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Adobe Captivate: The Case of the Missing Widgets

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

by Kevin Siegel. Widgets give Captivate developers the ability to extend Captivate's functionality without limits. While you need Adobe Flash to create Widgets, you do not have to be a Flash developer, nor do you need to have Flash on your computer to insert Widgets into a Captivate project. To insert a Widget, choose Window > Widget. From the Widgets panel, select the Widget you would like to use and click the Insert link. After that, configure the Widget using the Widget Properties dialog box that appears and you're all set. Looking to learn Adobe Captivate 5?

9 Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest – 19

Upside Learning

We have said this before and are saying it again; informal learning is the new ‘learning’. This is not to say that informal learning would act as a replacement to the formal mode of learning, but it is the synergy between these both that produces effective growth. Based on this premise, we have debunked some of the common myths of informal learning. You can dig into our previous lists here.

Synching feelings

Learning with e's

A lot of time has been spent studying the impact of user generated content. You know, all the stuff that gets posted up onto the web, and whether it is at all useful to us as teachers and educators. Some of the best content is often provided by amateurs - people who are not necessarily specialists or qualified in their field of interest, but who are never the less passionate about their subject.

5 Ways to Prepare & Be an E-Learning Winner

Rapid eLearning

I just got back from the Learning Solutions Conference in Orlando. Like always, it was great getting to meet so many blog readers. I truly appreciate the enthusiasm and kind feedback. At the close of the conference, I participated in a panel presentation with some really smart people (not sure how I got invited). If you’re not familiar with them I included links to their sites below. That’s fine.

[New eBook] The 3 Stages of Customer Training Development

Want to expand your training efforts? You’ll often see success by starting small and growing your program in a sustainable way. Download the eBook to learn more.

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Preview of Articulate Storyline at LS 2011

Learning Developments

I was really impressed with the demo of Articulate Storyline at the Learning Solutions 2011 conference this month. Tom Kuhlmann gave a nice personalized walk through of what the product can do. Here are some of the highlights I remember: It has the same easy user interface you would expect from Articulate but it is much more powerful. Tom created an Engage type interaction in just 1 or 2 minutes. The product is also introducing variables which will make it more competitive with Lectora or Captivate. It contains the ability to do screen snapshots and videos. Articulate

The Wisdom of Experience: Simplifying Complex Learning Targets.

Social Learning

In recent months, I've been working on a project to redesign a national training program for bulk plant employees in the propane industry. The material is being written at an 8th grade reading level and, for the most part, the training

Design eLearning Courses by Putting the Horse Before the Cart


“I need to give a training course to the executive team,” someone recently said to me. “Do Do you have anything good?”. Of course I said yes. OpenSesame is in the business of selling elearning courses, and just about every organization needs top elearning courses for managers. But what''s wrong with this picture? eLearning Solutions Creating eLearning Courses

Ode to the naysayers

E-Learning Provocateur

Don’t tell me why I can’t. Tell me how I can. collaboration innovation

Take Charge of your eLearning environment

Learn how to maximize the impact of your learning by aligning to the goals of your organization, how to establish a learning culture with gamification including leaderboards and badges. Discover a learning content management system that is both powerful and easy to configure and manage.

Think you're the first one to think like this?

Mark Oehlert

"It is an extraordinary era in which we live. It is altogether new. The world has seen nothing like it before. The ancients saw nothing like it. The moderns have seen nothing like it till the present generation…. We see the ocean navigated and the solid land traversed by steam power, and intelligence communicated by electricity. Truly this is almost a miraculous era. Daniel Webster, 1847

Highlights From Day One of the Spring 2011 Chief Learning Officer Magazine Symposium

CLO Magazine

Day one of the Spring 2011 Chief Learning Officer magazine Symposium kicked off here at the Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island, Amelia Island, Fla., with some compelling insights on social media and how it is impacting learning in business today. The event got underway with a keynote address titled “Your Best Performers Are Hacking You,” in which authors Bill Jensen and Josh Klein described how employees today often have to get around the frameworks companies put in place in order to get the training they need and achieve the results required of them. to get trained and perform work tasks. Echols.

Tips for Conducting Successful Virtual ILT Sessions


By definition, a virtual classroom is a platform which enables the instructors and learners carry out a learning process over Web, in lieu of a traditional classroom. This definition is sometimes misconstrued to suggest that a virtual classroom should mimic an actual classroom in all features and characteristics, to attain effectiveness of learning. Keep it Short. Customization of Content.

Training Lessons from Seinfeld: Lesson #1 – Embrace Your Creativity


I recently stumbled upon Bill Gammell’s ebook on marketing lessons learned from Seinfeld. Because of Seinfeld’s ongoing pop-culture resonance, I’ve been mulling over the idea of a Seinfeld-themed post for a while now – but I’d never taken the time to further conceptualize it. It got me thinking: Are there any meaningful training lessons to be learned from Seinfeld?

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Get an Exclusive Articulate Storyline Game Show Template from eLearning Brothers

Download one of the most popular game templates from eLearning Brothers with a look and feel exclusively made for eLearning Learning subscribers! eLearning Brothers creates awesome templates and assets to help you look like an eLearning Rockstar!

Why can't we build something like this for "Objects Used for Learning"?

Mark Oehlert

First place, please don't ever call anything a "learning object" in front of me. Not unless you're prepared to tell me what it is and how its different than any other digital object. So let's go with you just don't use it. Cool. . Second place, have you used Slide Rocket? Did I mention its automatic? Weird. Sounds useful. . From the exfm page : . New in Version 2.0:You YourName.

Treacherous Business Words Used in Learning « Wonderful Brain

Wonderful Brain

I caught an interesting article about the twelve most dangerous words in business. I thought, twelve. That's it? Then I realized how they apply to learning and the pain they can cause. I won't hold back the suspense

Success Models for Association Online Education – Leading Learning Breakfast

Web Courseworks

On April 5th, Tagoras will be hosting a breakfast at Clyde’s of Gallery Place in Washington, DC. This will be the kick-off event for their new quarterly breakfast series for those interested in learning more about successful online education strategies. I’m excited to be taking part in this first session, “ Success Models for Association Online Education.” Hope to see you there!

Treacherous Business Words Used in Learning Pt2

Wonderful Brain

So we left off with Important/Urgent and I just want to mention that what is important and urgent to someone else may be of little consequence to you. What’s the phrase,&# A failure to plan on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.&# So true. Of course know when and with whom to pick your battles, right? I’ve saved these heavyweights for last. Enjoy. Or not. 7. Strategic. In theory, strategy or strategic plan means looking out in the distance and setting your goals. That’s gone. Strategic is now important on steroids. 9. Thank you. 10. Interesting.

Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

Off-the-shelf elearning is applicable for a wide audience, but it won’t address your organization’s unique situations or distinctive content. So are these courses all that helpful? For sure! Read on for 7 secrets to make off-the-self learning your own.

Success Models for Association Online Education – Leading Learning Breakfast

Web Courseworks

On April 5th, Tagoras will be hosting a breakfast at Clyde’s of Gallery Place in Washington, DC. This will be the kick-off event for their new quarterly breakfast series for those interested in learning more about successful online education strategies. This new series called Leading Learning, will bring together industry experts and association learning leaders [.]. eLearning business strategies