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Creating PDF Forms

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

Whether you are creating a form from scratch or updating an existing one, I bet I can show you a few things you didn't know about PDF forms. Creating a New PDF Form. Regardless of which application you use to create the initial document, you can make it into a form in Adobe Acrobat. Keep in mind that if you can print a document, you can usually create a PDF. 

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Sample branching scenario + cool tool

Making Change

Twine works in Windows and on the Mac, it’s free, and it publishes scenarios in easily customized, accessible HTML. The links you create determine the path that the learner takes through the records. Add images and sound files and otherwise use HTML. Publish the finished story in HTML. Some time for creating any images and sound files and embedding them using HTML.

Sample branching scenario + cool tool

Making Change

Twine works in Windows and on the Mac, it’s free, and it publishes scenarios in easily customized, accessible HTML. The links you create determine the path that the learner takes through the records. Add images and sound files and otherwise use HTML. Publish the finished story in HTML. Some time for creating any images and sound files and embedding them using HTML.

How to Create eLearning Using PowerPoint

Association eLearning

Having a solid foundation in PowerPoint is a must when using rapid content authoring tools to create online learning. If you’re not an experienced Flash or HTML programmer or are short on resources, PowerPoint may be the only eLearning development tool you have available. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for creating engaging eLearning courses entirely with PowerPoint: Do. Don’t.

Creating a Printable Notes Feature in Articulate Storyline

Learning Dojo

Two ways come to mind for doing this: 1 you could create a text entry field on a normal slide and then just use a lightbox trigger at any point in your course to lightbox that slide or 2 you could create a layer on the master slide that would show if a variable was changed to true. In this example I am going to name that variable showNotes. But you will notice an issue.

Create #mobile #quizzes free & paid options for #mlearning

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A couple of days ago someone asked me ‘how can I create quizzes and conduct them through mobile phones? ‘. An example of a mobile quiz option for Moodle is Mobile Study For mobile authoring tools, look at the end of this blogpost, for a free and easy mobile quiz tutorial just read the following section. The question was sent to me through my ask box!

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Create a Corporate Training Program that Sticks: Part 3 – Define Your Goals

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This is part three in an ongoing series about how to create a corporate training plan. These goals will create a framework from which you will create your training. you create. For example, we might state a goal of our training as “learn how to use our content management system.” Have a situation in mind when creating your goals. Goals for Training.

Creating an HTML link in a LEGEND game type

Knowledge Guru

In the example below, our original URL was 105 characters. The blue portions remain the same for any hyperlink you create. The post Creating an HTML link in a LEGEND game type appeared first on. Here’s your steps: 1) Locate the URL you want to incorporate into the game question. If your URL is long, shorten it. is one to try. Develop Support hyperlink

Stop Using Dropbox to Share Your Courses & Try This Instead

Rapid eLearning

Effective October 3, 2016, Dropbox is disabling the feature to render HTML pages. You need a place to host the courses files and create a link. Personally, I think it’s worthwhile to create a custom domain and manage the demos and courses that way. Lots of cool elearning examples to check out and find inspiration. If not, I’m here to alert you today.

Create richer learning and talent development experiences with H5P in eFrontPro 4.4


H5P is a content creation toolset — a set of libraries and tools that help content creators to create rich web-based interactions. In its most basic and ready to use form, H5P is a collection of JavaScript scripts, CSS styles, and HTML templates that implement interactive web widgets. Because, H5P is also… An open community collaborating on rich HTML content.



We recently discovered H5P , which allows you to create, share, and reuse interactive HTML content. H5P allows you to create a variety of different content types. Check out two examples below: Sample Image with Interactive Hotspots. Sample Interactive Video – Check out 3:23 and 4:57. . Learn more about accessibility, instructional design, and eLearning with our free, online course:  Principles of Instructional Design: A Roadmap for Creating Engaging eLearning Content. eLearning Tools Online Learning h5p html5

Mobile Learning: A couple examples of the promise it offers

Bottom-Line Performance

With mobile we can: Create tools that enable people to find or locate information as they need it. Example: Learning about the implications that formulation TYPE may have on the performance of an herbicide and then having a mobile application in the field that enables you to quickly look up a specific formulation type to see how it affects product performance.). What about the iPad?

Accessibility: How to Order Title Objects in Lectora

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The way that this is accomplished, so that a screen reader can read the web page in this logical order, is for the html objects (text, images, etc.) to be placed in an html document in the actual logical order that you would like them read by the software. So, if there were objects at the Chapter level, this would be added next to the html page, in Title Explorer order.


ID and e-Learning Links (2/24/14)

Experiencing eLearning

How To Choose An Authoring Tool For Your HTML eLearning Development | The Upside Learning Blog. Some good details I haven’t seen elsewhere, like how each program loads the framework and content and how that affects performance. A few inaccuracies (you can still create a non-ADA compliant course in Lectora even if you check the 508 box, for example). The eLearning Guild Releases 2014 Global eLearning Salary & Compensation Report by News Editor : Learning Solutions Magazine. 2014 Salary survey results plus calculator. tags: elearning salary instructionaldesign.

[Video] 5 Steps for Using GreenSock Animations in Lectora

eLearning Brothers

Not too long ago, I was thinking about how cool Lectora is that it produces full HTML courses, so it got my wheels turning wondering if there was a way to somehow use GreenSock in Lectora. So from here open a Title or create a new one. On the page level, we are going to add an HTML Extension to the stage. Now within the properties of the HTML Extension we will do two things.

Dev Corner - HTML 5 Video Player with multiple video streams

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This week's Dev Corner post comes from Mike Luongo and details using HTML5 to create a video player that lets you play multiple video streams at once. Well just with a little bit of javascript (yawn) I was able to create a PIP (picture in picture) player with opacity for the web. This example lets you click and drag around the pip (even off the original video). Dev Corner

A practical guide to creating quizzes: part 4


To demonstrate a wide variety of quiz game techniques, I’ve taken examples from a quiz making  package called Quizit, unfortunately no longer available. Similar results could be achieved by those with coding skills using Adobe Flash Professional or HTML 5, or by using a number of off-the-shelf quiz game tools. Levels are a classic gaming feature. All input is by natural text.

7 Amazing Things You Can Do With eLearning Templates

eLearning Brothers

Go For the Green Selling Challenge is a great example of this. For example, take one of our Adobe Captivate Templates and put an entirely new spin on it to create a new game. 5. This tool converts HTML, CSS, Javascript into iOS code for mobile development. 6. Since you already know you get the source files, you can tinker around with our HTML 5 templates.

Lectora 12 update

eLearning Chef

If you’re fairly new to Lectora, or want to get a general insight to the capabilities, visit their demo page for variety of ‘How-To’ and other sample courses. Lectora 12 seems to have two primary goals: Improving the back-end HTML in published courses to better comply with ADA/508 and Web Content Accessibility (WCA) guidelines. See the “ what’s new ” page for a summary… And as a nice example of the improvements in practice, here’s a helpful post on customizing button states in the latest version. patch.

How Suitable Is HTML5 For Mobile Learning?

Upside Learning

From a development perspective, the issues emerge when you try to create something that is cross-platform compatible, right now the great HTML5 samples are typically designed to run in a single browser type, these days, primarily Chrome, Mozilla, IE; haven’t really seen anything specific for Opera so far. ’ Not much has changed in the few months since then.  Upside Learning

Enhance eLearning Assessment to Maintain Learner Engagement

WBT Systems

We tend to spend the bulk of our time in creating engaging content with varying fonts, graphics, colors, calls to action, multimedia and considerable instructional design investment, before often presenting a bland final assessment which leaves our learners with a less than ideal impression of the amount of effort we put into the rest of the learning material. skills to hand. Video.

Create an impress.js Presentation in 10 Minutes


Start by downloading the sample course files here. Before making the first edits to your sample presentation, you may also need to download a basic text editing program. For clarity, let’s try an example: begin by writing the command, “data-x=”400”” in the very first tag as shown below. toolkit, try combining multiple commands to create more complex transitions and effects.

Easygenerator Adds TinCan Support, a New Editor, More HTML Question Types and Course Templates.


This version has a complete new editor, we have TinCan support, we added three more HTML question types and we added a new concept: course templates. You can now for example create mobile courses and still be able to track the results and TinCan will open up more opportunities in the future. Three new HTML question types. TinCan support. TinCan 1.0 complete new editor.

Creating Successful m-Learning Strategy – Part 3

Upside Learning

This is the 3 rd and final post of the series on creating successful m-learning strategy based on the workshop I attended at mLearnCon.  You could create simple HTML based courses (nuggets) or even simpler good old SMS based assessments. Flash is not supported on all devices; and to create something with a richer user experience, you need to look at creating apps.

Easygenerator adds Tin Can support, a new editor, more HTML question types and course templates


This version has a complete new editor, we have TinCan support, we added three more HTML question types and we added a new concept: course templates. You can now for example create mobile courses and still be able to track the results and TinCan will open up more opportunities in the future. Three new HTML question types. TinCan support. TinCan 1.0 complete new editor.

ELearning Dev Tools Overview


Just yesterday I wrote an article explaining how to create online courses on a budget and elluded to the wide variety of options we have available when it comes to elearning course development. If you are just starting your project and are not sure which tools are best for you, the infographic below (created by ATD ) will provide additional insight. HTML Editors. elearning

How to Trigger Captivate Advanced Actions with Javascript

eLearning Brothers

In Adobe Captivate, I would create a variable named ‘isLocked’ and set it to true. You can play with this example here. First, we need to create our variable in the course. In this example, I am naming it ‘isHighFiving’ with an initial value of ‘no’. After it is published, I will add my JavaScript functionality to the the HTML file. In this case ‘toggleHighFive’.

Developing Mobile Learning Apps with Lectora and PhoneGap

CommLab India

First, you need to create an app project using Phone Gap. 2. App Installation process: Upload the.apk file in your online web server and create a URL. Example: [link]. Related Posts Lectora Inspire, Articulate Storyline and Now Adobe Captivate 8 – Expert’s Advice A Quick Guide to the New Features ofLectora Inspire16 Recreating Flash Courses in HTML 5 Using Lectora.

Overview of What’s New in Lectora 12

eLearning Brothers

The new features of Lectora 12 will make you proud to be a Lectora developer and makes it easier than ever to create engaging eLearning. Create organized lists with new bullet styles. Rotate and Flip - Creating content for new objects now allows you to rotate/flip shapes, images, and text buttons. Create Buttons in Any Shape -  Need a button?

Flash Controversy Continues - Is It a Good Choice for Development?

Tony Karrer

And let's also assume that we are not strictly talking HTML5, but rather HTML+JavaScript + some ideas of where it is today and where things are going. Able to do things visually that are hard with CSS/HTML. As an example, CSS 3 introduced linear and radial gradients. Any time you want to experiment with a wildly new design direction, you find yourself fighting against the way HTML and CSS were intended to be used. 4. Flash (AIR) can create and use raw TCP or UDP sockets. And it's MUCH smaller than the world that works with HTML. 3. Come on! The costs.

Flash 49

The Pulse of Mobile Learning

Allison Rossett

To our surprise, even in this professionally active sample, only 4% said they were using mobile to deliver learning and support in their organizations. using mobile to think a fresh thought, reach for another opinion or example, seek somebody unexpected or distant. New programs are making it easier to go mobile, even if you are not an HTML 5 programmer or lack the funds to hire one or many. Yapp makes it easy to create an event app, no fuss, no bother. Leader development is an example. A faint pulse today. ” Most were not. The blood does flow.

Sneak Peek at Lectora 12

E-learning Uncovered

Lectora version 12 will include a greatly enhanced button tool for creating visually appealing custom text buttons. For example, you’ll have the ability to set the next button to disabled until the learner has completed an activity on the page. Run Mode in HTML. In version 12, Run Mode will display and run your title in an HTML preview. Crop your image.

Day 3. Getting SCORM content into your LMS


At this point, you’ll understand how to create a great SCORM compliant course with an authoring tool. When you export your course to a SCORM format, two important things happen: Your authoring tool creates a SCORM zip file. Your authoring tool will also have included files that it didn’t create but that are SCORM specific. In this example, the relevant version is 1.2


Teaching with Screencasts and Rapid Prototyping

Visual Lounge

At the time, I was doing a lot with some basic web design, and thought it would be fun to work with students on some basic HTML and CSS principles. The class expanded horizons pretty quickly, and by the end of the semester, I had students working on everything from vector graphics (which I have no understanding of), PhotoShop, JavaScript, and Python in addition to HTML and CSS. Part of where I struggled was writing up files for demos and examples each day for a lesson. Examples. An example embed from CodePen: See the Pen LfiqI by Brian ( @bbennett ) on CodePen.

3 Ways to Link in Lectora

Integrated Learnings

Lectora is a popular tool for creating e-Learning content for exactly this reason--it provides multiple ways to solve problems. In this blog post I'm going to talk about one example of this: hyperlinks. Using an External HTML Object. For those familiar with HTML, you may find it interesting what goes on behind the scenes. Lectora is not actually using the HTML tag.

E-Learning Analytics: The ROI for Online Courses


When a company provides a free product, not as a sample, but always and completely free (such as Facebook), then you can be assured that you are the product. Used in-depth, you can create a truly personalized learning program. work in HTML, XML, and create interactive learning content using flash/HTML5, and videos—even whiteboard. But it's not enough feedback!

Getting Started with iSpring QuizMaKer

eLearning Brothers

The very first step to making a quiz in iSpring is choosing what kind of quiz you would like to create, you have a choice between a Graded Quiz or a Survey. The two choices differ in the kinds of questions you can create and how the LMS reads it. In this example, I will be showing you how to create a graded quiz. The two views are Form View and Slide View.