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A comparison between LMS and CMS


with Single Sign On systems), LMS platforms offer unique, eLearning related integrations. While LMS platforms have all these extra options we described, we’d trivialize Content Management Systems if we said that an LMS is a superset of a CMS. The post A comparison between LMS and CMS appeared first on TalentLMS Blog. Sound quite similar? Let’s get integrated.

Claro Vs. Storyline – E-learning Software Comparison

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As it is a cloud-based authoring tool, you can share resources and collaborate with your team to author content or get feedback from reviewers anytime, anywhere, and on any platform. When I asked our tools expert, Yogesh Kumar Dewangan , this question, he had a simple answer – it depends on the platform you choose to deliver your elearning course. dominKnow’s Claro.

Social Learning pays off! A Success Story

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In a world where the social platform is increasingly the way to connect, learn, grow and scale, businesses are being made to alter their thinking. This blog seeks to capture the essence of client experience and highlights the ability to provide a platform with a ‘social connect’ appeal to learning itself! Learning by force is passé. Now that must have caught your attention!

5 Keys to Success With the Knowledge Guru Game Platform

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While the platform itself is easy to use, a bit of planning and preparation goes a long way. For more detailed comparisons, you can check out these  Knowledge Base articles that do a detailed comparison of Legend and Quest. 2) Make your game smaller as opposed to bigger. The post 5 Keys to Success With the Knowledge Guru Game Platform appeared first on. Use Quest.

I want to facilitate online discussions but how do I choose the right platform?

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Situation 1 : You're looking for an online platform for your sailing club or for your family to prepare for the yearly family reunion. You work for a company and may be asked to guide the process to develop a platform. Now you're probably going into process to build a platform on your intranet. Community platforms are software packages designed for use by online communities.

Improving Performance in the Workplace

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Fortunately, performance improvement has been taking some strides with a few different PI platforms that service a few different industries. This white paper summarizes how different PI platforms have been utilized in education, retail, fast food franchises, corporations, and healthcare. For a further in-depth look at these PI platforms, download the white paper today.

How to Train and Develop Millennials


Everywhere you look there are posts about millennials, mainly focusing on their abilities in comparison to their predecessors. Instead, it is more something along the lines of, “I vaguely recollect that situation in comparison to something else, let me google it in order to figure out how to complete the task.” How to Train and Develop Millennials. Technology. Group Work.

Video Format Comparison - Flash Video Format - WMV Format - Quicktime - Real

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It's nice to know that it will play well across varied platforms. Theoretically, the other formats can work across different platforms, e.g., there's a Windows Media Player for Mac OS X and some ways to playback WMV Format on Linux. The reality is that the Flash video format will work much more consistently across different platforms. I was recently asked what video format to use and particularly about the differences between the Flash Video Format (FLV) and Windows Media - WMV Format. Why has this happened? So this may be less of an issue. It's not clear how true this is.

Top 10 LMSs for 2017, Part 1 (10-6)

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These included LMSs and the various subsets that exist out there, plus any LCMS too.  If someone is only a mobile learning platform, they were examined as well.  In other words, if you are a knowledge engagement platform, congrats you were assessed. Nor is it fair to look at a social learning platform with base LMS criteria and compare that to a video learning platform

Curated Insights: What does it mean to modernize workplace learning?


Google, YouTube and Wikipedia, right? I’ve been making this comparison for years as a way to demonstrate real-world principles we must apply in our L&D work. Be sure to check out her insights on social platforms (slide 71), video (slide 75) and messaging (slide 97).  “We want to modernize our learning culture,” said the chief learning officer. How do you solve problems at home?

Designing a Learning Game? Play these 3 Games First

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At Bottom-Line Performance (owners of the Knowledge Guru platform), we have a “learning game design peer group” that meets a few times per year. These are key questions to ask as you evaluate this game: 1) You didn’t have full knowledge of how you were doing in comparison to your opponents as you didn’t know what tickets they were trying to complete.

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What's the Difference Between Moodle and Totara LMS?

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With such a common platform, how do you know which one is right for you? We’re here to help you, with a categorized full feature comparisons of the two. If at any point you have researched cloud hosted learning management systems, there’s a good chance you’ve come across both Moodle and Totara LMS. Moodle is the world’s most popular LMS, with over 85 million users across the globe. Totara was built off of Moodle’s foundation, with extended features designed for enterprise clients. While Totara has recently parted ways with Moodle , they still share many similarities.

Moodle vs Totara – which is the right choice for you?


Moodle vs Totara Comparison Table 1. Moodle vs Totara Comparison Table 2. Moodle was designed not for enterprise, but so that educators could have access to a platform that allowed them to track and monitor learning within their own institutions. Moodle vs Totara: Understanding the differences. Free or not so free? Hierarchies. Totara Multi Tenancy. Appraisals.

Why Curation is a Core Competency for L&D Professionals – Resources Shared at @ATDAtlanta

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Comparison of Curation Platforms by Social Compare. On December 11th, I had the privilege of leading a webinar for the ATD Atlanta Chapter titled Why Curation is a Core Competency for L&D Professionals. This blog post is being set up a follow-up resource for those that attended the session. Specific Session Resources. Ways to use Curation in Learning by Benn Betts. It Should Be.

The top 3 benefits of switching to cloud-based software


The development cost of cloud-based software is extremely low in comparison to the development of traditional software. Business business software business solutions cloud app cloud-based software the cloud web-based platform Moving to “the cloud” has become a necessity for organizations to maintain a competitive edge and cut costs.

The Future of Work and Learning 2: Chatbots

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It is true that a lot of the mobile chatbots that are to be found in messaging platforms are very primitive in comparison, as they only offer a strict set of preset commands to connect with a user. have a bot platform). Why chatbots? First a bit of background: two things have happened recently that are considered to be big turning points. Take for instance,  Alice and Evie.

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Report – LMS Trends 2015: Is it time for something different?


Perhaps not surprisingly, experience with a particular platform doesn’t always translate to higher satisfaction. In fact, according to the Brandon Hall report, the comparison isn’t even close. The 2015 LMS Trends report from Brandon Hall Group paints a picture of widespread dissatisfaction (and high turnover) among organizations that use an LMS. Organizations that responded to the firm’s survey say they’re paying far too much for systems that are difficult to use, out of date and that don’t provide the data and analytics the organizations need the most. DOWNLOAD THE WHITEPAPER. 1.

Confused with learning technologies? Choose your best option

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Have a look at the comparison here  Should LMS Administration be done In-House or Outsourced? 2.  Choosing the development platform. After you decided the training platform you need to select the best vendor who can meet your training needs within your budget. You need to understand the impact of in-house and outsourcing on the learning platform. LMS or LCMS?

Heutagogy, Self-Directed Learning and Complex Work

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In comparison with competencies which consist of knowledge and skills, capability is a holistic attribute.” ( The highlight is mine. ) ~ [link] Today’s organizations require people to be capable, to drive their own learning and cooperate to learn together. Pedagogy had always established an unequal relation between the teacher and the taught. IMHO, a heutagogical approach is essential today.

To be or not to be Moodle

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It is not hate that I bring upon you good folk, rather it is the facts concerning Moodle and to be fair a comparison between it and in general commercial systems (since feature sets may differ, systems do differ to a degree, design, UI, my mom’s BBQ chicken (mmm), etc.). In fact, they can easily become a very profitable platform, quickly I might add. As Hamlet once said, “Tis Moodle Facts” Before I delve into the comparison between commercial and Moodle, let’s put out some facts – real facts on Moodle. . Not a fan of it. Uh, no not even close.

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Learning Technology Blogs: An Analyst’s Reading List

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But it’s equally vital to consider what you’ll need to successfully deploy a platform in your environment. Accessplanit Managing Director Dave Evans explains what learning professionals should know about the characteristics that set a CRM platform apart from an LMS, and the benefits of using a CRM to support marketing and sales. Comparison Grids. Here’s proof!

Web-Based Authoring Tools for Scalable eLearning Development: The Time Has Come

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Here’s a quick comparison chart that summarizes some of our team’s findings: Feature. Platform neutrality. Publishes for any browser or platform. ·          Authoring requires Flash and Java. Publishes for any browser or platform. ·          Authoring and reviewing requires Internet Explorer or a desktop app. ·          No Mac solution for authoring. Claro. Composica.

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Mobile Learning Considerations – Native Apps or Web Apps

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The presentation gives a good initial comparison of the 5 OSes. Platform independent development, so can reach a wider range of audience. The app can be delivered instantaneously as there are no intermediate delivery platforms like app store. I stumbled upon this presentation , shared by Chad Udel , comparing four main mobile OSes. Take a look -. So Native Apps vs Web Apps?

Moodle vs Totara – which is the right choice for you?


Moodle vs Totara Comparison Table 1. Moodle vs Totara Comparison Table 2. Moodle was designed not for enterprise, but so that educators could have access to a platform that allowed them to track and monitor learning within their own institutions. Moodle vs Totara: Understanding the differences. Free or not so free? Hierarchies. Totara Multi Tenancy. Appraisals.

Successful E-Learning – A Roadmap


Then, by comparison, that same definition is described in detail, portrayed with a depiction and a layer of organizational relevance is also applied. If your users are on the go, eLearnings must be made accessible for mobile platforms. Successful E-Learning – A Roadmap. As we become increasingly dependent on our technology, it only makes sense that it teach us as well.

New directions in self-study e-learning: social interactions

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Deployment through much friendlier and more usable platforms than your traditional LMS. I’m also beginning to see some changes to the way that your good old e-learning tutorial is presented. 80% went for option A …’ It would also be possible for learners to leave comments to explain their selections, and these could form the basis for a more in-depth comparison of perspectives. Over the past week I’ve been heavily involved in helping to judge this year’s E-Learning Awards. used to have a role in administrating them, but I never got to see any of the entries. instructional design

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11 Ways to Use GIFs at Work Right Now – Today!

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GIF to Make Comparisons. Similar to a before and after GIF, a comparison GIF is a powerful communication tool. Perfect for the workplace social platform, such as Slack, Yammer, or Flowdock. GIFs have been making a comeback. Since 2011, the GIF file format has been steadily on the rise. There are GIF keyboards , GIF integrations , and GIF website s galore. Why GIF? Distribution.

A Look Back at E-Learning in 2012

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Sadly though many still are in the dark on true mobile learning – i.e. not accessing their platform via a mobile web browser. The next day or whenever he has a connection to the Internet, his data gets pushed out from the device and pulled into the platform or tool. OnPoint Digital – M-Learning platform. Communities tied to courses rather than the entire platform.

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Leverage the Benefits of Rapid Authoring Tools

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Compared to courses created using the old authoring tools- Flash, Dreamweaver, XML/HTML and JavaScript which are called legacy tools, rapid authoring tools have an edge here is a comparison of their features: Feature. These tools provide user-friendly interfaces and intuitive platforms for creating multimedia courses quickly. Rapid authoring tools. Legacy authoring tools. Tedious.

The Importance of Being Agile in a VUCA World

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Coming from a very traditional, waterfall-driven background replete with all the drawbacks (what I perceive as drawbacks in comparison especially in the context of a rapidly changing world), it took me quite a while to assimilate the philosophy—even the basics of Agile. We talk about learning agility, organizational agility, individual agility, agile as a philosophy and much more. Perhaps!

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5 Tools to Help You “Gamify” Your eLearning Content

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The tool features 180+ eLearning templates, including interactive comparison charts, diagrams, questionnaires, multiple selections, and more. Elucidat is an ‘intelligent’ eLearning authoring platform that solves the challenges busy eLearning authoring teams face when using desktop-based authoring software made for individual authors. Gamification has become much more common in the last few years, in fact, it is now the norm – nearly all eLearning includes some sort of “gamified” content. How can you “gamify” your eLearning content? Raptivity. Articulate. iSpring. Adobe Captivate.

The Corporate Training Predictions You Need to Know for 2017


There have been many changes over the last 10 years, but they will pale in comparison to the next 10. This is where APIs turn your standard cloud-based LMS into a strong enterprise platform for learning. Ah yes. The annual December tradition of crystal-balling the coming year is alive and well. And who am I to be the Grinch and sit this one out. I'm all in on 2017! Don't get me wrong.

20 Must-Know Video Stats for Online Retailers

KZO Innovations

quarters of Millennials rely on online video when comparison shopping. Speaking of demos, check out our free webinar on how to use the KZO Innovations Video Content Management Platform! If you work in e-commerce, of course you’re aware that product review videos are continuing to gain momentum. If you’re still on the fence about incorporating more video into your online retail marketing strategy, these 20 recent video stats  may just make your decision easier. Let’s take a look: It is estimated that in 2015 , 204.2 This represents 78.6% of the US Internet users. eMarketer .

Proof That Your Videos Impact Millennials

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Compared to baby boomers, Millennials are 150% more likely to comparison shop with video while in-store and 146% more likely to watch a video if it’s available on a company’s site while shopping online. Nearly three-quarters (74%) of Millennials find video helpful when comparison shopping. With accessible video creation tools and platforms , companies of any size can create professional-­grade videos to reach the Millennial audience and, in turn, grow business. And, 4 in every 5 Millennials find video helpful during initial research for a purchase decision.