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30+ Ideas for eLearning Portfolio Samples

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What if you can’t use any samples of your existing work due to confidentiality or security requirements? For example, the Instructional Designer or eLearning Developer demo in my portfolio is based on an activity I originally created for a health care client. For portfolio samples, you don’t generally need to create a full-blown, 60 minute course. Resume writing.

Download Adobe Captivate Example Courses

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Looking for Captivate example courses to feed your creativity? Elearning developers need ways to optimize Adobe Captivate, and get more creative inspiration. So, where can you go to get Captivate example courses with source files to download? The Adobe Captivate blog is the place go. You can find the latest source files here: Captivate Example Courses.

3 Adobe Captivate E-learning Examples

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Adobe Captivate was first introduced to be a screen capture tool under the name Flashcam. Not too long after that, Macromedia acquired eHelp and released the software under the name Captivate which was later acquired by Adobe Systems. Let’s see a few sample e-learning courses developed by CommLab India using this very tool. Learning Technology Adobe Captivate

Captivate 8 Custom Motion Effect Example

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I created a Captivate activity with a custom effect using motion and scaling to animate two cars driving away to the horizon. Lieve says these Effects and Advanced Actions don’t play well in Captivate 8, so she prefers to build these sorts of effects in Adobe Edge Animate. The roads are built with Smart Shapes directly in Captivate. Apply the custom effect.

Quality Control process for E-Learning

For example, on paper, it may make sense that one. For example, is there a specific way to write feedback statements? Here are a few examples of standards for elearning courses:  Use the organization’s approved template and color schemes (Developers may. Here’s a sample swim lane chart that shows a process and who is responsible for each. For example, if there are.

Controlling Captivate – Pause IT!

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Welcome to another installment of Controlling Captivate. Let’s go over a couple of examples: Recently on the Adobe and LinkedIn Captivate forums, questions have been. Captivate eLearning Uncategorized Widget In this short post we’re going to show you a simple widget that will pause the last slide or all of your slides automatically. Why do you need this widget?

3 Interesting E-learning Samples Developed in Captivate

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Adobe Captivate 9 is one of the top rapid authoring tools available today to create interactive e-learning courses. Captivate 9 introduced last year has many upgrades and enhancements compared to its earlier version. Let us look at the important features of this version of Adobe Captivate and how they help improve e-learning development. Learning Technology Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate: It Takes a Community

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by Kevin Siegel        One of the biggest complaints I hear constantly about Adobe Captivate is the lack of free support for the tool. Sure there's a  Captivate forum  (where you can search for and post questions on Captivate), there's a  Captivate Blog  (hosted by Adobe. you can learn about Captivate updates, features, and attend free webinars), and free YouTube videos abound. However, none of the current resources were integrated with the Captivate tool itself. Adobe Captivate

6 Responsive eLearning Design Tips for Adobe Captivate 8

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As you may know, when using Adobe Captivate 8, you can design for responsive courses to adapt to the device or the devices you are using. You’ll find Adobe Captivate has three breakpoints for desktop, tablet, and mobile. In Captivate, every responsive project will allow you to use the gesture configurations for mobile design. You can do this in Adobe Captivate 8. In

Adobe Announces Captivate 8: The Most Significant Release Yet

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Since its last release in June 2013, Adobe Captivate 8 leapfrogs the current paradigm of eLearning development and addresses the needs of today’s eLearning developer with it’s all new mobile responsive design. This release also makes Adobe Captivate 8 the first responsive design tool for interactive application development. Overview of What’s New with Captivate 8?

Product Review – Adobe Captivate Prime LMS

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Adobe Captivate Prime brings forth a modern UI, along with a simple UX (user experience), but along the way misses the boat on several items that leaves one wondering why? FTP overnights for the HRIS system or HR database – Captivate Prime learns it on the first upload (I did not test this – this is according to Adobe). In this example, you will see how the timeline works. 

Save Time Using Text to Speech in Captivate 9

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Captivate has a feature, though, that makes adding the spoken word much easier: Text-to-Speech. Let’s look at how to utilize Text-to-Speech in Captivate. As an example, let’s say we want to tell the old familiar story of Little Red Riding Hood. Once the audio file is generated and placed on the slide, it can now be acted upon just like most other objects in Captivate.

[Video] How to Use GeoLocation in Adobe Captivate 8

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I’d like to talk about a new feature in the Adobe Captivate 8 release that just came out. Thanks to the Adobe Captivate 8 update, this is now possible. Here is how it works: for example, if you were making an international sales course. With Captivate 8, you can do that. How Does GeoLocation Work in Adobe Captivate 8? Using GeoLocation in Adobe Captivate 8.

Adobe Captivate: Six Ways to Use Voiceover Scripts

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Let's say for example that your eLearning project will be developed in Adobe Captivate. Captivate allows you to type--or copy and paste--the script into Slide Notes, similar to the slide notes you might be familiar with in PowerPoint. Since Captivate comes with several high-quality computerized voices from NeoSpeech, this is a viable option.

Download Adobe Captivate sample Rapid eLearning Course modules

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Looking for some examples to feed your creativity, help you learn more about how Adobe Captivate works, or just to add inspiration to your New Year? Look no further. I’ve added the big yellow download button to the sidebar of the Captivate blog so you can find the latest downloadable source demos. Documentation eLearning Suite eLearning this week Extending Captivate How do I. Rapid Authoring Rapid eLearning Technical Support Training and Tutorials Under the hood Whats new Adobe Captivate 5 Adobe Captivate 5.5 You’ll find them [.].

How to Use Customized Adobe Captivate 8 Buttons

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Adobe Captivate 8 provides four different ways for you to integrate buttons into your training. Let’s learn more about these four ways and then talk about how to use customized buttons: Text Buttons – This is the default option for buttons in Captivate 8. Here is my seven-step process for inserting customized buttons into Captivate: 1. For example: button_up.png.

Helpful Tip: Interactive Video in Adobe Captivate 8

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Before we discuss interactive video in Adobe Captivate 8, we need to discuss a little bit about HTML5 video. And where it is possible, Captivate does not yet support such a feature. Now, while Captivate doesn’t support cue points specifically, it does have the advantage of allowing you to place a video on the actual Captivate timeline as “synchronized” video.

Adobe Captivate 6: Branch Aware

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Branch Aware is new in Captivate 6. For example, consider that a project contains a quiz that branches into two modules that in turn contain a quiz.     Looking to learn Captivate quickly? We teach two live, online Captivate 6 classes.    Adobe Captivate Essentials  and  Adobe Captivate Beyond the Essentials (Advanced).

An Evil Scheme for Your Captivate Interactions

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Today we’d like to take a look at a few similar drag-and-drop Captivate interactions that utilize different color schemes and discuss our interpretation of them. Imagine yourself in the crisp mountain air, soaking in the breathtaking scenery, skiing the black diamond, and hobnobbing with the stars at the local film festival (you’re at Sundance in this particular example).

Adobe Captivate 8: Geolocation

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For instance, you can create a Captivate project for learners who live in the United States or Australia. While much of the course content is relevant to both Americans and Australians, thanks to Captivate's geolocation feature, learners in both countries will see unique, location-specific, information while taking the same course. In a word, that's awesome!

Adobe Captivate: Best Practices for Creating Compliant eLearning

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by Kevin Siegel. A few years ago I was in Canada teaching Captivate for a large Toronto-based company. We were just getting ready to cover the accessible features found in Captivate when I was informed that I could skip the section because Canadians were not required to create accessible content. Fast forward to a recent online Advanced Captivate class that included students from South America, Australia, and Canada.In What Does Captivate do to be Section 508 Compliant? Tips for Creating 508-compliant Adobe Captivate SWF Files. shutdown. Buttons.

Adobe Captivate: Jumping to Named Slides

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For example, in the image below, the Play Lesson button has been set to Jump to slide 3 in the project. Looking to learn Captivate quickly? IconLogic offers multiple live, online Adobe Captivate 6 classes each month including  Introduction to Adobe Captivate and Advanced Adobe Captivate. by Kevin Siegel.

Adobe Captivate 6: Best Practices for Creating Compliant eLearning

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

by Kevin Siegel    Several years ago I was in Canada teaching Captivate for a large Toronto-based company. We were just getting ready to cover the accessible features found in Captivate when I was informed that I could skip the section because Canadians were not required to create accessible content. I was surprised that the Canadian government had not addressed the issue of compliance (compliance is often a requirement in the United States), but I skipped the section as requested. What Does Captivate do to be Section 508 Compliant? Slide accessibility text.

How to Trigger Captivate Advanced Actions with Javascript

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In Adobe Captivate, I would create a variable named ‘isLocked’ and set it to true. My solution for Captivate 9 responsive projects requires just a little setup in the course and only two lines of JavaScript. You can play with this example here. In this example, I am naming it ‘isHighFiving’ with an initial value of ‘no’. Some tools make it easier than others. One

Captivate 8: Working with Text-to-Speech and Voices

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An earlier post on this blog offers Adobe Captivate Example Courses for download. Toward the end of that post is a quick mention and “how to” on Captivate’s text-to-speech functionality. Recently a question came up in one of the help forums: “How do I install the Captivate 8 TTS voices?” restart Captivate, and those voice options should appear.

How to Record Software Simulation in Adobe Captivate 9

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Various other authoring tools provide this facility to record simulations, but Adobe Captivate 9 is the most easy-to-use tool to create software simulations. It’s a fairly simple process to record a software simulation in Adobe Captivate. How to record a software simulation in Adobe Captivate. If you have any queries regarding Adobe Captivate, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Adobe Captivate 6: Instant Answer Feedback

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In the example above, when Bob answered my question incorrectly, but then received the correct answer, learning occurred for Bob (and anyone else who was listening to the exchange). One solution lies with Captivate's ability to provide an explanation as to why an answer is right or wrong (above and beyond the standard correct/incorrect captions that most developers use).

Instructional Design for Responsive Projects in Captivate 8

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Responsive projects in Captivate 8 offer the ability to design and publish responsive mobile projects in a way we haven’t seen in the past. What Does Responsive Projects in Captivate 8 Mean? Designing Custom Screens in Captivate 8. Each screen within the template is set up for the “primary” dimensions of a default Captivate responsive project file (1024×627).

Adobe Captivate: Text Entry That Sticks Around

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Fortunately, you can insert multiple text entry boxes onto a single Captivate slide. Here are your steps to success: Insert a new slide in a Captivate project, and then set the slide Timing to  4  seconds. In my example, I did not Validate the User Input so I deselected all of the options. The video was created using Captivate's Video Demonstration mode.

5 Advantages of using Adobe Captivate 9

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Adobe Captivate has been a top choice for creating dynamic and engaging e-learning for quite some time now. And its latest version, Adobe Captivate 9, is no different. Wondering what Adobe Captivate 9 is all about? Adobe Captivate 9 comes with a repository of characters and templates that simplify e-learning development. Learning Technology Adobe Captivate

The 3 Best New Features of Captivate 8

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We’d like to quickly you our favorite features of Captivate 8. So, because of this great new tool, we think it would be a great to cover the best new features of Captivate 8. Of course, if you have been reading the Adobe Captivate blog , you know the big deal this update is for the industry. This is a common question for a lot of new Captivate 8 users.)

A Fresh Choice of Captivate Templates

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What do you do when you’re looking for a fresh look to your latest Adobe Captivate course? Take a look at the over 300 eLearning templates we provide in the Assets section of Adobe Captivate 9, of course! Out of the over 40 different layout templates, we wanted to highlight a Fresh one just for you that has a few additional Captivate templates to match it. No problem.

4 New Adobe Captivate Drag and Drop Templates

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We’ve been hard at work on some Captivate templates that you can use to indulge your learners’ human desire for order. Take a look at these brand new Adobe Captivate drag and drop templates. The example used is quite simplistic, but with a little Captivate knowhow, you can replace this graphic with one of your own. Our human minds crave order. Steps. Process.

Adobe Captivate 7: Quiz Not Scoring Correctly? Think Advanced. Check Your Interaction!

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by Kevin Siegel          Here's an interesting scenario: You create a Captivate project that contains 12 slides: 10 question slides, each worth 10 points, and two "transitional" slides containing simple navigation buttons. You have a five-question Captivate project. Looking for training on Adobe Captivate? Simple.

Adobe Captivate: A Font Frenzy

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by Kevin Siegel    I received the following from fellow Captivate developer  Johan Van Eeden. It seems Johan ran into some nasty font issues on his computer that totally derailed Captivate. Hi Kevin, I recently sent you some information about a Captivate problem that I experienced:  Soon after the green Captivate splash screen appears, the program freezes.    The problem of Captivate hanging up on start-up is, according to the Adobe forums, one that is encountered quite a bit with versions 4, 5, and 5.5." " UPDATE.

Adobe Captivate: Replacing Modified Styles

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During my advanced Adobe Captivate class , I stress the value in doing things faster and more efficiently within Captivate. Take formatting objects as an example. Looking for training on Adobe Captivate? IconLogic offers multiple live, online Adobe Captivate classes each month including Introduction to Adobe Captivate and Advanced Adobe Captivate.