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Videos can be as simple as getting out an iPhone and clicking record or as complicated as hiring actors, setting up lights, and using a boom mic. You don't just pick up a camera and go at it. You'll want to set up the cameras and microphones and place them in the positions they'll be used during the filming. by Jonathan Shoaf. A good quality video can be a very helpful resource for workplace learning. If you've never done it before, it can be a very intimidating task. Here I'll layout some steps for getting through your next video project. Start with Learning Goals.

What the Release for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Means for Mobile Learning

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The Smartphones iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were finally released in a glittering ceremony in San Francisco. Powerful cameras (a 12 megapixel camera on the rear and a 7 megapixel camera on the front). Let us now see how these features of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus help deliver good mobile learning. The wait is finally over. We’d love to know.

How iPhone Apps Fit Into Online Training


For example, are there ways we can take use the GPS, camera, video, phone communication and motion sensors to make learning more effective? Online Training app Connie Malamed e-learning education iPhone m-learning mobile learning mobile technology Safety training sales training smartphone tablet The Learning CoachAnd who uses it? It’s more complicated and nuanced than that.

How to Record a Mobile Device Using a Camera – TechSmith Tips

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This week’s TechSmith Tip focuses on using a camera to record a mobile device. “Why would you use a camera to record a mobile device at a screen recording company!?” It can be jarring for viewers to cut from a “real world” camera video with actors right into a screen video. If your camera has focus assist, use it to check your focus on the screen.

Seven 2017 Learning Trends: Novel or Norm?

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The newest iPhone, for example, has a very worthy video camera. At the start of a new year – or the end of an old one – we love to read about trends. Articles on trends can be fun reads, but do they really help us see the future? Do trends really matter? I’ll let you decide. I went back and found a 1998 ATD (then ASTD) State of the Industry report. Interactive video laser disks.

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How Do I Produce Video for My eLearning Courses? A DIY Guide

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But, before you put on your director’s cap and grab your iPhone, there are a few things you need to know first. This means that if you shoot an eLearning video on your 2008 camera phone, you may have some very awkward meetings with your boss in the immediate future. In this post, we'll be diving into the murky waters of eLearning video. Not quite.

Augmented Reality - Using Junaio in the British Museum

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Unless the experience is something more spectacular than words, and pictures in a layer on the image of what the camera is displaying, I don't give it much hope of surviving. I want to see video layered on top of whatever it is that I'm pointing the camera at. serious games iPhone Android elearningThe Junaio blog posted this today. Learning with Junaio, Samsung and British Museum. The first thing that struck me was that Museums seem to be perfect for this technology. The next thing that hit me was why this hasn't been created for the Freedom Trail in Boston.

Five Mistakes Trainers Make When Shooting Video With Smart Phones

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The quality of video that can be produced with today’s smart phones is so good that full length movies have been shot using android devices and iPhones. No matter how great the camera or how powerful the processing capability, If the individual capturing and editing the video doesn’t prep correctly or use the right settings, there’s little chance of a quality outcome. Holding the camera vertically Holding the camera vertically may work well when you’re reading your email or browsing through a web page. To completely eliminate camera shake you should use a tripod.

The “m” in mLearning means More

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I happen to believe that the reason why Facebook continues to find that their mobile users are two times more active than Desktop-only users has a lot to do with these sensor superpowers, namely the built-in cameras in smartphones. Speaking of Facebook and mobile, I absolutely love what Joe Hewitt has to say about his experience in developing an iPhone app for Facebook.

Don’t Waste Your Money When Developing Training Videos

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Poor camera work. Times are more varied on mobile devices—iPhone users watch for about two and a half minutes, Android users for three minutes, and tablet users for five minutes. shaky camerawork because the video camera was not on a tripod or solid surface. Thousands of dollars are wasted every week on learning video that doesn’t lead to real learning. Poor audio.

An Augmented Reality Future

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The app utilizes the iPhone or iPad 2’s front-facing camera to track your hands. Every now and again, I’m blown away by the imaginative apps I see in the iOS App Store, as did this one: Ghost Guitar. You strum with your right hand and fret chords with the left. Quite a simple mechanic that has been exceedingly well-implemented.

This Week in mLearning Podcast – Episode 7 – Project Tin Can

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e- Facebook releases new Camera app for iPhone and iPod touch. 1- Highlights of the week. a- Google has closed its deal to acquire Motorola Mobility. b- Stats about Android activations per day. Relevant figures related to its competitors. c- President Obama issues a directive to urge major government agencies to focus on the “growing mobile revolution.” RJ Jacquez wrote about this here. d- Last Wednesday, the White House released its Digital Government Strategy : Digital Government: Building a 21st Century Platform to Better Serve the American People. Send to Kindle.

8 Things we MUST do in 2013 to seize the potential of mLearning

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In 2012 Apple announced the iPhone 5, two new iPads and the new iPad mini; Google unveiled their first tablet, the nexus 7 and later the 10″ version; Amazon gave us three Kindle Fire HD tablets. iPhone) and Android (e.g. 2012 has been an amazing year for mobile! And what can we say about the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook for a cool 1 Billion dollars earlier this year?

10 Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest – 28

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Besides this, our technology-tuned ears have also caught some scoop on iPhone and Flash; finally, the marriage seems to be on the cards. This video explains how QR codes are changing the way we access information in the real world through scanning a new kind of code with a camera phone. iPhone Finally Gets Flash. We have found 10 examples of QR codes for real-time marketing.

(almost) Everything about video for learning professionals

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For this blog I suffice to say that you can screencast (make a movie of your computer screen), on-the-fly videos (amateur quality with iphone, ipad or simple camera), professional videos, web lectures and live stream (let online follow a meeting by people who are not there). January was our #videoleren theme on Twitter with the Ennuonline twitter tips. Tie a tie? Questions.

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Be a Stock Photography Model!


Armed with a digital camera—or even your iPhone—and a few willing coworkers, you can create personal, engaging stock photos for your e-Learning! Whether you’re using your iPhone or a Digital SLR camera—or something in between—make sure you set your camera to shoot at the highest resolution possible. Then it’s time to start taking your OWN stock photos! Lighting.

Image Cropping 101: The Basics

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If you’ve ever taken a photo with your phone’s camera and then posted that photo as an Instagram image, you’ve had to choose how much of the overall photo to include in Instagram’s square image format. Did you ever wonder why the camera view on your phone has a grid? By now you know that images are essential to creating great content and communicating clearly.

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Dev Corner - Building a Mobile App with Adobe Air, Project GoGoCast

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This platform allows us to target iOS (iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2, iPod Touch G3, iPod Touch G4) and Android devices running Android OS 2.2, Access the native camera / image capture software. Save / Read from Image Gallery on Phone (Camera Roll on iOS). Direct Camera access. Select image from your Camera Roll. Technology Approach. and 3.x. Android.

The Mobile eLearning Express: A Brief History of Distance Courses

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cameras, sensors, GPS). ” Healthcare has been testing the iPhone app called iStethescope – developed by Peter Bentley, a researcher from University College London – that allows you to use the iPhone to measure heartbeat. Guest post by Marie S. Lewandowski. Marie is a Sr. Instructional Designer, eLearning Consultant, Feature & Technical Writer. Simple and intuitive.

Course Authoring Tools for eLearning Developers and the masses

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documentary maker and iPhone/iPad/iPod touch developer kit. Authoring Pro – Developer and International Edition - comes with audio editor, video editor, image editor, screen capture and screen camera. Tools these days come in three flavors. Geared toward e-learning developers and instructional designers. Geared towards the masses. A combination of both. It’s free. YouTube.

Infographic: How to Arrive at a Great App Preview Video

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Camera video – no. A camera app may want to show a capture, edit, share sequence. If you have a universal app, you can create one video for iPhone and one for iPad. Don’t – use real-world video footage captured with a camera…unless you have a camera app and you’re showing how it captures real-world images or video. Find your story.

iPad for eLearning


Synchronous eLearning iPad is not have an integrated camera but it supports video calls with FaceTime video calling. I have read several articles about iPad for eLearning and I believe that we are missing the point. Why iPad was created? So the question is, why all the professionals involved in the e-Learning industry care about the use of iPad for eLearning? The answer is simple. But guess.

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Tom Crawford: Design for Mobile The Ups and Downs of the Small Screen #devlearn @vizchef

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However, then you have to develop for iphone, ipod, android, etc…takes a lot of time and money. super simple way to test “A good UI without a good UX is meaningless (and vice versa)” -- if beautiful design doesn’t work or if it works and it’s ugly… Resources Tapworthy Desigining the iphone User Experience Designing Mobile Interfaces Designing for Emotion Mobile First. wasted space?

10 Things Adobe gets Right about Mobile Learning with Captivate 8 [Review]

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Articulate for example has gone the native app route for deploying learning projects to tablets and HTML5 for smartphones like the iPhone and the Moto X. I expect geolocation to be the beginning of Adobe adding other similar features like the microphone and camera to augment the learning experience. eLearning. — RJ Jacquez (@rjacquez) January 9, 2015. Responsive Projects. link].

So…How Do You Build eLearning For iPads?

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This means you have to build different apps for different phones e.g. the iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung SIII etc. Where your users need to access information, materials, eLearning in low connectivity areas, off line or need to use the devices’ native capabilities (like camera) to perform specific tasks a native app is the answer. and later. Surprised? So what’s the fuss about HTML5?

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The New Moto X gives us a Glimpse into the future of Mobile and Predictive Computing

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Twist your wrist twice, it becomes your camera, and gets the shots you’d otherwise miss. Twist your wrist twice, it becomes your camera, and gets the shots you’d otherwise miss. I actually use the search on my iPhone to find the app I need, that is if I can even remember about all the apps I own. Ready when you are. Once you turn it on, Moto X is all yours.

How to create a DIY green screen video effect (aka chroma key)

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We'll take a look at the various elements you need to consider: backdrop, software, camera, lighting.and how you can probably pull off your first green screen production for $30 or less. Something like this : You'll also find blue screen backdrop cloth available, but it can be problematic if the person on camera has blue eyes or clothes. Camera (required). But no longer.

Augmented Reality and M-Learning

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iPhone and Android) have been hitting the market. Requires a camera (photo) on your smartphone – again, they all have the capability. With AR, you click on the AR app and it enables your camera. Works with various smartphones including iPhone 3, any Android, iPhone4, Symbian OS. Let me pose this scenario: Every day, you walk down the same street. Specifics, please.

Seven Ways to Use the iPad for Workplace Learning

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I considered several other ways too, including augmented reality applications, but the lack of a camera puts a damper on a lot of cool learning possibilities. Games – the iPhone has shown great potential as a handheld game platform, the same would apply to the iPad. The lack of a camera prevents synchronous video, but that’s a niggle. The iPad is here. After all the hype, which it didn’t quite live up to, there was a lot of commentary web-wide on whether it’s suitable for elearning, or a specific type of learning. Can you? Lotus or MS Exchange?

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10 mLearning Lessons I Learned from reading Mobile First by Luke Wroblewski [Book Review]

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I was thinking about how my own experience with mobile since my first iPhone and later the iPad and all the other devices I’ve owned since, have impacted me in a big way. digital compass, gyroscope, audio, dual cameras, bluetooth, proximity, etc), we will actually create better learning experiences on mobile as compared to what we have today through desktop eLearning.

Online courses must die!

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In this age of iPhones and Flip cameras, why not encourage your learners to generate their own content too? A touch dramatic, isn’t it? Now that I have your attention, please bear with me. There’s method in my madness… The myth of rapid authoring. These days, however, everyone seems to be creating their own online courses and distributing them via an LMS.

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M-Learning: Where’s the app for that?

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Trust me, there are more than that, that identify their solution as working on the iPad, let alone on a smartphone such as an iPhone. iPhone – 73 apps, and StudyWiz mobile elocker as the only one I saw that had a platform tied to it. If you type in “test&# you see 972 apps, for the iPhone – 5,060 apps. Questionmark has an iPad and iPhone app, but for whatever reason, if you type in “quiz&# or “assessment&# , they do not show up. I mean, virtually all new tablets hitting the market these days, has a camera and a vid/web cam. WebEx.

4 Ways to entice the Unwilling Learner: Solutions for effective learning


In addition to a web-based platform of content delivery, we also developed separate apps for iPad and iPhone users. The learners can record their own videos, using simple video equipment available on most devices – a desktop computer with a webcam, a laptop with a built-in webcam or even a basic mobile phone with a built in camera. So then, is the unwilling learner a myth?

My First 72 hours with the Blackberry Playbook

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Much like the Motorola Xoom, the initial setup for the Playbook was straightforward and unlike the iPad and the iPhone today, which requires you to plug the device to a computer with iTunes, the Playbook does it all without a requiring a PC. However I have tested most of the apps that are included and some of my favorite apps include the calculator, Camera, Videos, Podcasts and Help.

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