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Who Needs Training? 1/3 of Americans Receive No Formal Training From Their Employer

Association eLearning

An online survey conducted by Ipsos Market Research and Consulting Firm has turned up some shocking statistics. 30% of Americans surveyed said that they never received any formal training from their employer. Among those left untrained, were those over age 55 (37%), those earning less than $50,000 annual income (37%), those who have not earned a college degree (38%), and part time workers (37%).

This Learning ‘Project’ Is Not that Serious

CLO Magazine

For many learning and development organizations, the project model to get work done is pretty much the only model. It’s mostly fulfilling requests from business units and stakeholders. It’s also the basis for many vendor relationships. From an instructional perspective, popular, if oversimplified, design models, such as ADDIE, tend to reinforce this default to treat all work as project work.

How AR/VR is About to Change the Face of eLearning


So it mighta been a flash in the pan, but you were either living under a rock or on the moon if you didn’t hear about 2016’s sweeping phenomenon known as Pokemon Go. Its popularity and pervasiveness has obviously diminished, but it had explosive adoption around July 2016. So let’s bring that back to learning and development (L&D) and eLearning in general. The numbers show it too. This is key.

Is Learning a Real Profession?

CLO Magazine

One of the hallmarks of a profession is a standard language, an agreed-upon framework for measures and common processes. For instance, accounting has a common language, agreed-upon measures, statements and processes. Accountants have four basics types or categories to organize their hundreds of measures. You will recognize these as revenue (or income), expense (or cost), assets and liabilities.

[New eBook] The 3 Stages of Customer Training Development

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Bringing About Better E-Learning

ATD Learning Technologies

It is sadly uncontroversial to suggest that the state of the e-learning industry is not performing up to the promise. For all the new advances in technology (like virtual and augmented reality, simulations, and artificial intelligence), we still see far too much information dump and knowledge test. Do you think this a problem? The answer is a resounding “No.” &rdquo

The CLO Succession Plan

CLO Magazine

This From the Vault article was originally published on in February 2008. Andrew Johnson. Clement Attlee. Georges Pompidou. These names might ring a bell for some readers, but most probably don’t know much — if anything — about the lives of these people. Yet, they are the political successors to renowned leaders Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle, respectively.

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Effectively Reinforce Corporate Training


So you’re planning to implement a new learning initiative and already thought about reinforcement and how to sustain the behavior change. You want the highest return on your investment; so what do you do before the reinforcement begins? Reinforcement programs are typically created with an end goal in mind. Behavior Change

Long live the King! TalentLMS named a “Leader LMS” for 2017


TalentLMS (and Epignosis in general) is no stranger to industry awards. Last fall we were picked in Capterra’s Top 20 Most Affordable LMS Software and ranked #4 in their Top 20 Most User-Friendly LMS Software list ― as well as earning the fourth spot in GetApp’s LMS Category Leaders ranking. Hey, it’s not bragging if others are saying good things about us! The post Long live the King!

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Take Charge of your eLearning environment

Learn how to maximize the impact of your learning by aligning to the goals of your organization, how to establish a learning culture with gamification including leaderboards and badges. Discover a learning content management system that is both powerful and easy to configure and manage.

Effective Training Inspires Customer Loyalty

Content Raven

We know that online training leads to more educated and engaged clients. And we know that clients that are educated and engaged are more loyal customers. Customer training is important because loyal customers are highly valuable. customer success Enterprise YouTube elearning learning paths online training

Mine or Ours? The Case For Knowledge Sharing

Dashe & Thomson

One of the hardest lessons to learn growing up is how to share – how to share your toys, your candy, and maybe your room with a sibling. As a child, it’s difficult to get past the thought “but, it’s MINE!” We hang on tightly to what is “ours, ” and if goaded into sharing, we attempt to dictate how we share. Knowledge Sharing

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Pop the Clutch How to Kick-Start the First Quarter of 2017

Training Industry

The first quarter of every year finds hotel meeting rooms rocking with sales teams launching their annual kickoff, strategizing innovative ways to reach new goals, fine-tuning their infrastructure and allocating the resources they need to start the year with a great first quarter. Finally, they set targets, often with sky-high anxiety levels for many salespeople, who think, “Will the revenue I expect from my prospect materialize?” Too often, their expectations are based on a wish to win rather than a will to win. The impact on their revenue after that is often left to chance. By what day?

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Learning Leaders: Julie Dirksen on the Importance of Feedback in Changing Behavior by Pamela S. Hogle

Learning Solutions Magazine

A key reason that employees’ behavior doesn’t change, even after comprehensive training, is a lack of feedback, according to Guild Master Julie Dirksen. Design Strategies Instructional Design Training Strategies

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Download one of the most popular game templates from eLearning Brothers with a look and feel exclusively made for eLearning Learning subscribers! eLearning Brothers creates awesome templates and assets to help you look like an eLearning Rockstar!

Software Courses Sell Really Well


Many people like the idea of creating and selling an online course but what isn’t so clear is all the time is what that course should be about! Sure it is fun to creating courses around your passion but not every passion is a viable (profitable) niche. That’s why it is worth considering course topics that always seem to sell. Software training is a huge industry. Need more proof?

Microlearning Videos: 5 Tips to Create Engaging Snippets

CommLab India

Given the short attention spans of learners today and the need to access information at the point of need, organizations are using microlearning to offer training nuggets accessible across multiple devices. Microlearning is not always in the form of a traditional e-learning course. Of these, video is the most common format. Here are 5 tips to create engaging microlearning videos: 1.

No-Nonsense Employee Training: The Best Articles of This Week

Read on for this week’s best articles from human resources and employee training experts. Every week, I read dozens of articles about management, human resources, and employee development. I look for advice grounded in reality that small and large companies can easily use to help people engage, perform, and improve. Break Bad Habits with a Simple Checklist. Read more. Read more. Read more.

5 Tips for Virtual Training Success

CommLab India

Many organizations are now choosing virtual training to train their globally dispersed employees and keep them on par with latest industry trends. Virtual training involves a ‘virtual’ classroom where an instructor or facilitator trains people not physically present in the classroom but in remote locations. So it is possible to train a large number of employees at the same time. Tip # 1. Tip #2.

Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

Off-the-shelf elearning is applicable for a wide audience, but it won’t address your organization’s unique situations or distinctive content. So are these courses all that helpful? For sure! Read on for 7 secrets to make off-the-self learning your own.

How to Get Management Buy-In for Your Employee Training Programs

Designing Digitally

As a training professional, you are convinced about the powerful benefits of e-learning. However, the decision of using e-learning for corporate training may not be solely in your hand. The top management needs to be convinced. Their approval is of utmost importance in order to start the initiative at the workplace. The leadership team will never give a stamp of approval. Know the management.

E-learning A-Z Terms: Part 3 [Infographic]

CommLab India

Are you new to online training? Do its terms sound alien? Are you looking for a comprehensive guide to the complete terminology of e-learning? Well, no worries. Here is the third part of our infographic on the glossary of e-learning. Hope you are now familiar with the main terms used in e-learning. eLearning Design eLearning courses

5 easy to use quiz templates from QuoDeck that you should know about


Feel free to use this graphic as is anywhere, for personal or commercial purpose

How Learning and Development Can Help You Bridge the Corporate Cliques


As digital learning professionals, we’ll admit it: those who work in corporate training aren’t usually seen as the “cool kids in class.” As part of HR, learning and development can sometimes get an inherently negative reputation based on employee experiences with HR in the past. In fact, pretty much any organization looks a lot like a high school cafeteria. Corporate Cliques. Marketing and sales?

Learning Insights Guide 2017: Progress with Purpose

Navigating the ever-changing world of eLearning can be a challenge, but many people are finding a way to manage it, as well as a clear path forward. With Learning Insights, you can develop an even clearer sense of purpose, taking your vision to reality.

5 tips for incorporating corporate branding in your E-learning module


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Next Gen L&D Professional Development Framework

Learning Cafe

Changing Rubrics for L&D Drive Next Gen Capabilities. #1 1 Designing for constraints. Most learning delivery goals are usually driven by budgets, taking very little consideration of the more important aspects like Learner time and Learner cognitive bandwidth that focus more around the Learner. This shift in Learning delivery leads to a more modern KPI for L&D. #2. Next Gen Capabilities.

How Leaders Successfully Onboard a New Hire


Companies and leaders who fail to have a effective on-boarding process are more likely to have employees with lower productivity and higher turn over. During the first 90 days of employment, a new hire is the most thirsty for knowledge, enthusiastic about their role and eager to impress. Leadership

Using Smart Shapes in an Accessibility Enabled Project

Adobe Captivate

First – Smart shapes cannot be used as buttons in a project that must meet accessibility standards. Smart shape buttons are not accessible using the tab/enter combination. While you may or may not be able to tab to the shape, selecting “enter” or the space bar will not trigger the button action. Second – Smart shapes with text are not automatically read like a text caption. You must enter the text in the accessibility pop-up in order for the screen reader to access it. Smart shapes are objects, not captions – you must describe what is important in the shape.

[Study] The Anatomy of a Training Course

Want to create the perfect training course? The experts from Skilljar analyzed content creation trends within the training space. Their findings can serve as a benchmark as you build out your own strategy. Click to download.