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Research Shows Companies Should Encourage Social Learning


For example, informal learning happens effortlessly when people: Read a statistic or story on Facebook or another social media network. Become knitted into a company’s culture by attending work-related social events. What Do Companies Have to Gain from Social Learning? Most company leaders have little respect for informal learning. Companies, choose well.

Facebook misuse: staying ahead

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Related posts: You know when you've been Facebook'd. Social Network Facebook Infographic Social Learning Social Media 27% monitor employee use of social media: define monitor? Is this actively monitoring each cookie stored, keyboard type, URL visited, etc. Or is it monitoring by following and ‘friending ‘on each network. What about you, do you agree?

The drama of Facebook

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The world''s largest and most successful social network, Facebook - celebrated its tenth anniversary in February 2014. billion users , and valued as the third richest company in the U.S., Facebook is a social phenomenon that cannot be ignored. One social anthropologist in particular might have had a great deal to say about the Facebook effect. Unported License.

5 Companies Likely to Buy Coursera


Similar to Facebook, I think we can reasonably expect the user growth to incrementally increase as the “wannabees” drop out or are gobbled up by competitors. Nothing is really “free” (just look at modern day Facebook or YouTube as an example). Coursera was launched in April 2012, and one year later boasts 3.2 million users. Heck, in 2006 they bought 18!

Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

And OTS courseware won’t refer to company policies, address unique. overarching principles that guide the company’s direction. This all sounds great, but what is social learning and is it reliant on Facebook. Seven Simple Secrets to. Off-the-Shelf Course Success. By Megan Torrance, CEO TorranceLearning. capital. creating yet another course or scheduling yet another workshop.

Facebook for e-Learning


News from the e-learning frontier Pages Home About Community Free e-Learning Resources Contribute to the e-Learning Community 11/07/2010 Facebook for e-Learning Facebook objective is " to help you connect and share with the people in your life ". 50% of Facebooks active users log on to Facebook in any given day. Quiz Monster Create your own quiz Facebook application!

Stuart Crabb of Facebook #ASTDTK12

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Facebook didn’t invent that, just created a great tool. We’ve been doing social networking for millions of years. (He’s using Facebook timeline to tell the story). 1970 Marshall McLuhan ‘the medium is the message’ 1995 The Internet 2004 Facebook and the social graph – the social layer of the internet which allows people to connect and share. People want the opportunity to share and connect – this is why it’s taken off, not because Facebook created this amazing product… Newsfeed – sharing the story of what your friends are doing. Who is Facebook? It’s not new.

Why Companies Should Spend More on Social Learning | Social.

Social Learning

Social Learning Blog Training and Performance Improvement in the Real World Home About Bios Subscribe to RSS Why Companies Should Spend More on Social Learning by Paul on May 5, 2011 in Informal Learning , blended learning , social learning Companies are spending next to nothing on social learning, and their frugality is going to come back to haunt them.  Can you say future book deal?

Stock Market 101: Facebook’s IPO

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When Facebook’s IPO didn’t result in a spike in its stock valuation on its first day of trading, people speculated. Was it because Facebook isn’t as hip as it once was? Here’s the truth: These questions are irrelevant to understanding whether Facebook is valued fairly or not. Facebook’s current earnings are $1 billion.

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Enterprise Facebook

Learning on the Leading Edge

Do consumer social networking sites like Facebook have a place inside corporations? They found that 23% businesses block access to Facebook. One third view Facebook as a major source of lost productivity. Many others view Facebook as a security risk. On the other hand, Andrew McAfee of Harvard Business School writes about one company , Serena Software, that has chosen to make Facebook its company intranet site. Originally a custom e-learning content developer, Udutu has recently launched LMS functionality as a series of Facebook applications.

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How to Lead the Facebook Generation


Gary Hamel, in his weekly blog, writes about the Facebook generation and ways fortune Fortune 500 companies aren’t prepared to deal with this new crop of workers. Training Help Uncategorized employees facebook management workersThere is one item in particular that caught my attention about these young workers: they expect leaders to serve rather than to preside.

This Week on #TalkTech: Microsoft’s Nightmare, Training at Facebook and Google Shortens Attention Spans

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Topic 1: How might real life training exercises like Facebook’s “hackathon” be applied to other industries? October was CyberSecurity awareness week, and Facebook was not pulling any punches. In order to teach employees about the dangers of security breaches, Facebook launched a series of security threats and fake phishing sites to see how employees would respond. Launches BeKnown: Professional Social Networking for Facebook

Learning on the Leading Edge

Today dropped the gauntlet and launched BeKnown , a new Facebook application that hopes to become the professional social network for Facebook users, and a vital new tool for recruiters, human resources, and talent acquisition teams. Facebook vs. LinkedIn for Professional Social Networking. Fig 1: Facebook vs. LinkedIn vs. Monster Networks (Comscore March, 2011).

Developing Leaders in the Facebook Age

CLO Magazine

How we connect — in person, through blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or through other methods of online collaboration — says more about us than we may realize. To develop leaders in the Facebook era requires that learning professionals create offerings to enable the proper mix of all these ingredients as well as help to ensure leaders can connect through multiple mediums. If a company has an innovation-driven culture, social learning is a natural fit. But what works in one company may not work in another. What do we exhibit? Set goals. Recognizes Digitec Interactive as Top LMS Company for 2013

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Digitec Interactive has been named on Training’s Top 15 Learning Portal Companies Watch List for its Learning Management System (LMS), Knowledge Direct. “We are excited to be included in the Top 15 LMS Companies Watch List for the fourth consecutive year,” said President of Digitec, Jack McGrath.”We Share this on Facebook. Tweet This!

How Top Fortune 500 Companies Are Using eLearning to Increase Office Productivity


Top Fortune 500 companies are finding that implementing an eLearning strategy can help them reach productivity goals and reap a multitude of other benefits. Facebook was a close second at 23 percent.) If an employee has a reference library or an informational module to visit, he or she is less likely to get sidetracked on Google or Facebook. Reduced Distractions. Google.

A Text-Book App for Facebook well…mostly for iPad

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Kno (pronounced “Know&# ) is a company that produces an application to for digital text books for downloading onto iPads, eReaders, the web and now for Facebook. So Facebook textbooks make perfect sense in that context. The application allows you to Highlight any text on a page. Zoom in on any picture by double-tapping (iPad only).Create Here is a video of how it works. Launches BeKnown: Professional Social Networking for Facebook

Learning on the Leading Edge

Today dropped the gauntlet and launched BeKnown , a new Facebook application that hopes to become the professional social network for Facebook users, and a vital new tool for recruiters, human resources, and talent acquisition teams. Facebook vs. LinkedIn for Professional Social Networking. Fig 1: Facebook vs. LinkedIn vs. Monster Networks (Comscore March, 2011).

How To Dethrone Google, and Who Will Likely Do It (Hint: Not Facebook)

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Originally posted by Derek Brown on LinkedIn How To Dethrone Google, and Who Will Likely Do It (Hint: Not Facebook). There’s no doubt about it: Google is one of the most innovative, progressive, and dominant companies that capitalism has ever seen. There are companies that are trying to iterate on an existing idea who are trying to compete with Google. Hear me out.

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Party Every Day: A Learning Solutions 2016 Recap

eLearning Brothers

Check out the entire photo album on our Facebook page! Company eLearning Featured NewsThis year, we traveled to Orlando, FL in an effort to make sure that your Learning Solutions 2016 experience got turned up to 11! We had a great time getting to see all of you that attended, and hope that you enjoyed all of the great sessions and speakers! Everybody’s Gonna Move Their Feet.

Facebook – WE are the product

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Here’s a question for you: if you are on Facebook (and over 500 million of us are), do you consider yourself to be one of Facebook’s customers? (I’ll give you a second to ponder this question……………………). If you said yes, I am a Facebook customer – well I hate to break this to you but you aren’t. Facebook’s customers are the businesses that pay for those targeted ads we see in the right-hand column of the Facebook interface. How is Facebook so good at targeting those ads?

3 Reasons Why Trainers Don’t Need Social Media

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Join a Facebook group with other relevant people, follow L&D industry pages. Here is the ATD facebook page , the Learning Rebels page – it doesn’t matter which L&D person or company you follow. Through live streaming, facetime, periscope, Facebook video. Personal Learning Network Social Media for Trainers Tips Brian Washburn facebook LinkedIn Network PLN twitte

A Playbook for Leading in the Facebook Age

CLO Magazine

Companies lacking engaging and socially relevant employee programs face a multitude of issues, the biggest of which is an uninspired, apathetic workforce. However, it is necessary for executives and managers to understand that these tools require proper usage and must be fully embraced by their company to have the largest impact. Today’s top leaders know that every business is a social business. Inspiring great leaders and employees in the modern workplace requires a deep understanding of the benefits of social media. Embrace the social enterprise. Focus on employee growth.

How to focus in the age of distraction

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Switch off: for too long I’ve had the TV on at home in an evening whilst reading, writing, blogging, tweeting, etc. I now quite like the quiet, but still miss ‘some’ noise so have moved the stereo so I can have the iPod plugged in and keeping my company in the evening (once the kids are in bed and I can switch CBeebies off!). Create habits and/or rituals to focus your mind.

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5 Tips For Finding (and working with) An eLearning Development Company


This is especially true for small and medium enterprises, which may lack the necessary personnel altogether, but it can also hold true for large companies with dedicated design and copywriting departments — in this case usually because they prefer to focus these employees at their core products, instead of having them organize an official or ad-hoc training department. And why not?

Facebook for Learning at Unirazak!


On Wednesday (19/09/2012), I will be conducting (Insya-Allah) a lunch-time workshop (first of six) entitled ' Facebook for Learning ' at Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (Unirazak) ! If you didn't know, my e-learning adventure interestingly started at Universiti Tun Abdul Razak way back in 2001 (working as an Instructional Designer at its subsidiary company called United Multimedia).

Do you want to predict learners’ path?

Origin Learning

So, if you are looking at improving productivity of a learner profile, which constantly adjusts to the latest digital bandwidth (Facebook, YouTube etc), then Konnect is a product that has tapped the power of social media from a learner engagement perspective. Well, companies including a Fortune 100 are already using Konnect. Unbelievable, isn’t it? Time to pause and reflect! And more!

6 Ways to Add Sizzle to Your Classroom

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Unless you are discussing company policy that is not open for discussion (and I would ask you, why in the world are you hosting a class?) – allow and embrace debate. You can do this using a variety of very easy to use (and set-up) tools – Free tools such as Diigo , Tumblr , FaceBook, Blogger, PBWiki or Enterprise tools such as SharePoint, Jive , Yammer or SocialCast.

Managers Fear Facebook ‘Friending’

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Most senior managers feel uncomfortable connecting with bosses and employees on Facebook, a new survey shows. In addition, nearly half (49 percent) of those recently polled prefer not to connect with co-workers on Facebook, compared to 41 percent in 2009. The survey was conducted by an independent research firm and is based on telephone interviews with more than 1,000 senior managers at companies with 20 or more employees. Menlo Park, Calif. — Aug. Source: OfficeTeam

ATD 2016: Rocking your eLearning in the Mile-High City

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See the full photo album on Facebook! Company eLearning Featured NewsThis year, the ATD 2016 International Conference and Expo took us to the Mile-High City of Denver, CO. While the conference ran from the 22nd through the 25th, our time to shine in the Expo Hall didn’t start until the 23rd, but we definitely came prepared! Adobe – Captivate Michelle Neblett.

The virtual suicide machine: facebook harasses Dutch artists for freedom of choice

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So facebook now sues a brilliant Dutch artist Walter Langelaar from the Worm artist collective. So why is facebook (which started out as a fun endeavor for students) suddenly so angry (= lawyers, threatening letters, hostile words)? Because if you write yourself out of facebook, your data still remains in their servers, so they can use it for commercial purposes (your preferences, your interests.). So if facebook sells this data to third companies, those companies learn a little bit more about yourself. Artists almost always impress.

Don’t give it to me unless I can customise it

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Note how I use names of the companies rather than more generic tool names like VLE, audience response, lecture capture? have also customised my own learning. I use my network ( PLN ) on social sharing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. My first car was a 1993 Rover Mini Cooper 1.3i, in British Racing Green (obviously). bought it second hand in ’97 from John Cooper Garages (JCG) in West Sussex, and the legendary John Cooper himself handed my the keys (and made my mum a cup of tea while I did the paperwork). Here I worked with HTML code and WYSIWYG editors.

The Future of Search (video) #edtech

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I came across this excellent little video on The Guardian website (via Flipboard): “The future of search … made simple – an animated guide” “How will new mobile phones, technology such as Google Glass – the wearable gadget that searches for whatever we look at – and social networks like Facebook and Twitter influence our searches? EdTech trends for 2010.

QuickLessons and eLearning Brothers Partner to Develop Awesome eLearning Experiences

eLearning Brothers

Both companies look to further synergies between QuickLessons and eLearning Brothers with more product integration releases about to come. Collectively, both companies aim to deliver solutions to turn subject matter experts into e-Learning designers, and experienced designers into learning engagement rockstars. Facebook:

Facebook vs The LMS: Can Someone explain this to me?

Mark Oehlert

Here are some numbers from the Facebook press room : More than 400 million active users. 50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day. More than 3 million active Pages on Facebook. Every month, more than 70% of Facebook users engage with Platform applications. More than 60 million Facebook users engage with Facebook Connect on external websites every month. There are more than 100 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices. More than 35 million users update their status each day. More than 3.5

Re-evaluating Evaluation | Social Learning Blog

Social Learning

Social Learning Blog Training and Performance Improvement in the Real World Home About Bios Subscribe to RSS Re-evaluating Evaluation by Barbara on March 16, 2011 in Project Management/Project Delivery For years, I have dutifully included a description of Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Learning Evaluation in every proposal for every company I have worked with.  But it wasn’t. She enhanced it.

Why Many U.S. Companies Are Celebrating This St. Patrick’s Day


But beyond its culture, the Emerald Isle celebrates tremendous economic growth, and a large majority is in thanks to American companies. 700+ US companies now have a presence in Ireland, including big names we all know like Dell, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, and many more. Facebook, who is constructing a new data center in Clonee. That’s HUGE!

How Companies do Collaboration: Part 1

The Learning Dispatch

This is the first post in what will become a series of entries on the sorts of collaborative technologies that companies use for their employees to keep each other in the loop. Every company approaches this decision with a unique level of comfort and desired openness. What specific service(s) does AMD currently use for maintaining collaboration and correspondence between employees?

Where would I be without Twitter?

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Been followed by 7, 145 other people, organisations, etc. (I’ve also blocked a large number of inappropriate or spam accounts, including , for example, taxi companies in places I’ve never been). [Read this next bit as though it''s a well known Sinead O''Conner song]. It’s been 5 years, 30 days, and 53 minutes since my first tweet. Only had two avatars. Twitter in Education.