movies  could be a bit of a laborious task. You won't be clicking your mouse to continue the presentation once it is a movie and you may find that the default transition time goes too fast (or not fast enough) for your liking.   The good news: In PowerPoint 2007, not only did you need to go in to Windows Movie Maker to convert your presentations to movies, but in doing so you lost any transitions or animation effects you may have added. by AJ George.   Choose File > Save As.

Movie 73

Adobe Captivate: Set a Master Movie

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

From the top left of the Aggregator application window, select Set as Master Movie. By setting the overlay TOC module as the Master Movie, the published Aggregator project will use the Skin (TOC overlay settings included) from the module. by Kevin Siegel. Last week I showed you how to remove the TOC from an Aggregated Captivate course. One reason that people elect to hide the TOC is that the TOC simply takes up too much space on the learner's screen. One way to get around the space issue when it comes to the TOC is to create an overlay. What's a developer to do?

Movie 66

PowerPoint 2007: Adding Voiceover Narration to Presentations Converted to Movies

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

Last week I detailed how to turn a PowerPoint 2007 presentation into a movie that could be uploaded to popular video sharing sites like YouTube.      If you wanted to add voiceover narration to the movie, however, you may have run into a bit of a problem--there is only one row in the Windows Movie Maker timeline for audio. by AJ George. " PowerPoint

Create an Old Time Movie Effect with Camtasia Studio 8

Visual Lounge

In this tutorial, I’ll discuss ways to gather clips and media to create an old time movie effect. I’ll also show you how to use Camtasia Studio to build and produce your Old Time movie. Here is a sample old time movie made with Camtasia Studio: [link]. Here is a link to the old time movie project. Nothing says old time movie like bold, dramatic intro slides.

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What does the 80's movie WarGames tell us about learning games?

Integrated Learnings

recently watched the 1980's movie WarGames with my son. As a dad, I often use movies like that as an opportunity to teach something new to my son. The movie is about a young computer hacker, played by Mathew Broderick , who unwittingly accesses a NORAD supercomputer controlling United States military nuclear weapons during the Cold War. As a child in 1983 I was captivated by the science and drama of the movie. It is the same as the moral of the movie: a global thermonuclear war almost always results in mutually insured destruction. by Jonathan Shoaf.

Movie 51

The future of entertainment

E-Learning Provocateur

virtual reality 360 AFTRS Australia Australian Australian Film Television and Radio School entertainment film future game game-based learning GBL interactive Melbourne movie social Sydney VR VR Noir Zero LatencyIn the space of a couple of weeks, I have previewed the future of entertainment twice. Your actions drive the story forward, and your decisions along the way impact the final outcome.

PowerPoint 2007: Converting Presentations to Movies

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

by AJ George. I am frequently asked if it is possible to convert PowerPoint presentations into movies that can be shared on websites such as YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook. However, there is a workaround if you have Windows Movie Maker  on your system (most computers using Windows do have the program by default).   Open Windows Movie Maker.   Select Every Slide.

Movie 19

Creating a Simple Video in Windows Movie Maker

The Learning Dispatch

Windows Movie Maker comes prepackaged with Windows operating systems and is more than capable of producing a decent video. What you''ll need: Windows Movie Maker (download here ) A video file ( here is a list of supported video formats, under "What kind of files can I import?". First, open up Windows Movie Maker and locate the pictures (or even video clips) that you want to use.

Psychological Scientists Now Reviewing Movies -- To Bring Clarity

Will at Work Learning

Spiers, professor of psychology (and neuropsychologist) at one of my Alma Maters, Drexel University, has created a brilliant website to clarify the psychological science depicted in the movies. link] For another movie I really enjoyed, Memento , the reviewers point out both the ways in which the movie is accurate in reporting on anterograde amnesia, and inaccurate. Ideas Worth Considering Industry News Research World movies neuroscience psychology Spiers Mary V. You must check this out: [link]. love the review of Finding Nemo. link].

Adding Interactions as a Flash file to your Slides


Education Software eLearning tools Flash PowerPoint rapid learning raptivity Developer embed movie Flash file interaction powerpoint options PPT. You can add an engaging interaction on any slide of the PowerPoint. There are no gimmicks to it but certainly simple guidelines to be followed. Read them and get trending with interactive PPT slides. a. Open the PowerPoint presentation in [.]. presentations Shockwave flash object slideshow

Flash 59

Reformatting synchronous recordings like #Elluminate to publish them in #mobile formats

Ignatia Webs

After the editing you can produce the movie into a format of your preference (mp4, mp3 are most common and cross-device mobile standards). This allows people with a variety of devices to look at the reformatted Elluminate movies, as YouTube will now offer those recordings in the mobile YouTube format. mobile mobile learning mooc instructional design podcast eLearning movie

Audio-Video Sync in Captivate published movie

Adobe Captivate

Adobe Flash Player that plays the Adobe Captivate movie also plays the audio along with the movie. Sometimes, you may notice a lag in the audio timing and that it is not synchronized perfectly with the movie. Therefore, with a single audio file in an Adobe Captivate movie, the audio and video run parallelly at their own pace resulting in synchronization issues. AVI,WAV).

testing video blogging movie

Ignatia Webs

Click To Play These are most of the participants of the workshop. It is really intens, but great thanks to all the questions all you participants asked

Learning from The King's Speech | Social Learning Blog

Social Learning

This movie should be required viewing for anyone in the learning industry – it demonstrates all the ingredients for effective learning. Weber also points out how effectively additional techniques demonstrated in the movie – like music, movement, and humor – open the mind to learning. Now, quick go see the movie before the Academy Awards this Sunday. I’ll be seeing it again!

Moodle and iPhone update: the movie

Ignatia Webs

Look at this uploaded movie: In the meantime the iPhone/Moodle platform is getting into shape: [link] Things moving on several fronts: getting proposals out, checking codes, making coding manuals (thank you very much Beto!). For those wanting to see a glimpse of the interaction behind the application that allows the iPhone (or iPod) to access Moodle.

Geometrics can be fun in squareland - Flatland the movie

Ignatia Webs

Emre Sevinc (who has an astonishing knowledge on eLearning, IT architecture and cognitive sciences amongst others) got me on this great movie which features geometrical characters that speak with the voices from famous actors. Let me paste the synopsis of the story: " Flatland: The Movie is an animated film inspired by Edwin A. And the movie is part of an educational dvd also.

Second Life at the Movies

Kapp Notes

It was bound to happen, a full-feature length movie in Second Life.oops, sorry, it hasn't happened yet.but you heard it here first. It will be interesting to see where Second Life goes from here in terms of movies. Lot going on with machinimia made into main stream movies. Click here for the SLURL if you want to check out Hollywood, Second Life.(you will be interesting.

Evaluation Ethics: Going to the Movies

The Peformance Improvement

She asks her students to think critically about Truman Capote’s behavior in the movie and how that relates to their work as evaluators. Sometimes our work as evaluators, whether measuring the impact of a corporation’s leadership training program or measuring the results of a program to keep teenagers in school, can negatively affect the welfare of participants. agreed to make the change.

eLearning Trends for 2016 – Players in the Realm

Upside Learning

Isn’t it something more associated with games, comics and superhero movies? Realm? You might think. Well, theoretically yes. But, look at this from a different angle. Can’t we say that eLearning a realm in itself? And if anything, eLearning has been around way longer and has been evolving rapidly. Newer technologies, devices, and budding concepts […]. eLearning eLearning trends eLearning Trends 2016 eLearning Trends For 2016

Player 104

Jing tool for help or FAQ movies

Ignatia Webs

Today I used Jing to make a help movie. The benefits are: it is free (limited to 5 minute movies), you can share the movie with others or embed it somewhere. The capture option gives you immediate access to either capturing a movie or a picture. After that you click on movie and. This makes help movies really easy to capture! It is amazingly simple.

Sun 2

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of PowerPoint


“CUE MUSIC FROM THE MOVIE, THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY” ENTER POWERPOINT The Good Readily available, since it is included in the Microsoft Office software and the most widely used tool for putting together content for presentations Easy [.]. Authoring Tool Education Software eLearning eLearning Software eLearning tools interactive learning PowerPoint rapid learning

Apply This Storytelling Technique to Create More Engaging eLearning

SHIFT eLearning

Most likely you have seen the movie Terminator starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Whether you love or hate 80’s science fiction, if you develop eLearning courses this movie has something for you. To clearly understand the narrative structure of the story behind the scenes, here is a brief description of the movies’ plot If you haven’t, chances are you know what it is about.

Movie 37

3D movies in your learning

Dont Waste Your Time

There are many ways to create film and video content for your learning materials. Some of them require very technical knowledge of tools and software, nearly all of them also need some willing volunteers. How about a nice (free) system that you can do online? Nah, it’ll never happen, will it? Yup, and here it is; Xtranormal [.] Video Academia 2.0 eLearning eResources Social Network Web 2.0

Arnold says "Violence in Movies-Good, Violence in Video Games-Bad"

Kapp Notes

But the cynical side of me can't help but think that Schwarzenegger, a darling of the movie industry, and a person who never ran from a violent movie may have a slightly different agenda. And James Cameron who's movie Avatar was big but not as big as Halo: Reach did direct the violent Terminator movies. In the opening scene, he beats up some thugs. don't know.

From the Silver Screen to Your eLearning

eLearning Brothers

Since I was little I have loved the movie theatre experience. Apart from thousands of hours of entertainment, the movie theatre has also given me some perspective on how to make a good eLearning course. Even if I hadn’t been conditioned by years of pre-movie junk food commercials, I know I could always go for something sweet or salty to nibble on while watching a movie.

Movie 54

Thoughts on digital learning design

Clive on Learning

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development shot this movie at the Learning and Development Show in London in April. It previews a digital learning design workshop that I will be running in October and throughout 2015

Movie 46

Blogging my homework – my first movie!

Adventures in Corporate Education

For your enjoyment, I present “ Community Alert: Solving the Case of Missing Information “ Tags: EME6507 blogging my homework community movie multi-media design and development tagging This semester I’m taking a course named Multi-Media Design and Development. Our first assignment is due tomorrow, we had to do design a lesson using a free, online animation tool. My lesson is on adding tags to community generated content. think it is hilarious.

How to incorporate subtitles in a movie you are converting for mobile devices

Ignatia Webs

This is it, now you can simply click on the ‘convert’ button in AVS4you and you are ready to watch a movie your partner did not want to see, while commuting to and from work… at least that is what I do with my newly bought Japanese movies (Rock-on Kitano!). Some of you have tried it already, but there was a question concerning subtitles.

Attention to detail

Learning with e's

If you are ever in New Zealand's capital Wellington, you should not miss the chance to discover one of the country's most important industries - movie making. It is of course, where the classic movie Lord of the Rings was shot, and it is also where other movies including the Narnia saga and the forthcoming movie the Hobbit have originated. Unported License.

Assess Blended Learning Programs to Improve Business Performance

Upside Learning

It’s just like it is in the movies, right? Did you ever imagine the day would come where you could use: A game of World of Warcraft to build leadership skills? Augmented reality to deliver dental training? Train online avatars to transform offline? Well, the Chief Learning Officer (CLO) at a leading management consulting, technology […]. Blended Learning

What can Hollywood teach you about making your Elearning AWESOME?

eLearning Brothers

Ever wondered why movies are so expensive? Ever sit through the credits at the end of a movie? We probably all have, now that every superhero movie puts a teaser at the end. Why do they need so many people doing so many “strange” jobs to make a movie?   All you need is a camera, script, actors, and some lights if you feel like really going all out. Part 1 of 3.

The story in Inception. the movie.

Vignettes Learning

Ambiguity is a story technique; but it has to be based on real issues. Ambiguity provokes. Confuses. Creates emotional response. Ray Jimenez, PhD Author "3-Minute e-Learning"