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The History of Distance Learning [INFOGRAPHIC]


Most people probably do not know this, but distance learning has actually been around for quite some time.  In the United States, the earliest recorded distance learning program was in 1728 when Caleb Phillips advertised a private correspondence courses in the Boston Gazette newspaper! It is always interesting to see where we came from in the realm of distance learning.

7 Fascinating Distance Learning Facts


Most K-12 districts even have learning management systems in place for  online learning programs to supplement the classroom. are helping in the growth of online learning programs all over the world. and Europe account for over 70% of the entire global education industry. Roughly $100 billion is to be spent on online education by 2015. The U.S.

5 Major Players in Distance Learning


Due to the growing elearning industry, the number of distance learning providers is also growing.  Be it a traditional LMS offering, new software-as-a-service tools or the newer MOOC platforms , the list seems to grow larger every day. Distance learning is growing so much, even Google is getting into the game. Distance Learning College and Training. Apple.

Battling Fraud in Distance Learning


In childhood education, elearning is being leveraged to present content in different ways, opening up doors to flipped and virtual classrooms. Specifically, elearning fraud for distance education at universities. In 2011, there were at least 100 fraud-ring investigations involving distance learning, compared to just 16 in 2005. distance learning elearning

The Growth of Distance Learning #eLearning

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Distance Learning is growing, in part helped by the 2012 UK fees situation. Benefits of Distant Learning (DL) programmes, as described by the infographic (and analysed by me below): Mobility : “Students who have family and career obligations no longer have to worry about commuting to a campus. Related posts: Distance Learning / Distance Education.

The persistence of distance (learning)

Learning with e's

In a formal sense, distance learning has been a familiar concept since at least 1837, when Sir Isaac Pitman began teaching his shorthand system using typed instruction cards mailed through the universal Penny Postal service to his students across England. Some would say formal distance education was established much earlier in the Americas. We have come a long way.

3 Trends of Digital Education


Digital content delivery is opening new possibilities in education. But how do you define digital education? suppose there could be a variety of defining figures, but there are three trends in particular that the digital education trend brings to the traditional teaching methodology – all improve learning outcomes. 1. distance learning elearning

Distance Learning / Distance Education

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Steve Wheeler (aka Twitter timbuckteeth ) has been writing a series of articles on how distance education has “developed and the influences it has had on our current education provision&#. I am not going to repeat what he says, but I would strongly recommend you read the articles, and the comments, and join in the discussion on his blog – [link]. Well done.

Top Four HOT Concepts in Distance Learning

eLearning Acupuncture

Distance Learning itself. At my institution, we are scratching our heads a little bit wondering why we have an above average number of enrollments in our distance learning courses. However, if you do a quick Google search and read a few reports it is clear that the pundits have been predicting that distance learning enrollments will rise. Mobile learning.

World Academy – Unique Online Education Platform

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announces Launch of Unique Online Education Platform With access to high impact practical short courses for professional development Australia, Sydney: World is facilitating online education for professional development in the 21st Century.  As the new leader in the field of online education platforms, World Academy partners with qualified and renowned […]. The post World Academy – Unique Online Education Platform appeared first on eLearn Hub. Interesting Stuff Uncategorized Distance Learning elearning mobile learning Online Learning

Video: Education Technology is the Future of Education?

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I came across this great video over the weekend, posted by Brian Kotts ( @ iEducator ). I was not aware  that the Norwegian and Swedish education systems were as good as is reported on this post : “When policy makers support and cooperate with practitioners, schools prosper and do well. Let us take an example of educational research. Future of Technology in Education #fote12.

Digital Badges for Educational Achievement

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Learning today happens everywhere, not just in the classroom. The result: helping people of all ages gain and display 21st century skills and unlock new career and educational opportunities. If you’re an association education or technology director, you might be intrigued by the possibility of bringing badges to your members. Is Your Organization Ready? social media). Summary.

Online Education Facts and Figures


According to one study of past, present, and future online college students, there is a high perceived value of an online education. Interestingly, what learners indicate as most important in an online educational program is the same as what is valued in traditional institutions – primarily in regards to reputation and tution (cost). Online Degree Appeal. Lower costs.

The Importance of Technology to Education #edtech

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In light of last week’s FOTE12 event in London, I found this excellent video from Prof Stephen Heppell, talking about the education system in Australia (and a dire warning to the English education system at the same time): YouTube: Professor Stephen Heppell – Importance of Technology to Education. Envisioning the Future of Education Technology #edtech #eLearning.

Role of Video Conferencing in Education


It should come as no surprise then that the use of live-streaming video is gaining popularity within online learning settings in education. In August of this year, a video conferencing in education survey was administered using Google Consumer Surveys. One in three indicated that they will attend a virtual classroom or use distance learning in the coming academic year.

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Envisioning the Future of Education Technology #edtech #eLearning

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Education lies at a peculiar crossroad in society. On one hand it has the responsibility of anticipating real-life skills by preparing us for an increasingly complex world – but education methodologies can only be formalized after practices have been defined. Malcolm Murray commented that he was disappointed that education was not included. So here is it!

Education Conferences June to December 2014

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The following is a list of education conferences, taking place worldwide, for the the second half of 2014, June – December and beyond. The post Education Conferences June to December 2014 appeared first on eLearn Hub. Conferences Interesting Stuff Distance Learning elearning elearning development Gamification GIMP hub Moodle OERs Open Source Thank you Clayton.

Continuing Education Credits for Teachers (And Why They’re Good)


This isn’t necessarily the case anymore for most professions, including educators. Continuing education credits for teachers has become strongly encouraged (often mandatory) while progressing through a career, well after the original degree was obtained. While some teachers may find the continuing education requirements an annoyance, most welcome it. Variety is Key.

Reading: eLearning and the Future of Distance Education

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While searching for articles and papers on the return on investment on eLearning in Higher Education I came across the work or Ormond Simpson. Simpson has made many of his papers and book chapters available on his website, and this one -  E-Learning and the Future of Distance Education  - was especially interesting to me. Distance Learning / Distance Education.

“The Proof, Promise, and Potential of Digital Education” NESTA Report

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This NESTA (National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts) report was highlighted on the BBC News website this morning with the text that caught my attention – “there is clear evidence that technology can boost learning” Powerful words. Click the image above or use this link to download the full ‘Digital Learning’ report.

Report on Open Distance Learning in India

Viplav Baxi Meanderings

The following is a brief summary of the Madhava Menon report on ODL in India titled “ Report of the Committee to Suggest Measures to Regulate the Standards of Education Being Imparted through Distance Mode “ The report was released in 2010 it seems. The report defines Open Distance Learning (ODL) as a term that encompasses the “open” and “distance” “Open” means to the committee: the removal of constraints of face to face conventional classroom method. At par or better quality than conventional learning.

The future of MOOCs

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Don’t all these people deserve a better education? Moreover, I submit they are yet to wreak their full vengeance on the education industry. It’s how the teacher uses that content to support learning that will make the difference. 7. Again, this is already being considered by the American Council on Education. MOOCs get a bad rap. Ka ching! Dental, anyone?

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Conferences January to June 2016 – EduTech and Education

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Below is an almost complete listing of all conferences connected with education and technology. The post Conferences January to June 2016 – EduTech and Education appeared first on eLearn Hub. Education and Technology Conferences June to December 2014. Why I LOVE Online Learning – Three Perfect Reasons. Posted in Uncategorized.

EdTech’s Impact On Higher Education


It probably goes without saying that education has been significantly impacted by the surge in educational technology (or edtech). Video streaming platforms (YouTube) in education is pretty common nowadays. So much so that we hardly even think of it as “edtech” anymore but rather just part of the educational environment. ed tech

Does flipped learning work with elearning – YES IT DOES!

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Flipped learning is almost exactly what is sounds like; the classroom is ‘flipped’ The idea is to make it all about the student – student centered learning. Yes, this does work for elearning!   At it’s most basic flipped learning is classroom and homework flipped around. The post Does flipped learning work with elearning – YES IT DOES!

The future of MOOCs

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Don’t all these people deserve a better education? Moreover, I submit they are yet to wreak their full vengeance on the education industry. It’s how the teacher uses that content to support learning that will make the difference. 7. Again, this is already being considered by the American Council on Education. MOOCs get a bad rap. Ka ching! Dental, anyone?

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Using Social Networking in Education


Most people would probably assume that today social networking and education are now pretty interrelated. As such, it just makes sense for education programs to adopt them as well another tool for teaching. To put it another way, it is about leveraging today’s technology for learning purposes, especially if today’s students are already used to using them.

Top 50 Education and Technology Journals

Stoatly Different

Using the SJR indicator, (González-Pereira et al, 2010) available through the SCImago Journal & Country Rank portal, Journals within Social Sciences and Education were ranked according to quality score. American Educational Research Journal. Review of Educational Research. Learning and Instruction. Computers and Education. International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning. Educational Researcher. Educational Research Review. Review of Research in Education. Title.

Distance Education in transit? #EDENchat #EDENchatUS

Learning with e's

What will distance education look like in the future? Distance education has been with us for a long time. More formally, distance education has existed since the early, primitive but quite effective correspondence courses of Sir Isaac Pitman , who used the developing technology of the time, the uniform penny postal service to support his endeavours.

Free eBook/iBook: “Advances in Technology Enhanced Learning” #edtech

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“The Open University’s Knowledge Media Institute and the EU TELMap project have brought together the luminaries from the European research area to showcase their vision of the future of learning with technology via their recent research project work. 2012 UCISA Technology Enhanced Learning Report. Envisioning the Future of Education Technology #edtech #eLearning.

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Learning the Netflix way

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I’ve just read the post by Donald Clark called ‘What does ‘learning’ have to learn from Netflix?’ So, if we’re changing our viewing habits, are we changing our learning habits (as pointed out by Donald)? They could and should be more relevant, more in-depth, and more appropriate to the specific learning outcomes and learning journeys.

What makes a good online learning experience?

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Is it possible to define the qualities of what makes a good online learning experience, or a good MOOC? Here’s a few items I think the list needs, feel free to add your own ideas in the comments field below: Presentation : Is the student able to relate to the subject and the presenter / educator? Online, things are different. of days or even weeks. Do you provide alternatives?

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10 ways to keep eLearning interesting

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Creating the learning resources and delivering the content is one thing, but creating and delivering content that is both engaging and thought provoking (and ‘sticky’) is something else. ” Related posts: Envisioning the Future of Education Technology #edtech #eLearning. From the  Sh!ft eLearning website – 10 Ways to Keep ELearning Interesting. Creating

What’s The Future of Online Schools?


From the higher education perspective online offerings are really starting to take-off. However it’s now one of the leading names in distance education. In my opinion, a blended learning approach where possible will help with learning retention. When a course is strictly online then blended learning can be difficult. distance learning

10 hot tips for moocers

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By that I don’t mean so much the knowledge acquired from the instructors, but (on the contrary) the skills developed in learning how to learn for myself. That’s fine; it’s called learning. More specifically, use your blog to articulate your learnings from the mooc. Think of moocing as informal learning. Firstly: “Why a mooc?”

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Free report on #teaching to reach education for all

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Reaching education for all has been on the lips of many developing regions and their policy makers, but the pace of that race is slow. As a distance learning researcher and specifically into mobile learning, I often support technology as an important factor to reach learners all around the globe. The report is divided into three parts.

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‘The Survival of Higher Education’ by @timbuckteeth

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Steve often writes individual posts or, like recently, he writes a series of post with common themes to expand or challenge a certain approach or concept of education – his 2010 series on ‘Distance Learning / Distance Education’  initiated some interesting discussions. The survival of higher education (1): Changing roles. Norman, 1990).”

Interview with Sue Beckingham, #EdTechBook chapter author

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In this first post I talk to Sue Beckingham, Educational Developer at Sheffield Hallam University. While I acknowledge that this world of connections is not for everyone, is it even possible to be an effective educator in this world without the connections? We learn from and with each other. DH – Hi Sue. SB – It’s an integral part of my daily routine.

Management Tips from Pixar Animation

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have found that managers often educate and enrich themselves professionally by reading non-fiction business books. Similar to Ed at Pixar, those of us who manage developers of online learning find ourselves managing a creative process.  The goal is to learn to suspend, if only temporarily, the habits and impulses that obscure your vision.” Creativity, Inc.

Secret to Creating Self-Motivated Learners

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When was the last time you got excited about learning something new? Chances are it was something you wanted to learn and you started off with small, but meaningful learning goals that were great personal achievements. Your learners’ interest in your association’s educational offerings works the same way. Advertise your educational offerings, and keep it current.

Healthcare Education Technology Handshakes – 2012 MedBiquitous Conference

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eLearning CME conferences Continuing Medical Education distance learning elearning Jon Aleckson SCORM Web CourseworksI am speaking on a panel this Friday at Johns Hopkins at the MedBiquious Conference.  Sounds really cool, but it’s really pretty geeky stuff.  I am still studying up on the various “interface” standards this group sets.  I hope to post an update on my understanding and reflection after the conference. The MedBiquitous Conference is over [.].

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The moot point of MOOCs

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They believe the new paradigm will democratise – and even revolutionise – education. believe MOOCs will democratise education to some extent, and they will revolutionise the delivery of education. Importantly though, I don’t think they will revolutionise the science of education; after all, a MOOC is arguably an extensible version of what we’ve been doing all along – albeit on a massive (and free) scale. Apparently if relatively few participants officially complete the course, then the educational experience must have been be a failure.

Classrooms in 2050

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Yes, I know that I know nothing of this, which is why five leaders in their field were asked what they thought about it: what is the future of education?  by Ariel Bogle. “students will always value personal engagement and active learning with peers, professors, experts, and mentors. Related posts: 10 claims about Technology and Learning #edtech. This is what they think.

EDUCAUSE 2014: Engaging with Video – How We Flip, Blend, and Provide Distance Learning

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EDUCAUSE is an annual conference where higher education, tech-savvy professionals can meet to network and learn from each other to help boost education success. Presentation : Engaging with Video – How We Flip, Blend, and Provide Distance Learning. Learn how Hillsborough Community College successfully rolled out video in its American Sign Language program.

Social media for engagement #jiscinform

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“The role of social media has the potential to extend beyond learning and teaching to support student engagement in the broadest sense. … and this excellent image from Fred Cavazza will help you realise how ‘simple’ it could be to bring these social tools into your teaching and learning. ” . Image source: Social Media Landscape 2013 ( CC BY-ND 2.0 ).