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Watch Out For These Trends in Mobile Learning: 2015 And Beyond

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Global mobile data traffic grew 69 percent in 2014 and was nearly 30 times the size of the entire global Internet in 2000. Mobile video traffic exceeded 50 percent of total mobile data traffic for the first time in 2012. Mobile network (cellular) connection speeds grew 20 percent in 2014. 4G traffic will be more than half of the total mobile traffic by 2017.

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Not Just Mobile Learning, Mobile Everything

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When our clients consider mobile learning, we often find them stuck in trying to deliver learning (training) on mobile devices. The key to exploiting the potential of mobile learning is to think of mobile beyond their learning content delivery capability. To appreciate the true potential of mobile devices we need to consider what Tomi Ahonen has to say.

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My Top 10 Photo Editing Mobile Apps for 2014

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started with a point and shoot camera before moving to a DSLR. The most interesting advice I read about photography was that the best camera is the one you have when you need it. Now I use the mobile phone more than any other camera. bought my phone based on the camera it has. The camera was one of the most critical criteria in my selecting the phone.

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Mobile gives the edge

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Smart mobile phones continue to disrupt our society. For everyone of us who own them, mobile phones are changing our lives, influencing our decisions about how we interact with each other, how we access and consume information, how we work, entertain ourselves and purchase our goods. Just why is such a small object such as the smart mobile phone so disruptive? Curtis, M.

The Future Of Mobile Learning

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Last week Amit and I made a small presentation to the Mobile Learning MOOC (MobiMOOC) about the possibilities in the future of mobile learning. We’d like to share what we presented because it encapsulates technologies that will impact/affect the future of mobile learning and learning in general, readers of this blog will probably find it of special interest.

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The good news is you can record your own 360° videos using special cameras that are reasonably priced IMHO. Note: This link is not supported in the mobile web version of Google Maps. All you need to record your own photo sphere is the Cardboard Camera app. The device. The ROI for Google Cardboard is through the roof. For about $20, you gain access to a world of wonder.

Extending Mobile Models

Clark Quinn

In preparation for a presentation, I was reviewing my mobile models. To be clear here, capture is where you use the text insertion, microphone, or camera to catch unique contextual data (or user input).  It could also be other such data, such as a location, time, barometric pressure, temperature, or more. mobile Does the greater detail provide greater benefit?

6 Steps To A Better Mobile Learning Strategy

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Mobile learning is a relatively new domain and is rapidly evolving as well, which makes its implementation a not so easy task. When implementing mobile learning in workplace, following 6 steps will help create an effective mlearning strategy. 1. In fact, some early mobile learning initiatives have been taken up more for novelty value than for identified real needs.

Designing Mobile Learning Content: Getting Started

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After getting enough inspiration from the current trends and stats about mobile learning , the obvious next question that must be bothering you is – where and how to start? Just like with any new project, a mobile learning implementation program needs a thorough assessment of the current training situation and the tools being used to deliver training. Image Credit –

How to Record a Mobile Device Using a Camera – TechSmith Tips

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This week’s TechSmith Tip focuses on using a camera to record a mobile device. “Why would you use a camera to record a mobile device at a screen recording company!?” It can be jarring for viewers to cut from a “real world” camera video with actors right into a screen video. “Blasphemy!” Enjoy! Watch it on YouTube.

The Mobile eLearning Express: A Brief History of Distance Courses

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The flexibility of accessing an entire course from a small and lightweight wireless device makes mobile learning the current education frontier. In many current training scenarios, mobile eLearning typically supplements a traditional online or partially online course, or it may completely replace these standard learning delivery options. cameras, sensors, GPS). Lewandowski.

How to choose between web and native apps for mobile learning?

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Since every mobile device comes with a pre-installed browser, web apps are easy to create and deliver for a large audience. Eventually, updating is also faster and easier because these apps can cater to a whole lot of devices, which include not just mobile phones but desktops as well. common example of a web app is mobile websites of newspapers. Web apps. Native apps.

Mobile Video Recording – TechSmith Tips

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With the recent rise in mobile sharing with video, we thought it would be a good idea to share some tips and advice for mobile video recording. A few of the things that we wanted to focus on are: Audio. Built in microphones on mobile devices are very limited. For the most part, cameras on mobile devices work better with as much light as possible. Camera+.

4 things you didn’t know about Mobile Learning

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Mobile learning is hot and new! And then there are many related  things that you probably don’t know about mobile learning and content development so far. Probably you’re not aware of it yet, but apps for mobiles are customizable as well. To put it simply, there are two kinds of mobile apps- native apps and HTML5 apps. When are you planning to go mobile?

Take A Leap Of Faith With Mobile Learning

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Mobile Learning has been on the horizon for a long time but has met with scepticism and technical constraints in its early days. Now, even though bandwidths have improved and devices have become more capable, mobile learning is still struggling to take off. So what ails mobile learning? Understanding Mobile. The term ‘mobile learning’ is its own biggest enemy.

Want to go mobile for learning and support?

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invited him to write this when I recognized my lack of clarity about the options for mobile development and delivery. We want to use mobile devices, but which mobile? There is great excitement about the potential of mobile devices for learning and support. What decisions must be made to establish an appropriate mobile strategy? Mobile Website. Want to go?

10 Things Adobe gets Right about Mobile Learning with Captivate 8 [Review]

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When comparing the two big players in the rapid eLearning market, Articulate and Adobe, they approach mobile learning design very differently. They have a good app called Articulate Mobile Player, which initially was only available for the iPad and now is also available for Android Tablets. Mobile Gestures. eLearning Mobile Learning featured Responsive Projects.

Native Apps vs. Mobile Web: Pros and Cons [infographic]

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One of the questions I hear often with regards to mobile learning (mLearning) is whether companies should consider building mobile apps or developing mLearning that can be consumed by learners via browsers on mobile devices. Having said that, I personally think that going the mobile web route is a better way to go for mLearning. eLearning Mobile Learning featured

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Why Mobile Learning Can Grab Millenials’ Attention


But at its core, mLearning is mobile. Simply porting existing eLearning to mobile platforms may not do the trick. Take advantage of the new features in today’s mobile devices: HD displays, GPS integration, state-of-the-art cameras and video recording capabilities, near ubiquitous access to WiFi hotspots, Bluetooth styluses, to name a few. minutes on mobile.

#Mobile instructional #design is getting a push, join in!

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For those interested in adding to the creation of a mobile instructional design model. As a growing number of mobile innovations become available in the learning space, education and training technology thought leaders are now interested in how to effectively design for a variety of mobile learning scenarios. this is your chance! guess that is all of us.

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8 UX Questions to Answer Before You Take Sales Enablement Mobile

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After years of hype, mobile is finally  the big workplace knowledge support tool we’ve all been talking about. To design mobile learning experiences that meet their intended objectives, we need to do a whole lot of things: Spend time observing how people use devices in their work settings. their camera, email, calendar, or CRM system). Meet Learners Where They Are.

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How to choose a #mobile device for #mLearning purposes

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Choosing the best (smart)phone or tablet for mobile learning can be quite a challenge. The amount of features you want to use will also allow you to purchase a low or high cost smartphone or mobile device. Let's say you want to explore mobile learning, these are some of your options. What can you opt for in a high-end phone, tablet or mobile device?

Blending social and mobile

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This is part 2: Blending social and mobile. Its roots are NOT in mobile learning as social became a hit with the advent of social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook – which emerged before mobile phones gave access to these sites. Mobile devices make it easier to be social in new ways. Mobile + social lets organizations leverage what people instinctively do.

Popular ID Principles For Mobile Learning: 5 Trends That Spell Success


With the advancement of mobile technology and hardware in the last decade, mobility of learning has also become increasingly popular. The popularity of mobile learning is growing rapidly, especially amongst young learners, pointing out to us quite directly: the way, future generation would prefer to learn. Mobile-learning content should have equitable use. Learning

Call for papers: mobile and online learning #CfP

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12th International Conference Mobile Learning 2016 , will take place 9 - 11 April 2016 in Algarve, Portugal ( [link] org/ ) * Keynote Speaker (confirmed): Prof. how the mobility of learners augmented by personal and public technology can contribute to the process of gaining new knowledge, skills and experience" (Sharples et al. Dr. Prof. In particular, with the study of ".how 2007).

Why Mobile Learning is Here to Stay


Learning is going mobile. But, if you haven’t taken your training program mobile yet, it could be daunting to gear up for mobile learning. Or, if you have taken your training mobile in the past, new technology and advances in mobile learning design may require you to rethink your mobile learning—or mLearning—strategy. So, Why is Mobility Important?

10 mLearning Lessons I Learned from reading Mobile First by Luke Wroblewski [Book Review]

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I love Mobile and everything that it represents. enjoy the simplicity of mobile. suppose you can say that I think “ mobile-first ” and everything else, including desktop-second. This is why I’m a big fan of Luke Wroblewski’s book entitled Mobile First. Mobile is the future and we must to be part of it. Time is precious on mobile.”

Mobile Learning Considerations – Native Apps or Web Apps

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I stumbled upon this presentation , shared by Chad Udel , comparing four main mobile OSes. Lets you access the device’s features like camera, accelerometer or the data like address book. Tags: Mobile Learning Frameworks mLearning mLearning Technology Chad used this for his presentation at mLearnCon 2010. Take a look -. So Native Apps vs Web Apps? Native Apps.

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The good news is you can record your own 360° videos using special cameras that are reasonably priced IMHO. Note: This link is not supported in the mobile web version of Google Maps. All you need to record your own photo sphere is the Cardboard Camera app. THE DEVICE. The ROI for Google Cardboard is through the roof. For about $20, you gain access to a world of wonder. Hurrah!

The Future of Mobile?

Clark Quinn

In the webinar I did the day before yesterday, one of the questions I was asked was what I thought the future of mobile would be.  My first response was that mobile wasn’t going away, and that we’d see more converged devices.  I also opined that five years ago I couldn’t have predicted where we are now, and consequently it might be hard to think that far forward. And I think they’ll be in a variety of form factors, some choosing pocketable, some choosing to tradeoff mobility for screen real estate. mobileThe interfaces may well simplify.

Mobile Learning in India

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They don’t realize it, but today’s mobile phones have the computing power of a personal computer from the mid-nineties, while consuming a fraction of the energy and are made at significantly lower cost. In India, the mobile phone has revolutionized communication and India is now one of the fastest growing markets for mobile phone services, with growing usage and increasing penetration.

What to take into account when chosing a mobile device for learning?

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Choosing the best phone for mobile learning can be quite a challenge. The amount of features you want to use will also allow you to purchase a low or high cost smartphone or mobile device. Let's say you want to explore mobile learning, these are some of your options. What can you opt for in a high-end phone or mobile device? What mobile operating system to choose?

Tom Crawford: Design for Mobile The Ups and Downs of the Small Screen #devlearn @vizchef

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The mobile market: Smart phones are growing; but not-smart-phones are still significant part of the market. So you could still do SMS and text and do good stuff with mobile learning. PC/laptop use is down 20%; mobile is 30% up. right now only 7% of them are mobile, but 35% of searches are done on mobile. mobile devlearnForgive the typos and omissions.

Design Corner: A Few of My Favorite Things: 21 Must-Have Tools for the Mobile Designer

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For the last three years, Ive worked exclusively in the realm of mobile app design, so most of my research focus has centered around the mobile space. Throughout these three years of mobile-focused work, Ive had the intense pleasure of helping to build Coachs Eye , TechSmiths ground breaking sports video analysis app. Lovely UI. Dribbble.

You can't ban the blog

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They are armed with cameras and mobile phones and they know exactly how to use them. education camera Neverseconds primary school learning Marth Payne blogging free speech school dinnerOne Scottish local authority has tonight been left with egg all over its face. The blog has already amassed over 3 million hits. Go Martha! Unported License.

Are QR codes redundant?

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They are essentially two dimensional bar codes that you can scan using your mobile device. The beauty (if you can call it that) of the QR tag is that it will quickly take your mobile device browser to a web site with no other effort than a button click. Blippar mobile devices education camera QR tags augmented reality learning QR codesShe has a point. Unported License.

Future of #mLearning inspiring ideas @dave_parsons

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Imagine a future world where mobile learning is intuitive. His paper swooped me from one train of thought to another, adding new insights, challenging old ideas and reshuffling current mobile learning ''facts''. He starts off with a student showing his off the shelf hardware robot to his peers, while controlling the robot with his own adapted mobile device. from mLearning.

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Cultural hegemony and disruption

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Wikipedia is popular because it can be accessed from anywhere using a web enabled mobile phone. Yet on this occasion, the cop - one Lieutenant John Pike (pictured) - was captured forever in an act of brutality by cameras owned by ordinary people, and subsequently suffered the consequence of becoming an infamous and universally parodied figure on the internet. Not anymore. It will not.

Dev Corner - Building a Mobile App with Adobe Air, Project GoGoCast

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They used some research time to explore the possibilities of using Adobe AIR to build mobile apps. We developed our mobile app using Adobe Air 2.7, The mobile app uses the public rest API's to authenticate and upload media with Mobile Provision file. Plus: You can build your Adobe Air mobile application on Windows or OSX. and 3.x.

Reflection: My Mobile-Phone Journey

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By the end of 1996 I had a decent (and stable) enough salary to afford a monthly contract and got my first mobile phone. At this time phones did not have the Internet, did not have anything more advanced than a version of snake or tetris, and there were no camera phones either. My next phone was a real dud, a pup, a very dark time for mobile phones. But that was to change.

My Top 10 Mobile Apps for 2014

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could get much of my work done on my mobile, many a times not requiring me to switch on my laptop. My Top 10 Mobile Apps that I used and liked most in 2014 are: CamCard Business Card Reader : I collect a lot of business cards as part of my job. Apps Google iPhone Lists Mobile Mobile apps Top 10 Windows Phone This is an interactive and social navigation app.

The New Moto X gives us a Glimpse into the future of Mobile and Predictive Computing

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Twist your wrist twice, it becomes your camera, and gets the shots you’d otherwise miss. Twist your wrist twice, it becomes your camera, and gets the shots you’d otherwise miss. In fact, things on mobile are beginning to get complicated as they did in the PC era, and since Mobile is about simplicity, this cannot be a good thing. Ready when you are. Thoughts?

Mobile Learning should be more than converting Desktop eLearning to HTML5

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First, I’d like to say that I applaud the idea around this contest because it adds some much-needed engagement to the Captivate community, however I wonder if Adobe may be sending the wrong message to users who are interested in mobile, regarding what mobile learning (mLearning) is. In other words, while I think HTML5 will play a big role in how we develop and deploy learning and how our learners will consume those learning experiences on mobile, I think mLearning should be a lot more than just ‘converting’ desktop eLearning to HTML5. The entry with the most votes wins.

Video, Mobile: E-Learning consumers respond

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Respondents were asked questions tied to mobile, video and yep, even MOOCs. Upload video from a mobile device or HD camera into a LMS. Analysis:  With the success of shooting video from a mobile device and uploading it to such sites as Vine or Instagram Video, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.  Mobile. How often do you use your mobile device to access your LMS? Irony – Not many vendors have “responsive” with their mobile view – responsive means the layout will change to fit the screen of your mobile device. .

Enterprise Mobile Learning 2011 - Year in Review

mLearning Trends

It’s time once again to take stock of what happened in enterprise mobile learning and see if any of my 2011 predictions hit their intended targets. As I stated in the previous post assessing my 2010 predictions, the size and complexity of mobile learning projects/programs will continue to expand across all geographical and line-of-business boundaries. a.k.a. Prediction #2. Bullseye!