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Safety and Compliance Training: Should it Be a Game?

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The problem is that safety training has a much bigger impact beyond simply “remaining in compliance.” The problem with safety and compliance training is that it is often, by nature, rather dry material. It is critical that safety and compliance training both  engage  employees while also helping them  retain the key information for application on the job.

e-Learning and Compliance Training: Strategies for impactful course design


Compliance trainings feature prominently in most organizational training calendars. So, while the technology platform is compatible with compliance trainings, there are certain design strategies that also need to be kept in mind when creating a compliance online learning course. Interactivities: Compliance courses are often long and data-heavy. Videos or Animation?:

Compliance, LMS and Content – Boring You Bet, Then again.

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I’m going on a limb here, but I suspect that either at some point this year or latter of last year, many of you had to complete some compliance training.  In the past two weeks, I have talked to folks who when asked upon or discuss a LMS, let me know that it was created for compliance and regulatory. I’m sorry to disappoint, but it wasn’t. . It wasn’t about compliance or meeting regulations it was about training – let me repeat that – training.  At the education level, learning.  Now tell me where is compliance in this whole equation? 

3 Simple Ways to Improve Compliance Training

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Compliance training does NOT have to be a chore. wish I could tell you about one “magic bullet” method that will meet all of your compliance-driven needs. Every workplace is different, and the people taking  your compliance courses have different job roles, backgrounds and personalities. This is why generic, out-of-the-box compliance solutions often miss the mark.

Microlearning Whitepaper: Small Bites, Big Impact

knowledgeable and demanding customers, risk and compliance requirements and more— but they must also be prepared to shift gears in mid-stream—acquiring more or different. It should offer a variety of game. safety incident rates, improve compliance, drive consistency of knowledge across the. customer demands and additional compliance requirements were negatively impacting.

7 Steps to 508 Compliance: Why It’s Important and Where You Can Start

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Any instructional designer wanting to work on a government contract needs to be well versed in 508 compliance, and has wrestled with the challenges involved on more than one occasion. But for those who don’t work work on government contracts as often (or at all), 508 compliance may still be a foggy concept. When designing with 508 compliance in mind, avoid Flash. 7.

Affordable Care Act: Training for Compliance

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In a recent post, we talked about compliance training … and the importance of making it memorable. We showed case studies of various approaches to compliance training for topics like avoiding bloodborne pathogens , evacuating a building and washing hands properly. Regulatory compliance recently got even more important for healthcare providers. Obstetrical Adverse Events.

How to Increase Learner Retention from Compliance Training… and Reduce Boredom

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No one wants to take compliance training, yet a huge percentage of corporate learning is centered around compliance. Help learners acquire compliance-related information they must know “cold.” ” Help learners find and locate relevant compliance information as needed. Make compliance training as engaging and effective as possible within a limited budget.

Information on E-Learning and WCAG 2.0 Compliance in Australia

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Level A compliance by 31 December 2012, and are now required ensure all externally and internally web-based content achieves Level AA compliance by 31 December 2014. However, good practice suggests those organisations with capacity achieve WCAG compliance should do so. compliance? compliance mean for e-learning design and development? compliance. compliant?

Why data protection reform needs a revolution in compliance training

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With so much at stake, data protection is likely to become a top training priority, but meeting this new standard will require a shake-up in compliance training. of data protection compliance. Compliance training of any kind has a reputational problem and data protection is no exception. How to revolutionise your compliance training. analysts. greater level. Wider reach.

The Role of E-learning in Assessing Compliance Risks Effectively [Infographic]

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If compliance training is keeping your organization safe from legal penalties, it is thanks to Risk Assessment, the key without which your compliance training would fail. Therefore, assessing compliance risks is necessary. So, how can we overcome these limitations and make compliance risk assessment interesting and engaging? Well, with eLearning. Wondering how?

eLearning Example – Make Compliance Courses Engaging


Here’s a link to a snippet from the course: Two key takeaways for engaging & interactive compliance courses. For the most part, compliance courses are what give eLearning a bad name. Yukon was bold in selecting a compliance course as an example and kudos to them for showing us a better approach. Recently, my friend Brooke Schepker from Yukon Learning shared a sample course.

New research explores the common myths and realities around the 70:20:10 learning model

15% Games. what they need, and by the annual repetition of tick-the-box compliance exercises.8. but the rules of the game are changing! In-Focus. Report. February 2016 Authored by Charles Jennings, Laura Overton & Dr Genny Dixon. Supported by. 70+20+10=100. The Evidence Behind. the Numbers In-Focus: 70+20+10=100. 2016 Page | 2.

6 Lessons from the Trenches of Digital Learning Game Design at #ASTDTK14

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Bottom-Line Performance has done simulation and learning game design for table-top/live events for many years. However, our foray into digital game design has only been happening for the past three years. When we started, we found lots of books and articles on game design – but not much on learning game design. You cannot do this with a game. Learn more. 2.

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Compliance is such an ugly word

Clive on Learning

Towards Maturity has just launched a new benchmark study looking at compliance training, particularly the ways in which learning technologies are used to support this. If you''re in any way involved in compliance training, I''d urge you to take part. Which has got me thinking again about the whole nature of compliance training and what an ugly word ''compliance'' is. With all these inferences, it is hardly surprising that compliance training is generally hated. And that''s a whole different ball game So, first step is to change our terminology.

Compliance or competence? Choose your target


The game became beating the system – passing the test with the least possible effort. What they got was compliance, i.e. people who could pass a quiz. Compliance training is carried out in order to meet a regulatory requirement or to reduce a risk of legal liability. Compliance training is designed to be as efficient as possible – that means cheap, quick and non-disruptive.

Our Top 5 Training & Development Webinars from 2015

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Serious Games + Smart Implementation = Win! It explores how serious games can be linked to learning science to increase retention of product knowledge, policies, procedures, basic facts, and more. Then, it examines four case studies from organizations that successfully implemented a serious game that drove business results. 2015 was the year of the webinar for us.

How elearning games tap into the Minecraft factor

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Games are a credible way to tackle major business problems and their value goes far beyond novelty and entertainment. This post explores why elearning games can help organisations meet some of the biggest challenges they face. It’s part of the Cyber Security Challenge UK , which aims to find potential employees through the use of games.

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Whitepaper: When The LMS Isn’t Enough

It doesn’t allow you to track and measure compliance, knowledge and performance in real time by location, job title, topic area; or tie what. Gamification typically consists of a variety of game. elements including a game-like interface or learning games, leaderboards, prizes and incentives, team activities and social elements. The LMS is running out of gas.3 level.

6 types of elearning games for workplace training

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  Elearning games come in all shapes and sizes and they can deliver different benefits in terms of learning and skills development. But what are the different types of elearning games and how do they fit into workplace training? Defining elearning games is proving tricky for the Learning and Development (L&D) world. Games collaboration competition elearning games games

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The Future of Game-based Learning

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Technology is shooting ahead faster than we can keep up with it and the world of learning games is no exception. The future of game-based learning is right on our doorstep and if you’re wondering how you’re going to stay on the cutting edge, preparation is half the battle. Game-based learning has been a subject of research since the early 20th century. ”*. Perrotta, C.,

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What’s More Effective: Gamification or Game-based Learning?

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It’s not about robust reporting or compliance (although they’re also pretty important) – if you want your learning programme to deliver great results, you need to focus on the people taking the learning content – the learners themselves. Enter our friends gamification and game-based learning! What’s so good about Game-based Learning? Learner engagement is everything.

5 Business Cases that Call for Serious Games

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Serious games are worth a look when you want to improve performance in an organization, but one size does not fit all. In a recent blog post on GamaSutra, Andrzej Marcewski points out that “serious games” is too broad of a term to actually be useful. Once again, a serious game focused on the memorization of facts can help ease this challenge.

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The 12 Corporate Learning Content Areas… and Where Games Fit

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When it comes to game-based learning, 2014 is the year of theory moving into practice. An increasing number of organizations are planning initiatives to include games in their learning solutions. But if you’ve never designed a game before, or tried to include a game in your training, where do you begin? Why not try a tabletop board game?

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Gamification vs Game-Based eLearning: Do You know the Difference?


However, the term gamification is often mixed up with another term known as game-based learning. A lot of industry professionals use these terms interchangeably without realizing how different they are in terms of their meanings and functions. Gamification is not a game and does not imply that learners will be playing video games and learn through it. are unlocked for you.

How Do Serious Games Work in a Large Enterprise?

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Organizations of all sizes are turning to game-based learning , serious games , and gamification to solve a range of learning and development challenges. Serious games  can be a part of the solution to increasing engagement and retention. Focusing on those needs first  before selecting a type of solution (such as serious games) will lead to optimum results. Link ).

5 Tips To Make Your Online Compliance Courses Exciting and Engaging!

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Compliance courses are famous for being the necessary evils your employees need to bear every year. Is there any way to remove the sting of compliance courses? Let us look at 5 tips which when considered can make your online compliance courses engage and appeal better to your employees. Your employees need to be given an illusion of choice when it comes to compliance training.

Rethinking Compliance Training in eLearning: Part 2


In the first part of this post , we looked at some of the problems associated with a lot of compliance training. Games and simulations can help, as can a slightly lighter approach, provided it’s not out of keeping with the subject matter. There was an emphasis on competence, not compliance – on what to do, not what to follow or accept. eLearning compliance trainin

Why your health and safety training deserves more love

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To go beyond ‘tick box’ compliance and create a health and safety culture, you need to keep learners engaged and motivated. Here’s how giving your health and safety training more love can bridge the gap between engagement and compliance. Gamification: Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust Games work best when there are real risks and consequences. Is this vision overkill?

Is this compliance story too close to home?

From the Coleface

Learners are used to compliance e-learning. Anyone in a big company is used to having several mandatory modules a year to complete so the game becomes “how can I do this as quickly as I can and get my tick in the box?” Pros: Showing people that non-compliance has consequences is way more powerful than talking hypothetically – real life stories have impact!

Ally, Bottom-Line Performance Win Brandon Hall Excellence Award for Knowledge Guru Game

Knowledge Guru

The winning submission won a Bronze in Best Use of Games or Simulations for Learning. The game was created and implemented with the Knowledge Guru game-based learning platform. Knowledge Guru customers use the platform to help employees learn and retain things like product knowledge, policies, procedures and compliance information. News award brandon hall award news

A panel podcast on compliance training

Good To Great

→ A panel podcast on compliance training Posted on March 10, 2011 by Stephanie Dedhar | 1 Comment Yesterday I was invited to join a small panel podcast hosted by Craig Taylor to discuss compliance training – what’s wrong with it, what’s right with it and what we need to do to make it even better. Image: ?????Salvatore Bookmark the permalink. See you again soon!

Ian Bogost, #DevLearn “The Real Power of Games for Learning”

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Author of: Persuasive Games: The Expressive Power of Games. Working to expand the application of games in the world…trying to force games to do things we’re not used to them doing – games outside of traditional uses, outside of entertainment. We associate games with childrens’ culture – with sloth – “isn’t there something better you should be doing with your time?”. Using game design in new applications (what Bogost is looking at) vs. gamification…. As a designer…Bogost things gamification doesn’t have much in common with game design.

BLP Wins Best Game-Based Solution at 2013 DevLearn DemoFest

Bottom-Line Performance

Bottom-Line Performance (BLP) is the proud recipient of “Best Immersive/Simulation/Game-Based Solution” for  Avoid the BBPs , a game-based eLearning course we developed for Roche Diagnostics. The game-based course was part of a revamp to Roche’s annual Bloodborne Pathogens Training, which must be delivered annually for compliance purposes. BLP News

Motivation is More Important Than Information

Association eLearning

In cases like these, introducing awards and recognition programs, or even consequences for non-compliance, can be more effective than a webinar or self-paced course. Gamification and game-based learning both take motivation into account. I inherited a “blackboard” poster from a friend. I can write on it with chalk, erase it, and use it again. But I don’t. Doing It. Include a deadline.

What is shared between Compliance eLearning and Captain America and Anime Comics?

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Compliance Course on Bullying Manager This is an example of a situation showing a bullying manager. Another objection is the perception that caricatures are too much fun and game-like and that leaders often frown on the suggestion that learners are having too much fun (dah!). games elearning instructional isd addie Interactivity rapid elearning eLearning authoring

Serious Games - How Learning Can Be Not So Serious

Designing Digitally

Some of the best techniques for doing this involve the use of games in the delivery of training. In fact, some of the best training course designs are those that employ one form or another of game mechanics and design. As any video gamer will tell you, the level of engagement and immersion when playing a modern video game is quite impressive. What are serious games?

How to Make Online Compliance Training More FUN

Everything E-Learning

Do the words “compliance training” make your employees shudder in horror? It’s possible to create engaging compliance training that still meets all necessary legal standards. great way to get your learners interested in compliance training is to create interactive games. Just make sure to keep the game focused on the compliance topic. Gamification. Videos.

Top 5 eLearning Trends Happening Now

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508, ADA, and WCAG Compliance. 2015 was the year of lawsuits over education providers’ lack of compliance in the areas of access to content for those with disabilities. From major associations to universities, accessibility standards were not followed and learners were not afraid to demand compliance in the courts when necessary. What excites you?” Gamification. Going Mobile.

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The link between mLearning and learning games

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This is part 5: The link between mLearning and learning games. Gamification” of learning is one of the most exciting trends we’ve seen – and it’s partially being driven by the increased interest in mLearning and mobile games in general. Contrary view: At mLearn, we talked to a person in charge of compliance training for an oil company…he bristled at the thought of training being fun.

Is Your Process Training “Nice to Know” or “Need to Know”?

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Example: The customer training we have created for Roche Diagnostics moves basic terminology and introductory content into eLearning courses and game-based modules. Example: We developed safety & compliance training for hair stylists in Regis corporation salons. A key interaction in the “Slips,Trips, and Falls” course asks stylists to try to retrieve items from a high shelf.

Business models for #gaming #medialearning2011

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A panel of game developers who all shed their light on how they got their games funded/financed during the media and learning conference in Brussels, Belgium. In-game advertising was not discussed (though would be interesting) and no corporate sponsors were mentioned either, though I can imagine that Disney would be interested in providing Disney land decors for an educational game? She got a lot of skeptical remarks on the 'serious game' idea. At this stage the governments are more positive towards educational gaming. growing). so this costs as well.

This Week On #TalkTech: Game Based Learning, Human Computer Interaction and Google’s Authoring Tool

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Take a look at what we have planned for this week: Topic 1: How does game based learning encourage mastery over mediocrity? There is plenty of talk about the differences between game based learning and gamification. Generally speaking, game based learning is most useful for in-depth understanding approaching mastery, and gamification is a terrific motivational tool for making workplace tasks more enjoyable. Think of “mastery” as a core skill that is repeated over and over and mediocrity as a general awareness of compliance procedures. Think again.

NHS Trust frees up more time for patient care with new elearning

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The innovative elearning modules will incorporate games, video and workplace scenarios to make them as engaging and effective as possible. Compliance News compliance doctors elearning games health and safety health service infection control mental health NHS nurses safeguarding scenarios Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust Sponge UK video

Trust 14

A Conversation with Louise Pasterfield, Managing Director/CEO of Sponge UK

Kapp Notes

Using innovative approaches and advanced technologies, we’re helping organizations make a difference in the areas that matter most to them, such as skills development, leadership, induction, compliance and sales. We’re leading the way in emerging areas like elearning games, interactive video, animations and 3D simulations. Compliance Example. Here is some of our conversation.

Bottom-Line Performance, ExactTarget Marketing Cloud Win Brandon Hall Award for “MobileConnect Guru”

Bottom-Line Performance

Bottom-Line Performance and the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud won a coveted Brandon Hall Group bronze award for excellence in the Best Use of Games and Simulations for Learning category. BLP The winning solution, MobileConnect Guru, was created using the Knowledge Guru Game-Based Learning Platform. BLP and ExactTarget’s win was announced on September 10th, 2014. About Knowledge Guru.

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