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PowerPoint 2007 & 2010: Save a Presentation with Embedded Fonts

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

by AJ George    When creating PowerPoint presentations and moving them from one computer to another, one area of concern is fonts. If you've used specific fonts within a presentation, the same fonts need to be installed on any computers that will open the presentation. To prevent missing fonts from being an issue, there's a  good chance  you can embed the fonts you used to ensure your presentations look the way you designed them.   Good chance?  I say "good chance" because not all fonts are embeddable. But wait, there's more!

Education learning management system trends

eLearning 24-7

Many in the education market are still in love with open source systems, such as Moodle. However, they often do not realize – until it is too late, that “free” isn’t really free because customization has to constantly exist, support, among other things. That is why there is an uptick in the number of commercial systems available in the education sector. Trend 1. Trend 2.

The key to informal learning is autonomy

Jane Hart

Jay Cross, the author of the 2007 seminal book, Informal Learning, Rediscovering the Natural Pathways that Inspire Innovation and Performance , recently wrote a blog post in which he explained that although there has been a lot of talk about “informal learning” in the last five years, there has been very little action. Or was someone else’s responsibility. Social learning

PKM 33

How to choose an LMS


So, you are looking to buy an LMS. You might already have stumbled-upon Moodle, Dokeos, Blackboard, Saba or Sumtotal. You have definitely stumbled-upon eFront, otherwise you would not be reading this message. The thing is that you have a vague idea of your needs and there are far too many solutions to choose from. How you can survive this nightmare with your sanity intact? So, how do you choose?

[New eBook] The 3 Stages of Customer Training Development

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How To Get Free Training On Anything [FUNNY]


This is a sure fire way for ANY company, or individual, to enjoy free training on any subject they desire. I couldn't help but laugh at this one - let's hope that organizations don't catch on! If you found this funny, take a 5min break at work and take a look at some of the others. Enjoy the weekend everyone! Justin. Tweet. training

It’s Time for E-Learning to Embrace ‘BYOL’


Corporate IT is being transformed by the phenomenon known as BYOD , or “Bring Your Own Device.” ” Used to using smoothly functioning, good-looking consumer products at home, the argument goes, workers are increasingly demanding they be able to access these gadgets and tools at work, whether or not IT is totally keen on the idea. what becomes of training pros?

#TrainChat Recap: Making Training Work for Every Learner


On Friday, the Daily Mindflash hosted yet another #TrainChat on Twitter. This time we spoke with special guest Jay Forte , who discussed his recent article, “ Four Ways to Ensure Your Training Fits Every Learner.” ” Here is a condensed version of our chat. And be sure to tune in every Friday at 10 a.m. PST for another chat on online learning, employee training, and L&D. [. Course Development E-learning Employee Training #trainchat employee training jay forte L&D learning and development Online Training Twitter twitter chat