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15 Authoring Tools For mEnabling Your eLearning For iPads

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One of the best tools, if you are already using Articulate, to convert your existing (Articulate based) courses to run on iPads, other tablets and mobile devices. For iPads, content can be played via Safari browser but for an enhanced experience, you can publish it for Articulate Mobile Player , a native iOS application that optimizes courses only for iPads. 3. Adobe Edge Animate.

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Product Review: Lectora Snap! Empower

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Robust feature set – properties, elements, templates, video editing, image editing. Over 70 templates including ones for games, quiz games, interactions, components. Easy to move images right into the blocks on the templates. Channel – of course if your company blocks all social media sites – I guess you are hitting the Snap! and Snap! What was it?

Expectations From eLearning Authoring Tools

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While some try doing freeform authoring through a template-based authoring tool. Should be easy to control and manage graphic styles across course to enforce style guidelines and branding. Should be able to import external Flash SWF as well as audio and video in variety of popular formats. Should be able to publish course in various formats. When do I use it? SCORM 1.2,

5 Advantages of using Adobe Captivate 9

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An integrated library of 25,000+ characters and templates. Adobe Captivate 9 comes with a repository of characters and templates that simplify e-learning development. This library has a wide variety of assets such as cutout people, games, interactions, scenarios, course starters, and more. Place them against relevant backgrounds to make your online course look more realistic.

E-learning Development: Selecting the Right Audio, Video, and Image Format

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When developing an eLearning course using rapid authoring tools, you should know which format is supported by the tool to import audio files, videos, and images. The formats prescribed in the blog are followed when the courses are published to PCs, mobiles and iPads, but when publishing your courses to CDs and PCs (offline), you have the liberty to use the format of your choice.  .


Review of Snap! 1.1 Update

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Differentiating features: Use PowerPoint page transitions, add a controller to audio or video added via PowerPoint, End Show action that closes the course window, submit quiz and survey results via CGI. You do have to have someone put together some script to help “translate” what data from the course go into what fields in the database, but they provide guidance one that. Have more than one swf per slide. End show action to close the course window. More choices for customizing the player template. About three months ago, Trivantis released Snap! update.

Three Time-Saving Rapid E-Learning Tips

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Last week I shared a free PowerPoint template that was inspired by the iPad’s notebook app. Hopefully, you can find a use for the template. If not, check out some of the other free templates that are available in the Elearning Heroes community. In last week’s template, I purposely only included the final template and not the original source file. More to come ….Minneapolis,

Raptivity Essential : Now Build HTML5 and Flash Interactions Simultaneously

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As Harbinger Knowledge Products unveils a brand new version of Raptivity Essential that lets you publish interactions in the HTML5 format in addition to Flash SWF format, I thought it would be interesting to talk to Shweta Kulkarni, who was involved deeply in the engineering of this product upgrade. Raptivity Essential provides a sufficient selection of templates for a novice user to get a hold of interactive learning. HTML5 support for Raptivity Essential pack will fulfil this requirement and make them HTML5-ready for their future course creation without losing the Flash output.

eLearning Interactions - add Flash-based interactions to your courses

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Do you want a quick and easy way to add interactive elements to your training course? You can easily create an interaction - pick the interaction template, insert your content (including text, audio and images) and apply a theme. You can save the interaction for future editing and/or download it as a SWF file for inclusion in your eLearning course. The eLearning Interactions product is one to add to your toolbox. Try it for free. You subscribe to the service for either a monthly or annual fee. Check it out: [link


eLearning Mega Flash and PPT Temple Bundle

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Flash games, 2 PPT eLearning course style themes AND more than 60 Flash interactions included in this bundle! These are PPT and Flash based templates that are super easy to update. Each template is fully customizable in Flash (we give you the.fla Flash source file). BONUS: Reuse the templates over and over again in multiple courses…or even other websites and presentations.

Over 75 Free Rapid E-Learning Resources

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The other day this guy asked me how to develop color schemes for his rapid elearning courses. shared some of the tools that I use for color schemes in previous posts like this one on creating your own rapid elearning PowerPoint template. Voice123 and : find narrators for your elearning courses. Creative Commons audio : good sites to get free audio for your courses.

Developing An eLearning Player?

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An eLearning player is a building block for more conventional [one with back and next for navigation buttons] eLearning courses. The only option left then is to develop the courses in HTML and JavaScript. This is immensely helpful when you create multilingual courses. swf, *.flv, What’s an eLearning player? This makes the content more manageable and easy to update.

Raptivity: A Review

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I’m always looking for new ways to add meaningful interactions to courses and have been exploring Raptivity for this purpose. Raptivity is a rapid development software tool that comes with a library of pre-built templates, most of which are interactive. The pre-built templates provide a way to quickly assemble an interaction or presentation segment and publish it to a Flash (.swf)

Games and Interactions for Articulate

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Are you looking for a way to easily create games and interactions to make your courses more engaging? This tool is browser-based and has tons of different template interactions and games to choose from. swf). 5. Are you an Articulate user? You’re in luck…I’d like to introduce You don’t need to know flash or programming! Now you can quickly create eLearning interactions and games for Articulate. Steps to create interactions: 1. Choose an interaction from the library. 2. Input your text, images, and audio. 3. Try it for Free!


Three Time-Saving Rapid E-Learning Tips

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Last week I shared a free PowerPoint template that was inspired by the iPad’s notebook app. Hopefully, you can find a use for the template. If not, check out some of the other free templates that are available in the Elearning Heroes community. In last week’s template, I purposely only included the final template and not the original source file. More to come ….Minneapolis,

2010: mLearning Year in Review

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Traditional "e"-learning vendors will all jump into the "m"-learning and social networking spaces with "first generation" offerings they believe will address the mobile requirements of their customers and prospects; these early efforts will prove largely ineffective as evidenced by their many iterative and incremental updates, retries and course corrections. A.K.A. Validated (“Double”).

Articulate ’09: Tips for Resolving Common Issues

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In this case, try setting the player template display at an optimal level and avoid scaling (this worked most of the times for us). 2. Adding a user name in a certificate – The default course completion certificate in Articulate doesn’t include a user name. Articulate’s suite of products rate high in the rapid authoring segment. For e.g.: Arial Bold , Arial Italics, etc. 3.


10 Design Standards to Create Better eLearning!

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If you’re thinking about creating online courses you’ve probably started to think about standards. Enforce the standards and maybe even create some templates that are already “standardized”. You might need buttons for next, back, jobaids, exit, simulation, more info, tips, play, course evaluation, get help, FAQs, feedback, and replay. 9. Bonus List: File types: What types of files are allowed and function in the course? (.mov,swf,avi,png,wmv, mov,swf,avi,png,wmv, etc.). Course player/GUI: Create a standard interface for all courses.


Adobe eLearning Suite Announced

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Adobe Presenter 7 Rapidly create high-impact Adobe Flash presentations and eLearning courses from PowerPoint. Professionals can take advantage of more than two dozen new features including single SWF file publishing, text-to-speech conversion, a drawing toolbar for simple graphics, enhanced project templates, and round-trip Microsoft® PowerPoint® workflows, which let users import and edit PowerPoint slides with audio and interactivity. Adobe , Captivate , ELS , eLearning Suite , Device Central. Adobe has released the eagerly-awaited eLearning Suite. SAN JOSE, Calif. — Jan.

Rapid eLearning Through Software Simulations And Screencasts

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Previously when I discussed freeform and template-based rapid content authoring tools, I kept software simulation tools aside. Unlike screen capturing tools, the published output is not just a passive video, but is in a fully interactive format such as Flash SWF. Such tools also provide facility develop the course just out of several screenshots of application if the access to the application is not available. In the past I was involved in development of some courses where we didn’t have chance but to use Adobe Flash to develop the guided application simulations.

5 Best Improvements in Articulate Presenter 09

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Inserting video uses the Insert Flash tool and has the same options as SWF files. 4. It comes in handy for seeing how well a series of slides flow without having to publish the entire course. 5. Articulate Branding Removed - This is actually an option in the presentation template; the Articulate logo is still there by default. I’ve been using Articulate Presenter 09 for a couple of months now and have come up with the five things I like best about the new version. If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen my posts about having problems with the new version.

M-Learning: Landscape Changer: E-Reader

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Case in point: One Person’s Thoughts. I was chatting with someone the other day on this topic and she said to me (and btw she is an end user, not someone in the industry), why would I want to access a course on my Blackberry? However with an e-reader, I would be able to see the course since the screens are larger (more in a sec. She added, I have no desire to take a course on my Blackberry and never would.  Would you take a course on a Blackberry?  The courses are.swf with audio/video capabilities, oh they offer text to speech too. on that).  Color.