Fri.Mar 18, 2011

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iPad for eLearning


I have read several articles about iPad for eLearning and I believe that we are missing the point. Why iPad was created? iPad was not created for supporting eLearning and (or) mLearning instead it was created as a media device that supports books, magazines, newspapers, games, music, video and web access. The answer is simple. Come on guys. Maybe some organizations wish about that. But guess.

iPad 37

Meet Us At CIPD HRD 2011, Olympia, London

Upside Learning

2011 seems to be really big on events for us. After a huge success at ASTD TechKnowledge 2011, April will see us participating in CIPD HRD 2011 , an HRD conference and exhibition. Scheduled to take place on the 6th and 7th of April 2011 in Olympia, London , this event will see leading learning and organization development suppliers in a range of disciplines including training, L&D, OD, leadership, coaching and more, come together under one roof. We’ll also be sharing practical ideas on building a strong training function in organizations. And we bet you wouldn’t want to miss it.

Imagined worlds

Learning with e's

One of the new skills that teachers will need to master in the future will be the ability to manage virtual learning spaces. Learning always takes place in the mind of the learner, but the formalised activities of learning have never been confined to the classroom. They are bounded by walls, rules and conventions. They refuse to perpetuate old ways of thinking in new environments. Unported License.

The Impact of Social Media in the Workplace

CLO Magazine

Social media continues to grow, as do the discussions regarding its application within the realm of business and learning. There are various interpretations of social media, whether it is specific to networking and web 2.0 technologies or spans the use of any existing technology that enhances social relationships. Social media, however, has many benefits to business, especially the evident advancements in collaboration and communication. As social media technology continues to change and grow in popularity, companies will need to consider strategies to leverage its use in the workplace.

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Get an Exclusive Articulate Storyline Game Show Template from eLearning Brothers

Download one of the most popular game templates from eLearning Brothers with a look and feel exclusively made for eLearning Learning subscribers! eLearning Brothers creates awesome templates and assets to help you look like an eLearning Rockstar!

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Storyboard Template for Adobe Captivate 5 Courses

Adobe Captivate

Vish and I conducted a training session yesterday on Adding Interactivity to eLearning Courses with Adobe Captivate 5, where we demonstrated how to add interactive and noninteractive objects to eLearning courses. We displayed a completed course to the attendees and then went on to create it from scratch, where we were picking content from the [.]. eLearning this week Extending Captivate Rapid Authoring Adobe Captivate 5 Adobe eLearning Suite 2 Storyboard Template

Creating an interactive YouTube video - video-based scenarios

Take an e-Learning Break

Have you checked out interactive YouTube videos and wondered how they were created? How it works: while the video plays, it offers options through links embedded in the video, which take you to a different place on the timeline or to a different video, which offers new options, and so on. The combined effect is a seemingly infinite number of choices, but for interactive YouTube videos it is in fact very finite: a separate video has to be created for each choice. The interactivity is created by overlaying annotations on top of the video.

Two Broken Things in Education (Part 1)


At SXSW and at TED , researchers, game designers and teachers (and a former hedge fund analyst) shared diverse visions for the future of education. They got started by explaining what''s broken in our current vision for education systems. These discussions are focused on K-12 and college level education, but we have an opportunity in the professional education sector to lead the way.

Have the opportunities and constraints changed?


Throughout 2011 we will be publishing extracts from The New Learning Architect. We move on to the fourth part of chapter 2: Let’s start with the constraints and there are plenty. For a start, organisations are demanding ever faster response from the l&d department. According to Bersin & Associates (2005), “a whopping 72% of all training challenges are time critical.” Some 38% of trainers surveyed in the USA by the eLearning Guild (2005) indicated that they were under significant pressure to develop e-learning more rapidly. further 40% were under moderate pressure.

Transform Your Video Strategy for Enterprise Learning & Communication

We sat down with Tom Clancy, former CLO of EMC, to discuss the role of video in the future of enterprise learning and communication.

Where we are and where we’ve been

Learning and Working on the Web

Tweet Here is some of what I learned via Twitter this past week. QUOTES. The Internet : “The private interests of all have to be subsumed to the public good.&# – by @robpatrob. Euan “ We depersonalise business so it doesn’t get messy. Instead it gets dysfunctional.&#. Leadership Freak : “If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less” ~ General Shinseki – via @KoreenOlbrish. AronSolomon – “I nsiders who claim a desire to change the status quo are sheep in wolf’s clothing.&#. In the short term this works brilliantly.

A Working Smarter Workshop with the Internet Time Alliance

Jane Hart

In December 2010 Reed Learning, in partnership with the Internet Time Alliance, sponsored a workshop event for managers and senior learning and development leaders on utilising new media to increase productivity in organisations. Here’s a short clip of the event  produced by Reed Learning. Let us know if you would like to host a similar [.]. Events

Cartoon: ‘I thought I told you to hire the trainer from eWorld.’


My family and I go to the zoo often. We have two small children and it’s a great family trip every couple of weeks. We went recently and visited most of the indoor exhibits as it’s still good and cold here in Chicago. One of our favorites is the dolphin show. I’d been trying to think of a new cartoon about training and had been racking my brain for days with few good results.

Why Aren't Online Training Supports the Norm?

Breakthrough eLearning

A little while ago I was interested in a rapid eLearning authoring tool, and a sales rep did a web presentation for me, showing how it worked. He then encouraged me to download this software for a trial period. So I asked if there were any online tutorials that could walk me through things as I familiarized myself with the product. Unfortunately, and not surprisingly, the answer was "no."

Customer Training Completion Rates

Curious to learn how different factors in your training courses may affect completion rates? We crunched the numbers to help you set goals for course completion and build your content strategy. Download the study to learn what kind of content keeps learners engaged, how long courses should be, and more.

Holi Celebrations in G-Cube


Holi, the great Indian festival of colors, is a unique celebration of high spirits, when the new season is courted with a riot of rich colors. It is like a grand kaleidoscope that glorifies all the hues that tinge and renew the lives on earth. It falls on the full moon day of the March, the month when the nippy north wind bows out to the refreshing and rejuvenating breeze from the south, heralding the onset of the ensuing summer in this part of the world. It is thus a festival of spring. G- Cube family celebrated this festival of colours on 17th march 2011 with love, fun and joy.

Learning Solutions conference: cool Ipad app! #LS2011

Challenge to Learn

I will be attending the eLearning Guild learning Solutions conference in Orlando next week. will have a lot of appointments around the conference and look forward to the conference itself. The conference is already of to a great start, thanks to their Ipad app (LSCon 2011). It gives you a complete overview of all sessions. The only thing missing is an attendee list. really love it.

Heading to Learning Solutions?

Usable Learning

I’m off to Learning Solutions next week! Anybody else who is going wanna connect for drinks and super nerdy conversations about educational gaming or instructional design? Let me know

There Is No Chalk - Untitled Article

There Is No Chalk

CNBC puts a body on the annual March Madness vs. worker productivity "study": [link

Skill based learning – How it drives an organization’s performance

Training and learning organizations today play an active role in contributing to the bottom line of any organization by aligning their objectives to the immediate business objectives. This provides a solid ground for cost justification and encourages businesses to place training groups right where they should be, at the heart of a growing, thriving, learning culture.

EDGE2011 New Delhi

Viplav Baxi Meanderings

The Emerging Directions in Global Education ( EDGE ) conference in Delhi was a power packed event. It saw a coming together of government, academia and private players in the education sector. It was an intriguing experience. There were some key ideas that I took away from the conference. felt that this time around, as opposed to what I heard across conferences last year, there is a visible tension to make things happen in a participative manner. We have two very erudite and skilled people in Kapil Sibal, Minister, HRD and D Purandeswari, Minister for State, HRD. Scale must meet scale.