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The Future Role of Learning & Development


Michael Moe, Deborah Quazzo and the whole ASU GSV team put on an amazing event. I had the privilege of participating in a panel discussion titled “ Workforce Development That Works. ” The panel was hosted by Nathan Blaine, Executive Director at Corporate Executive Board, and included David Blake, CEO of Degreed, Stephen Bailey, CEO of ExecOnline, Sang Yoon, Head of Learning Strategy & Curriculum at Google, and myself as panelists. It was a fascinating discussion covering a wide range of topics around the future of corporate learning and skills development.

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7 Things About eLearning Your CEO/Executive Director Wants to Know

Association eLearning

As an Education Director, you see the writing on the wall, and have decided that eLearning is the answer your association’s needs. But wait…How will you explain eLearning to your Executive Director? If you’re part of a corporation, maybe you’ve decided that training and employee development would be more efficient if it were all online. An LCMS?

A Conversation with Louise Pasterfield, Managing Director/CEO of Sponge UK

Kapp Notes

Louise showed me some wonderful elearning solutions they’ve developed, shared with me her secrets for hiring good talent and provide great insights into the design and development of engaging instruction. Last year, we were named Elearning Development Company of the Year at the Elearning Awards. Dealing with a co-worker in game developed by Sponge UK.

Lights, Camera, eLearning: What Project Managers and Hollywood Directors Have in Common

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In a movie production, that person would be the director; in an eLearning project, it’s the project manager. But if you’re new to project management, there are several critical things to consider that can help you succeed, regardless of whether you’re making a movie or developing an eLearning course.  In this post, we’ll address several of them. Organization. Budget. Tweet This!

Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

their group, you may wish to try action mapping, a technique developed by instructional. you’re freed up to concentrate on developing the parts of the training that are truly unique. from the project management office director. Ask your vendor to develop complementary custom courses. buck” when you start developing custom courses. Seven Simple Secrets to. capital.

There’s an Alternative to Leadership Development

CLO Magazine

Organizations worldwide have to develop their leaders with less time and money, and it’s not easy. Worse, most leadership development programs turn out to be ineffective and expensive. Action learning with a trained coach is a cost-effective approach that enables leaders to develop capabilities while working to solve urgent organizational or social problems.

3 Ways to Elevate Leadership Development

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Learning leaders needn’t feel wedded to traditional leadership development solutions to make a lasting impact on high potential talent. For female partners and directors at Deloitte Consulting, LLP, for example, a trip to a battlefield – pastureland, history and a lot of walking included – offered quite an education. Leadership Development leadership development

Learning Vs. Training & Development

Your Training Edge

I have talked about a lot regarding training and development, in my previous blog posts, both in educational and professional context. Training relevancy focuses more on the development of some new skills that would be utilized. Bryant Nielson – Managing Director of CapitalWave Inc.– Training is done to someone, who is put through training. The basis is ownership.

Anticipating Risk in Online Learning

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For example, development directors and fund raisers often desire additional information and best practices for putting on fundraisers and seeking endowments for their nonprofits. You can reduce costs associated with training and career development. So, you’ve decided to embrace online learning at your association. Have you anticipated the risk in online learning? Rewards.

Training Consumed in 60 Seconds: Microlearning Is Made For Today's Growing Teams

Don Eppert Director, Corporate Learning Sara Lee “Keep it simple. development software such as Adobe’s Captivate, Blackboard, or your own. The Association for Talent Development. 2. The Association for Talent Development State of the Industry Report 2012 3. The Association for Talent Development, Learning Circuits Archives “Time-to- Develop-One-Hour-of-Training” 2009 7.

Why Your Board of Directors is Dysfunctional


Well, maybe things seem okay for the moment, but at some point, you’ll experience frustration with a board of directors that you’ll be convinced is off its rocker, in whole or part. They volunteer to run for the board of directors of your nonprofit organization, get elected or appointed, and voila! Learning in General Online Learning in General association non-profit education online learning professional developmentAnd it is, isn’t it? Admit it. It isn’t their fault. Think about it. “But Ellen! Sure you do. Stop a second and think about that.

Fear of Change in Learning & Development

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Globalization is a wide shift across societies, technology and economies that is also bringing the world closer, increasing the complex interdependent networks number, influencing capital markets, developing and utilizing technology, and promoting exchange of information regarding how people work. Bryant Nielson – Managing Director of CapitalWave Inc.– Not engaging trainees.

Using Rapid Development Tools to Build Mobile Learning

ATD Learning Technologies

In this Q&A podcast , I speak with Sarah Gilbert, who facilitates ATD’s Essentials of Mobile Development Using Adobe Captivate® and Mobile Learning Certificate. Sarah Gilbert specializes in training strategy, design, and development at meLearning Solutions. For starters, I asked Sarah to discuss the role rapid development tools play in building mobile learning.

Case Study: Community of Developing Practice


” Heh, no sooner did I write that than ATD published an article I wrote with Sarah Gilbert , the Director of the Informatics Academy at the Public Health Informatics Institute  — an initiative of the  Task Force for Global Health. In our last post , I mentioned that “we have a few things that are finally getting ready to come off the grill.” Sarah engaged MakingBetter, starting in summer of 2014, in what’s become an amazing collaboration. We’ll go into it more later. Case Study

Interview with Misha McPherson, Director of Worldwide Sales Enablement, Marketing Software company


Misha McPherson is director of worldwide sales enablement with a San Francisco-based provider of cloud-based digital marketing software. Prior to this, McPherson was director of global learning and development at Yammer, and also held senior sales training management positions at Monster and Yahoo! You can follow Misha on Twitter at: @MishaMcP. APAC and EMEA.

Social Technology, Community Management and Organizational Development

ID Reflections

wanted to set the premise for what is to come in the months and years ahead.and where do we come in as learning and organizational development specialists. Community Directors/Managers/Facilitators will become a key role in developing a successful social business. The safest path is to embrace the change and assess its impact on the specific industry. Scary?

Talent Development & Diversity are Priceless at MasterCard

JPL Learning

Video interview with MasterCard’s Senior Director, Global Talent Management & Organizational Effectiveness, Shantelle Williams. Learning and development programs are essential when MasterCard acquires a new company and these programs need to be implemented early on in the transition for the new organization to be successful. Learn more about Diversity and Inclusion at MasterCard.

Technical Communications: Writer Challenges in Agile and Traditional Development Teams, Part II

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

Last week I introduced you to agile, an increasingly popular development method primarily used by software companies. Whether you are in a traditional or agile development environment, getting valuable, informative edits on documentation you send out for review can be like pulling teeth. When the Information Development team in my organization used the waterfall process , we used a review cycle that included three drafts of each book: a first draft, an approval draft, and a quality edit draft. by Alyssa Fox. Getting Helpful Documentation Reviews.

Developing the Lead Generation

CLO Magazine

When it comes to developing future leaders, too many organizations are simply going through the motions, or worse yet, doing nothing at all. An employee’s ability to learn on the job while simultaneously being selected, measured and developed as a future leader can be a headache for businesses. Every company claims it plans for the future, but the reality is that the expertise and leadership that drives it usually slip away with the best intentions of having learning and development as well as the succession plan in place. Those who can leave, will. Kevin W.

Learning Conversation with Liz Griffin, Director, Global People Team, Ernst & Young – Part 2

Learning Cafe

With a career in organisational development, learning and development, HR, line management and operations spanning 27 years, Liz’s experiences have encompassed the education, hospitality, airline and professional services sectors. More recently, Liz was the Asia Pacific Learning and Development leader, overseeing a team of 140 learning and development professionals across 13 countries in supporting the delivery of a global people development strategy. Currently, Liz is in a global organisational development internal consulting role based in Sydney.

Social Technology, Community Management & Organizational Development


wanted to set the premise for what is to come in the months and years ahead…and where do we come in as learning and organizational development specialists. The post Social Technology, Community Management & Organizational Development appeared first on Learnnovators. The safest path is to embrace the change and assess its impact on the specific industry. Scary?

Dev Corner - Software Development Methodology

Visual Lounge

For this week's Dev Corner, Randall Brown and Jared Wein caught up with Tricia Broderick, TechSmith's Director of Development. Tricia shares what she has learned about working with a variety of different software development methodologies. Truth: Software development is not just a science but also an art. Enjoy! Ultimately though, I've become a strong supporter of Agile.

10 Opportunities for Learning Leaders to Drive Change in the Industry


Innovation in leadership development, employee development, and education is the lifeblood of staying current and competitive in today’s corporate landscape, and it’s up to learning leaders like you to drive that change. Learning and Development Outside the Office. Developing Leaders Learning and Development Learning Trends Neurolearning The Millennial Workforce elearning solutions head of learning leadership Learning and development learning director learning leadersBut in other ways, it’s not changing fast enough. Managing Millennials.

QuickLessons and eLearning Brothers Partner to Develop Awesome eLearning Experiences

eLearning Brothers

” Dan Dellenbach, eLB’s Business Development Director highlighted, “eLearning Brothers is pleased to work together with QuickLessons. QuickLessons provides an excellent platform for designers and developers to quickly turn their content into engaging eLearning.” Clients can choose between photos, illustrations and a wide variety of poses. Pinterest:  [link].

Using MOOCs: Self-Directed Development and Workforce Training

Your Training Edge

In the previous article, we looked at building talent pipelines and onboarding new employees: two uses for the massive courses that come at the very beginning of (and even before) a company develops a formal relationship with its employees. This article focuses on two subsequent aspects of that relationship—self-directed development and workforce training—which fit more neatly into traditional ideas about job skills learning and development. Self-Directed Development. Bryant Nielson – Managing Director of CapitalWave Inc.– Companies including Yahoo!,

5 Must Read Training and Development Articles

WalkMe Training Station

Sometimes, developing a good employee training program is not just about implementing the right policies or hiring the right people; it also often involves reading informative training and development articles. What matters is that they provide you and your company with new insights on how employee training and development are conducted in other companies and organizations and how to go about achieving your employee development goals. So if you are looking for good training and development articles then here are five excellent samples to get you started.

BLP Named a Top 10 Content Development Company for 2014 by eLearningIndustry

Bottom-Line Performance

Bottom-Line Performance (BLP) was recently included in eLearningIndustry’s “Top 10 eLearning Content Development Companies for 2014″ list. The annual list is compiled based on requests from Training Directors and HR Managers who wish to simplify the vendor selection process. See the full “Top 10 Content Development Companies for 2014″ list here.

12 Questions About Your Leadership Development Strategy

CLO Magazine

A focus on individual and collective leadership development is critical to build the strategic leadership that drives superior organizational performance over time. We know the talent drivers and individual competencies to focus on in order to develop strong individual leaders. Develop leadership strategies. Clarify mission, vision and values. Discover and prioritize drivers.

The 70:20:10 L&D Model for Developing a High-Performing Workforce


These are organizations that have buried their outlook about traditional styles of learning and development (L&D) and embraced new strategies or models. In this context, the 70:20:10 model or framework for learning and development is a strategy that looks promising as well as enticing. There are two 70:20:10 models in business: 70:20:10 Model in Learning & Development.

Seven top tips for designing and developing accessible e-learning

Spicy Learning

But let me now take you behind the scenes, into the world of us e-learning developers. These are my top seven tips for developing effective e-learning in line with the WCA accessibility guidelines. Instructional designers, graphic designers and developers need to work closely together at the design stage of a project to develop effectively and accessible e-learning.


Seven top tips for designing and developing accessible e-learning

Spicy Learning

But let me now take you behind the scenes, into the world of us e-learning developers. These are my top seven tips for developing effective e-learning in line with the WCA accessibility guidelines. Instructional designers, graphic designers and developers need to work closely together at the design stage of a project to develop effectively and accessible e-learning.


Using Twitter as a Professional Development Tool

The Learning Circuits

find that Twitter has the audience and usage that best provides professional development support for those in our field. An important part of this concept is the theory of connectivism developed by George Siemens and Stephen Downes. Learners create connections and develop a network that contributes to their professional development and knowledge. These networks are, in my opinion, the single greatest source of professional development and support available. Immediately one word came to mind: Twitter. recall those early years well. Then I discovered Twitter.

Don’t Overcomplicate Leadership Development

CLO Magazine

To boost impact, make leadership development programs high on substance but low on complexity. Simplicity Will Galvanize Leadership Development According to Andrew Lobo, former Sports Authority vice president of strategy and talent management, “in corporate America and the world over, people think complexity equals intelligence. ” Chief learning officers adopting a simplicity mindset will experience a positive impact on leadership development. Here are three ways to simplify leadership development programs and make them more effective. 1. ” 2.

Five Ways to Accelerate Leadership Development

CLO Magazine

Recent research from the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) revealed the leadership development practices of various high-performance companies — those with the greatest five-year growth trends in customer satisfaction, market share, revenue and profit. accelerating employees into leadership positions is a common practice that provides the company with a larger pool of talent, said John Lawson, the firm’s senior director of learning and development. ” Here are five ways companies can accelerate leadership development. 1. Now what?

Employees Take Charge of Their Development

CLO Magazine

What’s less clear is what it means for employee development. More employee-driven development is one potential implication, according to Bill Sebra, North America president for Futurestep, a talent management consultancy and division of Korn/Ferry International. Yet while learner expectations are becoming more nontraditional, corporate learning and development remains overwhelmingly formal and structured. Organizations don’t have the kind of time they’ve grown accustomed to for training and development during better economic periods.

The Power of Counterintuitive Thinking in Leadership Development

CLO Magazine

Developing exceptional leaders requires a counterintuitive strengths-based approach, because great leaders are differentiated by profound strengths and not the absence of weaknesses. commonly held belief is that the process of developing leaders must begin by finding and fixing their weaknesses. Having leaders focus their development on their weaknesses is a traditional approach, widely accepted, but not very effective. It’s likely that a list of weaknesses could be easily developed, too. Some things in life are counterintuitive. Grant or Steve Jobs).

Learning Game Design and Gamification Professional Development Opportunities

Bottom-Line Performance

Here’s one for the Directors and Managers reading this: did you know that your Learning Designers may not have the skill set to start designing effective instructional games, even if they are great at creating eLearning and ILT? Professional Development Opportunities for Learning Designers. Did you know the best way to design a digital game is to start with a paper prototype?

Begin Leadership Development on Day One

CLO Magazine

Leadership development isn’t just for high potentials. In formalized leadership development, an emerging trend is to get them while they’re young. recent survey by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) found that 40 percent of global business leaders think formalized leadership development should start between ages 11 and 17. In all, 90 percent of the CCL survey’s respondents said formalized leadership development should be included as part of formal education in high school and college. Some say it should start as early as high school.

Spending on Learning and Development on the Rise

CLO Magazine

More organizations are investing in leadership development, according to a new survey. Organizational spending on learning and development is on the rise to meet the needs of an aging workforce and develop a younger generation of employees. While the spending increase has yet to reach pre-recession levels, the reported figures signal a growth in the learning and development industry. When asked how their organization’s spending on learning and development has changed compared with 2012, 50.5 Will the trend continue? percent said spending declined.