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Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Once Again Linked to Financial Success

The Peformance Improvement

Still another study , recently published by The Forum at Northwestern University, supports the notion that satisfied and engaged employees are essential to the financial success of companies. Dr. James Oakley , now Associate Professor of Marketing at UNC Charlotte's Belk College of Business, led this comprehensive study of these factors across a sample of 100 media companies. They used R.A.

Asynchronous E-Learning Vs. Synchronous E-Learning


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Adobe Captivate: Apply Your Changes

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

by Kevin Siegel    Over the past several months I've written myriad articles extolling the value of using styles on slide objects (including how to  reset them ,  clone them  and how to create styles  on the fly ). Have you been a good developer? Are you using Object Styles? I'm going to give each and every one of you the benefit of the doubt. Read on.

Are You a Performance Consultant?

Integrated Learnings

By Dean Hawkinson. Let’s face it – the title “Instructional Designer” comes with a reputation that designing instruction or training is all that we do. We have been placed into a box that can be a real challenge to get out of, especially when it comes to moving into more of a performance consulting type of role. How do we break beyond the barriers that have been placed on us and convince our clients to look beyond training as the only available solution? So…what is Performance Consulting, anyway? Here is an illustration to help clarify the concept of performance consulting. Individual Factors.

[New eBook] The 3 Stages of Customer Training Development

Want to expand your training efforts? You’ll often see success by starting small and growing your program in a sustainable way. Download the eBook to learn more.

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Building an Internal eLearning Team

eLearning Brothers

Let me start out by saying that online training is not better than classroom training. It’s different! Both are effective ways of motivating and transferring information. You need to determine your training goals, to determine which training method is best for your organization. Here are a few factors to consider when deciding which training methods will work best for your organization: Geography. How dispersed is your target audience? Are they in clusters or spread out individually? How much travel would be involved? Would the trainer go to them or would they come to the trainer? Scale.

Changing How Your Sales Force Learns

JPL Learning

Training your sales force about new products and how to sell them used to mean classes, conferences or one-on-one training. Today, many progressive organizations are looking for their sales team to take e-Learning courses, complete online assessments and take virtual, instructor-led courses. They also want their sales reps to use an iPad or other mobile device for ongoing learning and to support interactions with customers. In addition, they want them to share their knowledge and experiences with peers through new social learning and collaboration platforms. ” . Rolling out the Program.

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Stupidly Simple Social Learning Strategy


Social media is here to stay, that much we know. Yet I am amazed at the number of organizations that don’t take advantage of social components for their employee learning. The efforts I have seen just haven’t caught on because they weren’t used properly. Location: On the organization’s intranet or LMS. Purpose: To give employees a quick reference resource for questions and sharing information.

Why You Need HIPAA Compliance Training!


HIPAA Online Training – Find out more Compliance Training – Find out more on other courses Compliance Course Advisor Wizard. click link to visit website for full episode, links, other content and more!]. Animation compliance training hipaa training

Take Charge of your eLearning environment

Learn how to maximize the impact of your learning by aligning to the goals of your organization, how to establish a learning culture with gamification including leaderboards and badges. Discover a learning content management system that is both powerful and easy to configure and manage.

Learning Solutions 2012: Today's Solutions. Tomorrow's Vision by News Editor

Learning Solutions Magazine

The eLearning Guild’s Learning Solutions 2012 was an overwhelming success, thanks in part to. increased attendance, thought-provoking topics, and knowledgeable presenters. For anyone. responsible for leading training and development efforts, managing a transition to eLearning, or. building world-class solutions, no other event could offer more of today's solutions. tomorrow's vision.

Hashtags and Crossbreeds and a Benign Eye of Sauron

Mark Oehlert

I feel like though we all go to these conferences and lament how we hate silos and then fail to tear down those silos in terms of the scope of the domain that we operate in. Think different yes! but also think more broadly! Take a look at this ridiculously small sample of tweets from these events. . The best plenary # GDC keynotes have been the ones from outside the industry. link ).

Where’s Your Electronic Learning Record?

Jay Cross

Everyone should be so lucky as to find a medical doctor as good as mine. I have every confidence in his advice. He calls me after hours to report a test result that’s out of line. He makes house calls. He’s personable and funny. He’s a master at playing the tabla. So when Michael moved from one medical group to another, I followed him without hesitation. A waste? Just Jay

Jane McGonigal Mindmap

Clark Quinn

Jane McGonigal spoke on games to change the world at the Stevenson School in Pebble Beach. design games social

Get an Exclusive Articulate Storyline Game Show Template from eLearning Brothers

Download one of the most popular game templates from eLearning Brothers with a look and feel exclusively made for eLearning Learning subscribers! eLearning Brothers creates awesome templates and assets to help you look like an eLearning Rockstar!

Well Read: Drive by Judy Unrein

Learning Solutions Magazine

What motivates humans? How well do the systems that companies typically use to motivate humans work? Will money and praise inspire better performance, or will autonomy, mastery, and purpose give better results? You might be surprised – see the article to learn more. Instructional Design Management Strategies Research

Tom Peters - Best of Excellence. Now Presentations

Take an e-Learning Break

TomPeters has distilled down thousands of slides from over 2,500 presentationsthat he has done on organizational and personal excellence into 23 separatepresentations that you can download. Peters say, “Use this material as you wish andplease 'steal' all you want.” Includes both a PDF and PPT - he is releasing onea week so you'll want to bookmark the site and go back! Check it out: [link


Emerging technologies & challenges in e-Learning content creation: Global resourcing to rescue


The dynamics of e-Learning Industry have recently witnessed swift changes due to emergence of new technologies in recent past. Emerging Platforms - Pressure on e-Learning Development. The emergence of new technologies requires the organizations to quickly arrange for skilled workforce that can develop quality e-Learning content on the new platforms to satisfy the Learners’ needs. The Bottom Line.

Brandon’s App of the Week – Twirdie

Bottom-Line Performance

Each week Brandon Penticuff , Bottom-Line Performance’s Director of Technology and admitted app-obsessed iOS user will share an app that he is using that week. Whether it is an app to make you more productive, teach you something, or simply entertain you, we hope that you’ll enjoy learning about them! Whatever number that is, your ball will move that many yards towards the hole.

Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

Off-the-shelf elearning is applicable for a wide audience, but it won’t address your organization’s unique situations or distinctive content. So are these courses all that helpful? For sure! Read on for 7 secrets to make off-the-self learning your own.

Top 5 Reasons You Will Leave your LMS – and How to Switch Successfully

Association eLearning

There was quite a bit of focus at the 2012 Learning Solutions Conference in Orlando on Learning Management Systems (LMS) and how dissatisfied many users are. Digitec presented a session on “ Making a Successful LMS Switch ” which drew a crowd of conference attendees. Some attendees were the victims of an LMS that had been acquired from a merger which had affected the product support. Too costly.

Employee Testing Online


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