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Solving Your Development Issues in the Adobe Captivate Community

eLearning Brothers

Did you know each major eLearning authoring tool has a thriving community of eLearning developers constantly asking and answering questions about your burning development issues? Even if there is a small chance you are the only one on the entire planet that has a specific development issue, why aren’t you using asking the community? Using Adobe Captivate Community Search. #1

Less Trainers; More Community Managers and Curators

Bottom-Line Performance

We “follow” several others in the learning and development community who curate content – via blogs, online newspapers, orby sharing links to resources via Twitter. Rather than training people formally, the curator will gather useful resources and content, organize it well, and distribute it out. Here is Trend 7: Lots of us are already curating content for others. and

21 top elearning communities

Sponge UK

Join thousands of other L&D professionals who are learning from each other in these elearning communities. Moodle community. Adapt community. Join in the discussion with a Community of thousands of HR and L&D Professionals”. No membership numbers are published but the record for daily visits to the community is 7,215. 13 Moodle community. L&D.

Shifting from Trainer to Community Manager

Bottom-Line Performance

After all, knowledge is one of the only renewable resources we have, and knowledge workers need to constantly replenish their supply of it. We need to shift our mindset from trainer to community manager. Here’s how: Trainers Talk, Community Managers listen: This is where the use of a public or private social network becomes incredibly useful. What do you think?

Learning Insights Guide 2017: Progress with Purpose

resources WHO WORK FOR US people ONE OF THE BEST SOURCES OF. courses to resources Page 14 3 Have-a-go. or producing some just-in-time resources, you’ve rolled up your sleeves and got. the learning resources they’ll need and. transcript as a resource. The phrase "resources, not courses" cropped up again. and resources more smartly, then? IT’S ABOUT.

Knowledge, practice and community

Learning with e's

In this post, I extend this idea into the work Lave did with Etienne Wenger, which has become known as Communities of Practice. The work of Lave and Wenger advances this concept, turning its focus to the people who make up the learning communities we are all a part of. Previous posts in this series are all linked below. Previous posts in this series: 1. Argyris Double Loop Learning 3.

Community and Collaborative Learning

Social Learning

In Kenya, she said, everyone is very community-focused; but here, in the United States, we function as completely separate individuals. Learning has also become less community-based in the United States. He says it is important to find ways of using technology to build community, not destroy it. I am not certain, however, that making technology more social builds community.

Online Community Management (Workshop)

Jane Hart

Setting up and running an online community takes time and effort. In this online workshop we look at how to support the planning, launch and running of an online community. This 4-week online workshop covers the following topics: Planning the community. Launching the community. Next public online workshop runs: 30 MAY – 24 JUNE. Agenda. Encouraging engagement.

Role of Community Management in Workplace Learning Today

ID Reflections

When I read Rachel Happe’s (@rhappe ) post, The Emerging Career Path of Community Professionals , I was reminded of my older posts on community management and the skills required. I wrote about the tenets of community management based on my experience. In my post, I want to explore some of the "hats" a community manager needs to wear to execute her role.

Community of Practice and the TorranceLearning Download

The Peformance Improvement

One of many methods of organizational learning is a “community of practice”. TorranceLearning has created a kind of community of practice that they call the Torrance Download. This is a terrific model for a community of practice, either for people from different organizations or for people internal to one organization. Where the gaps are between resources and learning.

Content Curation: One More Role for an Enterprise Community Manager

ID Reflections

How does this tie in with the role of a community manager, you may ask! What role can an enterprise community manager play? In this case, the community manager's role would be akin to that of a museum curator. Some of these can be achieved via the user interface design and the use of pre-built widgets that allow community managers to pull in content defined with specific tags and categories. This can be made as general or as granular depending on the community's need. The scene within an enterprise is not much different. Very closely, I would say.

3 Ways an Online Community Enhances Learning

WBT Systems

I bet one or more of the top results came from a message board or discussion forum for an online community, where someone else was seeking answers from their peers on a similar topic? They do this through a variety of platforms including websites, social media, email, and increasingly through online communities. What is an Online Community? Extend the Conversation.

Managing Diversity through Community Management

ID Reflections

As a community manager and social business evangelist in a highly distributed and diverse organization, I’ve begun to realize not only the value of but the critical need to understand these aspects. It’s essential to understand the fundamentals of how to facilitate cross-cultural communication in order to be an effective community manager. And I don't like it at all.

e-learning for social programs and community initiatives

Spark Your Interest

There are a lot of causes or issues in the world and we often see wonderful websites or resources that are beautifully presented to provide information related to a particular need. Your web resource is now a bit more like a movie than a website – consider this example: The Great Flu. Imagine you were in a position to do community outreach for an issue like this and you wanted to maximize the impact that you could make for your cause/issue. You’d want to invest your resources into something that is going to change behaviour, right? Gender identity.

Breaking Down My Entry for Trivantis Community Contest 15


With the Trivantis® Community Contests, it’s easy. Some of the suggestions included a resource page for new fans on how scoring works, lyrics guide to the team fight song, and healthy tailgating recipes. The first step in creating a Trivantis Community Contest submission for me is figuring out where I want to take the topic. Blog CommunityDon’t worry! Planning.

Hundreds of Free Resources to Build Your E-learning Courses

Rapid eLearning

Free resources always come in handy when building courses or slide presentations. At most of my workshops we take a few minutes to share different free resources people use. It’s a great way to be reminded of resources you may have already bookmarked but have forgotten. At this point, I find that there’s not a lot of new free resources being added. link].

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Why You Need to Connect with Your Peers in the E-Learning Community

Rapid eLearning

I’m a big fan of community and how it helps us learn from each other. And that’s why community is so important for us. The Value of the E-Learning Community. Community isn’t content. Instead its about learning from each other while we exchange tips, best practices, and share resources. The E-Learning Community Shares Out-of-the-Box Ideas.

My Favorite E-Learning Resources

E-learning Uncovered

As with most classes we teach, we have some really good discussions, and I usually follow up with links to some of my favorite e-learning resources we talked about. I find myself referring to some of the same resources over and over again because of how helpful and relevant they are. The Articulate Community. Here are my favorite resources on their site. Here are a few resources from our own website that answer questions that tend to come up in class a lot. Other Resources From Around the Web. What are some of your favorite e-learning resources?

Teaching Online Courses – 60 Great Resources

Tony Karrer

I received an inquiry about resources that would help instructors who are about to move into teaching online courses. So, what I thought I would do is go back and see what resources I could find some good resources that would help me and could be used by instructors be better prepared to teach online. As always I do this by looking through eLearning Learning and related sites like Communities and Networks Connection. So together, I’ve collected a bunch of resources pretty quickly. Still here are 60 great resources. They had 100 people participating.

Teach 85

3 Reasons Why You Should Join an eLearning Community


If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are a part of an online community. However, are you a part of an elearning community? Exchange Tips and Resources. Of course no one knows everything about elearning, but the information you do know could help someone in need - and that’s where joining a community comes into play. A plus about this type of community is that there is no need to charge for the information you give and vice versa. At the end of the day, you are joining the community to learn or help, therefore no negativity is needed.

A Year’s Worth of Free Resources for E-Learning

Rapid eLearning

Here’s a list of all of the free resources shared in this blog and a few bonuses. Not only does Trina share a free template , but within the template she links to great resources on elearning style guides. Hundreds of Free Resources to Build Your E-learning Courses. Free E-Learning Resources. Check out these articles and free resources in the community.

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Celebrating 50 eLearning Best Practices

eLearning Brothers

The world of eLearning is about community – thanks for reading, commenting and engaging in conversation at the eLearning Brothers’ blog! Twitter provides a way to connect with the broader learning community. This article marks my fiftieth publication on the eLearning Brothers blog. These writings have provided unforgettable opportunities to explore the amazing world of eLearning.

Communities of Practice in your LMS: A hidden KM tool


Extend this to the Subject Matter Experts and popular spokes-person through a defined communication framework and you have a community of practice in action! Tapping into daily conversations of a community of practice will help identify learning gaps (eLearning course topic) and how (eLearning course content) these gaps need to be fulfilled. What makes knowledge so hard to capture?

The New Trivantis Community: Everything You Need for eLearning—All in One Place


The new Trivantis Community is open for business! Connect with other users by posting discussions, share your Lectora® and Lectora® Online content, or browse the Knowledge Base for resources like webinars, articles, and video tutorials. If you already have an account on the existing community forum, your username will stay the same. Don’t already have an account?

21 Brilliant Resources for Up-skilling Learning Designers (for the Informal & Social Learning Age)


Today, while we are in the midst of up-skilling our learning designers, we set out on a quick journey to revisit our most precious resources on this subject in order to see how to leverage these in our up-skilling exercise. What are some of the useful resources available on this subject that could benefit learning professionals? OUR FINDINGS: Below are some of the interesting resources (from a big list we examined in this exploratory journey) on this subject that we would like to share with you. What resources would you like to share on this subject? Karl Kapp.

Enterprise Community Management: “joining up” learning and working

Jane Hart

More and more organisations are beginning to adopt enterprise social networking technologies (like Yammer) more formally as business tools, so there is a growing need for a dedicated resource to manage and support this activity – not technically but in human terms. planning the new community’s strategic approach. ECM activities are likely to include. Social learning

The 2016 Learning Technologies Conference Backchannel: Curated Resources #LT16UK

David Kelly

This post curates resources shared via the backchannel of the 2016 Learning Technologies Conference and Exhibition being held February 3-4 in London. The backchannel is an excellent resource for learning from a conference or event, even if you are unable to attend in-person. I find curating and reviewing backchannel resources to be a valuable learning experience for me, even when I am attending a conference in person. Official 2016 Learning Technologies Conference Resources. Session Specific Resources. I am a huge proponent of backchannel learning. Programme.

Free elearning to support cancer care in the community

Sponge UK

A free elearning programme is being launched to help health and social care workers broaden their knowledge of cancer care in the community. Using intelligent design, we have been able to create elearning that works for a broad range of professionals, with video and animation to emphasis key areas and ‘deeper dive’ resources for those who want to know more on a particular topic.”

ROE Tips for Your Association’s Online Community

Association eLearning

Your Association’s online community is where your members can engage with not only each other but with your association’s resources. I recently reached out to Andy for his return on engagement (ROE) tips for association’s online communities. Many of the ideas presented in 10 Ways to Engage Members in Your Online Community are still extremely relevant. With those in mind, I decided to compile a few of my own ideas on engaging members in your online community. Your online community members should feel heard and have the ability to discuss.

Building Communities – The Slope of Enlightenment

Learning Cafe

In my last blog alter egos I started to share some personal traits and experiences that led me in to the world of developing communities to support learning. I remember joining my first online community The Learning and Skills Group and being excited about what was happening in front of my eyes and like any newbie I lurked. I lurked……and I lurked. Then it happened…. Nothing.

Ten Tips for Community Managers


Your office is a community: A network of people connected through a common theme, associating themselves voluntarily around a common purpose. But building your community, is a powerful way to improve connectedness and facilitate learning. You’re not just a developer, or an administrator, or a manager: You’re a community builder. This is a new way to think about doing your job.

David Kelly "Building a Learning Strategy from an Ecosystem of Resources" #ATDTK

Learning Visions

A community of living organisms in conjunction with nonliving components of their environment, interacting as a system." It''s finding the resources all around that support performance (not just training!). Training tends to be delivery of community and information and not partners in performance. There are a lot of resources out there already. A Learning and Performance Ecosystem is a community of people in conjunction with the processes, information, and technology of their environment, interacting as a system supporting development. What is an ecosystem?

TechSmith Education Community on Google+

Visual Lounge

The first is our new TechSmith in Education Google+ Community ! The TechSmith Education Google+ Community is a place for educators who use TechSmith solutions to connect, share ideas, and discuss best practices with each other. The community already has some pretty neat members like: Flipped AP Calculus teacher, Stacey Roshan. Welcome to the new year! See you there!

Five Ways eLearning Supports Remote Workers

eLearning Brothers

Design with camaraderie in mind; make sure to include chances for participants to partner and network with each other via online chats, discussion groups, or other community-building mechanisms available. Developer Resources eLearning Featured Instructional Design Resources Project Management Resources Resources” Also, 80% to 90% of the U.S.

Five great resources for presenters

Good To Great

I’m by no means an expert but because it’s something I’ve very consciously tried to work on I think I’ve pulled together some good resources for preparing and delivering online or live presentations. Sam Burrough has also had the great idea of creating some kind of get-what-you-give image sharing community, so that could well provide another option before too long.

Uberizing Organizational Learning – Thinking Beyond Courses

ID Reflections

Uber taps into existing resources providing people – both the suppliers and the buyers – with a platform to connect. Build communities – We are in the midst of the sharing economy which is all about open data, user-generated content, crowd-sourcing, shared value co-creation, collaboration, and more. Collaboration future_of_work mwl online communities Workplace Learning