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Agile tips that will improve your eLearning development

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I love agile development. We use it at Easygenerator to develop our software. You can apply the lessons learned from agile software development to eLearning development as well. This post contains some simple tips that you can apply to eLearning development. If you create eLearning for your own organization it has to be an internal client.

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Agile eLearning development (4): Planning and execution

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Very large developments (epic) stories are divided into smaller stories that fit in one sprint. The development team will give rough estimations on the stories with the highest priorities (the ‘must haves’ and ‘need to haves’). The development team will discuss the story with the product owner, asking questions to get the story and the requirements clear.

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Agile eLearning development (2): Culture

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I planned to write this second post on agile eLearning development about the backlog and estimations. ELearning. How does this apply to eLearning? It is also a very different attitude to planned development. The developers will commit to these user stories and build them in short sprints (periods of one or two weeks) and then they will demo them.

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Agile eLearning development (6): Recap

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Over the past weeks I have written a series of blog post on agile eLearning development. must read for anyone involved in eLearning development. Part of the growing up from eLearning is that it becomes part of the business and therefore must contribute to the business goals. Demo’s, user stories and backlog. For me the most important one are the demo’s.

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Day one: My agile eLearning development presentation from #DevLearn

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We launched our new free eLearning software and our booth had so many visitors that I haven’t been able to attend a single session at the conference, no sessions reports from me this time. So for day one I will limit myself to my presentation on agile eLearning development. We launched it successfully, you can check this new  eLearning software  out by yourself. Agile eLearning development: business goals and road map. Agile eLearning development (2): Culture. Agile eLearning development (4): Planning and execution.


Agile eLearning development (3): Best practices, Demo’s, user stories and backlog

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In the previous post on agile eLearning development I wrote about culture. Agile development offers a range of best practices that are relatively easy to implement. Agile development works in short sprints (one or 2 weeks). After every sprint there is a demo where the development team shows the result of the work of the past sprint. demo takes 1 hour.

Agile eLearning development (5): Chatty Kidz

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One of the people who responded to my posts on agile development is Ken Taggert , He is developing an Ipad app (Chatty Kidz) which combines video conferencing with educational activities for kids. He just launched a  kickstarter  project to find funding for the further development of the app. user stories are grouped into sprints as we plan to develop them.

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5 quick wins for more agile e-learning development

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I write and present on agile e-learning development since 2011. quick wins for more agile e-learning development.  If you want to know more on agile, check out my links at the bottom of the post.   1. You do a demo every week or every two weeks, showing them what you have done so far and you will get feedback on what you have created. Agile e-learning development (2): Culture.

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The Content or the LMS? Which Comes First?

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For many there is already educational content, but it’s been developed sporadically, over time, it’s not all consolidated in one location, and it’s hard to navigate through all the archives. The process of determining LMS requirements, narrowing down vendors, getting stakeholders to review demos, and debriefing on the different options can take weeks or months. You need both.

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Getting Started with Online Member Education

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Way back when I was just a marketing minion working in development at a nonprofit, I used to attend workshops and classes that would help me learn more about my industry. Have the finalists provide you with a demo and, if possible, a free trial so that you can answer the board’s questions about the platform with confidence. Maybe it’s time to get started with online member education.

Cut to 30% eLearning Development Costs

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Assuming a typical one hour eLearning costs $35,000. Develop images only for some 20% of the content. Develop exercises, tests, games and simulation only on the 10% of the 20%. • Use HTML, PDF, Word, PowerPoint, etc. Oftentimes industry experts calculate eLearning development time by computing seat time. Tags: LMS eLearning e-Learning authoring

Keeping Your Learners’ Attention: How Our Brain Decides What to Focus On


A common concern arises when the topic of elearning comes up. These thoughts can be true for some, but if elearning is presented effectively, with the learner’s attention span in mind, we can see a shift in this ideology. Elearning can be difficult for some learners because we become distracted by email prompts or app notifications on our devices. But how? Solution?

These Are NOT Serious Games!

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Most clients have done their research online about serious games, and find the whole gamut of samples, demos, etc. So what really makes a ’serious’ game? A lot of casual game solutions available in the elearning development market claim to be ’serious’ games. Tags: Game Based Learning Learning Design eLearning Development Casual Games DGBL Serious Games Recently I’ve been consulting with a customer on the design of a series of digital learning games for sales training. Are they? Games that do not provide user immersion. Rules. 4.

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Xerte - Free eLearning Development Tool

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Xerte is an open source software package for creating interactive eLearning content. Here’s a brief learning object demo from the Xerte (University of Nottingham) website. Xerte - Learning Object Demo. If you are looking for a free tool to generate interactive eLearning content, give Xerte a try. Tagged: adobe, articulate, captivate, development, elearning, free, learning, presenter, resources, tools, training, xerteThanks to Jane Hart , I was introduced to Xerte today.  Xerte supports popular media formats such as.jpg,gif,png,swf,flv, and.mp3. 

eLearning: When Should You Record Your Voiceover Audio?

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

by Kevin Siegel      Adding voiceover audio to eLearning enhances the learner experience. And before you spend thousands of dollars hiring voiceover talent to record your audio, you should know: your voice is fine (nobody likes their own voice so trust me on this, yours will do nicely). I've been creating eLearning for years (and years and years). I've found that the voiceover audio does not have to be highly produced to be effective. But perfect audio wasn't my goal. I was trying to create quick video demos to share with fellow eLearning developers.

Introducing eBridge: An Online Review And Collaboration Tool To Optimize eLearning Course Development

EI Design

All of us who are in the business of custom eLearning development are aware of its increasing complexity and the intrinsic need to have an agile process to keep pace with increasing customer expectations. In an ideal world, you would love to provide a single interface for all of these (both to your development teams and customers), won’t you? Background. What Is eBridge?

30+ Ideas for eLearning Portfolio Samples

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For example, the Instructional Designer or eLearning Developer demo in my portfolio is based on an activity I originally created for a health care client. Any cool trick you know in Captivate, Storyline, or the eLearning development tool of your choice (this also shows your expertise with the tool). Five minutes or less is usually enough. Giving an elevator pitch.

They Say, “Be Agile”. What Does that Really Mean?


And, if you’re not a software developer, what does it mean to “borrow concepts from Agile software development”? It’s important to note that Agile software development includes a group of sof tware development methods which have a core set of principles in common (including Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), feature-driven development, among others).

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How you can build Meaningful Interactivity into your eLearning

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Does Rapid eLearning mean Crapid eLearning? Really, the quality of your elearning depends on your creativity and the amount of thought you put into its design. In a recent conference, Cammy Bean and Stephen Walsh put together a great talk on 10 ways you can yawn proof your elearning. The key to creating interactive elearning then isn't about rollovers and animations.

ID and e-Learning Links (1/27/14)

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tags: elearning instructionaldesign newid. Free eLearning Development Calculator. Calculate your time to complete development in Captivate. This is mostly about making videos for YouTube or similar sites, but these could be used for quick tutorials and demos in e-learning. I’m familiar with Screenr, Jing, and CamStudio, but not BSRSoft, XVidCap, EZVid, BB FlashBack Express, or Rylstim. IDTopedia™. Glossary of instructional design and technology terms. The calculator is a free PDF download, but it requires registration. – Part I » Capterra Blog.

How to Transform Old Training Content into New Performance Support Tools


Ditch step/action quick-reference guides and paper job aids for quick “how to&# screen demos. — Trina Rimmer is a learning and communications consultant with twelve years experience designing, developing, and delivering smart, engaging training. But when you’re staring down a hefty catalog of classroom training materials, where do you start? Timely (i.e. Easy to use.

Making the Most of Visuals in eLearning: 9 Tips and 5 Examples

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Would you like to watch a demo video and learn how to fix a broken washer or read through the pages of the instruction manual? As an eLearning developer whose goal is to create memorable learning, you MUST NOT pass up this medium when you design your courses. eLearning designLook at yourself. We love watching movies. The power of visuals is undeniable.

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4 Misconceptions Using eLearning Templates

eLearning Brothers

For my first blog this year I wanted to share a few misconceptions about using eLearning Templates. As a sales representative with eLearning Brothers I’ve come across four misconceptions about eLearning templates. After reading this I hope you see how awesome it is using eLearning Brothers’ templates. 1. Elearning Brothers’ templates actually increase creativity.

Free Adobe Captivate 8 Template Scenario

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We’d also like to invite you to test out our free templates to see how they can help you streamline your eLearning development. Sign up for a free account to get this Free eLearning Template. Get Free eLearning Templates. Mobile Demo: View on mobile devices. Note : You must sign up as a Free Member to access Free templates in the eLearning Library.

eLearning Global Giveback

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Today, The Smart Campaign launched Client Protection and Financial Education in Microfinance , the course that I developed in conjunction with The Smart Campaign and ACCION International as part of the second eLearning Global Giveback. You can see the course here ! Amanda's Projects

The New Articulate Storyline iPad App and mLearning [VIDEOS]

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Mayra Aixa Villar: As Instructional Designers, every day, we look for that spark of inspiration that can help us design our next eLearning project. This is why I agree with Kasper Spiro as he makes a case for finding a new metaphor for eLearning: I’m convinced that we have to find a new metaphor for e-Learning in order to bring e-Learning to the next level. eLearning Mobile Learning

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5 Things To Look Out For While Choosing An LMS

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If secure data transfer is more of a concern for you, AICC is the right choice otherwise common rapid eLearning development tools work well with both SCORM and AICC. Go for a demo before zeroing in on one. Choosing the right Learning Management System is an arduous task and if not done carefully, may lead to a substantial waste of time and money. Web Hosting. Integration.


Media-Rich, Flash eLearning Course running on the Google Nexus One

eLearning 3.0

This is a video demo that I created to show how easy it is to convert older Flash eLearning content so that is optimized for mobile devices. There is an actual demo towards the end that shows how smooth it runs on the Google Nexus One (running Android 2.2 eLearning 3.0 = “Edutainment”. Distance Ed Featured Industry News Mobile Learning eLearning eLearning 3.0

Media-Rich, Flash eLearning Course running on the Google Nexus One

eLearning 3.0

This is a video demo that I created to show how easy it is to convert older Flash eLearning content so that is optimized for mobile devices. There is an actual demo towards the end that shows how smooth it runs on the Google Nexus One (running Android 2.2 Related posts: Google Wave Invitations Available eLearning 3.0 = “Edutainment”. FroYo and Flash Player 10.1

DevLearn 2015 Recap

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We also had a blast hanging out with our friends the eLearning Brothers and giving away a free license of Lectora® Inspire. Photo by the eLearning Brothers.). Learn more about Lectora and xAPI in this post: Thursday’s Trending eLearning Topic: xAPI. 2. John Blackmon, Chief Technology Officer, and Daryl Fleary, Product Manager, showed a demo of RCD in Lectora. We’re back!

eLearning: How to Pick an LMS

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

by Ashok Sharma    Picking a Learning Management System (LMS) to host your eLearning content is a crucial, but often overlooked, step in the eLearning development process. Which LMS fits best within your budget, your eLearning development software, your learner's technology, your training objectives, and your instructional design initiatives? Some eLearning courses use video, others use written materials.   Looking to get started with eLearning?  learning eLearning LMSDo you need the LMS just for training?

eLearning: What's the Best Microphone for Voiceover Audio?

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

It doesn't matter if you use Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline or TechSmith Camtasia Studio as your eLearning tool of choice. each can produce awesome eLearning content that will be enhanced if you include voiceover audio. While I'm not saying that the resulting audio is world-class, when it comes to creating "just in time eLearning," it works great. wanted to get some opinions on good microphones from other eLearning developers. From Toni Wills, eLearning Developer, The University of Kansas Hospital. by Kevin Siegel.

eLearning and Content Development Trends for 2008

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Most of these will be showcase training module as opposed to bulk of training being developed as virtual environment. There will be a conflict between rapid development and real-life imitating virtual environment training. I am also very impressed with The 3Di-Web Singularity is Near by Tony O’Driscoll. There were mechanisms to justify the return on investment on elearning.

Want a Great Looking E-Learning Course? Here’s a Simple Way to Get It.

Rapid eLearning

There are three core questions that help guide the development of an elearning course. discussed this a bit in the post on building a roadmap for elearning. For many rapid elearning developers the most challenging part is the first question because it requires a skill set different than training or instructional design. Click here to view the demo.


Adobe Captivate, TechSmith Camtasia Studio, Articulate Storyline: Production Times

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

by Kevin Siegel      One of the more common questions that I get from new eLearning developers is how much time it will take to produce published content. For instance, which eLearning tool are you going to use to produce the lessons? While there's a hot debate as to which of these tools is the best for eLearning, all three are capable. Here's another factor: how many minutes of eLearning playtime are you looking to produce? In that case, you should plan on 2 hours of labor to produce every 1 minute of Storyline eLearning.

New 3-Hour Mini course: Creating Responsive eLearning with Adobe Captivate 8

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This trend has led to a need for eLearning developers to create courses that can be accessed from both mobile and desktop devices. The size of the screen that learners use to access eLearning lessons can vary widely. You could develop several Captivate projects that contain the same content, but are sized to work on specific devices; however, the problem is that you’d have to edit and update several projects! Responsive design is an approach to development that allows for flexible layouts and flexible images and assets. eLearning developers.

5 Simple Ways to Get Started with E-Learning Development - The Rapid eLearning Blog

Rapid eLearning

The Rapid Elearning Blog. Simple Ways to Get Started with E-Learning Development. Almost daily I get emails asking how to get started with developing elearning. Here are five tips that will help you gain experience and develop the skills to build elearning courses that you can be proud of. To be a successful elearning designer means you have to know something about multimedia, graphic design, instructional psychology, and perhaps a little about Web and Flash technologies. This was developed by a Flash programmer. December 11th, 2007.