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have never been briefed on what to do when standing (or sitting) in front of a camera. I'll do a talk to camera at the drop of a hat. would have no more than a minute or two to find out a little about them and formulate a few questions and then it was straight in with the live streaming interview. I seem to be doing a lot of interviews lately, a lot of which are on video.

Understanding Video File Types: Codecs, Containers, and Outputs

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While the word “compression” can conjure images of pixelated video, the process is both necessary and efficient with modern digital cameras. Like the “pinch” in an hourglass, compression helps devices and the internet keep up with a big stream of data. Often times your video camera will determine the container for your original video file as well. Preset outputs.

TechSmith Tips – Getting Started with Video Webinars

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But we like to think the factor that sets our Webinars apart is our use of camera video. A lot of webinars simply show a set of slides with the presenter’s disembodied voice over the top. While setting up the system for live streaming video can be complicated and pricey, we’ve found it to be well worth the investment of time and money. What is a Webinar? The Value.

Ad Hoc Live Streaming Test

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We are starting to see demand for Live Streaming services. We decided to take a little time to test out cheap/free solutions to suggest to our clients while we waited for the big "everything communications" project (somewhere around 2014). - We tested 5 tools - Elluminate, Google Hangouts, vTok (for the iPad), UStream, and ooVoo Yes - I know that some of these tools aren't designed to do live streaming, but we had it lying around. And their movie streaming. Relative video quality - we are using different web camera setups. High quality, fancy equipment and all that.

Recording Skype and Google Hangout Video Calls

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Camera and lighting. Next you’ll need to adjust your camera and the light of the room you’re recording in. See more about cameras below.) You’ll also want to adjust the placement of your camera. By no means is it perfect, but it does the job better than laptop web camera. One way is to introduce video of a subject matter expert or key person into the video. Video.

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What’s on the TechSmith roadmap? We’ll tell you.

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What: Online, streaming event with live Q&A. Much of the content will be recorded in advance but you can text chat with TechSmithies throughout and we will respond to top questions live on camera. What if I can’t tune in to the live stream? If you’ve been following TechSmith for awhile, you may have noticed that the past year has brought a lot of changes.

Tin Can API: A Must for Blended Learning

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It provides a simple interface on devices like smartphones, tablets and computers to capture the streams of activities that learners undertake by converting them into simple statements. This is because course developers can take full advantage of all mobile features such as GPS, magnetometer, accelerometer, compass, camera, gyroscope, etc. What is the TIN Can API? How does it work?

The Green Screen Effect – TechSmith Tips

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The green screen effect is a post-production technique for compositing (layering) two images or video streams together based on color hues ( chroma range). camera, lights, a green or blue piece of cloth/fabric, and some editing software. These things can be tough for the camera to distinguish and can cause problems when editing later. Can’t see the embedded video?

Long Live Your Education Sessions: How To Repurpose, Repackage and Reuse your Training Materials

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These new learning styles are incredible opportunities for your association to create new income streams. They are hosting conferences with no video camera in the room capturing what could be an incredible income stream for their association. The next bit of innovation was purchasing a $300 HD camera and a tri-pod. They have videos sitting in a closet. Yes overheads.

Watch Out For These Trends in Mobile Learning: 2015 And Beyond

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When the worker scans the object in front of him, the app uses the device’s camera to ‘understand’ it. Such devices can again, can be used for context sensitive content rendering, such as live streaming of a surgery procedure on the Google Glass.As Global mobile data traffic grew 69 percent in 2014 and was nearly 30 times the size of the entire global Internet in 2000. Like our post

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Book review: Cumulus

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Even at work the smart displays (walls) can show whatever view or data stream you want (even know what you want and pull up the options before you ask). One individual uses a ‘ghost’ programme to remove him from security cameras, location-based services, even using Cumulus to stop desktop scanners and camera phones working when he’s identified in the frame. ANPR camera/software. First, the book. It has the mobile phone, data, cloud computing, autonomous cars, street architecture, etc. all wrapped up. please come back. Cumulus is everywhere! YouTube.

Thank You ScreencastCamp Supporters.

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Kodak - My choice for adding camera video to your screencasts has been the Kodak zi8 video camera. Kodak has updated the zi8 camera and they're sending a couple of the updated model, the Kodak PLAYTOUCH camera. Campers will get to use this camera over the weekend and a few lucky people might even win one to take home! Come make history with us! Can't make it?

How FocusAssist Works


It uses the camera in a trainee’s iPad or computer to determine if the trainee is present and their level of engagement. While FocusAssist does use the trainee’s camera, no video or photographs are saved or streamed anywhere. It simply uses each frame from the camera to determine the user’s level of engagement and throws the image away. Looking Ahead.

(almost) Everything about video for learning professionals

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For this blog I suffice to say that you can screencast (make a movie of your computer screen), on-the-fly videos (amateur quality with iphone, ipad or simple camera), professional videos, web lectures and live stream (let online follow a meeting by people who are not there). January was our #videoleren theme on Twitter with the Ennuonline twitter tips. Tie a tie? Questions.

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JAY CROSS – Pushing the Envelope to the End

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He was also never without a camera close at hand to act as his ‘external memory’. His Flickr stream contains thousands of photos. “It all boils down to learning, but not the sort of learning you experienced at school. No, this is learning as a life skill. You’re learning all the time, taking in new information and making sense of it. He brought us together in 2009.

How ‘long’ is too ‘long’?

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Yes, I agree that if you have a ‘teaching’ resource, where the academic/teacher is speaking to camera then there is an optimum length that someone will sit and be ‘talked at’, and this is where I see the 6 minute limit coming into play. Those watching the recording have the added benefit of pausing the stream for a break, email, message, etc. Lecture capture.

4 Lessons Photography has taught me about Learning

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absolutely love taking pictures - my Flickr stream with about 13000+ pictures will tell you just that. As I reflect on the last 10 years of having owned cameras, I think I've some interesting insights on how adults learn. Learning is effective when it's autonomous and purposeful When I got my first digital camera I wasn't fussed about technique. I was just keen to take pictures.

Content creation tools for e-learning


One (or more) Camera(s). If you want to stream lectures in real time or have 1-to-1 conversations with your students, you’ll need to invest in a web camera. If you want to produce your own video material for your courses, then you’ll want to invest in a proper, non web, camera too. Word Processor / Text editor. Or maybe not ? modern browser. Image Editor.

Transform your PowerPoint into a PowerCast using Camtasia!

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For example, online resources, such as TeacherTube, Khan Academy, and YouTube provide thousands of streaming educational video clips for teachers to use in their lessons. Today’s guest blogger is Michael F. Ruffini, Ed.D.! Michael is a Professor of Educational Technology at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. Because video is so ubiquitous, it is an invaluable educational tool.

Using Video in eLearning Part One

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We have found that compressing all video content allows quick access for users, smaller file sizes take up less storage space and help increase streaming and download speeds. Anything that you can do to be creative with camera angles, music, actors (or employee-actors), and editing will make an incredible difference and leave a lasting impression on your learner

Project Giant TechSmith Snow Spork

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Thanks to Conan Heiselt for making the giant snow spork, Kelly Rush, our videographer, for setting up the tech on this project (live stream, computer, cameras, etc), Jordan Skole, our intern for the idea to record the snow fall, and Lucas Anthony, our Logistics Coordinator, for adding the final touches (logo and decorations). Everyone has been preparing for the giant snow storm that's hitting the country. In Okemos, Michigan , where TechSmith is located, they're calling for a foot or more of snow! We thought it'd be fun to make a time lapse video to show the snow fall. Why not?!

Video Learning Platforms

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1995 – Real Media arrives on the internet scene streaming an entire baseball game that probably no one watched. Video itself -  streamed, recorded, edited then posted, posted without editing,  etc.  – may/may not include audio incl. Video captured with a smartphone, tablet, digital camera (if available), DV and HD DVC (digital video camcorders), web cam, etc. 2012).

Where the LMS is Heading

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Yes, cameras themselves were aplenty, but video cams – sorry, not even close. Wall streams –  On the rise – It is okay, you can leave FB – millennials already have – Snapchat anyone? b. It seems that every day I have been seeing articles on where is L&D heading, what will happen with the LMS market, the LMS industry, how much the LMS industry is worth and so forth. Especially when some of the folks now touting the LMS space were the same people writing about its demise. Well, I for one, never saw a demise.  I never saw anything close to it.

e-Learning Acupuncture: Remote Controlled African Webcam

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What do remote control robotics, streaming webcam technology and Africa have in common? A. It is a streaming live webcam to a water hole in South Africa. The camera is remote controlled by an operator. There a lot more webcams websites out there these days (Just google search to your hearts content for them) but I was really impressed by this one due to the large number of features the camera has as well as the clarity of the feed. Tuesday, December 05, 2006 Remote Controlled African Webcam Q. Nothing I think. The aparatus is also fully wired for sound capture.

TechSmith AppShow – A Better Way to Show Off and Record iOS Apps

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Before now, the “least worst” methods of capturing the screen of an iOS device were hardware or streaming workarounds. Or maybe you’ll want to combine screen capture footage with camera video to produce a bigger project. Have you ever wished for an easier way to capture what you see on your mobile device? We have, too. But, over time, we expect everyone will use it. Why now?

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Reading list: November 14th, 2015

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The ultimate, 10,000-word review of streaming media players: Apple TV vs. Roku 4 vs. Fire TV vs. Chromecast. Facebook is testing a way to search your camera roll to find photos of your friends. Like many in my line of work (eLearning, Educational or Learning Technology) I read. read a lot. read books, articles, blog posts, journals, etc. sometimes tweet them, I sometimes print them, I sometimes actually finish them. Sometimes So far this month I’ve been reading, in no particular order: . Getting digital is required. For a happier life, give up Facebook. Inspire to learn.

MOOCs in Workplace Learning - Part 3: Launching a MOOC

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Learning will simply become integrated into our life-stream. She works out loud and records it on her wearable camera (part of any one of the devices she''s wearing), and uploads it to a forum which happens to be part of the MOOC she is attending. The central term in this definition is connections. Here are a couple of things that MOOCs are NOT. Enter wearables into the scene.

Using Mobile in Blended Learning

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Now that (more or less) everyone has a camera on their phone, it seems some of them can’t help but record everything that happens in front of them. Not only is it possible to film the event for future reference, trainers can now live-stream the session. Blended Learning has always sought to bring classroom learning and online learning together. Preparation. Administration. Live Feeds.

12 eLearning Audio and Video Tools

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Quickly add photos and footage from your PC or camera into Movie Maker. CamStudio is able to record all screen and audio activity on your Windows computer and create bandwidth-friendly streaming flash videos. When creating an online course, you often need to capture a live video, audio, or screen recording. We’ve narrowed it down to 12 great eLearning audio and video tools to help you get started easily. iMovie. iMovie allows you to turn your home video into your favorite film with just a few clicks. Fine-tune every cut and transition, edit color and audio, and fix shaky video.

What is in store for the LMS Space: My Forecasts for 2016

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However, the ability to do things with that video once uploaded is another matter.  I would add that the ability to upload via a digital camera or camcorder is not universal. Social extravaganza –  What’s with the new “wall” for social?  As one vendor calls it a “stream”   I think they need to tweak that word and add a couple more to truly assess what I think of that spin.  Lately there have been quite a few articles relating to where the LMS is heading, what is the future of the LMS market and so forth. vendor)? Forecast #1. Curating Content.

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Open door classrooms

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The next step would be to enable live web streaming, dynamic social networking and Twitter backchannels to operate while classroom sessions are in progress. That would depend I guess, on where the classroom cameras and mics were pointed/situated. with the advent of personal handheld devices, how long will it be before classroom learning is streamed out into the world regularly?

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What happened was that while Brian was setting up his slideshow and preparing for his keynote, the microphone and video camera were live for about 60 seconds before he started. Recall earlier this year how the UK's former Prime Minister Gordon Brown was caught off camera but with his TV lapel microphone still live, making disparaging comments about a member of the public he had just met.

20+ eLearning Tools and Resources

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Quickly add photos and footage from your PC or camera into Movie Maker. CamStudio is able to record all screen and audio activity on your Windows computer and create bandwidth-friendly streaming flash videos. Sometimes building online courses can be a little more difficult than it seems, so why not have one place you can go to find the resources and help you need? We have compiled a list of different resources and applications to help you build your courses quickly and easily. Whether you are looking for a SCORM, audio, or video application, let us help! SCORM. Articulate. Audio.

How Fortune 1000 Companies Succeed With Video

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Its automatic editing algorithm, unveiled over the summer, determines what separate cameras at the same event are focused on, and uses this knowledge to decide when to cut to a different shot, just as a human editor would. It will let users stream ESPN over the web for $20 a month. Congratulations to the big players that’ve made the 2015 Fortune 1000 list! This list is an annual ranking by Fortune magazine of the top US companies by gross revenue, including both publicly and privately held US companies. The big question is: How’d they do it? The Walt Disney Company. Dish Network.